Are you wondering: Is Tranont a scam? Well, I don’t blame you! Many people are asking this exact question and many others such as; is Tranont a pyramid scheme? Can you make money with Tranont?

Therefore, I decided to do thorough research and write this in-depth Tranont review (3200+ words) to help you answer these questions and many more.

After reading it, you’ll understand everything you need to know about Tranont and whether the business opportunity presented here suits you.

Before I begin, I’d like to welcome you to my website and congratulate you on doing your research before joining this program.

I hope you do this always before buying into any seemingly good product or business opportunity.

It’s a very wise move and the only way to avoid scams and find a genuine way to make money online.

Tranont Review Summary

Product Name: Tranont


Price: $99 activation fee, $25 monthly fee, plus $125-$250 monthly for the starter packages.

Recommended: YES/NO


Tranont is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company that sells a wide variety of products. It also allows its distributors to earn money by recruiting new members into the system. However, they have a very confusing and complicated compensation plan that’s very hard to understand. You can’t clearly understand how much you’ll be earning with this company. Additionally, the company doesn’t provide an income disclosure statement, which would help us to know the success rate within the program. There are several other ugly truths that I’ve revealed in this Tranont review and so, keep reading to find out everything before you make your final decision.

I’d also like to inform you that I’m not associated with Tranont in any form. So, as always, you can expect an unbiased 3rd-party Tranont review from me.

Now, is Tranont a scam or legitimate opportunity? Continue reading to find out!

What is Tranont

Tranont is a network marketing company that offers many different kinds of products to their customers. It was founded back in 2008 by Lorne Berry.

This founder’s history is not very good because he was bankrupt in the year 2013 for accruing a personal debt of almost one million US dollars.

Anyway, the company has its headquarters situated in Sandy, Utah, USA.

Tranont Company is well-known for being a unique company.

This is because it has two distinct types of products (which I’ll explain shortly), which differs from most MLM companies that offer only a single product line such as Isagenix, Amway, etc.

It’s very crucial to understand the kind of company that you’re about to join, and you need to be extra cautious when making major life decisions, especially ones that involve money.

So, to understand the Tranont MLM clearly, let’s see how the company works and its products.

How Tranont Works

To understand how Tranont MLM Company works, it’s important to know what kinds of products they offer as well as how you can make money with their system. Let’s start with the products…

Tranont’s Product Line

As I mentioned above, Tranont seems to be unique amongst the rest MLM’s in that it offers products within unrelated categories. You’re asking why?

It’s simply because they have credit products, wealth products, identity protection, and tax products, among others.

Besides these products, Tranont offers services that include tax services, Id theft protection, legal services, access to TaxBot and credit services & education, and healthcare saving.

In addition to the products and services, they also offer some supplements that include:

Icaria Glow – A drink with super antioxidant support that costs $89 per bottle.

Life – A food capsule addition that’s claimed to assist consumers in gathering the nutrients contained in the food that they are eating. It costs $45 per bottle with 90 capsules.

Balance – A mixture of antioxidants and patented amino acid chelated minerals that cost $50 per bottle of 90 capsules or $140 per bundle pack.

Vibe – A Vitamin B supplement that costs $45 per bottle of 90 capsules and $140 per bundle pack.

Restore – This is claimed to assist in digestion as well as improve body immunity. It costs $50 per bottle of 90 capsules.

Before you decide to sell any products in a business, it’s very important to ensure that they are sellable in the market.

It’s only when the products you’re selling are in demand today that you’ll easily find willing and able customers.

Besides, you need to ensure that the products are in good condition and quality so that you won’t have to deal with any customer complaints.

For Tranont, they have one product-based complaint on the BBB and also some negative reviews within the last 3 years, which is not very bad.

It’s also good to mention that Tranont products are not approved or backed up by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration).

This is something you shouldn’t just assume when considering to buy their products.

I think I have told you all about the products offered by Tranont. Now, let’s head on to how you can make money with this company and its compensation plan.

Tranont’s Compensation Plan

Just like most other MLM’s, the ways to make money with Tranont are by selling their products and/or recruiting new members into their system.

To see how much you can earn by their business opportunity, let’s see their complex compensation plan.

It’s explained on their website in a very confusing manner, which makes it a bit hard to understand.

To qualify for commissions, you need to be an active member of the company.

To remain as an active Tranont Associate, you need to pay the yearly renewal fee of $49 and attain 100 PC within any given month.

In another part of the comp plan, they contradict themselves by saying that affiliates must buy a $125 subscription plan and generate 100 PV per month.

See? That’s why I say their comp plan is very confusing!

Now, if you’re qualified, you’ll earn retail commissions between 10 and 35 percent.

