In this post, I will do my best to give you my step by step guide to affiliate marketing.

As you probably know affiliate marketing is one of the largest online opportunities for anyone to make money online but, lots of people fail (actually they say that 95% fail) for many reasons.

I will do my best to explain why people fail first and then I will tell you (actually I will write for you…) how to “fix” the things that you doing wrong.


You Don’t Have A Strategy

One of the things that most people doing wrong is that they don’t use any strategy at all…they spend the money because they believe in overnight success and obviously they lose the money…(scams not included).

What do I mean with that? I mean that you found a “program” that will tell you to do this and that make leads or even sales…and you will receive your commissions…

Simple right? Well, it’s actually simple but the truth is that it’s not so easy…

Why? Because you don’t know how to advertise…or even how to set up things in some cases…

So what I mean with the term “strategy”… Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you play basketball. You are the coach so that means that you have to organize the team before they play any game…train them and do other things.

If you don’t do these things do you really believe that your team will win any game?

Now your strategy to “affiliate marketing” is that you have to set up and organize some things first before you actually make any lead or even any sale…

You can’t do any sales in 1-2 days and actually believe that in a week you will be from broke to a millionaire.

So, create a strategy (I will explain below how to create one) get the right training (or even find a GOOD mentor to help you) apply the training focus at your strategy…and after some hard work you will finally see your first sales.

This is one of the things that people don’t think…

What’s next? Can you make any guesses?

You Quit Too Soon

You might have heard it so many times but this is one of the most common reasons why you will fail…

You might say, John, I don’t quit too soon … I just don’t make money…or anything that you might believe.

If you want to be an online (digital- affiliate) marketer…or actually an Entrepreneur and create your own business, you have to work for free before you actually make money online.

Don’t believe any scams that they will say something like “freeway to make $20.000 in a week without investing” Please don’t do that… You will waste money and time to that “free” “money generator”.

So, back to our point… The truth is that if 95% of people fail 80% of them is that they quit too soon. You might be so close to making your first dollar online and you actually stop right before you do that…

Keep fighting for your success, it will take the time that’s for sure…but the results will be great I can promise that.


One more reason that I discovered very soon, is that people won’t actually invest (not even a few bucks/month) to make money.

Let me give you (again) an example.

If you want to create a store you will need from $60.000 to $ any amount you can think of.

You don’t know if your store will be successful and even if your store will be profitable, it will take time before you get your ROI back (the money you invested).

So, once again you have to invest a few bucks in order to create a business online and most important…until your business will be “profitable”

So don’t be afraid to spend a few bucks (***IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT***) to create a business that will give you money, freedom, time.

Get E-mail Customers For Life

I will give you one more example why you will fail… You don’t capture e-mails. You don’t know ANYTHING about e-mail marketing. One of the best ways to make money on demand is by e-mail marketing.

You can actually combine that with the strategy but you can create a strategy without e-mail marketing but YOU WILL LOSE A LOT OF MONEY.

If you create an e-mail list and you know how to write some good conversion e-mails…guess what! You can make leads-sales on demand… And you can make a lot of sales with only 1 click!

How amazing is that right? Sounds easy? It’s not… It will take time before you “master” it (You can always hire a virtual assistant to do that if you can afford it). The truth is that without e-mails you lose thousands of leads-sales.

Remember that I call it 3NO’S. No Customers –> No Money –> No Business

How To Create A Strategy

When we talked about strategy you have to know that you can find thousands of them…But only a few of them are actually winners.

Since I started this post “with some things that will make you fail” I will tell you some things about how to create a winning strategy…and obviously how to succeed. (This is something that will take TIME before you see any results)

So, ready to start?

If you actually trying to find a way (strategy) to make leads or even sales have you ever wondered what are the things that will make you buy something? No? ok…

As a customer you want to buy “something” from “someone” that offers you credibility, “Secure payments”, maybe even your money back if a product is not good and a few other reason that you probably know as a customer..

