Today, I want to answer the question that has been buzzing around my mind: Is Word Ventures A Scam?

I’ve been wondering whether World Ventures can help you to achieve the claimed dream life of traveling the world and getting paid for it.

Therefore, I did my research and wrote this exhaustive World Ventures review to help you understand everything about this opportunity.

I welcome you to my review as I investigate whether World Ventures is a scam or a legitimate opportunity.

Allow me to first congratulate you for doing your research before joining this program.

This is a wise move and the only way to avoid being scammed.

It will aid you to discover the best real way to make a good income online.

World Ventures Review Summary

Product Name: World Ventures


Price: $200 or $300 initial fee + monthly fees up to $100/month

Recommended: YES/NO


World Ventures (WV) is a company that was founded in December 2005 and had its World Headquarters based in Plano, Texas. It offers a multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity in the travel sector. However, WV has been identified as a pyramid scheme in some countries and banned as a result. As they say, where you see smoke, expect to see the fire. Therefore, you should take what they say with a grain of salt and be careful enough to avoid it since you may end up losing money rather than getting it. Join me in my review to understand why I say this!

I would also like to inform you that I’m not affiliated with this product in any way so that you can expect an unbiased third-party review of World Ventures.

Now, are you ready to read everything regarding World Ventures?

Ok, let’s dive into this review and take a trip together!

What Is World Ventures

World Ventures is a network or multi-level marketing company operating within the travel niche. It was launched in 2005, meaning that they have been in business for over 13 years.

That is a long time compared to most MLM companies, which die in less than two years. It indicates that WV might be doing something rightful.

World Ventures offers you the opportunity to make additional income from home by fixing people up with supposedly cheaply priced luxury getaways.

It claims to offer you fun, freedom, and fulfillment.

To access the massively cut-prices, you need to register with World Ventures by picking your preferred membership package from those offered by the company.

Buying the membership packages doesn’t require your involvement in the opportunity.

But if you do so, you’ll be heavily-pushed to proceed and join the business opportunity and start promoting the packages to your friends and families.

Like many other MLM companies, World Ventures puts too much emphasis on the recruitment and making money rather than on promoting the actual products that they offer.

This is a huge problem since it makes the company look like a Ponzi/pyramid scheme.

Well, I don’t mean that World Ventures is a pyramid scheme, what I mean is that you got to be extra careful while approaching these company-types to avoid getting caught out into joining something illegal.

How World Ventures Works

World Ventures requires its members to pay a membership fee each month to enjoy travel discounts. It works like Costco, where you get discounts on their products after paying a membership fee.

You’ll join the program as an Independent Representative (IR) of World Ventures and persuade other people to join the program too.

You will earn according to the number of people you’ll have recruited.

That’s how World Ventures works in simple terms.

World Ventures has a mobile app called DreamTrips App, which can help you to access your training tools and operate your business anytime on the go.

This is what they call the “mobile-preneurship.”

As a WV member, you’ll also get a personal website where you can share your trips as well as promote World Ventures to others.

However, it’s really hard for you to get any results with this website since all their sites are duplicated and very identical to each other.

These websites won’t get rankings in the search engines, and therefore, you can only drive traffic to them by using paid methods such as Facebook Ads.

This means that it can be very hard to fully-leverage the personal website that they offer unless you are already experienced in internet marketing.

World Ventures Product Line – What You Get

World Ventures developed a brand called DreamTrips to assist you in planning, book, and organize your trips. The DreamTrips’ membership is the primary product for this company and has three levels:

  • Regular DreamTrips Membership: $195.95 initial fee, plus $26.99/month
  • DreamTrips Gold Membership: $199.95 initial fee, plus $49.99/month
  • DreamTrips Platinum Membership: $299.95 initial fee, plus $99.99/month

This means that you’ll pay around $500-$1500 the first year and $300-$1200 annually for the consecutive years.

When compared to an online package with a booking agent, your savings could be what you pay after the initial year.

I mean, to justify the annual membership fees, your total annual savings will be allegedly cheaper than doing it yourself online.

Therefore, you need to calculate and figure out whether World Ventures membership fees are cheaper before you decide to join the program.

You will be selling and promoting these membership packages as a business owner.

Selling a Platinum membership will earn you $50, and you’ll get a bonus of $250 for every 6 referrals you make.

In case you can’t travel for any reason, you can use your points to receive entertainment discounts, dine at your local restaurant, identify theft protection, get roadside assistance, among other things.

