For almost a year now, a new program has actually grown up very fast. It’s called Legendary Marketer. So I checked it for myself and I will give you my Legendary Marketer review.

I want to make a note here and say that some things will change inside Legendary Marketer…so I want you to know that I will update this review in the case they change something.

Furthermore, I would like to say that the philosophy Legendary Marketer has is “We will always improve something”.

When you hear/read that you can understand that they work very hard to improve themselves and the system but, most important help affiliates make more money.

And in my opinion, these words are actually true because I am a Legendary Member and

I have seen it for myself. They make a lot of changes and they work very hard.

Who Created Legendary Marketer

First of all, I would like to write a few words about the “man behind the scenes”.

The person who created the Legendary Marketer is David Sharpe.

This guy actually has an amazing story in my opinion “from rags to riches”.

David Sharpe has a lot of skills when it comes to digital marketing, network marketing.

After some health issues, this guy managed to create Duplicate Dave which now is a part of the Legendary Marketer Brand.

I won’t give the full story about David Sharpe, but this guy from my perspective is actually a very smart guy.

Legendary Marketer, Business Or Not

I want to begin this post by explaining what I feel about Legendary Marketer and if you can actually create a business.

We usually use the word “business” when we want to explain something that is ours and mostly makes us some money right?

When we talk about Legendary Marketer I don’t feel like I’m creating a business…

I just promote their products (and company).

Later on I will explain to you some things about the strategy that they have but for now, let’s start with other things first.

So, once again, when we talk about business we talk for something that we own! Legendary Marketer doesn’t give you that option.

In fact, Legendary Marketer wants you to promote their product in order for you to make money!

So what they do for you?

They TEACH you how to create a business or even learn how to promote different products.

In a few words, you can understand what the term “business” means and how to do your first steps.

This is something that it can help you and I believe that you actually need to learn for you to promote any business.

How? They teach you from social media marketing to any marketing scheme that you can think.

They teach you this training in order to promote the products that they have but, you can use it to promote whatever you like.

For the last time, this is NOT a “create a business online” It’s more like “Promote the products and get paid”

Below I will explain if this is actually affiliate marketing because you might believe that: Hey! This is maybe “not a business” but “it’s affiliate marketing”.

Yeah that makes sense but as I said you will read below and you will understand why this is not affiliate marketing (at least not 100% affiliate marketing).

How It Works

This is what you see when you join and on the right side they also have your coach info (to schedule an appointment). I won’t include now because I don’t want to show my coach information..

And this is how it looks on the top (that you will use all the time to guide yourself).

Let’s begin at step 1.

You created an account and you joined the program.

Now what? Good Question.

You will notice that when you joined you have to see a video (a welcoming one) in the HOME section.

After that video, you will see your assigned coach and you will have to schedule your first call with him/her.

Your coach will give you full explanation on what to do next and only he/she can unlock your core steps for your training.

There are 15 core steps for you. After you finish it you can start promoting the product in order for you to make money.

In case you don’t know how to do that they have a legendary marketer club that includes full training for social media marketing.

Don’t worry your coach will guide you through the core steps. This is where the fun begins.

You start to promote and you make money simple right?

Well, it’s not that simple because in order for you to make money someone should buy/join Legendary Marketer and if you want to make some real cash they have to buy the upsells. (I will give you the compensation plan in the next subheading).

Let’s say that you “learned” (I will explain why I have) some ways that you can advertise/promote the products and you see some leads coming.

Most people will believe that “Hey I got 10 leads and no sales yet, why?” It’s not that easy to convert leads into sales.

It will take some time before you see any sales.

Again, most people will quit at this point because they believe that they didn’t become rich in a day.

And I have to put a small disclosure here and say that this program is not a get quick rich scheme.

Above I mentioned the word “learned”.

What I meant with that is just because you believe that you “learned” something, doesn’t mean that you actually know what to do.

It will take some time before you “learn” how to apply what you just see from a video or anything.

The secret here is to keep pushing until you win. By quitting you will never win.

Compensation Plan

Legendary Marketer Club $30/month – Commission $18/month 

This program is actually packed full of digital training, a few resources to start and grow your business. Also, live classes and courses are included. 

Traffic Rolodex – $47 (one time) – Commission $28/one time 

Actually, traffic Rolodex updated recently and it’s pure gold for me.

You will get access to vetted traffic sources, interviews of each traffic provider to use in your business and most importantly how to generate leads and sales from them. 

Invisible Influencer – $997 (one time) – Commission $400/one time 

This is a complete from start to finish, course on how to build Facebook and Instagram fan pages in order to generate traffic, leads and sales. 

Legendary Builder Masterclass – $2500 (one time) – Commission $1000/one time

This is actually one of the best that you will find in Legendary Marketer.

This product is the foundation of business and marketing strategies on how to start and also build your (digital) business.

You will also receive access to 4 part masterclass covering storytelling, leadership principles and lead generation strategies. 

Legendary Leader Masterclass – $5000 (one time) – Commission $2000/one time 

Ok, now if you want to be at this point and pay this amount of money you have to be very serious before you do it.

