Welcome to my YouXWallet Review.

The chances are that someone has introduced you to YouXWallet, or you’ve heard the buzz surrounding this company, and you want to the truth about it, right?

Thankfully, you’ve just landed at the perfect place where I’ll explain everything regarding YouXWallet. I want to congratulate you first for taking the time to research this company before joining it.

This is a wise move that will prevent you from falling for scams online, and I hope you do the same before purchasing any good or business opportunity that seems good.

Also, I’d like you to know that I’m not a paid affiliate of this program.

So, as always, I want to present you my exhaustive and unbiased third-party YouXWallet Review so that you can be able to make an informed decision regarding the company.

Youxwallet Review Summary

Product Name: Youxwallet

Website: youxwallet.io

Price: $10

Recommended: YES/NO


YouXWallet is a network marketing company that offers people an opportunity to make money online. This is done by recruiting new affiliates and investing in getting ROI. However, this program has several red flags that make it hard for me to recommend it. It doesn’t provide the owner’s information, and it isn’t frank about how its revenue is generated. Its compensation plan is complicated and hard for newbies to understand. Furthermore, it has no retail products, and the primary way to make money is through recruitment. This makes it a pyramid scheme! So, is YouXWallet a scam? Continue reading this YouXWallet review to understand everything about it.

So, is YouXWallet a scam or a legit business opportunity? What’s the cost to join this program? Does it have real owners? What about their products?

To get answers to these and other questions, you may have in mind, scroll down slowly and read this YouXWallet review to the end.

Let’s dive into the review now!

What is YouXWallet

YouXWallet is an online company that operates within the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry. It claims to help people to make money online by recruiting new people into the program as well as ROI (Return On Investment).

The company doesn’t provide its owners’ information or even mention about who operates the company. As you probably know, this is not a good sign for any company, and it always raises a red flag.

You should always be careful and think twice before handing over your money or joining any company that doesn’t reveal their real owners. Anyway, I researched the domain registration of youxwallet.io and found that it was privately registered on 10 May 2019.

As per its marketing material, the company claims to be based out of Estonia. It also claims to have an administrative office in Portugal.

Despite their website having a language selector tool, it seems to be locked to the Portuguese language that’s presented with a Brazilian flag.

According to Alexa’s estimations, 88 percent of YouXWallet’s website traffic comes from Brazil. This seems to be the actual country where this company is based, even according to the domain’s registration info at WHOIS.com.

What this means is that the company is not completely transparent about where it’s based, as well as who its owners are. Would you want to join such a program, or have you already started fearing this opportunity?

Continue reading my YouXWallet review to understand everything about how this company works.

How Youxwallet Works

YouXWallet is designed to offer people a chance to make money online by investing to earn ROI and recruiting new members for commissions.

While looking at the youxwallet.io website, I realized that the company doesn’t provide any retail products that one can buy as a customer or sell as an affiliate.

Therefore, if you were looking for a platform to earn money by promoting products as an affiliate, YouXWallet is not your solution.

Actually, not having retail product(s) and only focusing on recruiting others usually could lead to a result of being a pyramid scheme. This is not always the case, but most of the time is…

Nonetheless, the company offers a shopping portal, music library, an Instagram tool to assist you in growing your Instagram audience, and an eLearning center for Network Marketing and the Financial Market.

Now, I’m going to look into the compensation plan of this company to show you your potential earnings as a member of YouXWallet.

The YouXWallet Compensation Plan

Just like most MLM companies, YouXWallet uses a rather complicated compensation plan to reward its affiliates. As an affiliate, you’ll be required to invest bitcoin for a 0.3 percent daily ROI from Monday to Friday.

You can select any of the 11 investment tiers provided by this company, including:

Xwallet 100 tier requires an investment of $100

Xwallet 300 tier requires an investment of $300

Xwallet 500 tier requires an investment of $500

Xwallet 1000 tier requires an investment of $1000

Xwallet 3000 tier requires an investment of $3000

Xwallet 5000 tier requires an investment of $5000

Xwallet 10,000 tier requires an investment of $10,000

Xwallet 20,000 tier requires an investment of $20,000

Xwallet 30,000 tier requires an investment of $30,000

Xwallet 40,000 tier requires an investment of $40,000

Xwallet 50,000 tier requires an investment of $50,000

It’s good to note that all the above payments are made in bitcoins. YouXWallet pays its affiliates up to 400% in ROI, after which one must make a new investment.

The withdrawals come with a 5% fee and can only be processed once per week.

