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ZmartBit Review. A [Recruiting] Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme?

ZmartBit Review

Welcome to my ZmartBit Review!

In the network marketing industry, there has been so much hype regarding ZmartBit over the last few months. Actually, I’m sure that someone has tried to sell you this opportunity on social media platforms like Facebook.

With that said, I’d like to inform you that I’m NOT a paid distributor or affiliate of ZmartBit. Therefore, I’m not going to recommend this program to you unless, of course, it’s really worth it.

ZmartBit Review Summary

Product Name: ZmartBit


Price: $260 – $42,210

Recommended: YES/NO


ZmartBit is a network marketing company that was established recently within the cryptocurrency industry. It doesn’t have any products to sell to retail customers, and therefore, people who join can only make money by recruiting new members into the program. Moreover, customers are required to pay to become affiliates so that they can access the Crypto Education offered therein. However, I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone because it involves very high costs, and there is no success guarantee. Given that it operates very much like a pyramid scheme, I’m very skeptical that you’ll find it easy to make any money as it depends heavily on your recruitment skills. Rather you could very possibly fail, and the company might even collapse sometime soon. What? Please read this thorough ZmartBit review to the end to understand everything about this program.

As usual, I’ve done my thorough research about ZmartBit and shared the findings with you here in my unbiased 3rd party ZmartBit review. This will help you to make a rightful and more educated decision regarding this program.

Before we begin, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do a bit of further research before joining ZmartBit. This is a very wise move that will help you to evade scams online, especially if you always do this before buying into any seemingly good product or business opportunity.

That’s the only way you’re going to find a legitimate way to make real cash online.
So, is ZmartBit a scam or a legitimate opportunity? Can it help you make money, or is it just a waste of time and money?

Dive with me into the review to find out all the facts…

What Is ZmartBit

ZmartBit is a newly established Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that operates within the cryptocurrency niche. It claims to be the biggest lifetime business opportunity for you.

But, this doesn’t mean that you should jump in and join this program. The company’s website doesn’t provide any information regarding when it was founded or who runs it.

According to , the website domain (found at was registered on 20th September 2019, only 2 months ago at this time of writing. The domain was registered privately, so there’s no way to tell who owns it. However, the registrant seems to be based in Denver, Colorado, in the US.

The fact that the company doesn’t disclose any owner(s)’s information is the first major red flag of many, which I’ll reveal later in this ZmartBit review.

With that said, ZmartBit allows people (like you and me) to join and make money by recruiting others to do the same. The company doesn’t offer any retail products for its affiliates to sell to make money, which makes it resemble a pyramid scheme.

The primary focus of ZmartBit is to offer a business opportunity and some sort of cryptocurrency education. However, you can’t access what they sell without becoming their affiliate. This is very shady, in my opinion.

I think it would be better if customers were able to purchase the products freely without having to join the MLM opportunity. What’s your opinion on this?

Now, this is another reason why I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join ZmartBit. 
But, we need to see how this program really works to understand the opportunity clearly, right? So, let’s head on to the next section of my ZmartBit review!

How ZmartBit Works

When you visit the company’s website at, you’ll soon realize that there are no retail products or services available. Therefore, you can only join as an affiliate member of ZmartBit to access the education they offer therein.

This education is related to cryptocurrency, and maybe that’s why they call it the “Crypto University.” However, as far as I can tell, there is no direct connection between this education and the income opportunity.

So, as a ZmartBit affiliate, you can only make money by recruiting other people to join the program under you. Those you recruit will also do the same. Then, you’ll be rewarded, as indicated in the company’s compensation plan explained below.

ZmartBit’s Compensation Plan

First of all, you’re required to pay a minimum of $260 just to join ZmartBit’s business opportunity. Then, the company uses a hybrid 4×10 matrix to pay the recruitment commissions.

In this case, you’ll be placed at the top of the matrix as a new affiliate, and you’ll have four positions directly under you, which forms the first level of the matrix. Then, Level 2 is created by splitting each of these four positions into another four positions for a total of 16 positions.

For Level 3 and above, new positions are generated on each level by multiples of two rather than four. This means that Level 3 holds 32 positions, Level 4 houses 64 positions, and it goes this way down to Level 10 that houses 4096 positions.

It’s good to note that these positions are filled through direct and indirect affiliate recruitments. Then, you’ll earn commissions as these positions are filled.

