Is Listverse legit or is it a scam?

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In this Listverse review, I’m going to explain all the information regarding it so that you can be able to make the right decision relating to it.

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Listverse Review Summary

Product Name: Listverse


Price: $0

Recommended: NO

Listverse is a website that’s popularly known for allowing writers to earn $100 for each article. This website has millions of visitors to whom it provides hundreds of articles per week. If you are a writer, however, your article has to be among the best three and followed the website’s guidelines for it to be approved. This indicates that the competition is very tough here. The company doesn’t guarantee you that you will make any money. Recently, there have been complaints from writers that they aren’t getting their payments in time; some even don’t get it at all. So, are you going to make any money with it? Read my full review to find out.

Listverse is a website that claims to pay writers a right amount of money for writing great top 10 list articles.

They publish these articles for their visitors to read.

But is it true that you can make money with this company or will it cause you to waste your time? 

Let’s see in my Listverse review.

What Is Listverse

Listverse is a website that claims to pay people for writing “Top 10” articles, which are displayed on the site. 

They pick articles randomly from worldwide people and pay only after their editors have approved them.

You can expect to earn $100 per article.

What do you need to do to be approved and earn?

According to the website, you only need to follow their guidelines and come up with your own unique “top 10” article. 

Then, submit it and get paid once the article has been approved.

Listverse doesn’t require you to register as a member to be able to submit an article.

This opens the opportunity for anyone with some English knowledge to write and make money.

Submitting an article is very easy and simple through the website.

Besides, the website incorporates all the rules and guidelines that people need to follow for their article to be approved and published.

You should expect to get your payment in your PayPal account once your article has been accepted.

Listverse publishes the top 10 articles on the website for their viewers to read.

They claim to provide over 30 million content pages to above 8 million readers per month.

They aim to educate the people who visit their site using numerous articles on different topics.

The main topics on this website are six including entertainment, science, society, bizarre, lifestyle and general knowledge.

These are then divided into various subtopics from which readers can choose their interest.

Daily, Listverse publishes three or more new lists that come from the hundreds of articles submitted by people aiming to make money.

Let’s see how this site works to make you money.

How Listverse Works

It’s very simple to make money using Listverse but not as easy as it sounds.

To become a writer, this website doesn’t give any specific requirements that you need to have.

You don’t need to have any writing experience or be an English native speaker. (This Actually Changed Now)

This probably sounds easy, but hold on! Let me explain the entire process.

Step 1: Write your article.

First, you have to follow the Listverse Guidelines while writing your article.

Listverse has strict procedures that you are supposed to follow if you want to write on their site.

For instance, a criterion in the guidelines requires you to read the Author’s Guide, which is a 19-page PDF filled with text.

This one will take you some moments to read it all.

Failure to follow any of the guidelines will lead to instant rejection of your article.

Listverse staff will add photos and videos in your article, so you don’t have to include them.

Nevertheless, in case you have one that fits your article, you can suggest it for the staff to approve it.

Step 2: Submit the article to Listverse.

After writing your article and ensured that it follows all the rules and guidelines, the next step is submitting it for review.

Each day, Listverse receives hundreds of article submissions and choose the best three for publishing.

This means that the competition is so tight and therefore, you must write an excellent article for it to be published.

If you want your articles to be published and get paid the $100, you will need to make them look somehow strange.

This is because in most cases, Listverse lists articles that raise the curiosity of people by using unrelated topics.

They use a clickbait title and a memorable photo to attract as many social shares, and link clicks as possible.

Step 3: Get Paid.

Once you’ve submitted your article, Listverse staff will review it and send you a pre-written message to notify you of the status of your article (approved or not).

If your article is approved, you will receive your payment through PayPal.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account because you can create one for free.

Listverse doesn’t use any other method of payment apart from PayPal.

Therefore, if PayPal is inaccessible from your country, you can’t work here at this moment.

And in that case, check how I make a good living online at the end of this review.

