Making money online has been an interesting topic for those who wish to earn a passive income from home, but there are also numerous scams sites that aim to make a fool out of you. So, is Fb Dollars a scam?

What is it all about? How does it work? Who is it meant for and not for? Is it safe and legit?

If you have such questions, relax my friend because, in this FB Dollars Review,

I’m going to answer these and other questions to help you to settle into a concrete verdict.

Many have fallen into scammers’ traps by involving their accounts in a promising business.

By the way, have you ever conducted an online business and earned a passive income?

If yes, how hard did you work?

Many scammy sites promise tons of money for effortless activities you involve in.

Before we begin with the review, I want to congratulate you and tell you that I’m glad that you do your research.

That means you are serious about finding something legit and avoid any scam.

FB Dollars Review Summary

Product Name: FB Dollars


Price: Free

Recommended: NO

FB Dollars won’t earn you any passive income. Instead, it’ll do you more harm than you may even imagine. What can you do if someone uses your personal details to commit a serious crime? You could obviously suffer from other people’s mistakes. As you go through this article, you’ll realize the Ugly reality that is going share with you in order to keep your Facebook account safe. This website is a huge threat to your personal info as you are going to see herein, therefore, not recommended and you should avoid it completely.

So the hulk questions are; can you really earn passive income using FB dollars?

What makes it so promising to earn with such effortless strategy (renting Facebook accounts)?

Why rent other users Facebook accounts instead of making use of the website Facebook account?

Continue reading this review of FB Dollars in order to understand the painful truth about the site.

Fb Dollars Review: Introduction

FB Dollar is a site claiming to act like a social media marketing corporation that is promising to earn you $500 per month or more by solely renting them your Facebook account to advertise on its business side.

They claim to be renting Facebook advertisement accounts intending to show Ads and earn some money.

In return, they pledge to stretch a hand of thanks by giving you a percentage of the earnings they make for renting them your Facebook account at the end of the month.

To abide by their terms and conditions, you are obligated to install their Chrome extension responsible for renting your Facebook account business side.

This is the point of interest in earning you money if the system is meant to work.

Unfortunately, this is not the case but a way of allowing the Fb Dollars to use your account on your behalf.

How Fb Dollars Works

This site randomly presents the sponsored posts on your Facebook account, as you scroll up and down, it attracts your attention and develops curiosity on how can you earn.

Of course, everyone would like to add some dollars to their PayPal accounts with ease.

Joining the platform and issuing your credentials is another difficult thing to let go.

This post usually talks about how a certain single mother (Lucy S.) in the United States (Chicago) makes passive income monthly by just renting her Facebook account to Fb Dollars Company.

Upon clicking the link, a detailed article bearing a CNN logo pops up.

Here you will read the full article to learn how easy you can also earn by renting your Facebook account business side.

You are then provided with a link, which you click to take you to their FB Dollars CHROME EXTENSION.

This is a mandatory requirement to allow access to your Facebook advertisement side for you to get the percentage of the earnings.

If you fail to install this extension, you won’t be able to issue them your payment account to be credited with your share.

Once you finish providing them with your personal information, they will access your fan page and start sending your friends Ads and spam links.

As your friends see the ads and click the links to the Ads, Fb Dollars earn a commission, which they will never share with you as they promised when you were joining.

You are required to wait until the end month reaches for your income to be disbursed in your PayPal account.

Why would you think this site is not sending you partial payments, let’s say daily, weekly, or even fortnight?

They don’t want to pay you even a single dollar.  

Before you realize this was the plan, they will have messed up with your account and earned TONS of dollars from your Facebook account adverts.

Fb Dollars Pricing

This website will not charge anything.

However, you are going to incur indirectly when you install the Fb Dollars Chrome Extension, which is the main trap the company wants you to get into.

From the earning promises, you are going to find it worthy of doing what it takes in order to start inflows.

Remember free doesn’t always mean something is good, sometimes it implies to dubious.

With a conscious mind, you need to ask yourself, “Why is this product provided to me for free?”

Many free packs are ethically available, but some of them have negative objectives behind their help claims. 

Who Are Fb Dollars For (And Not For)

Fb Dollars is not meant for anyone else but the owners only, then, why does it exist? 

This site is not recommendable to any Facebook account owners as it’s a fake program that uses your Facebook accounts in the name of renting it from you.

It is only meant for the owners who make their living by earning through your account.

If your aim is making passive income from home don’t waste your time here.

Do proper research on legit websites in order to make money online.

I have a recommendation that has helped me earn a 4-figure passive income each month.

Check it out at the end of this post to see how I do it.

Fake Owners

The owners of the Fb Dollars are not the genuine owner of Real Facebook app and website hence they’re counterfeit. 

This is evidenced when you follow their links it will direct you to Fb Dollars website instead of the Facebook genuine website.

This is how many fake sites use the brand name of a trusted website to drive high traffic to their destinations. 

This is no different from scam sites that would fake the apps and the websites.


The Pros

  • The website is free to join.
  • It is very easy to use.