Will you buy anything from a store that you never heard of? Will you buy something from a store that you know very well that will offer you a good product?

Did you notice that I used the word “any”-thing and “some”-thing… That’s how you have to think. You won’t buy anything from a store that you don’t know, but you will buy something from a store that you know.

You can always read our post Is affiliate Marketing For Beginners? To find out if you can start your affiliate marketing career today!

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

How To Create Credibility

It’s not easy and it will take time before you actually do that…you might be thinking all I need is 10 good customers to give me some “good” feedback and done…I’m ready to conquer the online marketing world.

This is wrong…In order to get credibility you need a lot of people know your products or even better know your brand.

So when it comes to affiliate marketing…how you can do this?

Let’s say that you want to create a website/blog like you probably read a post in of them right now.

What you can do is to create content (quality content) so that when people read your content will trust you…and they will follow you…because you know what you do (in your specific niche).

You can always create a Youtube channel to do the same thing…but the only difference is that you must have a camera and create “videos” instead of “posts”.

One last thing that you can do is to create an e-mail list (as I mentioned above) and create a “sequence” so that people will trust you and buy from you.

Don’t Forget Social Media… They are one of the best ways to create credibility. (You have to find a training for facebook, Instagram, or any other social media,)

A program that can actually help is Legendary Marketer. They offer a very good training and they have a very good affiliate system that you can join.

You have to know that more people will trust you if you have any results (to show them). So if you have results you will increase your conversion rates faster.

From A To Z

Let’s say that you want to advertise a program/product/yourself/etc.

The things that you have to remember are:

Content –>Landing Page/Capture Page –> Sales Page –>Checkout Page.

Don’t worry if you didn’t understand it…I will explain it one by one.

So first you have to create content, maybe a video or a post.

You create content and then the reader/viewer will see a page like “give us the e-mail to receive offers, training or even the best programs online”.

In some cases, you will see a free e-book, course which brings me to the next step.

Landing page.

You might see different names for the landing page (landing page/squeeze page/capture page). What a landing page will do for you is that they will give maybe a free gift or some value in exchange for your e-mail.

When you do that they automatically add you in their e-mail list and you will receive some e-mails from them.

So far we have the content, we have the landing page and that means that we can capture e-mails to build an e-mail list. 

What’s next?

Your sales page. That page will look something like your landing page but, with more value maybe a video, testimonials, results, and everything you can imagine.

Why you need a sales page.

As I already explained a few things above in your landing page you will give value to your customers by offering them some testimonials maybe a video that you will explain why they should go to the checkout page and actually buy/join the things that you offer them.

A good thing that you can do is to create a long funnel/sales page that you will explain them your story or other people stories (if they give the permission to do that) and then add some results or even explain the program before they join.

So now your “customer” will click and they will be transferred to the checkout page.

Not much to say here the checkout page is actually offered by the company (if it’s not your store) and simply the people will put their info in order to buy/join.

This is a simple strategy but it’s not easy to setup/start running or even to get quality traffic.

Now you have all of them. What can you do to make leads/sales.

It’s time to advertise the things that you created.

How To Advertise

There are so many ways to advertise that I don’t believe I can include all of them in just one post, so I will you give you the best ways I advertise and make some money.

Before I tell you about the advertisement, I want to inform that you can find 2 different categories to advertise yourself.

The first category is the free traffic and the other one (yes you guessed it) is the paid traffic.

I usually prefer the paid traffic because it’s something I can control, what I mean with that is that I can target the person I want to see my ad and that means more quality traffic.

Let’s talk a bit about the free traffic.

Free traffic is something that you can’t control and that means that you can’t target the people you want to see your content.

Anyone will be able to see it, but the good thing is a free way so you don’t really care about the conversion rate.

Obviously you want to make sales but the free traffic will do a few for you…

Free traffic will take time before you see any results but it can be very profitable if you use it the right way.

