Is Opinion Outpost legit or is it a scam survey website?Making money through online surveys have become a popular method that you can use to earn some extra cash to augment your income.

Some survey sites are genuine and offer people a real opportunity to earn an additional income online.

However, others are just scams that don’t have any authenticity to support their claims.

Before we begin with the review, I want to congratulate you and tell you that I’m glad that you do your research.

That means you are serious about finding something legit and avoid any scam.

Opinion Outpost Review Summary

Product Name: Opinion Outpost


Price:  Free to join, however, the probability of earning is low

Recommended: YES/NO

Opinion Outpost is an online survey website that enables users to earn points for providing their opinions on various surveys. The site conducts surveys on different topics and does not charge a membership fee to join. Once you become a member, the site invites you to give your opinion on a variety of surveys and receive points that you can redeem for money and other rewards. Though it’s possible to make some extra cash with Opinion Outpost, the website has a basic layout with low-quality graphics that are not appealing to visitors. It also uses email as the main method for sending surveys to users. This may become annoying since you will be receiving emails after short time intervals, which some people perceive as spam.   

My Opinion Outpost Review will help you to find an answer to this and any other questions that you may have regarding this company.

It also provides you with the information that you require to determine how the site works.

Consider reading the review below to find out everything you need to know the site.

What Is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is an online surveys platform that provides market and data analysis services to help businesses connect with their end consumers.

The company is headquartered in Connecticut, United States. Dynata, an International Survey and Sampling Company that has been in the market for more than ten years is the owner of Opinion Outpost.

By joining Opinion Outpost, you are presented with several surveys on various subjects for you to give your opinion.

This allows you to earn points that can be converted to cash or other rewards.

Opinion Outpost Pricing

Opinion Outpost does not charge any membership fee and is straightforward to join since it only requires you to provide your name and a valid email address.

Also, you can join the site using your social media accounts such as Facebook.

How Does Opinion Outpost Works?

The website provides you with an opportunity to earn money by giving your opinions on different surveys. 

Once registered as a member, you will receive lots of surveys to provide your opinion on.

However, you will be required to give your real identification details to gain qualification to access some of these surveys.

Opinion Outpost allows the users to select surveys they wish to respond to depending on the number of points earned.

Most surveys pay between 5 to 50 points.

When you have attained 50 points, it is possible to redeem the points immediately for rewards such as iTunes and Amazon gift cards.

Besides, you can redeem 100 points to obtain cash reward processed through PayPal.

Is there any other site that offers such quick and low payout? Indeed, I believe Opinion Outpost is the only survey website that allows you to redeem such a low number of points to get your rewards.

As a member of Opinion Outpost, you will be receiving regular emails that contain listings of various surveys.

However, this is not the only method that the company uses to invite you to their surveys.

You can opt to login into your account to access a variety of surveys that are available on the website.

Opinion Outpost provides a wide range of earning opportunities for you to choose from, which include the referral program, online surveys, and mobile surveys.

How Does Opinion Outpost Pay?

The site allows you to convert a small number of points to receive cash rewards.

Opinion Outpost offers the lowest cash limit in the industry.

You are only required to have a minimum of 100 points ($10) to be able to convert them into cash.

Also, the company provides an option where you can receive payments for your redeemed points via your PayPal account.

Also, it is possible to redeem your points for gift cards from various merchants such as iTunes and Amazon; you only need to have a minimum of 50 points ($5) to convert them to gift cards.  

In addition, Opinion Outpost works together with the American Red Cross, so it is possible to donate your points to charity.

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Who Is Opinion Outpost For (And Not For)

Opinion Outpost is intended to assist people in earning extra cash during their free time.

Therefore, the site is suitable for those who wish to supplement their income by participating in online surveys. 

Though the site allows you to redeem a few points to earn cash, the resulting cash reward is also small.

For this reason, it’s not advisable to use the site as the primary source of income since it will take a very long time to gain a significant amount of money.


The Pros

  • It’s free to join.
  • The platform is very easy to use.
  • Offers several payout methods including PayPal.
  • The payout threshold is low (100 points), and the payment process is the fastest among the survey sites.

The Cons

  • Provides fewer earning opportunities compared to some other sites.
  • It’s only accessible in 3 countries.
  • There are several members’ complaints.

Opinion Outpost Review And Customer Feedback

Opinion Outpost has a large number of reviews available on various review sites. Also, the site has received a lot of online feedback from customers. So, does this mean Opinion Outpost is not a scam? Not really. The number of feedbacks and reviews indicates a site’s popularity but does not prove its legitimacy. This is because some of these may be negative reviews and complaints

Opinion Outpost Common Problems

1.    Users cannot qualify for all the available surveys and thus receive a limited number of surveys daily.

This may make some people unhappy since they need to earn more by accessing several surveys.   

2.    Lack of adequate customer support services in case your account has been suspended or canceled for whatever reason.

Sometimes, customer support services are totally unavailable.

Is Opinion Outpost Legit?

So is it Yes or No?

This is what you want to know, right?

Now, Opinion Outpost is a legit survey site to help you earn some extra cash by completing surveys.

So, the answer is YES. It has been in the industry for over a decade now and has a loyal user base, as well as real success stories distributed all over the net.

However, there is something very alarming about this site.

Most of the recent user feedbacks had one thing in common: they mentioned that Opinion Outpost is no longer the best survey site available on the net as it once was.

It seems to be diminishing in quality since the time it was purchased by Survey Spot, which is another survey site.

Additionally, their recent traffic rankings have dropped significantly in the last year.

There is no growth in traffic, and this is proven by the fact that not many new users are joining this site.

Ultimately, this Opinion Outpost review tells us one thing: the site is legit because it pays money earned by users, but it’s not as great anymore as it used to be several years ago.

Some users have complained about getting frustrated.

But in general, Opinion Outpost still fits among the top survey sites and is still better than others if we check the overall feedback from users.

So, you can go ahead and try it if taking surveys is your thing.

However, surveys can only add some extra cash to your bank, but they can’t make you rich.

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If you have any questions or thoughts whether Opinion Outpost is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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