Is Oberlo a scam? Well, when I became interested with drop shipping, my first point of interest was Shopify, I wanted to source my supplies from AliExpress.

I eventually realized that I could not maximize my opportunities without Oberlo app.

Dropshipping sounds easy, but It’s majorly a hassle to find reasonable prices, contact suppliers and update your products on the website.

Eventually, most people end up in a frustrating situation and small margins of profit, but everything has changed.

Oberlo has made it easy to import products quickly and ship them to your customers.

In addition, you can install on sites built on Shopify to make this more efficient. However,

Is Oberlo A Scam Or A Reliable Platform

Continue reading, and I will unveil everything you need to know.

This is the best and popular app on Shopify stores which allows you to set up a new store. Through Oberlo, you can immediately fill products from drop shippers. It allows you to track orders that are placed on your store.

To understand Oberlo better I will guide you through its five major elements:

  • Oberlo allows you to ship products directly from AliExpress.
  • You can set up to update the prices in your store if the wholesale update stock levels and price changes.
  • It manages products,prices,descriptions,images,title and variations.
  • Oberlo can automate and track fulfillment from your drop shippers to your customers.
  • Oberlo supply is a curated a list of products that are shipped from competent suppliers like AliExpress.

To break this down further, it is vital to understand dropshipping.

This is a method of supply chain management in which the retailer doesn’t keep stock, but he or she transfers the customer’s orders to another retailer who then ships them directly to the customer.

Therefore, you will require Oberlo to make this process efficient and fast.

Why You Need  An Automation App Like Oberlo

Now welcome to the world of automation. Having the right app such as Oberlo is the primary step of making through dropshipping.

In oberlo, most of the process is automated thus freeing more sellers time to focus on improving customer experience, awesome website and resolving and handling customer complaints.

Oberlo is explicitly built for Shopify which is primarily associated with AliExpress.Therefore, this app will help you manage your Shopify store effectively.

It seeks to make importation of products to the store an easy task for you. Additionally, you can ship and package products to your customers.

Generally, Oberlo helps you to find the products to sell quickly by connecting to many suppliers worldwide. Through it, you can discover a vast variety of products, and you can add them to your store conveniently.

You will need to click “order product” and make confirmation on the same. Additionally, you will not worry about finding suppliers for your products.

Oberlo features top verified performers thus allowing you to make data-driven decisions. Be keen when searching for products, before you think of selling, you need to look at its demand.

Oberlo Key Features

  • You can manage products from a user-friendly interface If you have ever seen how the WordPress dashboard is terrific, you will probably appreciate how oberlo is magnificent.Its interface allows you to manage products efficiently.It has a neat menu which will enable you to complete various tasks such as:
  • Search and set featured products.
  • View products on your store
  • Check import lists
  • Each of your products in your store is organized admirably.

Furthermore, it will enable you to view how your products are performing quickly.

  • It has an automated order fulfillment process

With Oberlo you will not have to worry about order fulfillment, this unique feature makes it outstand other apps on the same platform.

Once an order is presented, the seller will locate it on your inventory and clicks on the order button. Thereafter, Oberlo takes it from there.

The products will be packaged and shipped to your customer. These items will be branded, and your customers will not know you are dropshipping.

That sounds cool, right?

  • Automatic price updates

You will not have to worry if there is a change of price of an item in the market. Price updates will be automatically taken care of when using this app.

  • Shipment tracking

If you are interested in knowing where your orders are at a point in time, then I would recommend that you embrace Oberlo. It has an integrated tracking feature which will allow you to keep an eye on your orders.

  • Product customization

After importing your products, you can edit any other information to fit with your store messaging.