You’ve probably come across, or someone approached you with this site as one to help you make money online, and you’re yearning to know; is a scam? Is it just a waste of time, or can it help you to earn real cash online?

Regardless of how you heard about it, you’re in the perfect place where you’ll learn everything about But before we begin with the review, allow me to congratulate you for taking your time to research about this program before joining it.

This is a very wise move that will save you from falling for scams and help you to find the legit way to make money online. Review Summary

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Price: Free

Recommended: YES & NO

Summary: is a service provider company that offers its customers caption, translation, and transcription services. The company offers the projects requested by customers to the qualified persons and later pay them for the job completed. For one to qualify to be their worker, you need to meet the job qualifications and requirements set. This could be a good opportunity for you to earn cash online, but there are a few ugly facts to consider before you decide to join. So, read this review to the end to understand everything clearly.

I’d also like to inform you that I’m not affiliated with this program in any way. So, be sure that I’m not here to try to pitch or sell anything to you.

Rather, I just want to provide you with a detailed third-party review to help you understand everything about it.

Without much ado, let’s dive in.

What Is is an online platform that offers transcription, caption, and translation services. It was established in the San Francisco on 1st August 2010 by Jason Chicola and Josh Breinlinger, who were both former employees of

This company was formerly trademarked as FoxTranscribe and FoxTranslate.  In August 2012, it became funded by Venky Ganesan of Globespan Capital Partners that actually led to great Rev’s expansion.

It has been providing its services to companies such as Comcast and PBS.
Supposedly, they currently have over 14,000 freelance translators, transcriptionists, and captioners who help them serve their huge client base of above 100,000 customers from all over the world.

They can deliver the most intricate transcription projects faster and with around 99% accuracy. has been featured on the Tech Crunch and The Wall Street Journal.

Besides, it has received the PC Mag Editors’ Choice Award for video and audio transcription. They were also listed among the top 100 companies for remote jobs in Forbes Magazine.

The company currently generates annual revenue of US$5M. Up to this point, there’s no doubt about the legitimacy of Rev, right? But still, we aren’t sure whether it can really help you earn a good income as a transcriptionist.

A transcriptionist is indeed a well-paying job, and there are plenty of such jobs for transcribers to work from home. However, to capture the attention of potential clients and get better high-paying jobs, you’ll need to be fully experienced with a proven track record.

This company seems like the real deal in this category of work-from-home jobs, and maybe you could give it a try. But before you do that, let’s head on to the next section of my review to see how it really works.

How Works

The Rev Company offers 4 types of jobs for freelancers, which includes:

⦁ Transcriptionist – This involves transcribing spoken English audio files to a document that’s well and professionally edited with proper punctuation and grammar. The pay ranges between 40 and 90 cents per minute of the audio file.

⦁ Translator – Here, you can translate documents into 35 languages, including all major Asian and European languages. The jobs pay 5-7 cents per word.

⦁ Captioner – As a captioner, you’ll need to capture spoken English words from a video and add all relevant captions to the file. You can earn between 40 and 75 cents per video minute.

⦁ Subtitler – In this case, you’ll give subtitles from the English video to the required language. This also covers all major European and Asian languages. It’s rare to find jobs that need subtitles from foreign to the English language. The pay for each video minute is 45 to 75 cents.

Those are the jobs that you can take as a member of complete them, you’ll definitely need some equipment such as a reasonably modern desktop computer or laptop, a professional headset for transcribers, and a transcriptionist’s foot pedal.

These will ease your working life and help you do the jobs faster.

In most cases, translation and transcription jobs are slightly easy to do online.Rev acts as an intermediary and connects the clients to the freelancers.

The clients post the video or audio files for transcription, translation, or captioning. Then, if you qualify to be a Rev freelancer, you can accept the job and get the files, instructions, and other documentation sent to you.

Once you complete the required task, you’ll then upload the final file version and send it back to Rev. The client will review the work and accept/reject it as he/she rates your performance.

If it’s accepted, Rev will pay you for your work.You may be wondering; how long does it take to complete each job?

Well, this varies from one person to another. That is your skillset, listening abilities, and typing speed.

It also depends on the job itself – the audio/video quality, accents, distraction, among other things.Nonetheless, you can generally multiply the length of the file by 4 to get a good estimate of the time that it would take you to complete the job.

