Is List Leverage a scam? Nowadays, List Leverage is growing day by day, and as a result of more people, every day wants to know if this platform is actually an opportunity or something that they should avoid…

Don’t worry, though. I’m here to tell you that as always, I’ve done my research for you and analyze everything I found about this platform.

Before we begin though, I want to congratulate you for doing your research, you literally belong to the 5% of people that won’t buy something just for the sake of buying it, but they want to find something legit and create or grow their business!

List Leverage Review Summary

Product Name: List Leverage


Price: $49/mo or $398/year plus upgrades

Recommended: YES/NO


List Leverage is an e-mail list building platform that helps you increase your list faster. Although List Leverage is a legit platform and not a scam, it also has some various upgrades that, in the end, can cost you a good amount of money. Furthermore, I’m not a fan of “giving 20% of leads” to others or even receiving 20% of leads from others that I recruited. The reasons explained in the post. Lastly, I believe that you can create a “more” quality list with other ways that will probably end up with better conversions.

I want to inform you that my review is unbiased, as always.

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Without further due, let’s begin the review.

What Is List Leverage

In a few words, list leverage is an e-mail list building platform. What that means is that the platform is created in a way so that even “newbies” can create a huge e-mail list fast and make money from that list.

It is possible to do this, but most of the time, “growing a list” takes time or money in order to have the “buyers” into your list and make money from that list.

Matthew Neer created list leverage, and this is not his first platform. He actually created a few more such as $5K Formula, Viral Cash App, and others. (more about the owner later).

How List Leverage Works

So, List Leverage is an e-mail list building platform, as I previously mentioned. What that means is that the ultimate goal here is to grow a list, right?

List Leverage will include lead capture pages and a few other tools.

The thing that concerns me here is that every 5th lead is added to the person above you (basically the people who referred you to the system).

So, is simple text. Every 5 people you give 1 (or 20%). The same applies to the people that you refer…and as a result, for every 5 people they refer you get 1.

This is the simple way to “grow your list” with List Leverage, because theoretically if the people you refer get many leads daily, you basically grow your e-mail list passively…

It might sound amazing, but it’s not so easy as it sounds…It’s simple, but it’s not easy…

So, all you have to do is to set-up your autoresponder and your landing page and drive traffic to your page.

Remember that if you don’t have a free traffic method, you’ll probably need to spend more money to get some traffic to your funnels…

Based on the video presentation…there is a done for you traffic which is basically something like “traffic exchange,” but I don’t think that this traffic is quality…

Lastly, I want to mention that most people join the platform and basically promote the platform itself.

List Leverage Products And Pricing

Let’s see the products they offer and what you’ll have to pay.

List Leverage Software Suite – $49/mo Or $398/Year. This is the membership basically that comes with 3 lead capture pages and a Viral Lead Pass-Up system.

List Leverage Upgrades

Pages -$97

You will unlock 15 additional opt-in pages. Access to squeeze pages for $6.40 per page.

Swipes – $247

If you don’t know what “swipes” is, it’s basically done for your e-mails. If you buy the “e-mail swipes” you basically buy 1000 done for your e-mails. 

I would like to add my own opinion here and say that it might be awesome to have 1000 done for your e-mails but think this…100’s if not 1000’s of people bought the exact same e-mails, and they probably send it to 100’s or 1000 more people.

If we say that 1000 people send this e-mail to 1000 others that means that

1000×1000= 1.000.000 (1 million) people might received the e-mails.

I don’t know if that sounds a small (or a huge) number to you or whatever but I always believe that you should write your e-mails yourself…

If you can’t do this and you decide to buy then, at least change them a bit to your own “tone” if that makes sense.

What you want to achieve with e-mails is to make a cold lead into a warm lead.

Cold Lead: A lead that doesn’t know you and doesn’t care about you either.

Warm Lead: A lead that probably is in your list for some time and probably knows a few things about you, and he trusts you when you deliver value.

Anyway, let’s move forward.

 Webinars – $497

 30 hours of content that Matthew obtained from interviewing his personal circle of insiders.

Instant Access to 10 webinars, and you can download & stream all videos.

 ADD-ON Products

We have to extra “products” that you can pay and these products are:

 Traffic Authority – This package will cost you from $220 – $8.397, and actually, this is very expensive when we talk about traffic…

 If you want to grow your e-mail list with paid traffic and increase your conversions, my favorite paid traffic way is solo ads.

If you want to buy from quality sellers and also want to stay safe from bot traffic, then this is the platform that you can find the best sellers. If you just create your account through me, you’ll receive $5 for free

SendShark – This will cost you $25 per month for 50.000 subscribers 

Ok, this is not bad; $ 25 for 50k subscribers is actually very cheap but, you have to realize that most of the time, you get what you paid for…

I can’t 100% verify that, but I’ve read a few reviews (from people that they tried it for some time and they were honest and not just promote it) and they weren’t happy, they said that most of the times their e-mails hit spam folder, or that they have to write their e-mail twice for some reason in order to send it.

Again, I can’t verify something like this because most of the time, I have to say that it’s the user’s fault and not the platform.

I don’t personally know those people so, please don’t take it for granted…I just share my research and my opinion with you!

I want to say this, I’ve tried many autoresponders…some were good others were bad…in the end it’s what tools you want to use and how much are you willing to spend…

If you want all the tools (funnels, autoresponders, etc.) that work and they are very affordable, then you should join here.  If you want my favorite autoresponder, then you should join at GetResponse.

List Leverage Compensation Plan

When people join List Leverage platform, they tempt to promote the platform itself…that means they receive a commission for every paying member they added.

The commission structure is this:

List leverage monthly commissions: Worth $47/mo you get $20/mo 

List Leverage Annual (Yearly) commissions: Worth $398 you get $200

If the member’s sponsor (direct) is not eligible, the $200 commission will roll upline to the next eligible member.

