Are you wondering: is GetClients a scam or a legit program?

Then, you’re in the right place.

Get Clients is a Facebook advertising training course that was founded by Dan Henry.

There have been so many new systems similar to GetClients recently claiming to help you make huge cash online.

So, is this the best program that you can find online or are there better ones?

I think there is at least one platform that’s far better than GetClients, which has aided me to make my living online.

I’ll explain it shortly.

But first, let me tell you everything you need to know about GetClients since that’s what you were looking for in the first place.

GetClients Review Summary

Product Name: GetClients


Price: $997 one-time or $597 two-time.

Recommended: YES & NO


The idea behind Get Clients program is that you’ll find small business owners on Facebook and offer to create Facebook ads for them. This will help them to attract more customers to their business and earn more cash. Therefore, you’ll be earning money by offering the marketing service to your Facebook customers. The more business owners you can find and convert into clients, the more money you can make. Get Clients is not a scam, but it’s not easy to make money with it as Dan makes it seem. It will take time to learn and implement the lessons taught by the program. It will also lead you to spend a lot of cash on this program and others recommended by this guy. Additionally, there is no guarantee for your success. It will all depend on your work ethic and ability to find the appropriate people to turn into clients.

So, join me in this Get Clients review to understand what the system is, how it works, and the risks involved in it.

This will help you to make a good and informed decision regarding it. So, let’s get started.

What Is GetClients

Get Clients is an online platform that was founded by a limited liability company (LLC) called Omni Marketing.

In non-technical language, LLC is a business in which you’ll hardly be able to take any legal action against it in case you aren’t satisfied with the service/product you bought.

Get Clients sells one main product, which is a course called “30 Day Agency”.

This course is presented in documented PDF, sales funnels, and prerecorded videos, among others.

You’ll be trained on how to operate an internet-based advertising agency.

Primarily, you’ll be specializing in Facebook Ads.

You’ll also learn how to get business in for your local/abroad business or clients.

They have numerous YouTube video ads presented by Dan Henry, who claims to earn $2000 per month by running ads for his clients.

According to Henry, setting up the ads takes him 10 minutes. He also explains the two strategies that have helped him to generate $20K per day and upwards.

Get Clients is not something that needs just a simple push of a button to start generating cash in your account.

Also, it isn’t designed as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Your success using this program will depend on your commitment level, adaptability, and financial resources.

How GetClientS Work

To get started with this training, you need to sign up through their website ( and attend the introductory webinar.

You’ll then select the course you want to learn and then enroll to start the training.

Get Clients offers and promotes two courses, namely 30-Day Agency and Sold Out Courses.

In the 30-Day Agency course, you’ll be taught how to make money online by creating a digital marketing business agency that manages ads for native businesses.

Henry has automated the processes of customer intake, sales, and client fulfillment.

He will also teach you how to manage your client load in your marketing agency as he does.

The Sold Out Courses was launched by Dan while aiming to clear his debt of $250,000.

It will teach you how to be successful with Facebook ads.

You’ll also learn the methods that Dan was using to run his clients’ ads.

This course was fruitful and still generates him millions of dollars due to his method, which he calls Sold Out Courses.

To sum up this course, you would sell group coaching, deliver coaching calls, record coaching sessions, and enhance the curriculum periodically.

It will also show you how to create a course based on this program and sell the course.

Allegedly, Dan’s method will save you time on developing the product and establishing an audience that’s ready to buy.

Dan has another course called Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs (FAFE) in which he explains to you how to run lucrative Facebook advertisements for your clients or yourself.

He states that he spends over one hundred dollars per month on Facebook ads, which consequently gives him a very high return on investment.

FAFE will teach you the psychology used by Dan to create winning Ads, as well as practical components of running Facebook ads.

In addition to the training, Get Clients has a Facebook group, YouTube videos, and email support for their customers and prospects.

GetClients Pricing

All the courses that Get Clients offer are selling for $997 today. You can also make a payment of $597 and pay twice.

Nevertheless, these prices may change whenever Dan Henry sees fit.

He claims that the “offer expires soon.”

Some people use this phrase to invoke a false sense of scarcity and entice you to buy their offer.

I’m not certain whether that’s the approach used by Get Clients.

At the same time, other people use the phrase and present a one-time offer that isn’t presented ever again.

Therefore, we can’t really tell which side Dan falls on.

Who Is GetClients Meant For (And Not For)

Get Clients program is meant for people looking to make money online.

It may be a good fit for you if you don’t mind spending over a thousand dollars to learn how to create and run a digital marketing agency.

Also, it will suit you if you are a marketer who wants to start an advertising agency or an agency that wants to get better outcomes.

It will also suit you if you have no issue in offering customer support after accruing clients.

