You must have stumbled across the platform that claims to pay you $10 per referral and are wondering: is Viral Pay a scam? ( <UPDATE> -In fact, they changed their name to Refferal Pay) So, is Refferal Pay a Scam?Or is itan easy way to make money online?

People are sharing their referral links all over social media as a great way to earn colossal income online.

Now you’re researching to know how it works before signing up to this program.

Or you’re already a member of Viral Pay, but you’ve started sensing something suspicious about it.

Viral Pay Review Summary

Product Name: Viral Pay


Price: $0

Recommended: NO


Viral Pay is a fake website that claims that you can earn up to $500 per day using their program. You’ll supposedly earn $10 for each member you refer to their website. However, all these are lies because this site has ever paid nobody any money. Furthermore, they are only after your personal information so that they can sell it or use it to break into your accounts and steal your cash. Even the real owners are hiding because they know they are behind something very dangerous to the public. My advice is that you should avoid Viral Pay as much as you can, and get out of it if you are already a member. Also, spread this word around to save your friends from being scammed.

Let me welcome you to my Viral Pay review where I’ll be uncovering this scam, how it works, the ugly truths, and why you should avoid it at all costs.

Remember, doing due diligence before joining any moneymaking opportunity is the only way to avoid scams and discover a real way to earn good income online.

I’m glad you did it, my friend. That means you won’t fall into the con tricks of scammers.

Anyway, let’s dive into the review to find out everything about Viral Pay.

What Is Viral Pay

Found at, Viral Pay is a new site that claims to offer you one of the easiest means to make huge cash online.

It requires no previous experience since all you have to do is sign up, get your referral link, and share it on your social media profiles to start earning.

They claim that you can earn $500 per day via their site.

Allegedly, you’ll earn a whopping $10 for each member that joins via your link.

Then, the members you lead here will be paid the same amount when they invite other new members.

But now, where does the money to pay you all to come from?

Can Viral Pay afford to pay such amount of cash to its members just for referring others to join them? How are they earning their money?

According to the website, Viral Pay earns from advertisements and sponsored products from other companies.

However, I can tell you right now that all these are lies.

The website doesn’t contain any sponsored links or adverts whatsoever.

The reality is that Viral Pay is a very dangerous fraud that makes money by selling your personal details to other third party companies.

They also happen to break into your financial accounts in case you provide those details too.

Therefore, if you are already a member, you must read this review to the end to discover how you can protect your personal details.

You are asking why I’m confidently saying this? It’s because I’ve seen the same scam severally before.

It only keeps re-launching using different names while trying to deceive more people into joining them.

At first, it was called Kids Earn Cash, then Kids Get Money, and later Influencer Club.

Now it’s back again behind the name of Viral Pay.

Regardless of the change in name and slightly web design, the fraud at the core remains the same.

Let’s see what’s inside this program.

How Viral Pay Works

According to the website, you’re only required to sign up, copy your referral link, and share it on your social media to invite your friends.

Whenever a new member joins through your link, you’ll earn $10.

However, while Viral Pay will increase your account balance to seem like you are earning $10 per successful referral, you’ll never get paid! Instead, they are only fooling you into signing up and getting them more members to join their site so that they can sell all your personal data.

This makes Viral Pay a huge data-harvesting fraud.

They have set the withdrawal threshold so high so that you’ll be required to invite a lot of people before you realize that it’s just a fake website that never pays.

But there is even more!

They hope that you’ll use the same username/password combination you registered with on other websites at Viral Pay.

Therefore, they’ll try to use it to break into any of your accounts that are associated with that info.

This may include social media accounts, PayPal accounts, etc.

Do you see how dangerous this scam is? That’s why I don’t recommend it!

In case you’ve already signed up with Viral Pay using a username/password that you use somewhere else, you MUST go and alter your passwords immediately.

Or else, you’ll suffer if they access your accounts.

If you have already invited anyone to join Viral Pay, then you should share this post with them so that they can know how to take caution.

Remember, you’ll be responsible if they get scammed since you are the one who invited them to join.

Cashing Out In Viral Pay

Supposedly, it’s very easy to withdraw your earnings when you’re ready to get paid.

You can get them through PayPal, Western Union, mailed checks, or CASH app.

However, nobody has ever gotten paid by Viral Pay.

If you happen to be one of the lucky few who have been paid, please share your experience in the comments section further down.

Viral Pay Pricing

It is free to join Viral Pay. Nonetheless, joining it will highly risk your personal information and even money.

