Before I start with my Udimi review and what is Udimi solo ads, I would like to explain a few things.

I want to give you a disclaimer and tell you that if you heard that someone made a sale(s) doesn’t mean that you will have the same results.

You probably must have a very good landing page to increase the opt-in rates.

Secondly, even if your landing page is extremely good you have to find a very good offer so that people will buy no matter what.

Again sales are not guaranteed and you have to always careful before you buy from anyone. Let’s start the review.

Udimi Review: Overview

Name: Udimi 

Owners: Udimi was developed by Udimicom, limited 


Price: Free  Udimi Prime cost $19.95/month (you don’t need as a beginner…Only for heavy users) 

Support: Very good support that will respond you fast enough 

Digital Business Creator Rating: 4.0/5

Udimi Review – Solo Ads

Basically, this is something that “confuse” a lot of people…

They can’t understand the term SOLO ad…

For this reason, I will change the name and I will give you a full explanation.

I will give the name “borrow other people’s list and advertise your capture page” Yea I know, This is a huge name but hope that will make you understand what solo ad means.

You pay someone that has an email list (you usually pay per click –PPC) to advertise your landing page in order to get leads or even sales.

Vendors will usually inform you how they created their e-mail list and even will show you some proofs in order to buy from them… (If someone has real traffic and no bots will easily accept to show you some proofs).

Usually, solo ad vendors use sites like YouTube, Bing Ads or Google Ad words to expand their email list. 

If you want to learn more ways to advertise you can always read my step by step guide to affiliate marketing. 

Now that you understood what solo ad & solo ad vendor is we can move forward.

Build Your E-mail List Effectively

One of the most important things that anyone has to do when they want to start a digital business, they should always start creating an e-mail list (starting from day 1).

With e-mails, you can create trust between you and your customers/readers/viewers.

Having an e-mail list is like “make money on-demand”

What Is Udimi Solo Ads

First of all, I would like to tell you that this program is free to join.

Think Udimi like a marketplace for sellers and buyers…

You can sell (solo ads) or buy (solo ads).

The good thing about this program is that they protect its buyers by ensuring that a vendor will provide quality clicks to your website.

As always you have to be careful who you buy clicks from…

If you got scammed by a vendor you will probably get refunded…but your time will be wasted…

So, be careful of click frauds.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

How To Find The BEST Vendors

Usually, you should find vendors that they have high sales rate (more than 40% in my opinion).

After you found your vendor with a 40%+ sales rate always go and read the comments…good or bad you should read a few of them.

You must be aware that vendors do not guarantee sales, they will only give you the clicks that you asked.

What I do in order to test a lot of them, I find 10-15 good vendors (with high rate sales) and then I test them one by one.

After that, I will see my results from all of them and I will keep the top 5 vendors…

Then I will buy again… and see what my results are.

In the end, I will keep the top 3 vendors and I will try to find 2 more (top vendors again) to have a list that will produce me a lot of leads and sales.

Try to find vendors that you will work in the long term with them.

How Much / “Click”

A typical fee is around $0.35 – $0.95/ per click.

The number of clicks that you can buy starting from 50 up to 1.000.

For example, if a seller’s fee is 0.65 per click and you want to buy 100 clicks.

It will be $65 plus $3 to Udimi.

So, in total, you will have to pay $68/100 click. (You can set the date that you want to “run” your campaign or you can also give the option to the seller to start your campaign as soon as possible.)


The Pros

I can find solo ad vendors very easy that will give me quality/targeted traffic to make leads and sales.

I can also use their system to buy solo ads and create/expand my email list very fast.

It’s a user-friendly platform (you can literally understand the whole platform in 5-10 min).

They offer good support (this is something that I always search at any program).

The Cons

I don’t like the fact that vendors can also buy “clicks” and expand the email list that they have.

Few vendors buy solo ads from other vendors and then “he/she sells” the list that just bought…

What I mean with that is that I never use only one vendor, so in that case, I won’t buy from someone that will buy emails from someone else. Does that make sense?

Some vendors sell very low-quality traffic and that’s something Udimi has to change or filter it better. (You can buy Prime for that).

It has a very specific niche(s).

Actually, the niches are. Marketing, Finance, Health, Mobile, Social.

What Is Udimi Prime

If someone joins Udimi and decide to buy the prime which cost $19.95/month will receive advanced click filtering.

I think that this, worth only for the heavy users.

What that basically means is that they will “kill” even more useless visits to save your money and time.

They will also include traffic analysis and a heat maps feature.

Statistics of Udimi solo ads (full analysis time of each click, IP address, mobile or desktop and country).

Your support tickets will be answered quicker with Prime membership.

They will also give access to Live Chat, which is something that free members don’t have.

Things To Remember

1. Search The Vendor First!

You should always search the vendor and see if the traffic is real and no bots. Search or even ask how he/she expands his/her list every day… 

2. Track Your Clicks!

You will need something to track clicks! Why? Because in case you do not get any opt-ins into your landing page you should contact the vendor and figure out the problem. One way to prove that you received traffic but no opt-ins, I suggest you use Clickmagick.

3. Test And Test Again!

In some cases, you will receive low opt-in rate, not because of the vendor but because of your landing page… So you have to change it (Don’t change it if you receive low opt-in rate…Try it 2-3 times before you get your verdict).

Why Udimi Worth Trying

I believe that I already covered a lot but, I want to say a few more words about this. 

In case you are a beginner to affiliate marketing you can always read > Is affiliate marketing for beginners? 

So if you are a beginner and you try to find ways to advertise and you have a budget (not a huge one) Udimi is the best way to start.

You will manage to get an e-mail list fast, you will have your first leads/sales faster than any other way out there.

Leads/sales will give you the motivation to move on and succeed.

As I said Udimi is free. I would suggest you join and try it for yourself. 

If you join through me, you will receive $5 after your registration.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether is about my Udimi review or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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