Welcome to my Voice Cash Pro Review

Voice cash pro is one of the controversial ways of making online. Monica whites claim that you can make over $9800 per week.

That is what she says but is it true? Is it a work from home opportunity or it is another crappy scam. Most people in this digital era are looking for ways they can make money online.

But as they continue with their endeavor, they end up with disappointments because scammers have tinted the online platform.

Therefore, before you join some of these products you need to be calm and research on them.

In this voice cash pro review, I will address some of the critical issues that will enable you to make a wise decision. Read on and find out!

Voice Cash Pro Review Summary

Product Name:  Voice Cash Pro

Website: voiceprofitesystem.com

Price:  $37

Recommended: YES/NO

 In my voice cash pro review you will find out that this product is only good for affiliates and the owner. The claims of “$9800 per week” without any effort is a red flag in my opinion. If we add that testimonials and the owner are fake people then you can understand that it’s a product you should avoid.

What Is Voice Cash Pro

Voice cash pro is an online product that claims you can make over $9800 per week by merely making simple voiceovers and video games.

Monica white who introduced herself as the owner of this system claims further that by embracing their little secrets, you can make a considerable amount of money with little effort.     

Voice cash pro has featured two contradicting aspects of making up to $1000 in 30 min and using voice-overs as a way of making money.

To be clear on this, voiceovers jobs are legitimate ways of making money, but you will have to be patient and hard-working before you make good money out of it.

The ideology of making such an amount of money within 30 minutes doesn’t sound realistic.       However, Monica claims you don’t need a refined voice to get started.

If you are a newbie, it sounds a very reliable and secure method of making money online. She justifies herself in the video that she began by making $450 in her first voice recording which she later sent it to an educational company.

In their sales video, we are being shown of people who claim they have made lucrative livelihood using the system. However, the truth is that their sales video if full of misleading information and fake claims and I will address that later in this review.     

How Voice Cash Pro Works

This system is nothing different from some similar online products which claims you can make money straight away by following the simple steps.

The following are the steps that you will be required to adhere to: 

 -Follow simple instructions  

-Spend approximately 2 hours using your mobile phone or laptop  

-Relax and wait for the money     

This is a simple process right?

However, the information that she provides is not that clear because she doesn’t give a scope about the voiceovers industry or precisely what you will be doing to make money.

So based on her claims it is evident that the only way to know what you will be doing is to buy voice cash pro.

There is no substantial information about the training which sounds weird because how can you just get paid without any skill that you can bring on board?.     

The truth is that voice cash pro doesn’t work as explained in their sales video because it is hard to find a system that pays without doing any work.

If you need to make money using voiceovers, you will start by marketing yourself in various freelancing sites to enable you to establish a brand so that you can attract clients.

Additionally, you will require to develop fundamental skills that will make you outstanding before you consider it as a full-time income activity.     

This fact disqualifies everything that Monica claims in the sales video because nobody gets rich overnight. If they are genuine and they mean what they say they should have provided more detailed information on their training that is relevant to voiceovers.

They failed to highlight this issue because they know if you get to see the kind of training that they offer then probably you might not purchase their product.

That is why they are disguising themselves with a legitimate method of earning money like voiceovers to conceal their suspicious activities based on scamming people to make a living.     

Voice Cash Pro Pricing

You will be required to pay $37 when purchasing this product. At first, you might think this is the final price, but that is not the case because it is not the real price of this product.

If you choose to purchase it, you will be bombarded with several upsells.

They claim that if you are an affiliate, you will spend up to $2.30 per sale which implies that you will spend more money on some other products.     

Additionally, you will incur additional costs on the tools that you will need for voiceover business which include pop filters, microphone, and studio headphones.

You will end up spending more than $300. .Therefore, I send a warning that this is a product that should not be trusted because someone is sitting behind his or her computer waiting for you to make her rich!

Can You Make Money With Voice Cash Pro?

You can make money through voiceovers, but this product does not entirely give detailed information on how you will be doing it.

The fact is that you can’t make such a massive amount of money within a short period by using voiceovers.     

The system claims that you require less effort when using this product which contradicts with the use of voiceovers as a way of making money.

Such unrealistic income claims that you can earn up to $9800 in a week gives a false impression about the actual amount that one can earn using voiceovers.     

Additionally, this program advertises low entity fee, but upon purchasing it, you will be subjected to hidden upsell because this whole system is a scammy product which relies on upsells to steal money from unsuspecting individuals.