The website also doesn’t pay anyone the earned money after referring others, and so, I don’t recommend it to you despite it being free.

Who Is Viral Pay Meant For (And Not For)

Supposedly, Viral Pay is designed for anyone looking for an easy way to earn huge cash online.

They require you to share your referral link with your social media friends to start earning, so you don’t need any special skills to do that.

However, the website won’t pay you anything, and it will sell your personal information to third-party websites.

Therefore, this website is not good for anyone other than the owners, who sell members’ information and break into members’ accounts to make money for themselves.

They are enriching themselves at the members’ expense. That’s why I recommend you to stay as far as you can from Viral Pay.


The Pros

I hardly ever say this, but this program has no pros. It’s a very risky website to involve yourself in since it has so many red flags and can’t help you in any way. You’ll see what I mean in a short while.

The Cons

  • The owners are hiding.
  • They never pay you anything.
  • The people you invite will be at risk.
  • They’ll sell your personal information.
  • They use a deceptive marketing method.

Fake Owners

The Viral Pay website contains no information about who created it.

This is a red flag! You can’t even tell where they are based; is it the UK, Australia, or Panama? says they are from Panama, but their website claims two other different addresses: Australia and the UK.

They are hiding their real identity and location so that no one can be able to reach them to claim his/her money or report them for their fraudulent activities.

I’ve realized that scams rarely show their real creator’s name.

Check the examples below, and you’ll see that they use the same trick as Viral Pay.


Ungly Truth Revealed

1. Fake testimonials.

There are several video testimonials in their dashboard.

All the payment proofs and testimonials presented here are bogus.

They use videos created by hired actors from service provider sites such as Fiverr.

This is a huge red flag! I’ve seen other scams using this sales trick to lure more people to join them, including:

Regardless of the testimonials, Viral Pay is totally a scam because they have never paid anyone, and no one will ever be paid!

2. Unreliable & contradicting pieces of information.

In their “Terms and Conditions” page, Viral Pay stated that they are based in the United Kingdom.

However, their “Contact Us” page mentioned their address to be Australia. So, which one is real?

None of these is real. The company has hidden their real address for unknown reasons. This is another red flag!

3. Facebook official page in no longer accessible.   

The Viral Pay official Facebook Page (previously available at has been down for some time now.

This is a red flag since Facebook suspends pages only because of possible scam activities taking place there.

4. Your personal information is at risk!

Viral Pay is an information-collecting scheme.

It’s just a new version of scams that use referral link click business model, and you can find plenty of them online.

The cybercriminals behind it are only after your email address and other personal information.

Then, they’ll sell it to third-party companies to make money for themselves. Yes, that’s what they do!

They may even go ahead and use your information to sign in to other sites, which you have registered using the same username/password combination you used here.

This way, they could interfere with your account ruthlessly, and you may end up losing money.

If you have joined already, do as I said earlier; change all your passwords on sites that use the same username/email as Viral Pay.

Stay safe!

5. They do not pay!

This is another huge red flag! Viral Pay wants you to believe that you are earning and thus, they’ll increase your account balance as you refer people to join them.

When payment time comes, you won’t be paid anything.

As I mentioned earlier, no one has ever got any payment from Viral Pay.

So, they can’t help you earn anything online!

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is Viral Pay A Scam?

Are you still wondering: Is Viral Pay a scam?

Definitely, yes! Viral Pay is a total scam and a very dangerous one.

They trick you into enticing other people to join their scam by making you believe that you’re earning some good cash.

Viral Pay’s creators are doing only one thing, which is to obtain your personal data.

They’ll sell it to other companies for more malicious activities.

They’ll also try to use that information to break into any of your accounts associated with your data.

Let me repeat that if you are already a member of Viral Pay and use identical username/password combination elsewhere, you should change your passwords on those sites straightaway.

Also, remember to share this post with those who you invited to this site so that they won’t get scammed and you won’t be responsible for their loss.

And in case you haven’t joined Viral Pay yet, it comes without saying that you shouldn’t since it’s just bad news!

It’s better to look for and stick to one of the legit and proven ways to earn cash online instead.

I have found an online platform that has helped me earn a 4-figure income each month, and I’ll tell you more about it below.

How I Make A Good Income Online

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It is free to get started (no credit card required).

So, what do you have to lose?

Give it a try, and I’ll help you with anything you may need; send me a message within the platform once you are inside.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Viral Pay is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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