To earn this commission rate, you need to have the ability to get retail customers to buy any of their services or products.

Your actual earnings will actually rely on the number of active subscription services you’ve sold. For example, if you have 1-10 active accounts, you’ll earn a commission rate of 10 %.

Then, you’ll earn a 15% rate if you have 11-20 customers and 30% if you have more than 21 active customers.

The actual amount of money that you’ll be earning will depend on the plans that your customers will buy. If you sell a more expensive plan, you’ll earn a higher commission.

I won’t go very deep into the compensation plan because it’s so complex and confusing, and I think it’s just a waste of time for now.

But you can see it here yourself if you wish to see more details.

The Tranont Company doesn’t disclose it’s income disclosure statement. Do you know why?

I think it’s because it’s just like other MLM companies, where over 98% of the members fail to make any good money.

I don’t mean that this is the exact case with Tranont, but why do you think they are hiding information about how their members are “succeeding” with their business?

The high incomes are only for the selected few who are at the top of the pyramid.

Let’s now see how much you’ll need to pay to access this opportunity.

Tranont Pricing

To join the Tranont Company and become an official distributor, you’ll need first to pay a $99 activation fee. Additionally, you’ll be required to pay another $25 per month to access monthly business tools and support.

Then, just like other MLM’s, you’ll have to buy their starter packages that cost differently. Tranont offers three distinct starter packages, which include:

Wealth Package – costs $125 per month.
Health Package – priced at $150 per month.
Builder Package – costs $250 per month.

The problem with these packages (especially the Builder) is that they are pretty expensive and can get you to lose thousands of dollars after trying for several months.

That’s why over 98% of MLM distributors fail and even run bankrupt.

The Owners Of Tranont

Lorne Berry and Russel G. Losee are the founders of Tranont. Here is some information about each of these two guys.

About Lorne Berry

Lorne Berry is also the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this company. Before establishing this company, Berry was an entrepreneur working mainly in the Real Estate industry.

At this time, he was successful in developing the project of the Legacy Mountain Cabin community.

This was when he noticed that many people were struggling with their finance and wealth management.

He decided to launch a service called ‘Tranont’ to help and educate people on how to become financially fit regardless of your social class.

In his free time, you can find Lorne Berry kicking back enjoying time in Salt Lake, Utah, with his wife and two kids.

About Russ Losee

The other co-founder of Tranont is Russel G. Losee, who is also the Chief Operating Officer (CCO) of the company.

He graduated at Brigham Young University, and he has good experience & knowledge in content growth, business intelligence, filtering content, information hotlines, collaborative businesses, and genealogy.

At the university, Russel qualified for a Bachelor’s degree in International Finance and Marketing.

He was accredited in Mandarin Chinese Language and Affairs.

Russel Losee enjoys water skiing with his wife and three kids on weekends, and he’s a passionate fan of baseball.


The Pros

  • You can become a customer or business associate.
  • They have some good training and platform.
  • You can earn 10-30% commissions depending on the number of referrals you can get to join their system.

The Cons

  • Very complicated compensation plan.
  • No guarantee that you’ll make any profits with this business.
  • The FDA doesn’t approve Its products.
  • It has too many costs and recurring fees.
  • It’s an LLC (Limited Liability Company), which makes it extremely hard to take legal action against the owners in case your life turns upside down.
  • You give up some of your rights such as your name, unique story, photogram, and more, which can be sold or used in future marketing campaigns.
  • It’s very hard to make money with this company since most of their members fail and they hide this information from you.
    The owners have some negative history.

Who Tranont Meant For (And Not For)?

Tranont is allegedly intended for people looking to earn money online through recruiting and direct selling. Those people with a passion for network marketing are the ones who may find this business suitable.

However, I think Tranont is not for everyone, first because it’s excessively expensive, especially when you consider the cost for several months.

Also, it might take you so long to build your way up the higher ranks where you’ll get better payments, and you may end up losing a lot of money.

Above 98% of people in MLM companies fail, and I don’t think you would like to be one of them, am I right?

Therefore, Tranont is not for you if you lack the money to invest or fear to lose your money like the 98 percent.

If you’re also not a fan of recruiting, this business won’t fit you since this is the primary way to make money here.

I’m saying this because I know that not everyone can sell products or convince customers to join the system.

I’d now like to expose several ugly truths about the Tranont Company.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Ugly Truths Revealed

1. It’s Too Costly To Join!

As I mentioned in the “Pricing” section, you’ll need to pay an initial fee plus another monthly fee for the monthly business tools.

You’ll also need to buy the starter kits that are also costly.

This is very disappointing because most people who join are fresh in the industry and probably don’t have any capital to get started.

