Welcome to my Lucky Day App Review!

If you like playing mobile sweepstakes, you’ve probably come across Lucky Day.

It’s a mobile application that enables you to win real cash by legally playing virtual scratch cards, raffle tickets and lotto games.

But, is Lucky Day App a scam or a legit app to help you make real cash online?

First of all, let me congratulate you for taking the time to research before joining this program.

You indeed are a wise person; that’s the way to avoid being tricked by scams and find a reliable online income stream as I did.

Remember, I can show you exactly how I do it, and if you follow the training and do the work, there is no limit to your income.

Now, in this post, I present you my impartial Lucky Day App Review to help you understand how this app works and whether it can help you make any real money.

Follow me in the review where I reveal everything you need to know about this app.

Lucky Day App Review Summary

Product Name: Lucky Day App

Website: luckydayapp.com

Price: It’s free to download this app and start playing games to win cash or tokens.

Recommended: NO


Lucky Day App is an application that’s hosted at LuckyDayApp.com and has a rating of 4.6/5 star with over 10 million downloads. It’s free to download and participate in different lottery-based games where you can win money or tokens. If you’re lucky enough, you can potentially earn $500 or even $100,000. So, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy yourself while trying your luck, this app might be fit for you.

However, your income potential here is based on luck, and that’s why I don’t recommend it to you if you’re searching for a full-time income stream.

You’ll have to watch numerous video advertisements before you can win and you can hardly earn the big cash prizes.

There are also too many complaints regarding getting stuck just before reaching the payout threshold.

Continue reading this review to find out everything.

Lucky Day App Review: Introduction

Lucky Day App is a mobile application that allows you to win cash by playing lotto games, virtual scratch cards, free sweepstakes, daily raffles, among other games.

Joshua Javaheri founded this app in 2014 and made it available in the App and Google Play Store.

It’s projected to have about 40 employees and support over 700,000+ visitors per month.

In the Lottery sub-category of Gambling, Lucky Day App is ranked 282nd.

If you check around the net, you’ll see a lot of mixed feedback related to Lucky Day App.

But there is one thing you need to understand: this app isn’t going to earn you a lot of money or help you make a full-time income.

It’s a matter of completing scratchers every day to potentially win.

The company doesn’t give free money; it earns by placing ads on the app, and that’s how they get money to pay you when you win.

This means that you’ll have to view several ads so that you can win.

They have set the minimum withdrawal cash amount to be $10 so that you can take some time to reach it and let them earn some ad revenue from you to get money to pay you.

This is not bad, but you’ll hardly earn anything good.

Additionally, many users of the Lucky Day App are complaining regarding reaching close to the threshold amount quickly, only to get stuck without winning for a long time.

This indicates that the company behind this app needs to make good money through its members.

Generally, I’m not going to use this app.

This is because not onlydo they have mixed feedbacks and many complaints, but also, you earn by chance, not for your work.

But if you are a fun of its offers and have some extra time, you may play to enjoy yourself, not necessarily to earn.

Let’s see how the app works before we can conclude anything.

How Lucky Day App Work

Lucky Day App provides you with an opportunity to play several gambling games to earn tokens or money.

These may include the Lottery, the sweepstakes, and scratch card games.

It’s free and very easy to get started as long as you have a smartphone.

Just download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign up to become a member, then start playing.

You’ll be entered into the daily Lottery game and asked to choose 1 lucky number and 5 others from the 59 listed numbers.

Once you do that, wait for the draw to know if you will win something.

In case one of your numbers is matched, you’ll win 50 tokens.

Two and three numbers will earn you 250 and 500 tokens respectively. If you are lucky and get four numbers matched, you’ll win $5.

You can expect to win $50 for five matched numbers and $100,000 for six.

Playing the scratch card game on the Lucky Day App can win you either cash or tokens.

You can earn about $1-$50,000 cash or 1,000-200,000 tokens per game.

The grand prize can only be won by matching three of the given symbols or else; you’ll win 1,000 tokens or the amount mentioned on the card.

You’ll have to watch a video advert played automatically after every three scratch cards before you can start scratching the fourth one.

In most cases, the app will offer you around 15-25 scratch cards per day, and it’s harder to win cash than tokens, particularly for the big cash rewards.

Therefore, don’t hope that you may get lucky and win huge cash with the scratch cards.

Other features of the Lucky Day App are the daily and monthly raffle draws that can let you win $500 and $5,000 respectively.

Daily winners have announced at 10 pm PST each day while monthly winners are announced at a similar time at the end of the month.

Every day you’ll get one free ticket for both raffle-draws, which you can increase through the spin game.

You can also buy raffle tickets using tokens at 10,000 tokens per daily ticket and 5,000 for 1 monthly ticket.

