Is Surge365 a scam? If you’ve come across Surge365, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the same question too. Like me, when I first came across it, I had to look at it deeply to be sure if it’s one of the best online products to put a bid on.

So now, let’s take a look at this Surge365 altogether.
But first of all, I have to congratulate you for taking your valuable time to do your own research before buying any trending product.

That’s the only way to evade scams and find the legitimate way of making money online!

Surge365 Review Summary

Product Name: Surge365


Price: $19.95 per month, or an initial fee of $299 – $499 with a monthly fee of $99.95

Recommended: YES/NO


Surge365 is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company that operates within the travel niche. It offers cheaper travel vacation packages compared to popular online travel sites. Of course, yes, you can earn good money with this company. In fact, you can possibly earn $1000 up to $10000 cash bonuses by recruiting people. However, some people are still wondering, ‘is Surge365 a scam?’ It operates much like a pyramid scheme, and the majority of its members failed. With that said, let’s continue with the review to understand everything about this program.

Let me inform you that I’m not an affiliate of Surge365 in any form

Therefore, I’m not here to promote or sell anything to you. Instead, I’m here to reveal everything you need to know about Surge365.

So, is Surge365 a scam or legitimate opportunity to make money online? Let’s dive into the review to understand everything about this company.

What Is Surge365

Surge365 is a network marketing company based on travel discounts. It was created by Scott Tomer, Chris Cokley, and Lloyd Tomer around late 2014.

On the external, Surge365 looks like a trustworthy company.

In reality, one of the owners, Scott Tomer, worked within and founded another MLM in the travel niche called YTB International. This company wasn’t so “legally clean,” as you might think.

In 2008 YTB was called out as being a pyramid scheme by the California Attorney General Jerry Brown. Therefore, Scott and the company were “forced” to change the way their business operations and remove the pyramid scheme part.

After that incident and over the next 5 years, YTB started to make losses and eventually had to file for bankruptcy in 2013.

So, at the very least, Scott’s track record isn’t the greatest when it comes to organizing an institution previously. This means that it may be hard to trust his expertise in another institute.
Then again, I have discovered that many folks are calling Surge365 a rebranding of YTB, and honestly, I can’t think otherwise. Although I can’t verify it in any way and as a result, I would like you not to take it as a fact.

Now that we know what kind of company Surge365 is let’s move on with the review to understand how it really works.

How Surge365 Works

Apart from recruiting and dealing with multiple levels to make money online, Surge365 has several ways in which you can still earn money.

Apart from recruiting and dealing with multiple levels to make money online, Surge365 has several ways in which you can still earn money.

At least that’s what I believed. 

In reality, networking marketing is more (nowadays) a recruiting system, and as usual, Surge365 has one in place.

It’s not very different from other travel MLMs, but it offers a few additional options from which you can make money.

These include:

Vortex technology – When you share the company with other people who join and book a vacation, cruise, or hotel, you’ll get paid.

⦁ Your Personal Travel Agency – This is where you personally make money when you book tours, cruises, and weddings for your vocations.

⦁ Share the Surge Business – Share the same videos and tools you were introduced to, and you, too, can make money in the process. In addition to this, you get your typical cash bonuses and luxury car type of deal.

What did make me a little disbelieving is their $1 million bonus, which I’m sure requires recruiting thousands of people to make several purchases. So, let’s just leave that to the side for now.

This can easily be seen very simply because they have only paid out a little above $2 million in bonuses.

To achieve something like that, you will need to be one of the first people to join the company and recruit some of those big network marketers.Other than that, this is almost impossible to achieve.

Now, let’s have a look at their compensation plan to see how you can be rewarded as a member of Surge365.

Surge365 Compensation Plan

Surge365’s compensation plan is very confusing, just like most others, and this is somehow intentional because they don’t want people to exploit their programs apart from themselves.

I don’t need to highlight all of the details of their compensation plan, but I’ll just sum it up for you to see the essential parts. Before losing out a single second, let’s move directly to the compensation plan.

Recruitment Commissions

There are no retail commissions available in this opportunity, and each commission depends on your recruitments.

