I bet you want to know if Up2Give is a scam, right? Then, you are in the right place! I’ll tell you everything I found after spending hours doing my research just for you.

Before I begin, I want to congratulate you on taking the time to research and trying to understand if something it’s legit. This will probably save you time and money.

Up2Give Review Summary

Product Name: Up2Give

Website: up2give.com

Price: 005 Bitcoin(s) per month and 1.345BTC that you can ‘donate.’

Recommended: YES/NO


Up2Give is a Bitcoin MLM gifting scheme that focuses on recruitment without having any retail products or services to offer. Furthermore, when (as they call it) ‘donate’ or gift Bitcoin(s) to others, then others will ‘donate’ to you. The bad thing is that when a company focuses so much on recruitment (and in this case is the only way to make money) then at some point the recruitment will stop, and that means that there is a very big risk for the company to collapse. 

I’d also like to inform you that I’m not associated with this company in any way. So, I’m not going to recommend this program to you unless it’s really worth your time and money.

Instead, I’m here to provide you with my unbiased third party Up2Give review to help you understand everything about this company. This will help you to make a more informed decision in the end.

What Is Up2Give

If you already know about this platform then, you also know that Up2Give is a Bitcoin MLM gifting scheme that was launched in August 2019. If you “went” to the official website, you probably saw a few things.

Firstly, the site will ask for some information, (username, the affiliate that referred you, etc.)

Before I explain what it’s hard to find with Up2Give (that they should have on their website), let me tell you what you will see if you decide to add your sponsor’s username.

They will redirect you to a marketing video that its main goal is to promote Up2Give to you, which makes sense, right? I mean this is their main goal…

On the other side, you can fill a form to join the company by basically creating an account. Now that you know what you see or what you will see if you decide to take the first step, let me tell you what’s missing…

The first thing that it was a bit hard to find was the owner’s name. Yeah, it was. After some research, I found that his name is Jerry Lopez.

I found that Jerry Lopez is the owner of that video that was uploaded from the channel called “Project Earning.” He says that he is the owner at 00:45

Jerry Lopez was also involved with other companies such as LyfeStart, Global Tech, Savi Health, and Onyx Lifestyle. Also, I found that Andreas Kartud is also the Co-Founder, and Andreas was also involved in Onecoin and SwissCoin. (These companies don’t have the best reputation…)

The other things that are missing at least on the front page that you have to either create an account or add a sponsor’s name are the Privacy Policy page, Terms, etc.

These pages are vital for the users (me and you) in order to understand what they will do with our information if they will share our info with 3rd parties and etc. In my opinion, this is a red flag.

How Up2Give Works + Product

Let me tell you this, there are no actual products to market, and what the user (you and me) have to do is recruit others to make money. So, you basically sell the affiliate membership.

I also found that they have something called “The Giving Box.”

Basically, this is like a “donation box” where it allows you to receive payments (sorry, donations I meant to write). It’s going to cost you $32 worth of BTC per month.

The weird thing here is that there is a schedule that you need to maintain in order to maintain the position you have. If you fail, you lose your placement, and you won’t receive your payments (sorry, again, I meant ‘donations’).

That means that what you have to do is ask your friends, family, and everyone you know and recruit them to make some money. If you want to make everyone avoid you in the end, then you know what to do 😉

(Fun fact: I knew a guy that actually joined in an MLM/pyramid scheme, and a few months later no-one wanted to talk with him)

Don’t worry, though. I’m a guy that spends his day writing posts, so I feel you! The only difference is that people don’t avoid me, lol.

So, an MLM company with no retail products or services with the only way to make money is recruitment…is a no no no so far for me.

It’s risky, and FTC (Federal Trade Commissions) doesn’t like this kind of structure.

Compensation Plan

This compensation plan is actually a bit simple if we compare it with other companies.


This is the most simple thing for someone to understand.

When you join, you pay.005 Bitcoin(s), and you basically gift them to the person that referred you.

If you want to progress and join the 2×6 matrix, you have to recruit 2 more people and receive in total 0.1Bitcoin(s).

Matrix – Residual Commissions

The matrix is 2×6 that basically means that you can earn from up to 64 people.

If you have some experience, you already know what the 2×6 matrix is. In case you don’t, you need to know that 6 levels are starting from level 1 to level 6.

Every level means that you can recruit more people, and the people you recruited will start to recruit more people and goes on.

