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Is iMarketsLive A Scam? Read This Before You Join


 I guess you have come across the financial trading software from Christopher Terry and you are troubled by questions like; is iMarketslive a scam? Or else, is it worth my money and time?

Well, if that’s what you are asking, then you have landed at the right place.

This is my honest iMarketslive review in which I’m going to reveal all the truths about this company.

The software is claimed to have the ability to generate money for you.

It’s attached to network marketing where you can refer other people to buy the product and make a commission on the cash they make.

Sounds good. But is it true that you can make money with iMarketslive? Let’s find out in the review.

iMarketsLive Review Summary

Product Name: iMarketsLive


Price: $15 to $195

Recommended: YES/NO

iMarketslive is a networking company that offers decent forex trade training package and financial trading software. It’s based in New York City and has been operating since 2013. Christopher Terry founded it to make more money by expanding his foreign exchange business locally and abroad. The training package costs up to $1935 for the first year. That’s too much to spend. It claims to help anyone make thousands of dollars through autopilot as well as promoting the product as an affiliate. In the MLM field, it’s hard to believe something that’s just said by the product owners since most of them are scammers. Therefore, let’s see whether iMarketslive is a scam, too or not.

What Is iMarketslive

iMarketslive is a company that was created in 2013 by a guy known as Christopher Terry.

It is also referred to as International Markets Live (IML). It claims to offer a wide variety of services to guide forex traders on how to trade on the market.

Allegedly, this is done through live trading rooms and videos where you watch the expert traders (the sorts of Terry) trade.

According to the website, many software solutions have been established to enhance the deliverability of the services.

One of these software packages is FXSignalLive.

It is automated to enable you to mirror the trades done by the iMarketslive experts.

Another one is the Harmonic Scanner, which is designed to detect the main harmonic sequence in your MT4 platform.

The website claims that these packages are high-class and that’s why they charge up to $200 subscription fee and $150 monthly fee for the IBO package.

The Harmonic Scanner was a result of the collaboration of Terry and Scott Carney, who is a famous Harmonic trader.

Carney is the founder of “Formation Seeker,” a harmonic scanner with a price of $99 – much lower than this one of Terry.

Now, why should you have to spend too much cash to buy from Terry rather than getting the software right from the creator?

How iMarketsLive Works

In iMarketslive, potential affiliates join as customers or as IBO’s and pay for different subscription fees as well as a recurring monthly fee.

If you participate as IBO, the subscription fee is $200, followed by a recurring fee of $150 per month.

To be a customer, you’ll be required to pay $195 subscription fee for the Platinum package.

A monthly fee of $145 will follow this.

This package gives you full access to the claimed “multiple level learning potential.”

The membership process is in such a way that it’s hard to join this site without being referred by another person.

You have to be registered as a “downline” under a specific affiliate.

This ensures that your paid fees are distributed and passed to the top.

The iMarketslive is not different from other similar forex websites that claim to train people how to trade.

It charges the recruits to enrich the owners and those at the top. Only a small portion of the fees collected goes to the affiliates who promote this product.

This means that the iMarketslive software wasn’t designed for traders, instead of for those with great persuasion and marketing skills.

Their main aim is to convince as many recruits as they can, who will be ready to pay all the required fees so that they can earn the commissions.

When you become an affiliate and earn some commissions, they stress that you should become a sales personnel.

The business doesn’t use the claimed trading tools, and therefore, you have to promote the company to others so that they can join too.

Even the compensation plans are for affiliate marketers who have made successful referrals to the website.

They are not for traders. This indicates a red flag since the product marketed is different from the one offered after buying.

iMarketsLive Pricing

iMarketslive offers two packages through which you can access the software and training. These include:

1. The Platinum Package, where you pay $195 frontend fee and $145 monthly fee.

2. The IBO Package, where you pay $200 frontend fee and $150 monthly fee.

Both of the packages allow you access to the trading software as well as all the training.

However, you have to purchase the IBO Package to start earning commissions.

What They Will Offer You

iMarketslive offers four different constituents in one product. These include:

1. FX Signals Live: This is an automated system that can be easily set and forgot.

It’s meant to show you how the expert traders are doing the business so that you can imitate them.

2. Live Training Room: In this package section, you get to access live webinars from the program owner- Christopher Terry.

He explains how he trades and why you should emulate him while conducting your trades.

3. Harmonic Scanner: This will assist you in recognizing different trading patterns in the forex market.

This, in turn, will help you to determine the right time to trade and that riskier time.

