Is Salehoo A Scam?

As an entrepreneur, it is vital to make a decision on which is the most profitable service to choose for you to grow your business gradually.

Recently, I have made a step further in trying to investigate Salehoo and its services.

I wanted to learn in detail if the drop shippers can use this service.

However, the big question was; what makes Salehoo different from other wholesaler directories?

Concerning this, I came out with some useful findings of Salehoo.

They make verification of every supplier that is featured in their catalog.

Its vigorous standards must vet a supplier before you as the supplier can embrace Salehoo directory.

This is a reliable assurance that your money will be safe.

I have always received some complaints from my friends about sellers who lured them that they are suppliers and eventually scams them without their consent.

By sourcing items from Salehoo directory, you have secured yourself from being among the victims.

Additionally, Salehoo education portal has essential information that you need to know straight from shipping items and finding the right products to sell to the best suppliers.

What Is Salehoo

Salehoo is one of the largest online directories which specializes in global trade between the retailers and the wholesalers.

Most drop -shippers use it to connect with the manufacturers, suppliers, and liquidators in accessing the products at wholesale prices which they will later sell to the consumers.

Thereafter, most customers choose to sell their goods via Amazon,eBay to make a profit.

If you are an aggressive drop- shipper, you will need to subscribe to premium membership to start your online store through their platform.

Salehoo has over 8000 wholesalers, and it offers a comprehensive directory for sourcing items which you can later resell thus making massive profits!.

Is Salehoo Legit?

I know that finding products and selling them to make profits can be a tiresome task.

You may choose to opt for Salehoo but, is it legit?.

Well, I know there are quite many affiliate reviews that have generally displayed the legitimacy of Salehoo.

Therefore, I do not doubt that it appears like a scam because of the enormous profits that the drop shippers make while using this platform.

To be clear on this, it is vital to understand that Salehoo is a product sourcing tool for the online sellers which offers a lucrative referral program.

It is the best place that you can find the products to sell.

How do I know this? I am among the lucky people, and I have used the platform for over five years.

Salehoo gave me an opportunity to be my boss and work within my time-frame which

I know everyone would desire that, right?

Despite the change in dropshipping business over the past years, you can still make a substantial amount of money through Salehoo.

As a die-hard Salehoo customer, I can confidently say it is not a scam, and it offers products at approximately a recurring cost of $67 annually. 

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Salehoo Pricing Plans

Salehoo has affordable and the best plans which you can choose from: 

Basic  You can access this service at $27.You will have 200 products,200 Mb monthly bandwidth,600 image storage, and one email account.

Subscribing to this plan will let you enjoy the following:

  • Free setup
  • Phone and email support
  • Custom domain
  • Free $100 Google AdWords voucher
  • Free business logo

Standard    Standard is priced at $47 and which comes with:

  • 5