Additionally, you may see Get Clients as a good fit if you have a skill that you want to teach others.

This is where you create and sell online courses to make money.

However, Get Clients may not suit you if you aren’t ready to spend much money and lot’s of time in learning and implementing the training.

You also need to know that the business model provided here is very risky and has very high competition.

You’ll have to spend time and offer very good results for your clients in order to gain more trust and authority in this business.

Therefore, unless you’re ready, able, and willing to do that, the Get Clients program may not be fit for you.


The Pros

  • You’ll learn how to sell your courses.
  • You’ll be able to get local business clients.
  • The strategies taught can work well.
  • The potential income is limitless.

The Cons

  • The product is so expensive – costing at least $997.
  • High competition in this business model since numerous programs are coming out to teach the same techniques.
  • This business model is associated with so many risks.
  • You could even spend more on the program since Dan recommends you to use other software services and tools aimed at growing your digital advertising agency.
  • They don’t provide a live chat feature on their website. This means that you can only contact them on the Facebook Mastermind Group or via email. You could wait for a response for days!
  • The platform and resources aren’t the most robust ones found online.
  • They claim that you require no experience to get started, but some local businesses ask for a portfolio before giving you the job.


 Before his ads, I hadn’t heard anything about Dan Henry, who is the founder of Get Clients.

And likely, you haven’t heard about him either.

However, Dan Henry claims to be a college dropout who has strived with online business for seven years.

He says that he is a family man and claims to have built a multimillion-dollar digital business in one year.

According to Dan, he started making a good income online with done-for-you marketing methods.

Dan also says that he owed the IRS $250,000 in back taxes from his previously owned nightclub.

He decided to come up with a Facebook Ads course to share the strategies that were working for his clients.

That’s how he cleared his debt since the course did amazingly well. Now, he teaches other people to create marketing agencies and online courses.

Ungly Truth Revealed

1. It’s very costly and risky!

Any program that has a high earning potential also tends to have high risks and costs.

You should know that Dan’s course is not cheap.

This means that the program is only for those who can afford to spend at least $997.

This reminds me of other similar programs I’ve reviewed on this website, including:

You also need to know that this is not an instant gold mine opportunity but a learning process that may ultimately lead to success.

Therefore, unless you’re willing to work very hard and invest in learning, you may not suit to purchase this program and succeed with it.

2. Too much competition!

You need to know that you aren’t the only person who is getting into this market, and trying to find business owners to assist.

Therefore, to succeed in this business, you first need to have a lot of authority and probably earn a good reputation to gain trust.

Most probably, many business owners are already being bombarded by offers from people who say that they’ll help to grow their businesses.

So, who will they choose?

If they need assistance, they’ll choose someone with a great and trusted reputation.

Therefore, as a newbie, you’ll have to gain some good reputation in order to get the business owners to pay you good cash to do the work for them.

And I can assure you that it will take you a lot of time and possibly money before reaching that goal.

3. It can be annoying to deal with leads!

As soon as you start accruing leads, it will come a time when you’ll need to make to make them your customersand maintain them.

This will include answering the numerous questions they’ll be having.

If you get fewer results for your customers, it will bring you more frustrations.

On the other hand, if you get them better results, you’ll have fewer questions to answer.

Although you’ll need a lot of growing experience to reach this point, you can make a lot of money.

It doesn’t happen in a night shift, trust me.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is GetClients A Scam?

As I mentioned earlier, Get Clients is not a scam but a legit opportunity to make good money online.

However, it might be a bit difficult to succeed in this business model with so many people doing the same too.

You’ll need to become very good at it and gain trust and reputation for you to attain the high-paying leads.

Without leads, you’ll hardly make any money with this program.

Additionally, it can take you a lot of time to learn and implement the training offered by Get Clients.

You can truly make a lot of money if you have more clients.

But again, you’ll have to spend around $1,000 or even more to purchase the program and try it to see if it fits you.

Therefore, if you’re ready to spend such amount of cash and a lot of time to learn and implement the courses, then Get Clients may be a good fit for you.

Otherwise, you’ll have to look for other opportunities that can make you real cash online.

I honestly hope that my Get Clients review has helped you to understand everything you need to know regarding the program.

With that information, you’ll be able to make a good decision about it.

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How I Make A Good Income Online

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I assure you this because I was just like that; I knew nothing about affiliate marketing, and I was taught how to do it the right way.

Additionally, they offer you the best tools and resources that you need to create your own digital business and start making money.

They have a huge community of able and willing members like me, who are always ready to help when you need them.

If you join Wealthy Affiliate through me, I promise to help you with any questions you may have.

All you need to do is join the platform and send me a message once you’re in. I’ll be very happy to assist you.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether GetClients is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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