This means that a 5-minute video/audio file should take around 20 minutes to complete.A thing to note here is that you need to maintain high standards to continue working with this company.

Because as you probably know, it might be a bit hard for you to get hired if you’re lowly rated.So, if you join, try to get professional and provide high-quality results to stand out above the crowd and increase your job opportunities.

Rev Transcriber Levels

There are 3 Transcriber Levels to be achieved by Rev Freelancers, including:

1. Revver+
2. Revver
3. Rookie

Once you sign up to and pass their test, you’ll be placed at the bottom category, which is Rookie. Then, you’ll start working your way up to the Revver+ level.

Rising up the ranks requires you to complete a given amount of work while constantly meeting certain quality standards.

In case the company finds your metrics are below their expectations, it’ll block your account without notice to ensure the safety of their clients and that only proficient freelancers are left. Compensation Plan

As a Rev Freelancer, your pay rate will be determined by the job that you do. However, there are some general payments that you can expect per minute of each audio or video file you work on.

⦁ Transcriptionists – between $0.40 and $0.90 per minute

⦁ Captioners – between $0.40 and $0.75 per minute

⦁ Translators – between $0.05 and $0.07 per word

⦁ Subtitler – between 45 and 75 cents per minute

Typically, it’s possible to transcribe or caption around 20 minutes of video/audio per hour, which means you can make about $8.00 – $15.00 hourly.Once you earn, Rev will pay you weekly through the appropriate method of payment that you provided during account sign-up.

So, that’s how you can make money with this company. But how much does it cost to join this opportunity?

Well, let me answer this in the next section of my Rev review. Pricing

For you to become a working member of, you aren’t charged an entrance fee.Instead, you’re required to undergo a recruitment and selection process for you to be given a gate pass to projects available.

You’re required to pass tests under three categories, including:

⦁ Typing skills,

⦁ Grammar, and

⦁ Transcription test.

Passing these tests is the only price to pay.


The Pros

⦁ Good remuneration if you’re fluent in multi-lingual.

⦁ Easy and free to change the schedule and even take other freelance opportunities alongside

⦁ It allows you to pick projects that you feel are best among those that are presented.

The Cons

⦁Not a reliable income source.

⦁ Sometimes offer projects with complicated accents that are difficult to listen to.

⦁ There are many complaints about unreliable support and unrealistic or unfair graders examining your work.

⦁ Rev is not harsh on job qualifications, but you’re being paid poorly depending on your speed and accuracy. Owners

The company was established around 2009-2010 by Josh Breinlinger and Jason Chicola as its founders. These two co-founders were working under

By then, it was called FoxTranscribe and FoxTranslate. In 2012, Venky Ganesan acquired the operation of this site.

He expanded job opportunities to the people on Since 2012, the owner (Venky Ganesan) has been presenting the sit on social media platforms.

What Are Users Saying About

As you probably know, it’s vital to know the experiences of people who have already joined a program or bought a product before you do the same. This will help you to determine whether the product/program will work for you as you may expect, or not.

You’ll also get to know what to expect to get once you buy into the program. Now, in the case of Rev, there are numerous mixed user reviews online.

Some people were successful and even promoted to Revver+, where they get bonuses for examining work done by low-level workers. Nonetheless, didn’t work out well for all users.

For instance, I checked out users’ reviews on and found that they have an average rating of 2.7 based on 912 reviews at the time of this writing. I took the below screenshots to show you what some of the users are saying.

As you can see, most users seem to be fairly satisfied with the Rev opportunity. However, some users were complaining about issues like inconsistent grading and low pay, among other reasons that hindered them from recommending this company.

You can check out all these users’ reviews on the website here if interested. I also checked the Rev users’ reviews on and found that they have the same average rating of 2.7 as they have on Indeed.

The only difference is that there are 903 user reviews on Glassdoor while there are 912 on Indeed. I didn’t get the screenshots from Glassdoor, but you can see all the reviews on the website itself  if interested.

There are also other reviews about online on other sites so you can read them too to see the different users’ experiences.
And before you make up your mind to join this program, you may want to consider the below ugly facts regarding it, so please continue reading.

