Wealthy Affiliate Is It A Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate Is It A Scam? – Create A Blog In 5 Minutes

Nowadays digital marketing-creating your online business is simple but in most cases it’s not that easy. I remember telling me that “if you want to create a website – blog it will take time and money to do that because it’s a difficult thing to do”…

Well today I can create a website – blog with 3-4 clicks and only in 5-10 minutes, and the best is, I can make money from that…

I created my online business with wealthy affiliate and I hope you do the same. Is an amazing program, with an amazing training and an “easy to do” it by yourself. If you join through my links and go premium to this program you can contact me and I will personally help you.

The best programs for me are the programs that have a training so I can earn while I learn.

Wealthy affiliate – Overview

Name: Wealthy affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Starter Member (Free), Premium Membership ($49/month or $359/year)

Support: Excellent 24/7 -> Response within hours or even minutes

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Introduction – Kyle & Carson

Kyle & Carson is the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. Both are successful internet entrepreneurs. They created Wealthy affiliate (WA) in 2005 and since then becoming more successful every year. Nowadays WA has thousands/millions
of members.

What is Wealthy affiliate (WA) 

Well, it’s really hard to explain because WA can be many things… It can be your teacher (as an educational platform), it can help you learn everything about your own internet business and also they will answer in every single question that you have.

They created a perfect community of like-minded people that they will always be able to help you and assist you with your lessons.

You will learn how to find the perfect niche how to construct and maintain your website but also, how to make money from affiliate marketing.

They offer you videos with lessons and objectives that you have to complete and they will teach you how to get a huge amount of traffic to your site, because without traffic (people that read your content) there will be no customers and that means that no customers-no income.

There are literally hundreds of ways to monetize your site and this is actually what all of us want. You can learn many strategies via WA but they focus on two strategies (and if you ask me the best)

  • The referral system: You will earn commission for every referral you invite.
  • Blog-Website: Let me give you an example to make you understand this. Well, let’s say that you have a blog about technology and you write about something.

    In order to make commissions from that product you have to find (and use links) of available merchants (as an affiliate).  There are literally thousands of merchants for any niche. Every time that you sell something through your links, you will receive a commission. You won’t have to bother about purchasing items or deliver the products. Merchant will do this for you.

  • Many other strategies: From social media to amazon affiliate you will learn everything you need to know in order to be successful. If you want to learn how to create your online business and make money then click here

If you want to learn how to create your online business and make money then click here

Can You Make Money?

I believe that I should start with this because I’m  guessing that you  are interested about that. The truth is that YES you can make money with this  program (I will explain more down below).

With this program you can create your own blog – website almost instantly and  not only that but they offer protection and the best support.

So, how you can make money??? Obviously you can make money from your blog with  many things that they will teach you how to do them.

The other way to make money with this program is the referral system that they  have…Actually I don’t want to hype it but it’s one of the best referral “systems”  on the internet.

Another question that you might have…is how much money I can make. Well, I’ll  be honest with that…it depends.

This is not a get quick rich scheme scam and that means that if you don’t work  and be consistent with your content (basically if you don’t create content…you  can’t make money) you won’t be able to make 5-6 figures/month.

Some people make so much money from their blog because they follow their  training and also they create content…

Content means traffic and traffic means more money.


You Work – You succeed

Maybe all the things that I told you above made you already to join wealthy affiliate. This is great but it’s not that easy as it sounds. You won’t make money in 1 day or 2 days. It will take time and hard work before you see  any results.

Almost, all questions that I see online is: “How much money I can make” — “How much money do you get”

Let me give you an answer to that. The simplest answer that you will find out there is…1$->Limitless $ and this is true.

You can make from nothing to millions. But as I said it needs work…FROM YOU. You might join and don’t make money for 4-5 months…THAT’S OK.

Most of the people will stop at this point (even if they are so close to make money) because they believe that they will generate money in a day.

Trust me, I’ve joined in many programs and wasted so much time and money. Making money online in a day is not true at al.

You have to believe in yourself and be consistent because you know what???

Thousands of people make millions through their blog and don’t forget that —> They started from nothing.


Starter member

Starter membership is just a taste of what you can “use” at wealthy affiliate.

Usually everyone joins as a starter member for a week because they just want to try this program. You can join and see it for yourself.

After setting up your account you will have access to the starter course (level 1) there are 5 levels with 10 lessons each (50 lessons) where you can build as much as two websites with WordPress themes. (You can choose from 12-15 themes as a free member)

All of your sites are hosted and protected by WA. As a free member you will be able to join only in the starter course (level 1 – 10 lessons) and affiliate boot camp (Level 1-10 lessons from 70 lessons in total) in order to continue you will have to upgrade to premium.

For 1 week you will access to the community and you will be able to ask EVERYTHING that you need to know!

Premium member

What can i say about premium. There are so many things that i want to “analyze” with you, but premium will offer you so many things and “protection” to your website. Also, your blog will have access to so many plug-in(s) and lastly your blog’s “speed” will be one of the best out there.

You can have access to the live chat and ask for help from so many other members. (in some cases even Kyle will respond to you)

You will have access to all lessons (all 50 lessons and 70 affiliate boot camp training)

You can create your own training —video training, text tutorials as well as courses and the best thing is that you can get paid for that.

Obviously you can create your own blog (up to 50 blogs-websites). Your blogs will always be protected from spam or even hackers.

Before I join in any program I always test the support that they have…And WA’s support is an amazing 24/7-365/year just for you. They will almost respond instantly or in minutes.

There are so many other things that I can mention about premium but I believe that the best thing that you can do at this moment is just see it for yourself by clicking here. 

Why You Should Join

This program is one of the best out there if you want to start your own business. They will offer you support, training, and financial freedom.

It’s like having a store you will have to invest thousands of $ in order to start a business that will start producing some money after 6 months or in some cases a year. Wealthy affiliate will do this for only 49$ per month or 359$ per year.

Something that it might “stress” you is that you will feel a bit overwhelm but you don’t have to worry. WA already recognized this issue and they try to simplify some things.

There are no hidden costs, and the most important for me is that they truly care about every person that is a member of  Wealthy affiliate.

Before I join in any program I always test the support that they have…And WA’s support is an amazing 24/7-365/year just for you. They will almost respond instantly or in minutes.

My Offer

If you join at wealthy affiliate and become a premium member in the first week, I will offer you the first month with 59% discount (from $49 to $19).

I will do that because I want you to check the full program in order to see how amazing it is. I will be personally welcoming you on your profile and giving some information about WA, and if you become a premium member you can ask me anything with private message for any question you might have!!

About the Author John Papadimitriou

John is a young Entrepreneur who started his online business at 20 years old. He is an active affiliate marketer at Wealthy affiliate & Legendary Marketer. He is experienced at E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).