You will learn how to become the leader of your marketplace, grow your brand and delete the competition.

You will also receive scaling strategies to grow your business to the 7-figure level and beyond. 

Legendary Marketer Mastermind – $8000 (one time) – Commission $3200/one time 

If you buy the mastermind this is where the fun begins (at least that’s how I feel).

You will get a live in-person mastermind covering the most cutting edge traffic, lead generation and conversion strategies from the best online marketers.

You will have to the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime membership to 3 days live Legendary Marketer. (you can also bring one guest who is not a member). 

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind $12000 (one time) – Commission $4800/one time 

Actually, this program can literally change your life.

They will teach you to live some things about health, wealth and wisdom hacks, in order to protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself.

In legendary Marketer Club, you receive 60% commission and 40% the core products and specialty products. 20% of the commission will go to your coach because he/she will close the sale for you.

Now that I finished explaining the compensation plan I want to say a few words.

First I’m sure that you have a question, and I already know what you will ask me.

Do I need to buy all of them?NO! You can start or even stay forever with the $30/month marketer club Wait I already know your next question!

But now I will make money if I don’t buy them?

Let me show you what Legendary Marketer says about that.

In a few words, there are 2 ways to “unlock the license” in order to receive commissions for the products.

The first way is obviously to buy the products.

The second way is to actually make 3 sales of that product (for example Legendary Builder Masterclass) and then you will unlock the license to actually receive commissions.

So, can I stay forever and get paid for all the upsells? YES!

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is This Affiliate Marketing?

I was wondering before I join Legendary Marketer if this is an “affiliate program” or maybe it’s a “create your own business program”.

In fact, this is “almost” Affiliate Marketing. (don’t worry I will explain)

What I mean with the term “almost” is when you want to sell other people’s product you never pay for them.

In fact, when you have a product and I want to be an affiliate and sell that product for you I won’t pay to get the license.

Does that make sense? So it’s not completely affiliate marketing and it’s not a complete “create a business”

So what is a legendary marketer?  An excellent question again.

The legendary marketer is actually a program that you “buy” courses that they worth a lot as you can see but, they include a lot of value and they also have some affiliate marketing in order for you to promote the product and receive huge commissions 

Don’t forget to read our step by step guide to affiliate marketing to learn how to create a strategy that converts.

Can You Make Money?

I love talking about programs and if you can actually make some cash.

I will keep it short because I know that you truly want to know if you can make money. YES!

You can make a lot of money but it’s not that easy.

I will suggest you start only if you can afford (at least builder masterclass) or have some money to advertise yourself in order to get leads and sales. 

In fact, you can see 2 posts that we created just for that will help you understand “how to advertise” and one program that we use all the time to generate leads and sales 

If you can’t afford it I will suggest you read our post about Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s cheaper with no upsells and you can actually create a business (I created my business and you read one of my post just because I started with this program and I make money).


The Pros

Firstly, I love the fact that I have a coach and they help me solve any problems that I have. These people know what to do and help you overcome any “problem” you have.

They help you change your mindset a lot and understand that the only you hold yourself from success.

Love the training, they are very helpful and if you apply the training (test it a bit) you can make a lot of money.

Actually, commissions are the best part. Commissions are huge and you can make money even while you sleep.

In case you don’t want to create a sales funnel (and etc) they will give you everything that you need in order to start advertising today! (It’s a done for you system)

The Cons

Ok, even if I am in the Legendary Marketer program I have some things that I don’t like.

The first thing is that the “coach” is more like a salesman that wants you to buy the upsells.

One more thing that I don’t like is that they don’t include a free affiliate marketing to the people that they don’t want to buy the products!

Some people already know what to do and I don’t get it why in order to get the license I have to pay so much money or “lose” so much money if I have to sell 3 of the same product in order to unlock the license.

Lastly, I believe that they have to do some changes when we talk about legendary marketer club.

In my opinion, this training needs some update or some work. It wasn’t the best training in my opinion.

Can You Create A Business?

You can’t actually create a business as I already said but, you can create a passive income that will help you live the lifestyle you desire.

It will take a lot of work before you actually succeed but the rewards are great!

You will need to learn a lot before you apply the training.

They help you by giving you all the funnels that you need even ad copies and e-mail sequences so you don’t have to create them.

They test them a lot and they keep only the “things” that actually convert.

Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?

NO! Legendary Marketer is not a scam for sure.

They always pay the commissions and they never lost a payment.

If you want to be a part of Legendary Marketer you have to know that it’s not very easy results may vary from person to person and it will take some time before you see results!

At this moment I would like to talk about something different.

Something that I actually started and I will never stop it.

I started with Wealthy Affiliate and they actually have a very huge training section that it will teach you from A to Z.

They teach me how to make 4 figures every month at 22 years old.

But I worked hard to achieve them. If you join TODAY I can help you or even coach you if you want (for free) and show you the best way to create a business and make money.

They also have an affiliate program that pays very well.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether is about my Legendary Marketer review or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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