It is good to know before joining, is Tap2Earn a Scam? I asked myself the same question the first time I heard its name, and I guess you are wondering the same too.

Thanks again for your curiosity concerning this program, which directed you to my Tap2Earn review today. 

Like many, you’re possibly looking at Tap2Earn as a legit way of making real income online, especially if you’re a fan of Social Media platforms, which many have considered as a career and already earning tons of money working as Social Media Influencers.

Tap2Earn Review Summary

Product Name: Tap2Earn


Price: Free 

Recommended: YES/NO


Tap2Earn is a GPT program in which you join free and start earning immediately after signing up. You are given a distinctive referral link that you share with your friends and people on social media. You’re going to earn money when they click on your link and from those who eventually join Tap2Earn through your unique referral link. Even though they have higher offers on clicks and referrals, it seems you can’t cash out your income until you make a referral. This indicates that they heavily rely on referrals. It’s so clear that they offer many tasks, but these tasks themselves are untraceable, meaning tasks are available, but you can’t find them. Moreover, when you go to their support page, their customer cares are not available, telling their things just run freely and are under management. So far, you have a lot of questions to answer before you decide to join this program, and you’ll see why I say this as you read through this review.

But can Tap2Earn really help you do it?
Probably if you’ve done your research concerning this Program, you’ve seen many positive benefits about this company. Is it legit?

With my deep research concerning them, there are some red flags that I found which you should look on more keenly before joining them. So, Is Tap2Earn a scam?

Let’s find out.

What Is Tap2Earn

Tap2Earn, number one Influencer Network in the world as it suggests, is a get paid website that claims that it can help you to make $500 per day online. It operates similarly to sites like OhMyDosh and Swagbucks . They only differ in that they deeply have a heavy focus on members’ recruitment.

In fact, it’s very hard to withdraw your money from Tap2Earn without referring to any person. Even though Tap2Earn boasts their 10 years of existence, deep from my research, it’s barely a few months old since it was started.

The domain ( was activated on September 10, 2019, as from their launching day, according to .
The registrant information is protected, making it even harder to determine who the owners of this company are.

Nonetheless, according to their website, Tap2Earn is based in Laan van Langerhuize 1, Amstelveen, 1186 DS Netherlands. This differs from the data that shows it was registered in California, US.

The company is supposed to be founded by Davis O’Brien and Henry Chaplin. However, its Parent company, Zindex, seems to not exist.

According to their website, this company was around since 2005. But Google of Zindex confirms this is not true. 

What really comes to your thought so far? Is Tap2Earn a scam?

Absolutely some dishonesty is going on, so it’s not looking good so far. But maybe it just sounds like a scam? Fine, don’t think that way; I have more to tell you…

How Tap2Earn Works

Like any other GPT platform, Tap2Earn is one where you can supposedly make a good income from. But how does it really work?
Below are some of the steps on how to use Tap2Earn;

1. Join by signing up. Here, you’ll be credited $25 just for doing this.
2. Copy and share your distinctive link on your social media accounts and earn $10 for every person that joins through your unique referral link.
3. Withdraw your earnings from your Tap2Earn dashboard through Bitcoin, PayPal, Check, or any other savings account you always prefer using internationally.

So far, they show that they only pay $20, so transparency of how much you are meant to earn for every offer is unclear. 
This indicates that the biggest way Tap2Earn wants you to earn money is by referring your family members and friends. 

For every click, you’re supposed to earn $2, and then $10 for every successful referral you make. Though I know some of few generous referral programs that always pay you for referring your friends, not many are this generous and definitely don’t pay $2 per click.

Then, you can also earn up to $30 for entering contests and filling in surveys. And whenever you install the Tap2Earn App on your mobile phone, you earn an additional $10.

Additionally, you can make $50 by uploading a YouTube video about Tap2Earn in your YouTube account. 
Nonetheless, they never tell you if the uploaded video is supposed to be paid per ASA (UK) and FTC (American) guidelines within their instructions.

