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So, you stumbled across the survey site that claims to pay you $150 for each survey you complete and you are wondering: Is Smart Dollars Club Legit or just a scam to be avoided?

Is it possible to earn $150 per survey?

Fortunately, you’ve just landed on my honest Smart Dollars Club review where I’ll be revealing everything you need to know regarding this site.

But I can tell you as early as now that this site is just a scam that’s not worth your time.

It’s not as good as it claims and I’m going to expose the truths hidden by the Smart Dollars Club.

Smart Dollars Club Review Summary

Product Name: Smart Dollars Club

Website: smartdollarsclub.com

Price: $0

Recommended: NO


Found at smartdollarsclub.com or smartDollarsClub.net, Smart Dollars Club is an online platform that claims to help you earn $300 a day by completing paid surveys. They claim that you can earn $150 from one survey, which is very unrealistic. We don’t know who runs this program because the owners are hiding. There is even more risk when you join Smart Dollars Club since they can sell your email address. They’ll also send you emails containing malicious and spam links, which can even lead you to lose your money. Briefly, Smart Dollars Club is not legit, and you should avoid it at all costs. Continue reading to understand everything about it.

Before we begin with the review, I want to congratulate you and tell you that I’m glad that you do your research.

That means you are serious about finding something legit and avoid any scam.

The internet contains so many scams, and doing your due diligence is the only way to evade scams and find a legit way to earn real money online.

Now, let’s dive into the review!

What Is Smart Dollars Club

Smart Dollars Club is an online platform that claims to provide you with paid surveys, giveaways, as well as rewards.

They claim to be the leading online prize rewards program and have allegedly made higher amounts compared to their competitors, which sounds great.

According to the site, you’ll get paid $150 immediately after completing a qualifying survey.

You’ll also get a $100 bonus survey offer that you can take and earn the cash as soon as you join.

Additionally, they claim that you can earn $300 per day by simply completing surveys.

This seems very unrealistic since most surveys out there pay $1-$3 per survey.

I mean, it’s possible to earn money online doing paid surveys, but nothing close to $150 per survey or $300 a day.

This made me think that Smart Dollars Club is just fake like other survey sites that I’ve reviewed and exposed on this site, such as:

However, I never wanted to conclude it’s a scam without knowing what the site entails and how it works.

So, I did some more digging and came up with the following section.

How Smart Dollars Club Works

Allow me to restate in short that the entire Smart Dollars Club doesn’t work as promised and you aren’t going to earn $300 a day using this program.

This is because it has been only designed to enrich the owners at your expense.

The Smart Dollars Club site will push you to enter your email address to get survey offers that you can complete and earn above $100 as promised.

This is just direct BS since you won’t get any surveys.

Instead, your email address will be added onto their email list once you enter it in the registration form.

Then you’ll receive an email claiming to contain a link to the alleged survey.

In case you have antivirus software installed on your computer, you’ll probably discover that something is going on, which is suspicious.

This is because your antivirus will warn you if you try to access the high-paying survey.

I don’t recommend you to do that because the site will be blocked for malicious or spam content reasons.

If you lack an antivirus program or get one of the recent links that haven’t been blacklisted by your antivirus, you’ll realize that the link won’t take you to any survey.

Rather, you’ll be directed to a random money-making website.

Some people reported that the link had taken them to sites like the AZ Formula, American Consumer Eyes, among others, which are all known scams.

Smart Dollars Club Pricing

It’s completely free to join Smart Dollars Club and start taking surveys for money.

However, there are several risks associated with this program, some of which may even lead you to lose your cash.

Therefore, besides the fact that you don’t have to pay anything to join, I recommend you to stay away from it if you love your money and don’t want to risk your personal information.

Who Is Smart Dollars Club Meant For (And Not For)

Allegedly, Smart Dollars Club is designed for people looking to earn huge income online fast by only answering paid surveys.

The income claims could entice you if you are new in this field, but they are nowhere close to being true.

So, this website won’t help you to earn any money.

This program is designed for the owners who earn commissions when you join any of the numerous sites promoted on the website.

They also benefit when they sell your email to other online marketing companies, from which you can expect tons of spam emails.