Ugly Truths Revealed About Rev.Com

1. Don’t Pay According To Experience But Speed And Accuracy!

Besides doing many projects, you end up getting paid below your expectations. This is because they pay you based on your accuracy and speed rather than your experience.

That doesn’t sound so good as per your expectations, right? If you’re anything like me, you would prefer being paid at a rate that’s worth your experience and skills.

But this doesn’t make the opportunity a bad one, does it? I say this because if you are accurate and have a high typing speed as well as good listening skills, you can really get a good rating and pay.

2. Unreliable Source Of Income!

Although they have a good pay rate for skilled freelancers, you can hardly depend on Rev as your only source of income. Jobs are not sufficient, and you may still be paid low regardless of your expertise due to their inconsistent grading.

Besides, some of the audio can be hard to transcribe, and this can also hinder you from completing more projects to earn more.

So, you can join Rev and use it to earn some extra cash, but make sure you do other things as well to increase your income.

3. Unfair And Unrealistic Grading!

As we saw some of the users saying above, the grading of work done is rather inconsistent. They want you to complete the projects with 100% accuracy, and the grading on one task can greatly affect your overall Revver status.

Actually, they can close your account if your accuracy level falls below the company’s requirements. So, try to be as accurate and speedy as you can if you’d like to succeed with

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is A Pyramid Scheme

By the look of things, we can settle to a conclusion that is not a pyramid scheme. Why do I say this?

Well, according to Wikipedia, a Pyramid Scheme is a company in which the main and only way to earn money is by recruiting new members into the program. Such companies lack real products or services that their affiliates can sell/promote to make money.

Additionally, Ponzi schemes require new members to pay and use this money to pay the affiliates who referred them. Some examples of such companies may include:

Juice Plus+ 
Instant Cash Solution 

On the contrary, lacks all the elements of pyramid schemes as its main aim is to offer companies and individuals services without recruitments and referrals. They don’t charge new members any money so anyone can join free and complete tasks to get paid.

According to their compensation plan, the workers are only paid for the projects they work for. Although there have been so many complaints about grading, the company still holds its legitimacy to the workers.

So, I guess you understand why Rev isn’t a pyramid scheme, right?

Now, let’s head right onto the next part of my review and see if it’s legit or just a swindle.

Is A Scam

After reading this review, you might still be wondering; is a scam or legitimate company? So, this is what I’ll be answering in this section. is not a scam but a genuine opportunity to make money online. As you may have noted in this review, the company is motivated to provide people with a side hustle, and they eventually pay their workers.

Your earnings are determined by the type of work do and not based on bonuses by completing actions. Besides, the owners and founders are well-known and don’t hide from the public.

This clearly indicates that they are presenting genuine projects for competent people to complete. Except for the unfair grading, lack of constancy of projects, and low payments, the company seems to be performing well.

People do earn and get paid for the jobs they complete, and those experienced can make a good income. However, if you don’t have good speed and accuracy, your pay will be low, and you may find it hard to earn a considerable income here.

With that said, Rev is recommendable for Transcriptionists and captioners with a high level of accuracy, speed, and multi-linguals.I frankly hope that you’ve found my Rev review helpful, and now you can make the right decision regarding this opportunity.

However, if you find that Rev doesn’t suit you or would like to learn to make passive income online as your own boss, consider the below better opportunity.

A Better Opportunity

As we’ve seen, is a genuine way to earn cash online and is a good place to start as a freelancer. But although some online jobs have good pay rates per hour/task, the fact is that there’s typically inconsistency of work.

This means they can hardly give you a full-time income. For that reason, you may definitely need to have other income sources.

So, if you’re looking for ways to earn a considerable income, you can check out my #1 Recommendation for making money online here. It’s a platform that offers the best step-by-step affiliate marketing training and tools to help anyone succeed even as a newbie.

I know this because I joined this platform about a year ago with no experience, and it has helped me to create a digital business that earns me a 4-figure monthly passive income.

It’s free to join for starter membership and costs below a dollar per day for the premium membership. So, if interested, you can join and start creating your first lucrative online business.

And in case you need any help, I’ll be there to help you alongside other 2+ million active members. Simply send me a direct message inside the platform once you’re in.

If you’ve ever worked for Rev before or have experience transcribing, captioning, or translating, be sure to share with us in the comment section below.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether  is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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