The commissions earned depend on your level on the matrix as well as the level of the position that’s filled.Each of the matrix levels works as a commission tier that requires you to pay a certain fee and meet other qualification requirements.

Can you explain why the position number increases but the commissions stay the same (max-$24.000)? Hmmm… where does the money go?

Below are the levels with their requirements and commission amounts:

⦁ Level 1 (White) – Costs $260 and houses 4 positions, from which you can earn $125 per position filled.

⦁ Level 2 (Green) – Costs another $260 and houses 16 positions, from which you can earn $156 per position filled.

⦁ Level 3 (Yellow) – Costs another $530 and houses 32 positions, from which you can earn $156 per position filled.

⦁ Level 4 (Orange) – Costs another $1060 and houses 64 positions, from which you can earn $156 per position filled.

⦁ Level 5 (Blue) – Costs another $2100 and houses 128 positions, from which you can earn $156 per position filled.

⦁ Level 6 (Pink) – Costs another $4200 and houses 256 positions, from which you can earn $78 per position filled.

⦁ Level 7 (Bronze) – Costs another $8300 and houses 512 positions, from which you can earn $46 per position filled.

⦁ Level 8 (Silver) – Costs another $8400 and houses 1024 positions, from which you can earn $23 per position filled.

⦁ Level 9 (Gold) – Costs another $8500 and houses 2048 positions, from which you can earn $11 per position filled.

⦁ Level 10 (Platinum) – Costs another $8600 and houses 4096 positions, from which you can earn $6 per position filled.

That’s how the compensation plan of ZmartBit looks like. As you can see, the cost to advance in levels increase drastically while the commission amounts decrease significantly. In my opinion, this can make it very hard for you to succeed with this opportunity.

So, I know now you’re wondering, what’s the cost of joining this company? Well, let’s see in the next section of my ZmartBit review…

ZmartBit Pricing

To become an affiliate of ZmartBit, you’re required to pay an initial membership fee of $260. Then, there are many other costs incurred as you advance in the levels. In short, you’ll need to pay up to $42,210 to participate in the program fully.

It’s good to note that all payments paid and received within ZmartBit are made in Bitcoin.


The Pros

To be honest, I couldn’t find anything good about this company.

The Cons

⦁ High membership costs.

⦁ No owners’ information.

⦁ Hard to make money.

⦁ It doesn’t offer any refunds.

⦁ It’s not a well-established company.

⦁ It’s not accredited or even listed by the Better Business Bureau.

Zmartbit’s Owners

When it comes to the ownership of ZmartBit, I couldn’t find any information regarding who owns or runs the company. The website’s domain was registered privately, and so, there’s no way to tell who the registrant is, although it seems like he/she is based in Denver, Colorado, in the US. This is a huge red flag!

The website doesn’t provide any background information. Besides, the people running it are allegedly experienced in the Network Marketing industry, that is, according to their website.

This makes the company look even more scammy. Or don’t you think it would be better if these guys are knowledgeable and experienced in cryptocurrency? After all, that’s what they claim to be teaching, right?

So, this, combined with the ugly facts that I’ll reveal in a moment, makes me not recommend the ZmartBit opportunity to anyone. Please continue reading…

What Are ZmartBit’s Users Saying?

Before buying into any product or business opportunity, it’s essential to know what the real users who have already bought it are saying about it. This will help you to know what to really expect in the program once you join so that you can determine if it’s worth your time and money.

With that said, there are not many ZmartBit users’ reviews online, but this is understandable since the company is still very new in the industry. It’s not accredited or even listed by the Better Business Bureau .

However, I managed to get a few users’ comments and reviews, as shown below. It seems like ZmartBit’s owners have been behind other previously-known pyramid schemes such as BitConnect and CloudToken.

ZmartBit’s Ugly Truth Revealed

1. Extremely Expensive Membership Fees!

The affiliate membership of ZmartBit is overly expensive. The total cost for full participation goes up to $42,210. This is very high, especially considering that there are no products or services that you’ll get in return – apart from the cryptocurrency education.

Tell me, are you ready to spend such a huge amount without the guarantee of succeeding with this opportunity?

2. No Refunds!

ZmartBit doesn’t offer any refunds to its customers. Once you pay the fees as mentioned above, that’s final, and you can’t get your money back even if you aren’t happy with what you get inside. This is cited clearly in their Terms & Conditions , as you can see in the image below.