Therefore, my advice to you is: don’t join Smart Dollars Club because you won’t earn anything and you risk your personal data by joining.


The Pros

  • Honestly, I tried to search, but I couldn’t find any advantage of Smart Dollars Club!

The Cons

  • The site looks shady.
  • They will spam your email.
  • The owner is hiding his/her identity.
  • There are only negative reviews and no positive ones.
  • They send you links to other random sites that look like scams.

Fake Owners

There is no information about the creator of this program on the Smart Dollars Club website.

They are using a service to hide their identity, and so, you can’t tell who created the website.

This is a huge red flag!

Why are they hiding?

It’s because they know that what they are doing is unlawful.

I have encountered this similar trick while reviewing other programs on this site, which include:

If Smart Dollars Club were legit, they would display their company information or office address, as the legitimate paid survey sites do

Ungly Truth Revealed

1. It’s too much overhyped!

The Smart Dollars Club website claims that you can earn $150 per survey and up to $300 per day.

These claims are just too overstated to try to trick you into joining this program so that the owners can benefit.

They don’t provide sufficient information regarding how the company operates.

Although these bold claims sound so great, it’s very hard to get any person or company willing to pay you $150 just for giving your opinion on something.

So, don’t expect Smart Dollars Club to be the first one! You won’t earn anything with it.

2. Your Email address is at risk!

Smart Dollars Club is intended to get as many email addresses as it can so that the owners can sell them to other con companies and artists.

Numerous people want to get more subscribers fast and are willing to pay good money if you get them the emails.

Therefore, this program will sell your email address before sending you tons of spam emails related to other scams and make-money-online sites or products.

That’s why I don’t recommend you to use your primary email address on such sites, but don’t even check it in the first place.

3. It’s linked to a different survey website…strange!

If you happen to register with Smart Dollars Club, you’ll receive an email with a button to confirm your request and gain access to the $100 bonus survey.

When you click the button, you’ll be directed to the iSurveyWorld.com website.

Now, this survey site claims to give you $5 upon joining, which is very low compared to the $100 claimed by Smart Dollars Club.

This is so weird.

4. It has loads of negative reviews!

I mean, you can hardly find anyone online saying anything positive about Smart Dollars Club.

Don’t you believe me?

Ok, go on and try to find one real positive review, but don’t do that if you value your time since it will take you forever and you’ll never get any.

5. Warning! Smart Dollars Club can make you lose money!

As explained earlier, you can expect to receive tons of random emails that will redirect you to paid offers.

Some of the links will send you to a page that asks for your credit card details to get a one-month free monthly membership, after which you’ll start being charged.

You might forget to disconnect your card at the end of the free trial, which results in your account being charged.

Have you ever been a victim of such scams?

Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want to experience it.

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Is Smart Dollars Club Legit?

According to this review and my personal opinion, Smart Dollars Club is a scam that risks your personal information and cash rather than living up to its promises.

To start with, they claim that you can earn hundreds of dollars by just taking paid surveys, which is a huge lie.

Then, they lead you to other survey sites that won’t help you earn any money, and if you earn, the amount will be very low (you know this’s how most survey sites are).

They’ll also direct you to other scam sites and sell your email address where your email will be filled with spams and also risk losing money.

They do all these to attain their goal of enriching themselves at your expense.

They are so selfish, aren’t they?

It would be better if they were transparent and honest in their operations.

But now, they are using deceptive methods to try to entice more people to join their program. This is not good at all!

In addition to that, the real owners of Smart Dollars Club don’t even show up, which only adds red flags and makes the program not to be trusted.

If their program was really good as they make it seem, I believe they would be proud of themselves enough to reveal their faces or at least tell us how we can contact them.

I don’t recommend Smart Dollars Club because of everything I have revealed in this review.

However, the final judgment is always yours, so you’re free to do whatsoever you want.

As I mentioned earlier, paid surveys can only earn you some extra bucks over a long period, and I don’t recommend it to you if you’re looking to make a reasonable income online.

I honestly hope that my Smart Dollars Club review above has answered all your questions and helped you to understand everything you needed to know about this program.

Now, if you are seriously in need of a real way to earn real good income online, I can show you how I do it.

Just keep reading…

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