Additionally, you can earn tokens by watching videos and completing surveys or other offers.

The number of tokens earned here may depend on the type and duration of the offer or survey you complete while you’ll earn 1,000 tokens for watching videos.

You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal on reaching the minimum threshold of $10.

When you have enough tokens, you can redeem them for various rewards, including Starbucks, Best Buy, Amazon, and even PayPal gift cards.

It’s good to note that gift cards run out pretty fast since they are limited.

Nonetheless, the app tops up their gift card stock daily.

So, is it easy to reach the threshold? Keep reading to find out.

Lucky Day App Pricing

It’s free to download the Lucky Day App in your smartphone and sign up.

All the games are also free to play and give you the potential to win various amounts of tokens or money.

Whot Is Lucky Day App Meant For (And Not For)

Lucky Day App is meant for 2 groups.

One group is the organizations and brands in search of platforms to post their advertisements.

The app will place the ads in front of its players, so advertisers are sure that the app’s users view them.

The other group comprises of people who enjoy playing scratch cards, lotto and other gambling games.

If you fit in this category, the app allows you to win money or tokens by playing these games, as earlier mentioned.

Although you don’t need to pay anything to play, you’ll be needed to watch video ads every now and then to continue playing.

Additionally, you can hardly win any good money with this app.


The Pros

  • The app is free to use.
  • Folks really won.
  • Offers a low minimum threshold.
  • It offers several withdrawal options, including various gift cardsand PayPal cash.

The Cons

  • They show too many video ads.
  • It’s hard to win any reasonable prize.
  • Too many complaints about not reaching the threshold.
  • Your earnings depend on luck.


Joshua Javaheri is the founder and CEO of Lucky Day App.

During summer after his first year at Boston University, Joshua created three mobile games with simple interfaces that were easy to use.

These were beyond the free, points, and tokens’ games since they allowed players to win real cash.

They focused on small-amount prizes (normally around $1-$5) to try to make every player feel like a winner.

Joshua finally decided to create this mobile app in 2014 and called it the Lucky Day App, aiming to have over 100 million users.

Ungly Truth Revealed

1. Income Is Not Guaranteed!

Even though Lucky Day App is not advertised as a get-rich-quick scheme, it doesn’t provide a guaranteed income.

Everything relies too much on your winning luck and chances, meaning that there is no dependable method for you to earn money.

Despite this, the pay is much higher compared to most GPT and survey sites when you win.

2. Numerous Ads!

The Lucky Day App offers free tokens for watching video ads.

Besides this, you’ll encounter lots of them on the app even if you aren’t there to get the tokens.

That’s where their income comes from, and you have to watch the video ads since you have no other choice.

15-30 seconds per ad may not be very long, but seeing them frequently might be troublesome.

3. It Takes Too Long To Get To Reach The Threshold!

The minimum withdrawal threshold offered by Lucky Day App is $10, which is lower compared to other GPT and survey sites such as:

However, unless you’re lucky enough to win above $10 for a raffle, their reward system seems to make you take a long time to get $10.

It’s not likely to win $10 in a month. Your earnings are too reliant on luck and winning the raffle prizes.

4. Too Many Complaints!

A lot of members are complaining that winning money normally stops after reaching a certain amount, mostly at about $7.

Just look at these ones here from the Google Play store:

Might it be concurrent? It’s hard to believe so.

This is a red flag since it makes it seem like the app doesn’t want people to reach the threshold.

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Is Lucky Day App A Scam Or Legit?

Are you still asking: is Lucky Day App a Scam? Or Is Lucky Day App Legit?

According to this review, Lucky Day App is not a scam but a decent Rewards Program based on Lottery, which pays you for playing various games.

However, this app doesn’t guarantee you to earn any money.

It’s not a reliable way to earn cash since everything on the app is a gamble. It’s not consistent in a way that you could use it for some given time and earn a definite amount of cash.

This makes it not fit for you if you’re looking for a reliable source of income.

Winning on the Lucky Day App is random, just like in the real lottery games.

While it may be possible to win several bucks, it’s very unlikely to win any considerable prize like the jackpot.

Therefore, don’t rely on winning the $100,000 at any time.

I’m very skeptical that there has ever been someone who has won this jackpot.

For those reasons, I would not recommend this app to you if you’re looking for a consistent way of making a full-time income online.

Nevertheless, if you need to have some fun with a chance to earn some cash or you like the lottery-type games, this app might be worth checking out.

But don’t forget the complaints regarding reaching the payout; you could get stuck somewhere around $7 for several months and hence, not able to cash out.

I honestly hope that my Lucky Day App review has helped you to make the right verdict regarding this app.

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