Hello there! Did someone tried to recruit you to insight global, and you don’t know if it’s a scam or legit?

Well, you’re in the right place to find out!

Before we begin though, I want to take the time and congratulate you for doing your own research and trying to “escape” from all the scams out there.

Trust me, I’ve been scammed before, and what you do is the best thing to protect yourself and find a legit way to make money.

Insight Global Summary

Product Name: Insight Global

Website: immunotec.com

Price: FREE

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Insight Global is a legit staffing agency that allows you to find a job or recruit others to find a job and get paid. Although the company is legit, it doesn’t make it perfect. We can find complaints online about the toxic environment, the long work hours, and more…but, If I want to be honest, most 9-5 jobs have the same negative “things.”

What Is Insight Global

If you’re looking for a job, then maybe Insight Global can help you find one. Insight Global was founded in 2001 in Atlanta and is a staffing agency that provides employment solutions.

The agency provides staff to Fortune 1000 companies in Canada and the US. The agency can offer you all types of employment contracts that you want from short-term to long-term to even direct placement. Its primary section is to provide staffing solutions to the technology section.

Lastly, Insight Global recruits staff for the government, healthcare, engineering, and a few other sectors. According to Insight Global, they have more than 33.000 employment placements every year.

How Insight Global Works

Let’s begin with what Insight Global offers first. The two types of services that you can find are staffing and managed services.

The staffing services mean that when they have an open position, they will look for the perfect candidate. You probably know that a few things that they will search for are skills, experience (or background), and your education in order for them to see if you are qualified for a job.

The company will literally search all the potential candidates and will potentially find at most 2 (not always) candidates that are “a perfect fit” for the position.

The Steps that they follow:

1) Like almost every time you’re trying to find a job, this step will require you to have a phone call with them. You, as a candidate, will have to answer questions like “what’s your education, background, skills” etc.

2) Step 2 is again what every company will do. They will interview the candidates based on their personal information.

3) Step 3 is more like a verification process to check if you speak the truth about your background. It makes sense if you ask me; almost anyone can “lie” about their background, so Insight Global will try to confirm your work experience and your “attitude” with previous jobs.

4) The last step is to shorten the list of candidates, and then a hiring manager will do, and additional screening and the candidate(s) then are presented to the account manager.

Managed Services

Insight Global is more than a simple staffing agency. They also have a few different services that include: business process outsourcing, training, software development, business analytics, and application services.

Lastly, the agency has some extra services that include enterprise support, engineering, digital transformation services, and a few more.

How To Make Money

Obviously, if you want to make money, Insight Global must recruit you and basically have a 9-hour shift. Honestly, this is like any other office job. (the hours that you work)

In my opinion, this is not a bad thing since this is a normal work-hour(s) for any job. Now, a few things that you should know is that Insight Global is like any other agency when it comes to payment. Let me explain.

If you get to be hired directly, you get 100% of your salary (or what the employer will offer you for the position) If you work through a staffing agency, you will get a portion of the salary, because the agency will get some money as they compensate for the whole hiring process.

Now, If you want to “work with Insight Global,” you can always be a recruiter. You will earn commissions for every position you fill or every time that someone becomes an employee of the company (and you basically referred him/her)

You can make a good amount of money every month, and you will get paid every week.


The Pros

  • An opportunity to find a job
  • Opportunity to make more as a recruiter
  • Insight Global Recruiters truly cares
  • The company and its staff know what they are doing

The Cons

  • We can find many complaints
  • Long hours (see Ugly Truths)
  • Sometimes the salary is low

What Insight Global Users Saying

We can find a mix of reviews online about the company, In most cases, the users say that the company is very good, but on the other side, a few people say that the company “forces” you to write a good review.

Although I’m not a member, a recruiter, or whatever with this company, I can’t tell you who’s right or wrong. In fact, no one can. Even if 2 people do the same thing, they will give you different opinions about the same thing. (Does that make sense to you or only to me? xD)

I’ll show what I found online, and I’ll let you decide whether it’s good or bad.

The good things that I found online are actually very positive, which is something we don’t see very often if you ask me.

Now, people that have complaints might even call the company a scam, toxic (environment) even that they didn’t get paid (a very rare case). I only found 1 person that said that, but still, I have to mention it to you!

I believe by now; you have an understanding of the “goods” and “bads” that this company has according to previous users.

As I mentioned above, I’ll let you decide if you “liked” or “disliked” the company, and If you ever had any previous experience with the company, leave a comment down below.

Ugly Truths Revealed

1. You Work Long Hours

This is actually not that bad in some cases, I mean most of the people work just too much if you ask me, but when you don’t get paid for your work, or the payment is just not worth the effort, it makes it hard for most people to stay in the company.

2. The Environment Might Be Toxic

Ok, this is not something that we hear for the first time, right? I’ve heard hundreds of businesses having a “toxic” environment, which in most cases, is from the people that have “some authority.” But hey! If something is bad, then…yeah, it’s bad.

According to the previous picture, some of the account managers are pretty rude, and they believe they own the place. I’m guessing because they make most of the money in comparison to simple recruiters or job applicants.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is Insight Global A Pyramid Scheme

Some people might believe that Insight Global is a pyramid scheme. The truth is that Insight Global is NOT a pyramid scheme.

Why people think it’s might be one? It’s because of the “recruiting” part of the company. Understand this, just because a company might have a “recruiting” plan doesn’t make it a pyramid scheme.

Good or bad, the company offers staffing and managed services and actually helps people find a job. In 99.9% of “pyramid scheme companies,” you won’t find any product or services.

Pyramid schemes will force to recruit others while Insight Global will not. So I’ll say it again in (a different way) case you feel confused.

If the only way to make money with a company is by recruiting others and they don’t offer any services or products, then there is a huge chance that this company to be a pyramid scheme.

So, let’s take Insight Global as an example, they offer services, and they don’t rely on recruiting, right? So, in conclusion, the company is not a pyramid scheme.

Don’t get confused though, just because a company might not be a pyramid scheme, doesn’t make it a legit one.

Is Insight Global A Scam

I don’t know why someone might think that Insight Global is a scam, but this staffing agency is definitely not a scam. This company is legit that gives you the opportunity to actually find a job or recruit others (basically) to find a job and make money.

You won’t lose your money, and you will receive the commissions or your salary, but I have to mention that some people said online that they didn’t get paid after 2 weeks of work even though the contract said that they would.

But I can’t take it for granted because 1000’s of people working with the company and just because 1 person might write something online doesn’t make a fact. (does that make sense? lol)

Obviously, some people said that the environment might be toxic, which again, I’m not a supporter of this company, but this happens everywhere. Although if this is real, the company should definitely do something about this.

Lastly, if you are feeling good about the pros and cons of this company, then I believe you should give it a try, besides it’s not so easy to find a job nowadays and you never know what will happen in the future. You might find something long-term. Who knows?

A Way To Make Money Online

Instead of working for someone else, I prefer to work for myself and be my own boss. Nowadays, the “internet” and technology can give you the opportunity to create an online business and potentially create a full-time income.

Fortunately, I learned how to do this at 21-22 years old when I find this platform that offered step-by-step training, all the tools I needed to start my online business, and a community of 2 million (at the moment of writing this) that helped me with everything I wanted to ask.

If you want to do the same, I can help you with anything you might need inside this platform since I’m actually a very active member.

If you’re interested, you know what’s your next step is 😉

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Insight Global is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

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