For the last couple of days, I was searching the internet and I found that lots, of people, couldn’t understand what’s a squeeze page.

Everyone believed that it’s actually the same with a landing page.

They are not wrong in that but they are not exactly the same.

Both of them can be used for the same reason but the structure may be different.

Let me give you more info about that.

Squeeze Page & Landing Page

No they are not exactly the same! (they are very similar)

So what’s a squeeze page?

Is a single page focused on getting a name and e-mail address (sometimes they might ask only for e-mail).

Squeeze page often called landing or capture page… They do the same job…ask for name and e-mail simple as that.

Also, squeeze page(s) are short … they usually say “ if want to learn how to do this and that give us your e-mail and we will be in touch with you”

Well they will obviously write something better but this is a bad example that you shouldn’t copy because it won’t convert.

A landing page on the other hand is a stand-alone page that the main reason is a single conversion like e-books, courses or even a free trial sign up.

In many cases a landing page is longer than a squeeze page and in most cases will include more info about the offer…

You can always read more in this post. Step by step guide to affiliate marketing.

You will understand the 4 step strategy that you should follow in order to increase conversions.

How To Create An Effective Squeeze Page

The process here is actually very simple.

You have to be clear about the offer, write a catchy title that will attract people and write a motivational (short) paragraph

In order to create an effective squeeze page you need to create:

1) You need a strong title that will attract people in seconds

2) The page explain what is your offer and how you will help them

3) Search on google and find a color-contrasting CTA button with your own text “JOIN NOW”, “ Yes! Give Me More Info”

4) A good background image

5) A CTA (call to action) button that has your own text and “contrasts” well with the whole design.

Differences Between Landing & Squeeze Pages

As I already said there are small differences between landing and squeeze page.

1)A landing page can be used for different conversion goals while squeeze is usually for the main conversion goal

2)A squeeze page is usually short while Landing page can be both (long & short)

3)Landing Page is a stand-alone page while squeeze page is not (usually)

4)Both of them usually have a thank you page (after you put name and e-mail)