4. Training Education: This is the final section of the iMarketslive product.

It allows you to learn from the collection of training content that has been put together by iMarketslive over the past years.

iMarketsLive Compensation Plan

As I revealed above, besides the forex trade training, iMarketslive has a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunity in which you can earn commissions for every successful referral.

The commission plan is as follows:

Method 1 – First Order Bonus

In this method, you earn a 50% commission on the first order referred to iMarketslive.

This means that you earn almost $100 for referring a single person to buy the product.

Method 2 – New affiliates get Fast Start Payout

The newly registered affiliates get a fast start payout that lets them start making commissions immediately.

This is divided into four levels. For level one, you earn a 30% commission.

All the other levels pay a commission of 10%.

Method 3 – Earning Residual Income

In this method, iMarketslive pays a commission through a three by eight matrix.

Three divisions are further broken down into three branches and go eight levels deep.

The total number of positions from which you can earn in your downline is 9890.

For each position, they pay a commission of 8%.


Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Good vs Bad


1. The forex trade training offered is decent.

According to those who invested in this product, the tips and training provided by iMarketslive are genuinely useful.

Therefore, iMarketslive can be suitable for you if your goal is to learn how to trade in the stock exchange market.


1. The membership is costly.

The program requires you to pay a monthly fee of at least $145.

This means that you can spend up to $1935 in your first year.

This is a bit huge investment given that you can access a better course on the internet at a considerably lower price.

2. It’s likely that most people will be unsuccessful.

There is no direct information about the earning statements from iMarketslive.

However, more than 90% of members fail to achieve their dreams through MLM-based companies.

Therefore, the iMarketslive is no different from the other MLMs and most likely, it will be hard for you to make any good amount of money through this program.

3. It isn’t easy to recruit other people.

To earn through the MLM aspect, you are required to recruit a good number of people.

To the newbies, the commission plan seems pretty good, and earning potential is infinite.

Nevertheless, recruiting new members is not easy. It may be an excellent opportunity for you if you like and are honestly good at recruitment.

But if you don’t like it or aren’t good at it, then I would advise you to stay far away from this program since it might be harder than what you think.

Ugly Truths Exposed

1. Use Of Stolen training Material

A former affiliate stated that the training programs (particularly the strategies) are from a different source. Nonetheless, iMarketslive promotes them as their own.

2. The Strategies provided are freely available on YouTube

They charge too high for information that can be easily gotten from other sources without any payment. Rather than teaching you what should be learned about trading, most of their approaches are a total failure.

3. Suspicious positive reviews

iMarketslive uses fake positive reviews from paid actors. A former affiliate in the program cited that those positive comments hugely differ from his real personal involvement in the company. He wondered how about fifteen people left positive comments only in a single day. Another big red flag!

4. They Have An F Rating BBB.

The MLM section of iMarketslive is not endorsed and has earned a bad reputation to the extent of getting an F rating. This depends on the number of grievances received over the past years.

5. They Have Continuing Legal Problems (CFTC Complaints)

iMarketslive recently paid a penalty of $150,000 to Commodity Futures Trading Commission. This was in response to the violations of their legal agreement with CFTC.

Is iMarketsLive A Scam?

As we have seen, the iMarketslive is not a total scam product since it provides some decent forex trade training.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to trade in the stock market, it can give a good solution for you.

Nevertheless, the training is so expensive and can cause you to spend tons of money.

The MLM feature of this program is much likely to fail you and other people.

If you are looking to make money via MLM, you better look somewhere else rather than iMarketslive since it doesn’t guarantee you that you will earn anything.

Honestly, I don’t recommend it to you given that their expensive training can be attained at a much lower price.

You can get other business opportunities that cost lesser to start, and gives better training on how you can make money.

Also, it will be hard for you to make any money from both the MLM and the trading sections of iMarketslive.

If you would like to know how to make money online legitimately, let me show you…

How I Make Income Online

I hate scams, and I guess you do too. Luckily, I found a legit way to generate good income online.

This business has helped me to make a 4-figure income in less than a year, and I’m ready to help you do the same.

To achieve success in any business, it requires a lot of work and dedication.

The products in my reviews tend to promise huge earnings with little to no work.

These are better known as get-rich-quick schemes.

They are scammy products that use numerous hypes to entice you to buy them.

They intend to enrich the owners at your expense, only to leave you to find out the hard way that they are scams.

They will barely earn you any money.

The platform I joined less than a year ago has helped me understand how business works.

It provided me with step-by-step training, as well as all the tools I required to succeed.

In case you want to join this platform, I will be pleased to help and coach you until you get your anticipated income online.

Just message me via the platform after joining.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether iMarketsLive is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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