YouXWallet’s Affiliate Ranks

According to the YouXWallet’s comp plan, you can achieve 11 affiliate ranks as a member of this company, which has distinct qualifications’ requirement as follows:

Affiliate – Sign up and invest

YouX 1 – Generate a total of $1000 in weaker binary team side volume

YouX 2 – Generate a total of $4000 in weaker binary team side volume

YouX 3 – Generate a total of $20,000 in weaker binary team side volume

YouX 4 – Generate a total of $50,000 in weaker binary team side volume

YouX 5 – Generate a total of $200,000 in weaker binary team side volume

YouX 6 – Generate a total of $500,000 in weaker binary team side volume

YouX 7 – Generate a total of $1,500,000 in weaker binary team side volume

YouX 8 – Generate a total of $3,000,000 in weaker binary team side volume

YouX 9 – Generate a total of $5,000,000 in weaker binary team side volume

YouX 10 – Generate a total of $10,000,000 in weaker binary team side volume

It’s good to note that only about 20% of the above investment amounts can come from any of the legs of the uni-level team.

Sponsorship Commissions

Affiliates of the YouXWallet program earn 10% of the investments made by the affiliates they sponsored personally.

Residual Commissions (Binary)

In a binary compensation structure, affiliates are placed at the top of a binary team that splits into two sides (left and right).

The first level of the binary team holds 2 positions while the second level is created by splitting the first 2 positions into another 2 positions each to make a total of 4 positions.

The binary team levels keep increasing as new affiliates join the company, and every new level holds twice the positions of the level above it.

The growth of a binary team is limitless and is filled with both indirect and direct sponsored affiliates.

At the end of each day, YouXWallet computes the new investment volume on either side of the binary. The affiliates earn 10 percent of the money invested in the weaker side of their binary team.

This is capped depending on the highest tier at which they have invested. For instance, Xwallet 20,000 tier affiliates can earn up to $20,000 daily residual binary commissions.

Residual Commissions (Uni-level)

In a uni-level compensation structure, an affiliate is placed at the top of a uni-level team, which puts all the personally sponsored affiliates directly below them on level 1.

Then, the new affiliates sponsored by level 1 affiliates are placed on the second level of the original affiliate’s uni-level team.

Those sponsored by level 2 affiliates are put on the third level, and this continues to infinity.

Affiliates can earn these commissions as a percentage of investment, which is held in the back office of uni-level team affiliates.

Commissions are capped down to 10 levels, and the rate appears to be 2.5% of 0.1% of the back office amounts.

They are calculated and paid daily.

Rank Achievement Bonus

YouXWallet’s affiliates receive distinct rewards when they qualify at the third rank (YouX3) and beyond.

Get an iPhone if you achieve the YouX3 rank

Get a 4-day cruise plus $500 if you achieve the YouX4 rank

Get a 6 nights trip to the Caribbean plus $3000 if you achieve the YouX5 rank

Get a seven nights trip to the US plus $6000 if you achieve the YouX6 rank

Get an eight nights trip to Europe plus $30,000 if you achieve the YouX7 rank

Get a ten nights trip to Dubai plus $50,000 if you achieve the YouX8 rank

Get a twelve nights trip to Tahiti plus $60,000 if you achieve the YouX9 rank

Get a “house of dreams” plus $250,000 if you achieve the YouX10 rank

That’s all about how YouXWallet rewards its affiliates. Now, let’s move on to the next section of my YouXWallet Review to see how much it costs to become a member of this company.

YouXWallet Review: Pricing

The affiliate membership of YouXWallet costs $10.

The website doesn’t make it clear whether this payment is one-time or monthly. It’s vital to note that all payments paid to and received from YouXWallet are made using the bitcoin currency.

Once you’ve made the payment, you can proceed and start investing your money, hoping to get high ROI.

You also get the chance to recruit new members and earn commissions, as we have seen in the compensation plan.


The Pros

  • Relatively low sign up fees.
  • The potential bonus is relatively high.

The Cons

  • No retail products to sell or promote.
  • Too much reliance on recruitment.
  • No owner information provided on the company’s website.
  • Most people are likely to fail.
  • Complicated compensation plan.
  • It looks so much like a pyramid scheme.
  • It could be operating illegally.
  • It’s not accredited or listed by the
  • Better Business Bureau.

YouXWallet’s Owners

The youxwallet.io website doesn’t offer any information regarding who runs or owns the company.

Their domain was registered privately on 10 May 2019. Therefore, there’s no way to tell who runs the YouXWallet company.

This raises a huge red flag since you can’t know who to hold responsible if anything happens to your investments. Besides, they aren’t frank on telling their real location since they claim to be based in Estonia.

This seems to differ from the domain’s registration information on WHOIS.com, which says it was registered in Brazil.

The fact that they aren’t forthright about the company’s information is one of the reasons that prevent me from recommending YouXWallet to anyone.

Do you still think that this opportunity could be right for you? Don’t answer before you read the ugly truths revealed in this YouXWallet review.

But first, check below to see if the program is intended for you.

