Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam?

Have you been lurking around the internet looking for some sure-fire ways to make money online?

You most likely came across some information on a platform called Five Minute-Profit Sites that promises a massive amount of income in just 24 hours.

And you’re wondering, is Five Minute Profit Sites a scam?

Do you think it’s possible to make over $500 in a day on 5 Minute Profit-Sites?

Or perhaps this is just another hare-brained scheme designed to fleece you of your energy, money and time?

What Is Five Minute Profit Sites

Five Minute-Profit Sites can be defined as a system owned by one “Sam Smith” (apparently a smokescreen, the actual owner is unknown) that claims to be the secret gateway to fast wealth.

You can make money from the comfort of your home in just 5 minutes with 17 clicks.

How do they make this happen?

They claim they have secret software that will automatically produce hundreds of dollars in a day from a website that will be built within 5 minutes.

They display a bunch of income statements as proof that their system works and you can trust them since they make thousands of dollars a week.

Incredible, right? Yes. But it’s not the good kind of unbelievable. It’s just impossible!

If your spider senses aren’t already tingling by now, I don’t know if I can help you.

If this looks like it’s too good to be true, it’s because it is.

Take it from me: you can never earn that amount of money with software that supposedly creates a website in five minutes.

I’ve seen this before in other systems.

But since humans are gullible, old tricks will always work on new dogs.

Their only aim is to take your money, period.

They say their secret software is free, but that’s not true, the product cost $37.

And the moment you buy it, you’ll most likely discover that you need to purchase at least 2 or more upsells.

How Five Minute Profit Sites Works

The marketing video was a beautiful masterpiece.

Everything looks so sensible and achievable with the way it’s presented in the video.

But an intelligent mind will be able to detect many inconsistencies even within the sales video itself.

Let’s see what they say.

According to their pitch, making money online is as easy as the following six steps:

1. Create an account with ClickBank.

2. Connect the ClickBank account to their software.

3. Open an Aweber account.

4. Connect your Aweber account with their software

5. Wait for a few minutes and, voila, your website is done!

6. We’re all set, start collecting your money!

Setting aside the lack of clarity, everything looks fine and dandy until you realize that step 5 requires you to pay $37.

Anyone with basic web knowledge can get a website up and running for nothing (or next to nothing) with WordPress.

Why would anyone pay $37 to create a website? Beats me!

The Five Minute-Profit Sites may give you your website, but that’s a far cry from arrival. The journey to $500 a day has barely started.

You’ll need way more than that to make that kind of money, and that’ll show you exactly why Five Minute-Profit Sites can’t work.

Traffic is the most important thing you need if you want to generate any form of revenue from your website.

Just like a physical shop can’t make any money if it doesn’t have any customers, your site can’t make any money if it doesn’t have visitors.

Five Minutes-Profit Sites makes no mention of this. Here’s another thing you may need to consider:

What valuable, high-quality product gets created within 5 minutes?

Let me know when you have an answer.

But that’s not the worst of it.

Five Minute-Profit Sites doesn’t even give you the honor of delivering the exact product they promised you’d get when you pay, they give you barely a tiny piece of it.

They don’t give you a website; they give you a webpage, a landing page – the type of site that doesn’t get ranked by Google.

How do you plan to get traffic without ranking on Google?

And Five Minute-Profit Sites doesn’t care enough to teach you anything useful about getting traffic, which is what you need to profit from their service.

You’ll possibly need to use paid traffic to get visitors to your website, which will mean spending more than you bargained for, and you could potentially lose plenty of money by chasing traffic.


The Pros

Refund is available on request

The Cons

You may have to get paid traffic, and possibly lose money doing so

They have some upsells that are almost inevitable to purchase during training (Meaning you spend more than $37 eventually)

They encourage you to advertise websites that aren’t legit

Their income proofs are false. If it were that easy to make thousands of dollars a week using a product created in 5 minutes, more than half of the world population would be stupendously wealthy.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam

That’s the question on your mind right now, after all, I’ve said about Five Minute-Profit Sites.

The only positive thing that could be said about this program is that you can get your money back if you try it and you don’t like it.

But there’s no point in trying a system if you already know that it doesn’t work.

Of course, you have a chance of making money if you can get paid traffic, but first, you have to spend a lot of money to generate that, starting with their $97 training on paid traffic.

I wouldn’t spend $97 on a chance.

I wouldn’t recommend this site to my worst enemy or my best friend even if they had a couple of thousand dollars to throw away.

And so I do not recommend Five Minute-Profit Sites to you.

A Real Way To Create A Website

It’s possible to make the amount of money that five-minute profit sites claim but, you will need to develop some skills and learn about how to create traffic.

If you work hard then yes, you can create a full-time income.

I’ve done this for a year now, and I can finally say that I created an online income while I stay home and don’t have any boss to worry about.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online nowadays. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. The best thing to create an income with affiliate marketing is traffic.

If you have traffic, you can easily convert people into sales.

Creating a website/blog and learn how to get traffic can be your freedom from a 9-5 job. Join the same platform I joined. You get many things for free.

You will be able to do a part of the training and create your website.

If you want to work hard and create an online income without being scammed by other products that promise you $5000 per week, then you should think of joining the same company I did.

Don’t get me wrong, this amount of money is achievable, but it will take time and hard to work before you make a full-time income.

If you finally decided to join me, all you have to do is send me a message inside the platform, and I will be there to help you create a full-time income.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether five minute profit sites is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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