So you have heard about Microworkers and are wondering whether it’s a legit platform to help you make money, or is Microworkers a scam to be avoided?

How does it work?

Honestly, I’m pleased that you’re researching this site before joining it and I hope you always do that with other programs as well.

That’s a very wise act on your side my friend, and it will save you from misusing your time and money on programs that aren’t worth it.

Then, you’ll be able to find a legit platform like Wealthy Affiliate and make real income online.

Before we begin with the review, I want to congratulate you and tell you that I’m glad that you do your research.

That means you are serious about finding something legit and avoid any scam.

Microworkers Review Summary

Product Name: Microworkers


Price: Free to join

Recommended: NO

Microworkers is an online platform that offers a huge variety of tasks for worldwide people. You can expect to earn around $2 per task, but most of the tasks pay in cents each. The minimum withdrawal is $10, so you need to earn $9 since they offer a one-dollar bonus upon registration. However, the site has several red flags that make it hard for me to recommend it to anyone looking to earn good income online. Apart from the pay being incredibly low, the payment requires some PIN verification, which is a tiresome process and could take up to several weeks. There are also some fees for you to pay during the payout, and their customer service is relatively weak. So, can you make money with Microworkers? Continue reading to find out…

Now, this is my impartial Microworkers review in which I’ll be revealing everything about this site, including how much you can earn, how you’ll get paid, as well as the red flags to help you know whether Microworkers is a scam or not.

Once you’ve understood everything about how Microworkers works, you’ll be able to make a rightful decision about it.

So, let’s dive in!

What Is Microworkers

Launched by Weblacenter, Inc Microworkers is a crowdsourcing platform where Workers and Employers meet together.

It claims to have over 1.3 million workers worldwide, who complete the tasks for different employers for a certain amount that is determined by the employers.

Upon joining this site, you’ll be matched with individuals or companies that are in need to have small online tasks performed or completed for them.

Employers will pay Microworkers to get the job done, and then Microworkers will pay you for doing the chores.

The tasks can be as small as liking a YouTube video following someone on Facebook, looking at ads, or as big as installing or testing apps, transcription tasks, and many more.

You’ll be earning cash for the tasks you have completed, and the task owner approves it.

You are required to register on the Microworkers website to use the platform, after which you’ll receive a $1 bonus. 

You’ll have to do some tasks so that you can earn another $9 to be able to withdraw from the Microworkers site meaning the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Some tasks may seem strange because it can be anything, whatever the proprietor of the task wants.

There are around 100 tasks to choose from, meaning that you can have variety.

However, there are many complaints about Microworkers than any other site of the sort.

Keep reading below to see some of the things that you should be mindful of if you are going to try it out.

How Microworkers Works

As mentioned earlier, you earn money by doing tasks.

Some are very easy to do, such as liking a YouTube video, following someone’s Facebook, viewing advertisements page, testing new apps, labeling things, signing up for websites, or putting random images into different categories, but other tasks require more exertion such as transcription.

They offer you about 100 tasks to select from at one time, and most of them almost need no skill whatsoever, so many people think it’s easy money.

However, the question is, how much can you earn at Microworkers?

Actually, not much.

Depending on the tasks, one could earn anything from a penny to a few dollars, but more often, it will be just a few pennies.

Just like those paid-to-click sites or paid survey sites where you earn very little cash for much of your time and energy, I do not recommend it to people looking to make real cash online.

If you are searching for a way to make a full-time income online working from home, later I’ll show you the best way to do this at the end of this post.

How Do You Get Paid

You’ll only be paid for the task completed if the task owner approves your work.

You must also uphold an approval rate of at least 75%, once you dip below that you will be banned from working on any tasks for 30 days.

Once you have a minimum of $10 in your account, you can request to be paid via either Skrill, PayPal, or Payoneer.

For those living in the USA also have the option of receiving payment via Dwolla.

Now here is the part that is a pain in the ass… your first payment requires them to first confirm your address by sending you a PIN in the mail, which can take 2-4 weeks;

I guess this is to stop people from having multiple accounts.

However, once your address is verified after receiving the PIN, you will be paid, and the following payments will be a lot easier.

They send out payments twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Microworkers Pricing

Whether you are a worker looking for jobs or an employer posting jobs, you aren’t required to pay anything for you to join Microworkers.

Employers will pay only when they need some job done, but for workers, the huge cost they incur is time.