So, even if you are unsatisfied with what the company offers, you can’t get a refund. This is very risky because you can easily lose your money here.

3. Website Suspected To Be A Source Of Spam!

I did a quick search about the website on Scam Doc and found that it has a trust rating of 1%. This is the lowest rating that a site can have!

As you can see in the image above, the low trust score is given because of the following reasons:

⦁ The website’s domain is very new, which is true since it was registered on September 20, 2019.

⦁ The site has a short life expectancy, which is bad, although I’m not sure how Scam Doc determines this.

⦁ It’s suspected to be a source of spam, which is also very bad.

So, although this doesn’t mean ZmartBit is a scam, it clearly implies that it’s not a good opportunity to involve yourself in.

4. Most People Are Likely To Fail!

Even though the website doesn’t provide an income disclosure statement, most of its members will likely fail. I’m saying this for a few reasons.

First, there are no products or services that you can sell to make money as an affiliate. This leaves you with only one way to make money, which is recruiting. And for you to make a considerable income, you’ll need to recruit tons of people into your downline, who also recruits many others.

This means that if you don’t have good network marketing skills, you’ll most likely fail! Indeed, this is very normal in most MLM companies. You’ll find that the majority of their participants fail terribly and even lose their cash.

I’m talking about over 95% of all members failing, and only less than 5% make some decent income.Don’t you believe me? Just check out the below-related examples:


Prosperity Income Network




To be honest, this is one of the main reasons why I don’t recommend the MLM business model to anyone serious about making money online. There are too many risks, and you could even find it hard to recover your initial investment.

Now, the fact that ZmartBit uses the MLM structure to pay the affiliates’ commissions can make you wonder; is ZmartBit a pyramid scheme? But don’t worry because I’m going to answer this question in a sec.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is ZmartBit A Pyramid Scheme

In regards to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) , a pyramid scheme is a company that emphasizes on recruitment as the only way to earn tons of cash. And if you check the definition of Pyramid Scheme on Wikipedia, you’ll see that it’s a business that also lacks retail products that its members can sell.

Pyramid schemes’ members rely heavily on recruitment to make money rather than selling the company’s products. In most cases, such companies only last for a short time since they use the money paid by the newly-recruited members to pay their affiliates. Once recruitment dies, the company can’t get money to pay the affiliates, and this eventually prompts a collapse.

When it comes to ZmartBit, they don’t have any products to sell, and people can only join this opportunity by buying the affiliate membership. You can’t join by only buying the cryptocurrency education even if you want to.

Furthermore, those who join can only make money via recruiting other people into the program, who do the same.

This means that you’ll need to recruit tons of people to make a decent income in this company. For instance, you’ll need to recruit a minimum of three people to get your initial investment ($260 minimum) back. Then, those you recruit will also need to do the same for them to recoup their initial investments.

Indeed, this is how pyramid/Ponzi schemes work. They completely depend solely on the new recruits’ money, which is not sustainable at all. In the end, only a few people who are at the top of the pyramid manage to earn a considerable income.

(Although, after all this I’ll let you decide if this company  is a pyramid scheme or not. I just gave you the facts to decide!)

The rest majority of people who are low on the pyramid ultimately lose their money instead of making more.

Yes, you can make a lot of money from this opportunity if you join early enough and have some good recruiting skills to enroll tons of people. That is, assuming that the folks running the company will truly pay you, which is not guaranteed given that the owners of this scheme are hiding.

As you probably know, pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries. But, of course, it might be worth the risk if you can make a huge income fast, right?

Well, for me, I certainly wouldn’t join to join this program since there’s a high probability that you’ll never get any good returns on your investment.

So, now you want to know; is ZmartBit a scam? Well, this is what I’m looking into in the next section of my ZmartBit review, so please keep reading.

Is ZmartBit A Scam

As we’ve seen above, ZmartBit looks like a MLM Pyramid Scheme. People pay to sign up and earn money by recruiting others who do the same.

There are no retail products to sell directly to customers, which means that all the commissions paid out by ZmartBit come from recruitment. The owners of this company are hiding and even seem to have previously been involved in other known pyramid schemes.

Furthermore, the pyramid scheme is not precisely sound because the fees increase with the increase in levels, while the commissions per filled position reduce. So, the anonymous ZmartBit’s owners are the ones who enjoy the huge percentage of the money paid by your recruits.