So, how can you cash out from Tap2Earn?
For you to withdraw your earnings from Tap2Earn, you’ll need to hit a 100% cash out page target. 

This means that you’ll need to refer friends, receive clicks through your unique referral link, and complete at least 5 tasks.

The moment your cash out page reaches 100% target, you can cash out via Cash App, Cheque, PayPal, Bitcoin, or any other international account you use.

Now that we know how this program works let’s move on to the next section of my Tap2Earn review and see how much it costs to join this opportunity.

Tap2Earn Pricing

It’s totally free to join Tap2Earn, and by doing so, you’ll get a $25 sign-up bonus. Then, you can start to share your unique referral link with others and earn when they click on (or join through) it.

At the same time, you can complete other tasks, like taking surveys and entering contests to increase your earnings.

This opportunity seems good, right? But before you jump to join it, let’s weigh the pros and cons of Tap2Earn.


The Pros

⦁ It’s totally free to join.

The Cons

⦁ Proofs about payments are not true

⦁ False testimonials

⦁ False parent company 

⦁ Owners are unknown

⦁ Their founding and contact information is confusing 

⦁ Many additional charges to complete tasks 

⦁ You can’t cash out

⦁ Many rumors of potential hacking danger

⦁ Barge of BBB consumer warning 

⦁ Organization of a huge scam network 

Tap2Earn Owners

Davis O’Brien and Henry Chaplin are allegedly the founders of Tap2Earn. However, I couldn’t find any online information that clearly shows the presence of these people, who, in other words, is supposed to be prestige and famous of them being the number one network influencer in the world.

Not only did I fail to find their presence in my online research, but also, I didn’t get their photos on the Tap2Earn official website.  Again, as the first influencer network in the world, owners are supposed to be known clearly rather than hiding in the shadows. 

Tap2Earn may start sounding a little shady up to where we’ve reached, but let’s see if it’s what you really want.

If you might be looking for something more serious to make real income, an online business might be what you are after. 
If that’s the case and you would prefer to earn an additional income online, knowing how and where to start is the key.

Later at the end of this Tap2Earn review, I’ll show you the platform that helped me to create my own lucrative digital business. But for now, let’s see what the users of this program are saying.

What Are Users Saying About Tap2Earn

It’s good to know the experiences of real users of any specific program before deciding on joining it. This will give you a clear picture of what it really consists of and what to expect when you get inside. 

So what are the real users of Tap2Earn saying about it?

Deep from my research, I found out that all users didn’t get it good according to their expectations. They were not satisfied with it, and most of them claim it to be a scam.

For instance, if you check out about them on websites like, they have only three reviews that all suggest Tap2Earn being a scam, as you can see in the screenshots below.

If interested, you can see all those users’ reviews on the website here .

Now, when it comes to screening a Company, if something seems too good to be true, it generally is.

With that said, let me disclose some ugly truths regarding Tap2Earn.

Ugly Truths Revealed

1. Earnings Are Not Real!

The fact that they offer to pay you a lot of money more than other decent websites like Wealthy Affiliate  is definitely not true. Offering $20 to $30 payment for a single click is not real!

If you are supposed to earn that amount for numerous clicks, it could’ve made some sense.

They offer high referral incentives as compared to most other companies that use this same model, which also sounds ambiguous.

2. They Offer No Support!

There is totally no support from Tap2Earn.
Their contact button doesn’t work, and even their email address doesn’t accept emails. Additionally, their Telegram account doesn’t respond.

This means that you can’t contact them in case you need any assistance or have any queries. This is another thing that I don’t like about Tap2Earn.

If you’re anything like me, you prefer joining platforms that offer good customer support so that you can get help whenever you need it, right? So, this program may not suit you and me. Anyway, let’s continue…

3. Heavy Reliance On Referrals!

Even though you’ll earn lots of quick money from Tap2Earn immediately after joining, you can’t cash out until you refer friends and family members.

And given that there’s no proof of other tasks, this may make you think that it’s a pyramid scheme.