Firstly, you earn $30 for every new affiliate you recruit. Then, you get $50 per recruit by upholding 3 affiliates within 30 days or by recruiting and keeping 7 affiliates on a certain period.

Residual Commissions

You get your income depending on the work of your recruits, which is paid using a uni-level compensation structure. Whenever you get a new recruit into your team, you earn $20.

A good instance is when your recruit recruited another person.

Additionally, you earn a $1000 bonus when you get in 7 new affiliates anywhere in the pyramid.

Any downline earns you $40. For instance, when your team has at least 100 members, you get $80 per member you recruited and $50 for the succeeding downlines.

Without going into much detail, here is how the Surge365 compensation plan works, as suggested by Scott Tormer himself.

For more information, check out the full compensation plan here .

Now, I know you might be wondering; how much does it cost to join this opportunity? Well, let’s look at the pricing in the next section of my Surge365 review.

Surge365 Pricing


Sincerely, I thought it was totally free to join, but I was wrong. According to their website, there are three payment options that you can choose to become a member of Surge365, which include:

⦁ Travel Owner Package – An initial fee of $499, plus a monthly subscription fee of $99.95.

⦁ Travel Income Package – An initial fee of $299, plus a monthly subscription fee of $99.95.

⦁ S365 Reward Trip – A reservation fee of $99, which comes after 12 consecutive monthly payments.

Do these prices seem to be so expensive for you? Don’t worry; they have a cheaper option for you to become a Surge365 Business Associate (SBA) with only $19.95 monthly.

Additionally, they offer Wealth Builder Academy that’s usually free for the first 30 days and then after you will be debited $30 each month for the preceding months. 

Even though they offer this, they haven’t quoted what one will get in return, so I really don’t know why they are promoting it instead.

According to them, all memberships come with a 5.99% processing fee. As an MLM business, this is really affordable to all interested ones. 


The Pros

⦁ It can make you good money.

⦁ It’s relatively cheap, and many people can afford to join it.

⦁ It offers some discounted travel services.

⦁ It has a mobile app.

⦁ The compensation plan looks good. 

The Cons

⦁ It is not one of the best products.

⦁ The BBB does not accredit it.

⦁ It requires a lot of work since earning depends on recruitments.

⦁ The earning potential is low.

⦁ It’s hard to get a refund if you decide to opt-out.

Surge365 Owners

As mentioned earlier, the founders of Surge365 are Chris Cokley, Lloyd Tomer, and Scott Tomer. Scott Tomer is the CEO and a major co-founder with over 30 years of experience in direct sales as a top-earning distributor.

He is also well known for his management training and marketing compensation plans. Chris Cockley is the President in the company and has held several other executive positions in leading companies on home-based businesses too.

Lloyd Tomer has a history of direct sales as one of the top recruiters with 40 years of experience in his work history.  It’s very interesting to hear that the founders have good experience in this field.

But, it is also good to remark that father and son, Scott Tomer and Coach, were the founders of Your Travel Biz too, which was also a multilevel marketing travel agency company.  Your Travel Biz has faced many proclaims claiming it to be a pyramid scheme and for using misleading marketing tactics. In 2013, their prices fell and forced them to be bankrupt. 

It cannot be misjudged for a second that Coach and Scott created Surge365 for an attempt of recreating the business they once had.

What Are Users Saying About Surge365?

It’s essential to understand what the real users of any specific program are saying about it before you join it. This will help you to know how the program really works and whether it can help you to earn money as claimed.

Consecutively, you’ll be able to make a rightful final decision regarding it.In the case of Surge365, there are not many users’ reviews on the net.

The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has received 14 complaints in the last 3 years (4 in the last 12 months). Some of the complaints are related to billing, refund, and guarantee/warranty, while most are related to the products or services offered.

I won’t list the complaints here, but you can check them out on the BBB website here .

Next, let me reveal to you some ugly facts about this company before I conclude my Surge365 review.

Ugly Truths Revealed

1. No Retail Commissions Activities Available!

Although many people love making money through retailing, Surge365 doesn’t offer any retail commission activities. This means that to really succeed with this program, you need to be very smart in recruiting people. 