To comply with the law, ZmartBit uses the “Crypto Education” as a mask. I honestly don’t think anybody would pay the fees repeatedly to access this education.

So, the company is only selling the matrix positions, which you buy and get paid for recruiting other people to do the same. You’re even required to pay more to reach higher position tiers.

As aforementioned, MLM pyramid schemes collapse soon after recruitment dies down. From what we can see, if ZmartBit follows the same way, you might risk losing your money.  When this happens, the majority of their participants will fail and even lose money.

Because ZmartBit uses bitcoin as the only form of payment, it can be almost impossible for the participants to recover their funds in case the company collapses.

And even if the company doesn’t collapse, it would still be very hard for you to make money with it if you don’t have the knowledge and skills to recruit tons of people.

Remember, there are no refunds, meaning that you can’t get your money back in case you aren’t satisfied with what’s being offered inside.

So, overall, I don’t recommend the ZmartBit opportunity to you since it seems so risky.

I frankly hope that you’ve learned everything you needed to know about this company in my unbiased ZmartBit review.

Now, I believe you’ll be able to make a good and more informed decision regarding it.
If you were looking for a real legitimate way to make money online, please read below to see what I use and recommend.

How I Make Income Online

To start with, I’m not a fan of MLM and pyramid schemes since they involve huge costs, so many risks, and they’re hard to make money given that the majority of their participants fail.

With that said, I prefer to use and recommend affiliate marketing as the best way to make income online.

To learn how to do affiliate marketing perfectly, I use the best systematic training offered at Wealthy Affiliate. This platform also offers the best tools that helped me to create my own lucrative digital business. They have a huge active community of over 2 million members (including me) who are always ready and willing to help you.

The best thing I like about this platform is that it’s completely free to get started and only costs less than a dollar per day for the premium membership. If you really want to join, I can truly help with any question/problem you might have now or in the future.

Anyway, I really hope that you’ve found my ZmartBit review helpful. 

If you have any questions or thoughts whether ZmartBit is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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  1. Marka

    I’m sorry but your views on Zmartbit are totally wrong. Everyone comes in as a buyer of the program. You only become an affiliate if and when you refer another buyer. You then get a 50% commission of their purchase price.

    And NO…..we do not pay to sign up. There is NO affiliate membership to purchase and YES you can buy the educational product and choose not to share with others.

    Plus you have the compensation plan TOTALLY wrong. The only out of pocket payment is $260.

    May I please send you an info link?

    Thanks for your time.

    • John Papadimitriou


      Let me begin by saying that you can always e-mail me and send me a message, or in this case the “info link”. I always respond to people (not spams).

      Now, let me give my response to your comment!

      I noticed that you said: “we do not pay to sign up,” so that means you are a member. Now before I say anything…can you name the owners of this platform? Because since you are a part of the company (as a member or whatever), you should probably know them. The website does not give us any info on that. If I don’t know the owners, I can’t call something 100% legit…and it’s very risky for me to invest any money.

      Now, I don’t think that I’m wrong with my review. You can always invest $260 and just join the platform and never refer others to the platform, or you join and sell the platform to anyone in order to make money.

      Let me inform you that Zmartbit doesn’t have any retail products or even services, and the only way for you to make money is by promoting the affiliate membership (or if you want to call it that way, “buy licenses again and again.”) Please read this article from FTC (FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION)

      Yes, they do have some educational material that covers Crypto/Bitcoin which make sense to me since this is what the platform is all about and I have to agree with you that if you only need the educational material then yes you will probably won’t spend a lot…does it worth though? You can decide if it’s for you or not.

      I never said the opposite. You get a 50% commission. That’s the truth. But don’t tell me that I’m wrong when it comes to the compensation plan. In fact, I’ll update the post with a few pictures just for this to show you that you will have to pay if you want to expand and sell more! (Go and see them in the compensation plan section) You have to buy the license, again and again, to qualify for other ranks.

      Lastly, can you explain why the position number increases but each level of commission stays the same? Why you don’t receive more commissions and the cap is at $24.000? Where does the money go? (see the picture in the compensation plan).

      I believe I answered everything you’ve said and made you realize that “my view” on Zmartbit is actually true!

      All the best,

    • Trish

      I’m interested in the info link.


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