Since the pay is very low for most tasks, it can be a bit harder to earn enough cash to withdraw.

Who Is Microworkers Meant For (And Not For)

Microworkers is intended for anyone looking to make money online by doing simple tasks. 

Most of the jobs require little to no experience so that they can fit any person.

However, Microworkers has very low earning potential and the most you can earn per month is $50..

This is not guaranteed to all workers since the jobs are not enough. 

The customer service team is not always there to reply to your messages and complaints. 

If you add customer complaints and several other red flags explained below, this site might not be the best for you to join if you are serious about making money online.


The Pros

  • Most of the tasks are so easy that a 10-year-old could do them.
  • It is free to join.
  • Availability is worldwide.
  • It offers the right amount of tasks.
  • They offer several convenient ways to receive your cash.
  • Easy and quick navigation.
  • Provides an advance offer of $1 upon signing up.

The Cons

  • The tasks are time-consuming, low paying – around beer money at best.
  • The PIN mailing procedure is a huge troublesomeness.                
  • The available work is very little.
  • Reports of accounts randomly being shut down.
  • Complains about poor customer services by many users.
  • Delayed payments.
  • For payouts, the fees are high.


Weblabcenter, Inc. established Microworkers in 2009. 

This company is based in Dallas, Texas, United States. 

As mentioned earlier, this site connects worldwide employers who have small tasks they want to be done, to global workers who are ready to complete these tasks. 

Though it doesn’t make Microworkers a scam, it’s good to mention that Weblabcenter, Inc. is not accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Ugly Truths Revealed

1. Most of the tasks on Microworkers pay aboyt 2$ or less,

thus you won’t be making much by doing these types of tasks. 

Although most of them are small and simple like following/liking/sharing/commenting on social media or viewing an ad, you can’t expect much from those tasks.

The highest jobs would pay around $15, but these are not easy to find.

Some report shows that you can make $50 at most per month through Microworkers. 

This could still be hard especially with the insufficiency of jobs. 

Even if you might earn that $50, this site could only be an extra income stream but not a full-time one. 

Or would you be satisfied to work for such a payment?

The low-earning potential is a common thing for most get-to-paid sites including:

•    Clickworker 

•    InboxPays 

•    InboxDollars

•    YouGov Surveys 

2. Tasks or scams?

Some of the tasks require you to submit your personal information, and I would be cautious with this type of offers since you may be endangering this information.

Do you see this red flag?

There can be many frauds since Microworkers does not screen the tasks that are offered. 

So if you are asked to provide personal info, then avoid those.

If you submit your info, there may be numerous sales-calls, spam or junk mail at your house that you don’t want. 

Therefore, it’s good to avoid these types of tasks.

3. Insufficient work!

Microworkers site has way fewer offers than other similar sites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. 

It offers you about 100 tasks at any one time to do.

If the tasks on Microworkers do not appeal to you, then you may want to check out other platforms and add another source to go to for work. 

Otherwise, you can hardly get enough jobs to make you a good income with Microworkers.

4. Account shut downs!

There have also been reports of accounts being shut down for no apparent reason in the account owners’ eyes. 

So, why does Microworkers do this secretly without giving out any notice? This is not good at all!

It is safe to say that you should not open multiple accounts though, once detected they would shut you down for sure. 

Always try to play by the guidelines, so you do not run into these type of problems.

5. Slow customer service!

They have customer service that seems to respond. 

However, their response is slow, and in some cases, they don’t respond at all after you have two or more replies to them.

You should keep emailing them to get your problem resolved if you have any issues, but this is typical of sites like this where customer service is really poor, so I am not surprised.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is Microworkers A Scam?

I would not call Microworkers a scam since for the most part, they do pay.

But for some reason, some workers do experience huge delays with the PIN verification process. 

In my opinion, Payments for this type of work/site should be quick I do not know why they need to have PIN verification.

However, even when you are paid, the pay is not that much at Microworkers, and you will have to be doing LOADS of tasks to make it worthwhile for you. 

Since there are not enough jobs, it might take you so long to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold or make good money with Microworkers.

I also think that this site should screen the jobs before publishing them to avoid linking you to deceptive and spammy websites, where your personal data is endangered. 

When I add the slow customer service and random account shutdowns, I find it hard to recommend you to use Microworkers.

I hope that my Microworkers review has been helpful to you. 

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This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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