First, you can create (as I already mentioned above) a youtube channel. Is an amazing free traffic that will generate a lot of leads/sales for almost any niche that you might think.

And not only that, but you can make money while people watch your videos and that means that you will create another income stream while you promote something else.

My personal favorite when it comes to free traffic is blogging. Honestly I’m a bit shy with cameras so I prefer it. (I also love writing so it’s really good way for me)

You can always read our review about Wealthy Affiliate. This program is how I managed to be a 4 figure earner at 22 years old.

Now when we talk about paid traffic is obviously faster than free traffic, but as you already understood you have to pay in order to advertise.

There are so many things that can go wrong if you don’t know what to do and you will lose money.

If you know what to do you can make a lot of money while you spend a few bucks to advertise.

A few ways that you can advertise are:

Bing Ads- Google Adwords.

I personally prefer Bing Ads because they are cheaper than google Adwords. You have to search a bit before you know how to create profitable campaigns.

You also have to test a few campaigns until you find a profitable one.

If you want to start with bing ads I suggest you to start with a budget of $5/day until you find a profitable ad that will convert and then raise your ad to $30/day

Solo Ads.

My personal favorite. Solo ads means that you borrow other people’s list so you can advertise your offer.

Usually the minimum that you can buy is 100 clicks for $0,50/per click.

The good thing with solo ads is that you can get instant e-mails (it’s a very good way to build your email list fast) or even “if you are lucky” a few sales.

The bad thing is that you have to careful a few things. A lot of people will sell you bots so you have to be careful before you buy that his/her email list is legit and not bots.

One more “bad” thing is that it’s expensive to advertise and you can’t be sure if you will make sales or even leads.

I like it because it’s a good way to see my conversion rates when I want to test a few landing pages, and while I test them I also receive leads and if I’m lucky sales.

Social Media

From Facebook fan page to Instagram to every social media… You can make money.

I believe that everyone spend a few hours to a specific social media. Why don’t you learn how to make money from it?

Every social media has a different strategy to advertise/promote things. You have to learn how to do it.

I don’t personally do a lot of Instagram advertising there but you can get a few sales if you find some good influencers there.

On the other hand Facebook is something that you can have 3 ways to advertise but you have to be careful because Facebook can ban you anytime if you don’t make the right steps before you create your ad.

So please read Facebook policy first.

You can create a fan page…boost some posts create a fan base promote your stuff- make sales.

1)It’s not that easy to do it but you can find a lot of free training online for a Facebook fan page.

Also if you join legendary marketer they can teach you how to do it.

2)You can create ads. Here you have to be careful and read policy first. If you create an ad I suggest you to start spending $5/day. If you see that your ad is a good one then you can always raise the $/day.

3)The last way is to join the “make money online” Facebook groups and start promoting for free. Don’t wait to see a lot of sales or conversion there.

Social media are a very good way to get some authority and make some sales.

They will also help you establish your brand so people will start recognize it.

Are You A Winner?

I want to close this post by saying, take action today so you can win tomorrow.

I believe that you understood how the “procedure” works.

In general, affiliate marketing is one of the best (in my opinion) ways to create your passive income.

It will take time and even money before you start making money, but that’s how businesses work. You have to be patient and work hard.

How I can Help You.

I work with a program that’s called Wealthy Affiliate and they showed me the way to create my online business.

They offered me one of the best training, they also have a very helpful community and the best part is that you can start for free (no credit card required as a free member).

When I joined this program I was a bit lost because I didn’t know anything about marketing/business.

I started as a beginner at 20 years old and now I at 22 years old I am a 4 figure earner just by applying the training.

If you join through my link I will be able to coach you and help create a digital business.

You will see for yourself that this program is really good and I’m sure that you will like it too.

So are you ready to take action and work from your home??

If you have any question about step by step guide to affiliate marketing or even you want to join any program that I mentioned that it can help you.

Leave a comment and I will be more than happy to help you and help you with any problem that you have.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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