The Cons

  • Fake income claims.
  • They use fake owners and testimonials.
  • The site lacks crucial information like terms and conditions.
  • They misuse your Facebook account by using it to send spam links to your friends.
  • They use deceptive marketing techniques; they cheat you that you’ll be earning while in reality, you don’t earn anything.

Fake Testimonials

The enticing testimonials are deceitful. 

The CNN faked article talking about a single mother from Chicago who earns by renting her account is just meant to entice many Facebook users to join the platform.

How can you prove these testimonials are fake? 

Simple, just look closely at the bogus logo, and you will realize that the whole story is flamed to look true. 

The commenters are also NOT distinguished Facebook users; no need to walk your feet into troubles, just ignore them and look elsewhere.

Ugly Truths Revealed 

1. Fake income claims!

FB Dollars claims that you can earn up to $500 per month while in the real sense, you won’t earn anything. 

The owners of this site and its affiliates are the only people who will earn by selling and promoting this bogus app. 

So, you better stay away before you waste your time and you’re your personal information. 

This is a similar trick used by scams; I’ve seen other sites claiming to help you earn colossal income with less to no work, but they turn out to be scams, such as:


•    AZ Code 

•    Auto Chat Profits 

•    Fast Cash Club 

•    Smart Money Methods 


The best thing is to avoid them at all costs to stay safe and find a genuine online business to make your desired income.


2. Fake CNN news article!


If you give it a close eye, you’ll appreciate that the CNN news article is fake with a bogus logo. 

This is unethical to fake brands of trusted News Media for personal gain. 

It indicates a huge red flag and makes the site untrustworthy and void. 

Did you see the Kids Earn Cash (link after uploading)? It also uses the same trick and seems too much like a scam!

3. Fake comments & members!

The aim is to make a fool out of you into thinking they are real Facebook comments. 

If you click a commenter’s profile, you will be shocked to learn that you are on FB Dollars and not their real FB profiles.

4. The site conducts unethical business!

No one has permission to rent the Facebook accounts from the holders for driving the traffic. 

Instead, Facebook gives you a recommendable marketing strategy using your own account.

5. The extension is not safe at all!

The site forces you to install FB Dollars Chrome Extension, which threatens the safety of your Facebook account. 

If you accept to install it blindly, you will give them access to your Facebook accounts, which they hijack and use to send your friends lots of hazardous and spam links so that they can earn faster.

6. It lacks essential information!

The site doesn’t provide terms and conditions to the Facebook users. 

They are solely controlling the activities without prior notifications to the implications. 

This makes people follow them blindly to regret ground.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is FB Dollar A Scam?

As you have noted in the Fb Dollar review above, this site will not help you earn any money. 

Instead, it will hijack your Facebook account and do whatever they want with it. In fact, it can lead you to suffer and serious problems;

I know you won’t like it. 

Form the retro you agree to rent your account as they call it, they continue enticing your all Facebook friends to follow in the same trap and send them a bag Ads.  

In my own opinion, FB Dollars doesn’t worth risking. The reason why I say this is that it lacks any sense to rent Facebook account owners’ fan pages, while they can strategically use their own to do entire advertising there.

You may think that FB Dollars is not a scam because you aren’t required to pay anything for you to access to their said business. 

But remember, this is to enable as many people interested in earning online to access the website and rent their Facebook accounts.

Even if it doesn’t involve a long list of procedures for users to follow either, FB Dollars has so many red flags that make me not to recommend it to anyone.

You can either decide whether to call Fb Dollars a scam or not depending on the knowledge you have gained regarding the site.

For you to be on the safe side, I advise you to avoid your personal information leaking and be used by scam sites to commit crimes by avoiding FB Dollars completely.

I honestly hope that my FB Dollars Review has been helpful to you and now you’ll make an informed decision about it. 

However, if you seriously need to start making good passive income online, I highly recommend you to join the platform that I joined less than a year ago and is earning me a four-figure income per month now.

Earn Passive Income Online

Do you hate scams? Are you tired of them?

Personally, I hate them since they never help you make any money.

Instead, they end up misusing your personal information for their owners’ gains.

You can quickly identify them by their unrealistic and fake income claims, fake testimonials & owners, among other red flags.

How can you make money without doing anything?

You can’t; maybe after a huge investment of money and time.

To stay safe, you should avoid scams at all costs and always do your research before joining or buying any program. 

For you to make money online, you need to develop strategic plans that will require you some investments for significant returns.

You may be required to spend your precious time in the beginning, recruiting several factors of productions and learning the best promotional techniques.

This can only be possible when you join a legit platform that will give you everything you need to achieve your dreams.

Fortunately, the platform that I joined less than a year ago proves to be the only one of its kind because of all it offers.

You will get all the best step-by-step training, resources and tools that you need to prosper in online business.

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I mean, you won’t always have to be working for you to earn. Many others and I are doing it; won’t you want to join us?

Personally, I am willing and prepared to help you until you get your anticipated income.

All I need you to do is join this platform and then, contact me through a message inside the platform.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Fb Dollars is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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