Who Is YouXWallet Meant For (And Not For)?

YouXWallet is apparently intended for people interested in multi-level marketing and investment opportunities.

These people can join the program and invest with hopes for high returns, as well as recruit new members to earn various commissions.

However, this program may not suit you if you aren’t any fun of recruiting (like me).

This is because there is no product for you to promote as an affiliate, and the only way to earn money here is by recruiting as many people as you can.

As you probably know, recruiting is not an easy thing, especially when there are no products or a way to prove that people can benefit from the program.

And like in most MLM’s, it may be very hard for you to succeed with YouXWallet, and most people are likely to fail.

If you’re anything like me and the lack of company owners’ information annoys or frightens you, YouXWallet may not suit you.

For these reasons and the ugly truths explained below, I can’t recommend such a program to you. 

Ugly Truth Revealed

1. No Retail Products!

YouXWallet doesn’t offer any retail products that you can buy or sell to make money.

For this reason, the primary way to make money with this company is recruiting more and more people.

This makes YouXWallet resemble a pyramid/Ponzi scheme, which is a business opportunity that has no real products and relies on recruitment as the only way to make money.

Such businesses are illegal in nearly all countries worldwide and operate only for a short while before disappearing.

When they vanish, all their members lose their money, and only the owners benefit from them. Lack of tangible products means that the program doesn’t have any tangible value.

What you’ll get for your money is just a music library, shopping portal, an Instagram tool, and an eLearning center for the financial market and network marketing.

Whether they work or not, and how helpful they are is a bit unclear.

2. Low Success Rate!

Just like most MLM companies, YouXWallet has a very low success rate. It’s hard to recruit enough people for you to generate some substantial income.

Although YouXWallet may not be an outright pyramid scheme, it has so many attributes of one, and only very few people who are at the top of the pyramid earn considerable income.

The rest majority make a very little amount of income or nothing at all. MLM’s have this tendency, and actually, over 95% of their members end up failing terribly.

Here are a few examples of related MLM’s:

 AirBit club 

Word Ventures 

7K Metals

Bemer Group  


Therefore, I’m very skeptical that you’ll be one of the top tier affiliates who make money with YouXWallet.

Given that there are no retail products for you to promote as an affiliate, it will be extremely hard for you to earn anything, especially if you aren’t experienced in recruiting.

3. BBB does not accredit it.

I tried to search for YouXWallet on the Better Business Bureau (https://www.bbb.org/search?find_country=USA&find_text=YouXWallet&page=1), only to find that it’s not even listed – let alone being accredited – by the BBB.

Does this mean that YouXWallet is a scam?

Literally, NO.

The BBB does not accredit many legit companies. We can even understand it because the company was founded several months ago at this time of writing.

However, I felt it’s something worth noting because the BBB doesn’t accredit most scams, and they have a very bad rating, such as F.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is YouXWallet A Scam

If you’re still wondering whether YouXWallet is a scam or not, now is the time to get the answer. YouXWallet may not be a complete scam since it offers people a chance to make money online.

The company claims to generate external revenue through forex exchange, cryptocurrency, and “smart ideas (startup) market.” However, it doesn’t provide any proof of the external revenue that’s generated through these activities.

This means that new investments are the only verifiable revenue source for YouXWallet. Moreover, they use this money to pay up to 400% returns, and this makes the company a pyramid scheme.

The company also rewards its affiliates for recruiting new affiliates into their system.

Given that it lacks any retail products, this also makes YouXWallet a Ponzi scheme. MLM investment schemes such as YouXWallet are categorized as securities and need to be registered with financial regulators to operate legally.

The Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority regulate the securities offerings in Estonia. However, YouXWallet simply uses basic incorporation that doesn’t authorize them to provide securities in Estonia.

Of course, this is debatable since YouXWallet is a shell company in Estonia. Investment is mainly solicited in Brazil and is regulated by the Brazilian SEC.

The company doesn’t provide any evidence of its registration with the Brazilian SEC, or even any other financial regulators in any jurisdiction.

As it happens with all pyramid schemes, new investment dies down once affiliate recruitment dies.

This will diminish the ROI revenue of YouXWallet, and the company will eventually collapse, just like many other related Ponzi schemes.

Consequently, the majority of their members will end up losing their money.

 Even before it collapses, it will be extremely difficult for you to make money with YouXWallet if you don’t know how to recruit people.

Therefore, I don’t recommend this program to anyone serious about making real money online.

I frankly hope that my YouXWallet review has helped you to understand everything about this company, and you’re able to make an educated decision regarding it.

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How I Make Income Online

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 If interested, join me at Wealthy Affiliate and start building your own online business!

Anyway, I hope you found my YouXWallet review helpful.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether is about my YouXwallet review, or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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