Listverse Pricing

Listverse doesn’t require you to pay any money to submit your articles.

This is great; you shouldn’t be charged to submit your content since this can lead you to become a constant loss.

Listverse Owner

The owner of Listverse is Jamie Frater, who is also the chief editor.

He works on the website most of the times to research for new lists and collect quirks.

He claims to be captivated by different things including creepy, bizarre and historical things.

Who Is Listverse Meant For (And Not For)

Listverse is meant for two kinds of people:

Those who go to the site to read different articles, and those who visit the site in search of a writing job.

If you want to write on this site and make money, you have to read the guidelines of this site to know what to write about and escalate your approval chances.

The competition on this site is so high such that it would take you a lot of efforts to get approved and earn money.

For this and other reasons explained in this review, I can’t recommend this website to you.

Listverse is not for you if you are interested in neither reading the kinds of posts published on the site, nor writing to make money.

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The Pros

•    It doesn’t require you to sign up to submit an article.

•    You don’t need any experience.

•    Getting a link to your site is possible.

•    It pays through PayPal, which is excellent and secure.

•    It makes your content reach millions of people and rewards you for it.

The Cons

•    The competition is exceedingly tight.

•    The guidelines for writing articles are stringent.

•    It’s hard to make money using Listverse, especially if you are looking for a sustainable income source.

•    Instead of building your own business, you are building somebody else’s.

•    It makes you give up all the rights to your content.

•    It doesn’t offer loyalties.                 

•    Listverse staff is much likely to edit your staff, even after rejecting it.

How Much Can You Earn With Listverse

For each successfully published article, you will earn $100.

Not so bad, right? But it’s not huge too, especially for someone dreaming of earning $10k+ per month online.

If you are this person, then you can barely achieve your dream income through Listverse.

At the same time, you can get a link to your site (if you have one).

Since Listverse has tens of thousands of daily readers, linking your site there can bring you some good amount of traffic.

However, I don’t think you can make any money at this time on Listverse.

Check the ugly truths and conclusion for more info.

Ugly Truths Revealed

1.    Hard to make money due to high competition.

There is extremely tough competition since many writers from all over the world want to make money.

Given that Listverse lists the best three articles per day and that they receive hundreds and thousands of articles, it can be very hard to get your article approved and make money.

2.    It no longer pays writers.

According to writers who have been contributing to Liteverse, they used to get the $100 payment until 2018.

This was when Listverse started sending article approval messages, stating that the payment would arrive in 14 days.

Even after waiting for a more extended period, the payment never arrived beside the fact that the article was published.

3.    It seems like the company is bankrupt.

Some former writers thought that Listverse has gone broke.

However, Jamie Frater (the owner) doesn’t want to admit this. Instead, he sticks to publishing articles while promising compensation that never arrives.

He hopes that his business will rise again before all the writers quit the site.

4.    The owner no longer replies important emails.

Another fact is that Frater ignores all emails that query regarding missing payments.

This means that you can’t reach him and you won’t get paid.

Is Listverse Legit Or A Waste Of Time

In the beginning, Listverse was a fun, profitable and legit site that delivered its promises and paid writers for published articles.

However, this website seems to be unable to sustain its business appropriately since 2018 for reasons that we don’t know.

If you check the recent comments from numerous angry writers, you can see that Listverse no longer delivers its promises.

It doesn’t pay them even if their article gets published and the owner hasn’t been replying to emails.

As of now, Listverse will waste your time and hence, I don’t recommend it.

Nevertheless, the $100 paid by Listverse isn’t worth the hard work, energy and time you will need to get your article approved and published.

You can get better opportunities that pay for your hard work if you want to be a freelance writer.

Right now, I would recommend you to use only Listverse for entertainment since most of their lists are impressively written.

It’s too painful that they delayed the payments of these writers and even failed to pay some.

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If you have any questions or thoughts whether Listverse  is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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