However, I frankly think that all these services are just too overpriced.

World Ventures Training

To help you improve your sales skills and earn more money, World Ventures offers several training opportunities as follows.

  1. Guidance from Sponsor

Supposedly, your sponsor (the person who introduce you into the business) will assist you in promoting the product.

Unfortunately, you can hardly get help from your sponsor just like in any other MLM business. If the company lacks solid training, this creates a situation of “blind leading the blind.”

  1. World Ventures Advantage

This is a rather solid online training platform, which can help you to hone your skills in personal development, sales techniques, and handling objections.

It’s a basic portal for members to learn all they need to know regarding operating their World Ventures business.

  1. QuickCoach

Just as the name suggests, QuickCoach is a quick and simple way for you to refresh the important things that you need to know before presenting World Ventures to a friend.

It includes bit-sized videos that are a simplified version of the WV Advantage, which you can watch on your phone anytime you need.

  1. Live Events

Finally, yet importantly, World Ventures holds Live Events that you can join and learn from the company’s top leaders.

This is a common technique for most MLM companies. Often, there will be several conventions held every season and/or every year.

World Ventures Pricing

To join the World Ventures’ program, you’ll need to choose your preferred membership option and make the respective payment.

The Regular DreamTrips membership costs $195.95 registration fee, plus $26.99 per month.

The DreamTrips Gold membership costs $199.95 registration fee, plus $49.99 per month.

The DreamTrips Platinum membership costs $299.95 for the registration, plus $99.99 monthly payment.

Those are the main costs associated with World Ventures.

World Ventures Compensation Plan

 The compensation plan for World Ventures is very complicated. They have a video presented by James, who tries to make it easier for you to understand.

However, if you have watched the video, you can agree with me when I say that it’s very hard to understand the World Ventures’ compensation plan.

I want to break down the World Ventures’ comp plan for you, but I think it’ll be just a waste of time. However, you can check it here if you need to see it.

In most cases, MLM companies adopt the very common Binary Compensation Plan, but World Ventures have the Linear and Binary Compensation Plans, among other types of bonuses in their plan.

This makes it even more confusing!

What’s a bit clear is that you’ll need to pay some upfront fees to join and continue paying a membership fee each month.

Then, you’ll need to recruit at least 4 active members into your downlines to stop paying the monthly fees. Your earnings will depend on the number of people you recruit into the program.


World Ventures was established in 2005 by its founders, Wayne Nugent, and Mike Azcue.

They had lost a lot while searching for money and believed that work is for a greater purpose than accruing cash and wealth; it needs to be about passion!

I agree with them, but I think it also needs some knowledge and experience to do that.

Anyway, this company was developed with a mission to enable people to live free, fun, and fulfilling lives, through integrating personal contribution, great life experiences, financial opportunity, and development.

Additionally, it focuses on building the best vacation and entertaining club in the world, as well as creating a network of competent direct salespeople.

However, I dug further and found out that both Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue were convicted of tax fraud in 2004. I guess you see what type of company World Ventures is…


The Pros

  • The company has been operating in the travel and multi-level marketing industries for over a decade now.
  • The brand is well respected.
  • You can get free membership if you recruit 4 new members.

The Cons

  • It’s a pyramid scheme.
  • It has a history of tax fraud.
  • It’s banned in many countries.
  • Overly complicated compensation plan.
  • It’s hard to earn money with this type of opportunity.
  • You have to pay to join, and then the recurring monthly fees.
  • A large percentage of World Ventures’ members fail to earn a reasonable income.
  • You could end up spending more money on travels than you can make from them.

Who World Ventures Meant For (And Not For)?

World Ventures is meant for people who can afford to get enough capital to invest each month. Additionally, it can be fit for you if you have some prior experience in the MLM field.

You also need to be a lover of traveling and don’t mind joining other WV members (whom you may be unfamiliar with) on tour.

In contrast, World Ventures is not fit for you if you are in debts or lack sufficient cash flow to cater for the required fees.

If you are shy or afraid to talk with people, or if recruiting is not your thing, this program may not suit you.

At the same time, if you don’t have time to learn and grow your business or don’t like traveling, especially with people you don’t know, World Ventures is not meant for you.

I wouldn’t recommend this program to you since it has several red flags, which I’ll explain in a moment.

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Ugly Truths Revealed

1. Low Income Potential!

To better understand the income potential of any MLM company; look at their income disclosure statement.