List Leverage ADD-On Products commission

Pages: $50 commission

Swipes: $125 commission

Webinars: $250 commission

Send Shark Commissions

You receive up to 50% commission. Also, there are a few upsells in SendShark…

Traffic Authority

Up to 45% split commissions with your sponsor into traffic packages…the thing here is that you have to buy first before you earn a commission. Otherwise, they will pass up to the next qualified sponsor.

Click Cash 

1)Qualified members receive $.020 from the clicks for every “personal” lead.

2) Qualified members receive $0.05 cent from their direct’s team clicks

3)List leverage members that are not qualified will receive $0.10 on the clicks from the leads that they added personally.

4) List Leverage members that are not qualified will receive $0.01 on the clicks from their direct team


The Pros

  • Nice Compensation Plan Structure
  • It’s possible to create a list

The Cons

  • You give 20% of your leads
  • Very Expensive (too many upsells)
  • Huge possibility for a low-quality list

The Owners Of List Leverage

The owner of List Leverage is Matthew Neer. He has a past with internet marketing, and he created similar products about affiliate marketing and traffic exchange in the past.

According to his products, he has earned seven figures on the internet.

Obviously, there is no way I can’t verify his earnings.

The only thing I know for sure is that he created platforms such as Income League and $5k Formula, and he definitely made sales there (a.k.a money).

Ugly Truths Revealed

1. Not The Best Way To Create A-List

Let’s get real for a moment. Nowadays people receive 100’s of e-mails per day (yeah they do).

Imagine if you share your “own list” that you try to build with others…what will happen? You might not want to send an e-mail every day but maybe others will

Let me explain what I mean.

Let’s take you (yeah you) as an example, what would you think if someone shared your e-mail basically without even knowing it?

You signed for the guy X and ended up to the guy X and Z…would you like that? Would you trust their e-mails?

Obviously, if they bring a lot of value every day, you will eventually, but how likely will buy something from them?

I’ll let you think about that keep reading when you are ready.

Ready? Let’s continue then.

There are many ways to increase an e-mail list and create a full-time income from them. In fact, as they say, the money is in the list!

Will it be a 100% quality e-mail list of buyers? I don’t know!

Something that concerns me though, is that you get 20% of the list from the people you refer to. I wouldn’t want that why? Simple! I don’t know how these people get leads, and I don’t know what they possibly did to collect the e-mail.

If this is a very low-quality lead, I would definitely send e-mails for no reason at all!

Before I end with my #1 Ugly truth, I’ll ask you this, would you like a list of 1000 people and 100 to be buyers or a list of 100.000 people and 100 of them to be buyers.

*Remember, the bigger your list, the more money you pay for autoresponder/s*

I’ll let you think it a bit(again).

2. Expensive Upsells

I don’t think that the monthly membership is “too expensive.” I just believe that the upsells for this platform are very expensive. If you give $398/year, that’s almost $1.+/day.

There’s nothing wrong with that. If you add the “Upsells,” you’ll start to realize that soon enough, you’ve spent more than you wanted to.

I believe that the monthly membership should be just fine.

3. Not The Best E-mail List “Quality”

As I previously mentioned, there are better ways to grow your list with paid traffic

If you want to create an e-mail list that probably includes the best quality leads and possibly get some good conversions, then, in my opinion, I don’t see it happening with List Leverage for the reasons I mentioned earlier in this posts.

With that being said, I don’t like the get 20% of my leads things for two reasons.

1) I do the work, and I want to keep all the leads. I get it if you refer people and they get leads, you’ll get more and more leads without doing anything.

The thing is that you can’t guarantee the quality of your lead.

2) If the people I recruit get leads, and as a result, I get 20% of their leads, I don’t know the quality.

I know I said it above as a reason, but I’ll expand it a bit here.

Let’s take, for example, that you add me to your List leverage list, etc. Then I do some shady things to get leads, and that means you get 20% of what I have.

What if I’ve done something “bad” to acquire that lead that you receive. I’m not saying that it should be something illegal, but what if the leads you get are from poor countries that will never buy?

That means that you will have to “clean” your non-buyers leads all the time! This is a headache!

Obviously, that was just an example, and it might never happen, but I believe that I should mention it.

4. Low Average Income For Members?

According to the “income disclosure” on the website, the average member earns between $300-$1800 per year.

Obviously, this is something to consider and ask yourself a few things such as, <why the average affiliate earnings are such a low number>

On the other side, it doesn’t mean that if you know how to market products in your own list that you will make such a low income, but if it’s so easy to create a list and “make income from it” I would personally expect the average affiliate to earn “more.”

This is my opinion, though, and doesn’t make it “good or bad.” Honestly? I’m happy that they have income disclosure!

Trust me; if you read my reviews, you’ll realize that 1% of the companies usually even have something like this.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is List Leverage A Scam

List leverage is not a scam. In fact, it is legit. This e-mail list building platform can be used by internet marketers or people that want to grow their list faster.

The fact that you have to pass up leads, the costly prices, and the (probably) low-quality traffic it’s something that I would like to stay away from.

With that being said, I wouldn’t personally recommend you to build your list in that way for the reasons I explained in my post.

You can find better ways to have a buyers list with either free or paid traffic. That’s totally up to you.

How I Make Money Online

If you want a better way to make money online, I can recommend you the way I use to make money. I managed to create my own online business at only 22 years old and create a full-time income online.

No, I’m not trying to be a “guru” and sell you my courses for an extremely high price, and NO, I’m not going to give you a “free E-book” that will give you 0 value!

If you are willing to work hard and create something real online, then you probably want to join this platform and message for everything you’ll need!

If you have any questions or thoughts whether List Leverage is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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