4. False Pay Out And Testimonials!

When you look at their website, you will see payment proofs and testimonials for lots of money. These earnings are definitely not real, and payment proofs are ambiguous too.

Testimonials they provide are YouTube videos, which they pay their users $50 to promote them with positive comments. 

5. You Won’t Earn!

As we’ve seen, the payouts and testimonials shown on the website is bogus. The site promises to pay you tons of money, making it seem too easy to earn a huge income online.

As we’ve seen, the payouts and testimonials shown on the website is bogus. The site promises to pay you tons of money, making it seem too easy to earn a huge income online.

However, the truth is that you aren’t going to earn anything here! It’s agreeable that you’ll see your account balance rise, but you’ll never be able to cash out your earnings from Tap2Earn even after reaching a 100% payout page target as claimed.

So, all the data and time you’ll have used will all be wasted. Would you really like that? I believe you wouldn’t, am I right?

This program reminds me of other similar companies that operate only on lies and don’t pay in the end, such as:

Viral Pay 

Smart Dollars Club 

Digital Payday 


Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is Tap2Earn A Pyramid Scheme

When you look at the way this platform heavily focuses on recruitment, you may start wondering; is Tap2Earn a pyramid scheme?
So, here we are!

This company gives huge incentives to their members for bringing new members into its program. Actually, the only way to earn a good income here is by recruiting new users.

Apparently, you should also complete other offers and tasks for you to reach the payout threshold.

Since they have other offers and seem not to allow members to earn only via recruitment, I wouldn’t say that Tap2Earn is a pyramid scheme.

This is because, according to Wikipedia , a pyramid/Ponzi scheme is a company that only depends on new members’ recruitment to earn income.

In such companies, there are no retail products to promote or any other ways for members to make money.

Do you see it? Therefore, we may not call this program a pyramid scheme. But, is Tap2Earn a scam? Let’s see below…

Is Tap2Earn A Scam

According to my initial research, Tap2Earn might be a scam. But I wanted to be really sure, so I dug even deeper. 

Fine, I found out that the two lovely ladies on the Customer Support team, who are their Affiliate Managers on their home page, are both t-shirt models.

I’m not really sure if they are actively working as models or they are the managers of this company because they seem to have one type of picture only but with different t-shirts on. 

Whenever you enter their website, you’ll notice their posing and background. It’s definitely similar!

I did check Tap2Earn’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. I thought I would be surprised they have a lot of followers.

Considering that they’ve been operating for so long and offer $25 just for signing up and $10 for referrals, how can people wait not to follow them?

Surprisingly, I found out that they have only 32 Tweets and 31 Instagram posts.
As they suggest, you can’t think much of it. But don’t forget we’re talking about the number one Network Influencer in the world here.

Do you think it’s really number one? I don’t think so.

For all that I found in my research, I’m not going to recommend this program to you or anyone serious about earning money online. This is because you’ll only waste your time and resources, which are all very valuable.

In fact, I would honestly advise you to avoid joining this program and check out my top recommendation for making money online below…

 A Better Opportunity

If you are here to waste time on scams that will never pay you, then Tap2Earn is exactly what you are after.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of GPT platforms and looking for one that can pay you real income, you may consider legit ones like PrizeRebel , Survey Junkie, Swagbucks (or Inbox Dollars , which have positive reputations).

Back to the fact, GPT platforms probably won’t help you make a full-time income, so don’t expect to make a lot of money from them. Probably you may earn at most $100 to $200 every month, and you may need to join a few of them to increase your earning potential.

But if you would like to earn more than that per month, you have to forget about GPT platforms and filling in surveys and check out Wealthy Affiliate (WA) . This is the platform that helped me to create an online business that earns me a monthly passive income of 4-figures.

They offer the best tools and systematic training to help anyone succeed online. It’s completely free to join, meaning that you’ll lose nothing.

At WA, I assure you that you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for, all in one place. And I can help you if you need me to; simply message me via the platform once you get inside.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Tap2Earn is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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