Therefore, joining a company with expensive startup costs and maintenance fees will be a major drawback for them.

I mean, you can’t join unless you have the money to cater for all those things for some time before you rise up in the business (if you will, of course).

And if you do, you may eventually quit because of debts, since these costs will add up very fast within a few months.

I’ll show you a much cheaper opportunity that costs less than a dollar per day and free to get started, which has helped me to create a good monthly passive income.

Of course, it takes hard work and patience to reach there, but I’ll talk more about it at the end of this post. So, keep reading!

2. Very Complex Compensation Plan!

This applies to most Multi-level Marketing companies, and Tranont is not exceptional. You’ll find that most of the comp plans are very long, complicated, and hard to understand.

Do you think you can easily understand a self-contradicting compensation plan about 8 pages long or more?

I think this is way too much, and therefore; you can hardly understand how the company works.

How will you determine if the company is suitable for you?

3. The Founder Has A Negative History!

Honestly, I think it’s very important to know the background information of the people controlling the company that you decide to invest in.

This will help to build the trust between you and the company since you’ll know that your investments are in good hands.

In contrast, Tranont’s case is rather disappointing since one of the founder’s background is not good, specifically in matters involving money.

It’s Lorne Berry, who went bankrupt in 2013 for accumulating almost one million dollars in personal debts.

Although this doesn’t mean much, I think it’s something you should note before making your final decision about Tranont.

4. Most Distributors Lose Money And Tranont Hides The Statistics!

In MLM’s, most of the distributors lose their money.

Actually, over 98% fail and you can see these few examples of MLM companies to prove that I’m telling you the truth.

Profitable Morrows 

I think (and I’m probably right) that this is the same case for Tranont because they wouldn’t hide their income disclosure statement from the public if it were different.

The issue with MLM’s is that you’ll find it very hard to make money if you’re at the lower ranks or bottom level.

Even if you put the same effort as those in the top levels, you’ll always have a lower income than them because they will also earn from their downline members.

You’ll never earn any good money if your level doesn’t improve no matter how hard you work.

5. The BBB doesn’t accredit Tranont!

When doing my research, I always check for how a company is viewed by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

This helps me to know how legally and professionally a company operates its business and indicates how much it should be trusted.

For the case Tranont, it’s not accredited by the BBB although it has a flawless A+ rating, as you can see below or on the BBB here.

6. Their Products Aren’t FDA Approved!

In simple words, the FDA approves none of the supplements offered by Tranont.

The FDA doesn’t approve any dietary supplements that are used in or on the human body to treat or prevent any diseases.

FDA ensures that all genres of health supplements are not medicine but food sources.

It doesn’t offer a cGMP certificate to supplements’ manufacturers, which assists the general public and consumers to determine if a product is clean and safe for use.

There is no Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in Tranont’s product labeling and information, which means that they aren’t cGMP certified also.

Can You Make Money With Tranont

Unluckily, Tranont doesn’t provide its income disclosure statement so I, you, and the general public cannot be able to confirm the success chances with this company.

You can’t know if they can help you to make a good full-time income with their business.

The fact that the income disclosure statement is missing from the Tranont’s website shows that they do it for a reason. Probably, it’s because you can’t make money with Tranont.

Is Tranont a Pyramid Scheme

If you’re asking whether Tranont is a pyramid scheme or not, then let me answer you. No, it’s not a Ponzi scheme.

I know it’s normally confusing, but, you need to understand that all MLM’s are 90 percent similar to Ponzi/pyramid schemes simply because of how they operate.

That’s why most people accuse them of being one.

Multi-level Marketing companies’ compensation plans have a pyramid shape, just like in the Ponzi schemes.

However, MLM’s allow you to earn money through several other methods apart from recruiting, such as selling products.

It’s only that recruiting is the most emphasized one and have higher earnings.

As I mentioned earlier, 98% of MLM members fail terribly, and only less than 1% can experience abundance success.

Those in the one percent category are mostly earning through recruiting rather than sales.

Therefore, we may not call Tranont a pyramid scheme because they have some real products, but they look very much like it!

Is Tranont A Scam

So the big question here is; Is Tranont a scam? Well, I know you might think it’s a fraud simply because it’s an MLM. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s certainly a scam.

A scam is a company that misleads people and directly steals your money, and Tranont doesn’t do this.

Eventually, it’s just a business opportunity that’s bad and hard for anyone to succeed. Most people end up losing their money, and do you think you’ll be exceptional?

Tranont is not a scam, and it’s also not one of the most popular MLM’s. It has been in business for about 6 years now so that they could be doing something good.

With that said, I hope I have explained to you everything you needed to know about Tranont, and you’ve probably decided not to join it. They’re just not worth your money, effort, or even time.

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