You must have stumbled across the platform that claims to pay you $10 per referral and are wondering: is Viral Pay a scam? ( <UPDATE> -In fact, they changed their name to Refferal Pay) So, is Refferal Pay a Scam?Or is itan easy way to make money online?

People are sharing their referral links all over social media as a great way to earn colossal income online.

Now you’re researching to know how it works before signing up to this program.

Or you’re already a member of Viral Pay, but you’ve started sensing something suspicious about it.

Viral Pay Review Summary

Product Name: Viral Pay


Price: $0

Recommended: NO


Viral Pay is a fake website that claims that you can earn up to $500 per day using their program. You’ll supposedly earn $10 for each member you refer to their website. However, all these are lies because this site has ever paid nobody any money. Furthermore, they are only after your personal information so that they can sell it or use it to break into your accounts and steal your cash. Even the real owners are hiding because they know they are behind something very dangerous to the public. My advice is that you should avoid Viral Pay as much as you can, and get out of it if you are already a member. Also, sprea