If you check the one for World Ventures, you’ll see that only 5.19% of the members are earning about $245 per year and 9.58% are earning $243 per annum.

If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the total percentages don’t equal to 100%. Why is this?

Because most of the members do not make any money at all. This is a red flag! Although it may be possible to make money with WV, it’s just too hard for you to make a decent income.

This is where World Ventures resembles other MLM companies such as:

2. Recurring Monthly Fees!

World Ventures is no different from many other MLM companies. Once you register, you’ll need to pay a monthly recurring fee for you to continue being a member.

This fee ranges from $27 to $100 per month depending on the membership level that you purchased.

Paying this membership fee will give you nothing tangible in return, but you’ll get points that you can accumulate and redeem for meals or discount trips when you need.

To waive the monthly fee, you can refer four active members to join as your downlines at World Ventures.

3. Very Complicated Compensation Plan!

As I mentioned earlier, the compensation plan of World Ventures is very hard to understand even though James tries to simplify it.

They have combined Binary and Linear structures and then included other various bonuses.

4. It’s Very Misleading!

World Ventures will keep on showing astonishing photos of members traveling the world holding a sign that says: “You Should Be Here.”

This is misleading because, in reality, it’s very hard to make any money as you’ve seen in the income disclosure statement.

Additionally, their website doesn’t mention anything about what you’ll be doing or selling.

You can’t tell the costs of the travel packages because you can’t view them on the website.

All they do is create hypes and false hopes that anyone can easily travel and make money at the same time with their help.

That’s what they want you to believe, and as I said, it’s very misleading.

5. The Trips May Not Be Very Convincing!

The DreamTrips packages help you to save time for researching and planning for your trip.

However, these packages have some negative sides, such as not including flights.

You are also needed to share the trips with other WV members, whom you may not be familiar with.

Everything on the trip is well planned. This is another downside since it denies you the freedom to discover the world.

6. It’s Banned In Some Countries!

World Ventures has gotten numerous lawsuits worldwide. For instance, the National Consumer Commission of South Africa identified WV as a pyramid scheme. This is a huge red flag!

In 2014, they were identified as a pyramid scheme again in Norway, and they ceased their operations there.

In 2017, Melody Yiry filed a lawsuit accusing World Ventures of being an endless recruitment scheme chain that’s prohibited under California law.

There’s a lot of this information online so you can proceed and read it if you are interested.

But from this information, all we can tell is that World Ventures is a very scandalous company.

Being banned by worldwide countries indicates that this business is not the kind that you’ll want to go into, right?

7. Is World Ventures BBB Accredited?

In simple terms, no! World Ventures is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

They have a “C+” rating at this time of writing and 217 customer complaints in the last 3 years.

Is World Ventures A Pyramid Scheme?

Principally no, World Ventures is not a pyramid scheme. However, it could be seen differently depending on the legal system in your country, as well as your interpretation.

WV has been identified as a pyramid scheme in some countries.

When an MLM company offers a product that’s expensive to sell, its members turn into recruiting others to cover for their shortfall in sales.

If this happens continually, it becomes like a pyramid scheme because only recruiting takes place, and no product is sold.

Is World Ventures A Scam?

We may not call WV a scam since they have been operating for over 13 years and are still there.

However, their popularity is going down slowly by, although there are no signs of vanishing completely. It may be due to the tough competition in the travel business today.

The income potential is very low, and most people end up failing to make considerable incomes with World Ventures.

Only 1 out of 500 succeeds! Do you know if you’ll be that one who succeeds or the 499 who fails? This is very unfortunate, and it’s very risky if you still want to try it.

Additionally, the company has been banned from operating in several countries in the world for being a pyramid scheme, including Norway, South Africa, and California.

What this shows is that this is a business opportunity that you should avoid at all costs because it has some possible disreputable behaviors.

This opportunity only benefits a tiny percentage of the members, so I may not call it an outright scam. But for sure, there are a lot of shady things going on here!

You can check out some of the users’ reviews and see how unsatisfied some of them are.

Although the actions of several representatives don’t mean that the entire company is a scam, it gives you an insight into the business culture of World Ventures.

Did I mention that the founders of WV were convicted of tax frauds in 2004? This indicates that these guys weren’t helping people to make money as they promised, but rather taking it.

For the many reasons we have seen, I don’t recommend World Ventures to you.

I honestly hope that my World Ventures review has helped you to understand clearly how it works, and how you can make the right and informed decision regarding this opportunity.

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