After reading this voice cash pro review you will realize that you will not be earning from the system, but they are the ones making money on their end.    

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!


The Pros

  • $1 trial for seven days  
  • 60 day Clickbank money back guarantee    

The Cons

  • Fake owner  
  • Hidden upsells  
  • Overhyped income claims  
  • Use of counterfeit testimonials    

Fake Owner, Fake Testimonials

Can we trust Monica white as the real owner?

Well from my voice cash pro review I will justify why the owner of this program is fake.

Firstly, Monica white who claims to be the owner of this program is anonymous.

There is no contact information provided.

You will not find any related information on her biography implying that she is not even there.

I expected Monica to remark some successful voiceovers to justify that she knows what she is talking about, but she did not mention anything to do with that.

I have reviewed similar products, and I came to realize that the real owners don’t show up.

They create a fake persona so that they conceal their identity.

This gives them an excellent ground to scam people because there is no way legal authorities can trace them.

Additionally, this system is based on fake testimonials that are meant to lure people to join them based on unrealistic income claims.

The sales page is full of false testimonies, and you will be shocked to realize that the person who introduces himself as Matt Haskins is an actor who has been hired.

He is an actor from Fiverr, and this guy has also been featured in other scam products that I sometimes reviewed back.
Therefore, I do believe in any program that tries to advertise itself using fake testimonials because it is nothing but a scam that should be avoided.

Is Voice Cash Pro A Scam?

This system is full of deception based on psychological techniques that are used to steal your money unknowingly.

The creator is fake, the testimonials are from actors hired to read a script for them to be paid, they present unrealistic income claims, and you will be subjected to hidden upsells that will cost you dearly.

Therefore, this is not a recommended product, and you should avoid it at all cost. It is a scam product that is used to steal your money, and it will be hard for you to trace it back. If you want to be on the safe side avoid it.     

According to my voice cash pro review, it is evident that I don’t recommend voice cash pro because there is no concrete information on what it is all about and how you will get paid.


This is why their page is full of unrealistic income claims and fake testimonials which I had earlier said they are meant to lure you to join the system.     

Additionally, just like the other scam products available online, this system has a fake creator because Monica White is just a name and there is no additional information on her whereabouts.

What makes me dismiss this product is that it has hidden costs which you will be required to pay after you have purchased it. This shows that someone is getting rich because of your ignorance.     

If you are interested in doing voiceovers, there are legitimate companies which will train you and afterward you will be introduced to an agent who will give you all the relevant information that you will require in this field.  

Therefore, you will have to be patient and hard-working for you to start making money out of it.

You don’t get rich by putting in little efforts as explained by Monica White. Your money is directly proportional to your efforts.

How I Make A Living Online

A voiceover is a good way to make money online (not with voice cash pro as you can see from my review), but before you make money, you will need to establish a brand and start a “network” or repeating clients that will want your services.

Now although this might sound good, you will never create a real business.

Why? Because you will always work for someone else.

You will probably never own something.So, today I want to introduce to you how I make a living online.

I want to begin by saying there are many ways to make a full-time income online and in most cases you will need to find a way to attract visitors (usually most people will tell you to pay for traffic) because without traffic you won’t have potential customers.

What if I told you that you would never have to worry about traffic, customers, or anything else if you are willing to work and build a business of your own.

The traffic will come organically and free while others spend thousands of dollars per month to attract them.

What if you could save so much money per month?

How?Let me tell you this, and I’ll be honest about that.

At this moment you are free traffic for me.

You read this article, and that means I have a potential customer.

The only difference is I want to offer you a real way to make money and solve many of your financial problems.

Now, I’m not saying that this is a get quick rich scheme/scam. I’m telling you that have to work a lot before you even managed to make a few dollars.

But if you are willing to do that read more and you will understand.

I found a program, and I joined this program 1+ years ago.

I managed to create a full-time income, but I worked hard.

How this program helped me?

They gave me all the tools I needed, step by step training, 24/7 support (they always respond in 5-10 minutes, and they are very helpful ) and a like-minded community of 1.5 million members always willing to help me.

So I’m asking you this.

Are you willing to work and create a business that will help achieve your desired income?

All you have to do is join the same program as I did.

Furthermore, I will always be there to help with any question you might have.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Voice Cash Pro review  is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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