And this may clearly indicate that the company is operating most likely as a pyramid scheme. If that’s the situation, you’re only going to sell an income opportunity and everything that relates to it.

The company itself reveals that if you are part of it, you are only promoting their products since there’s no selling of other products and services. 

2. Very Expensive!

In terms of their prices again, I think you should just go for the one-time fee instead of the monthly fee as this may ease your expenditure. 

For one time, you’re spending around $1000 for the first year, and because there are no commissions involved, you’re going to do a lot of recruiting for you to earn something. 

3. No Clear Information!

Even though you’re told you’ll be selling travel memberships, you never really know clearly what you are actually getting into unless you sign up for it. 

The fact that they may be hiding more information about their products clearly indicates that they just want you to pay first before they can tell you what’s really they are selling. 

4. Owners Once Faced Lawsuits For Running a Pyramid Scheme!

The other upsetting factor here is that two of their owners once faced lawsuits for running pyramid schemes. This created attention because their cases were solved outside the court, and there is nothing that can stop them from doing the exact same thing.

They were not penalized for running another company because they settled it. There was no final verdict issued, so they’re just free to do what they like as long as they have money for it.

5. Most People Failed!

In regards to the Surge365 income disclosure statement, it’s so sad to hear that 68.43% of all members earned nothing in the income period 2016/2017.

Don’t you believe me? Here is a screenshot of the statement…

And you can check out the full statement here  if interested.And you can check out the full statement here  if interested.As you can see, only less than 1% earned a considerable income.

However, this doesn’t surprise me as it’s very common in the MLM industry. Only a few people who are at the pyramid-top manage to earn real money.

This is the same case with companies like:

Evolution Travel

Jifu Travel 



So, you should definitely consider this before settling to a decision to join Surge365.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is Surge365 A Pyramid Scheme

Even though many people think Surge365 may be a pyramid scheme, there is no clear information that proves it, but it almost looks like one.

Basically talking of a pyramid scheme, it’s a company that doesn’t sell any products and the only way you can earn money is through recruitment.  Apart from that, a pyramid scheme’s profits originate from distributors and not from the concrete customers. 

Surge365 nearly fitted both of those descriptions. There’s no clear indication of the product being sold in this company in case you are just purchasing to get compensation when recruiting people. 

So that’s it, you’re not out there to sell any product, but you’re there demanding people to sign up as members so they can recruit people as well.

Since money from new recruits is paid out to the top-level people in the pyramid, it makes it slightly look like a pyramid scheme where the amount of income you earn depends on your position in the scheme. In the end, Ponzi schemes may get investigated and lose huge settlements like YTB International, or they collapse in on themselves when the recruitment dies.

Now, I know you may still be wondering; is Surge365 a scam or a legit business? Well, that’s the question I’ll be answering in the next section of my review, so please continue reading.

Is Surge365 A Scam

Surge365 has some hidden information that has not been explained openly, meaning it can’t be legit for some reason. The fact that it has some features to be classified as a pyramid scheme means that you should not even make your final decision on it.

I don’t have to list all of them down, but your task is to recruit as many people as possible. Remember that the majority of their members failed to earn anything according to their 2016/2017 income disclosure statement.

With that said, I think you should think twice before acting when someone invites you to join this program. There will be disagreements about the industry being a scam since there were several companions who were actually paid with their commissions and will completely dismiss the claim that Surge365 is a scam.

And if we look at it deeply, I’m afraid to say that it may end up as YTB. With some associates who didn’t make a single cent on this business and many complaints relating to the refunds and products/services, I’m very skeptical that this is the right company for you to join.

Unless you have a very good knowledge of recruiting within the travel niche, you’ll find it very hard to earn anything here. Therefore, I’m not going to join or recommend anyone to join Surge365.
I honestly hope that you’ve found my Surge365 review helpful, and now you can make a more informed decision regarding it.

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Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Surge365 review. Do you have any comments, questions, or concerns? Please be sure to drop them in the comment section below.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Surge365 is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

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