At level 6, you can recruit up to 64 people, and if those 64 people recruit 64 people, you will end up with 4.096 people. (64×64=4.096).

Level 1 will look like this: 2×2=4Level 2 will look like this: 4×4=16Level 3 like this:8×8=64Level 4 like this: 16×16=256Level 5: 32×32=1.064Level 6: 64×64= 4.096

If for the sake of this post, you recruit all these people and the people you recruited have done the same, you will end up with a total of 5.460 people.

Obviously, the winner here is the Founder, Co-founders, and the members above you because they also make money from all these people with no effort!


I believe I mentioned it above, but in order to join Up2Give as an affiliate, you need to pay at least 0.005 Bitcoin(s) per month. You can also gift as much 1+Bitcoins every month (that’s a lot of money…at the moment of writing this 1 Bitcoin worth $8.600+.

If you have free Bitcoins to gift, remember that I’m here too:D (just kidding!), but yeah, would you gift so much? I don’t think so, Now find another 64 people to “gift” their Bitcoins…


The Pros

Honestly? I don’t think I have found anything good to mention.

The Cons

  • I don’t like how the system works
  • No retail products or services
  • It has a lot of pyramid scheme elements
  • Companies that focus only on recruitment are very risky for its users.

Is Up2Give A Pyramid Scheme?

In this Up2Give review, I want to tell you everything that I’ve found in my research. So I’ll let the facts talk by themselves.

When I saw the compensation plan of Up2Give, I believed that “it’s a pyramid scheme.” Honestly, why not?

They don’t have any retail products or services (I’ve said that too many times in this post), the compensation plan looks like a pyramid scheme with all the recruiting involved and so many other things that make wanna say that this is a pyramid scheme.

On the other hand, I can’t confirm that Up2Give is 100% a pyramid scheme and so I won’t do that. I simply gave you all the facts, info, and everything I’ve found in my research, and I’ll let you decide.

If you think that Up2Give is a pyramid scheme, then avoid if not do whatever you feel is the best thing for you! Let me tell you some things that I know.

Not every MLM company is always a Pyramid Scheme. In fact, many of them are not. The most common way to understand the difference between an MLM company and a pyramid scheme is this.

The X MLM company focuses on products and retails, and they “hire” or recruit others in order to promote their products. They do still have the recruitment thing, but they don’t focus on that.

They might also offer services and retail products. That means that the people that join the company don’t have to recruit others to make money!

(Remember, that doesn’t mean that if a company follows this principle is also a legit company. I’m not saying that)

Pyramid schemes focus on recruitment at 99% of the time, and usually, the only way to make money is to recruit others and the people you recruited to recruit others and goes on…

If you need more info, I’ll add the link of the FTC again.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is Up2Give A Scam

In my opinion, it kinda looks like a scam. I don’t like saying that, but that’s what I believe.

Let me explain.

The fact that they call the payments “donations” is just annoying. Yeah, I know, stupid reason, but in terms of marketing, that word makes you feel like you doing something while, in fact, you’re not. You are giving away your own money to “someone else” while everyone is doing the same, and the actual winner is the Founder.

Don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion, you can’t combine the word “donation” and “recruitment” together.

Furthermore, what they offer is the affiliate membership. I mean, come on, give me something, give me a product a service that I will be able to understand, and if I like it, I will even promote it.

If I was in a scheme like this, I would feel the same way as the hunter that is searching for his next pray.

Lastly, I want to mention that gift something and never expect something in return is legal (obviously). But if you think that what they created is a cash gifting matrix scheme and they call it “donations” or “crowdfunding,” and what that means is that you gift something to someone in order to qualify for something to be gifted is not so great.

I’m not sure (so don’t take this phrase for granted), but this, in some cases, is illegal also.

That’s the reason that makes me want to avoid this company. Now if you will avoid it too, that’s up to you to decide!

How I Make Money Online

I prefer to create my own online business (for a less than $1/day) and applying many ways to create income while at the same time, I help others to do the same.

I started this almost 2 years ago, and so far it’s working great for me. I found a platform that showed me everything I needed to know to begin and even maintain or scale my business with a step by step training, a like-minded community that helped me more than I expected, live weekly webinars, and all the tools I needed.

If you are willing to work to create your online business, then all you have to do is join, and I’ll be there for you if you need my help!

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Up2Give is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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