Fast Cash Club has been touted as a legitimate program for earning over $2000 in a day without necessarily placing loads of input. This is an online money making scheme that has been in existence since 2018. However, is Fast Cash Club a scam?

Previously in 2016, there existed another Fast Cash Club which was exposed to be a scam.

This article will outline what precisely Fast Cash Club is all about, how they make their money and ultimately discover whether it is legitimate or not.

Fast Cash Club Summary

Product Name:  Fast Cash Club


Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended: NO

Before i begin explain everything i have to tell you this. This program won’t help you at all. Although e-commerce is a great way to make money online it’s not that easy. You need to learn, create, try and fail (maybe) before you succeed. It will take time and money. Fast cash club is a low quality product that won’t speed up the process for you or make you $2000/day.

What Is Fast Cash Club

It is essential to look at Fast Cash Club and what they are all about.

On their website’s sales page, it is evident that there will not be a lot of system delivery as it is similar in outlook to other sales pages which are often associated with a scam.

To begin with, the name of the system sounds like it was designed to lure an individual with its ‘bravado.’

The name Fast Cash Club sounds more like a sales gimmick to promote a get rich quick scheme. 

An individual is forced to ask themselves, what is this Fast Cash Club I hear about? And is Fast Cash Club a scam?

In the words of the spokesperson of the firm, the club exists as the world’s premier drag and drop economics profit system.

The firm claims to have assisted one 117 ordinary individuals in earning $2000 in a day without placing much effort.

This sounds like heaven on earth.

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth since the product has been designed into making the consumer believe the fact that it will make all their financial problems go away.  

From an assessment standpoint, Fast Cash Club is no better than products such as Club 365 and Daily Cash Siphon.

These are products which are already not as reliable, and Fast Cash Club joins them in this list.

Does this, therefore, mean that Fast Cash Club is a scam?

Fast Cash Club works in a system where you are unable to make money on the first day you get started.

The promotion material deceives the potential client into believing that you follow quick and easy steps to make money.

In reality, this is further from the truth than presented. 

How Fast Cash Club Works

After buying the product, an individual receives basic training over the methodology used in creating an online shop with Shopify.

This is as opposed to a system which is directly connected to Shopify and enables the user to generate sales automatically.

Fast Cash Club will show an individual how to conduct drop shipping, which is a form of e-commerce. 

Dropshipping entails the sale of products that you do not necessarily own, create or ship.

The products do not need to be immediately bought by the broker. A purchase is made after the sales are complete. This is a representation that the goods are being purchased on the customer’s money.

The objective of the job is to locate products from various other websites and sell them from your store at a much higher price to make a profit.

Once the sale has been made, the supplier is informed, and they are directed to send it to your client.

It is you who carries the responsibility for customer service and client refunds.

This is because customers are not aware of the fact that the sale product in question does not belong to you.

Fast Cash Club conducts training that may prove to be invaluable but not necessarily adequate.

This is because it is not sufficient enough to make the kind of money that they have claimed.

Does this factor make Fast Cash Club a scam?

The training is in most cases outdated and has been outsourced from sites such as YouTube, which are freely accessible.

An individual’s store does not obtain special skills which can expeditiously make the store profitable.

Fast Cash Club Pricing

Fast Cash Club is not entirely transparent when it comes to the actual cost of the product.

An individual starts at $37, which is just but the start of what will be required to start and run an e-commerce business successfully.

Upon the initial $37 startup purchase, there will be a couple of upsells before gaining access to the training area.

This does not come as a surprise considering that it is a ClickBank product and most of them come with upsells.

This helps affiliates earn an extra $400 in commissions and the fact that they come with upsells is a clear indication that they are not fully established. 

There are also more costs involved. This is inclusive of but not limited to their paid advertising, the email autoresponder and Shopify hosting.

As time goes by and you want to improve your business, you have to put more time, and more money into your business.

This is not explicitly mentioned by the system or the owner. 

Fake Testimonials

The success stories presented by Fast Cash Club are not real.

There is no credible source to have come out and claim real success from the venture.

From their sales video, some people claim to have had resounding success from purchasing the product.

Therefore, the question subsists, Is Fast Cash Club a scam?

The people claim that they have earned thousands of dollars while in reality, they fail to be genuine members.

The testimonials provided are not real.   From further research, you can point out that the people in the video are Fiverr actors.

​​​Paid Actor From Fiverr​​​​​

They pay them to read a script that aims to promote the product. The people in the video have not purchased the system, and there is no way to ascertain the validity of their claims.

It is hard to believe them especially considering that they have made numerous other appearances in scam videos like AZ Code and AD Formula.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Fake Owner

It is also important to look at the people behind Fast Cash Club.

The website informs that the founder and CEO of Fast Cash Club is an individual named “John Harris.”

Further research reveals that this statement is false. Image searches show that the individual who appears in the firm’s website is not the real founder.

The photo produced on the website is nothing more than a generic that can be obtained for free on image sites such as Shutterstock.

If the owner is fake, the thing that comes in my mind first is, if Fast Cash Club a scam?

This makes it hard to trust the information given by the spokesman from the sales video as he fails to show up.

They even created this: You can read this here

The stories produced are fake since both the testimonials, the owner and the costs are a lie (because of upsells) thus continuously proving that Fast Cash Club is increasingly a scam that shouldn’t be approached.

Can You Make Money?

If the system were working seamlessly and guaranteeing success, the reviews in the video would be genuine and positive.

The spokesman makes allegations of success that are not real. The primary objective of this is to make people fall for the deception that the product guarantees an expeditious path to financial freedom.  

In that case I must say that the money that you can make with Fast Cash Club are almost zero.

There is no such thing like “ I can work 5 minutes per day and make $1000”.

Don’t get me wrong, you can eventually do this, maybe if you know what to do and if you have a business for years.But for any reason, you can’t create an online business in 5-10 minutes and make money automatically.

This is something impossible. If you find any program like this, please avoid it.


The Pros

  • Training 
  • 60-day refund policy.

The Cons

  • Poor basic training 
  • Hidden financial costs 
  • No privacy protections 
  • Highly misleading and unethical statements.

Is Fast Cash Club A Scam?

Fast Cash Club creates false scarcity in its promotion.

From the website and sales video, it is claimed that the opportunity has only been reserved for 20 members.

This claim that there are limited slots available is false. This is because the information remains the same every other day you visit their site, and the number does not go down as you would assume.

This factor is an old trick that has been consistently employed by scam artists. The objective is to get individuals to sign up as quickly as possible as it creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

There is no way that only 20 members can join for a simple reason. They won’t make a profit if they have 20 members. But think this, if this tricky strategy is used for years, that means that people get scammed by this and pay for “scams.”

They will, therefore, do everything within their power to promote rather than limit sales.

The question, is Fast Cash Club a scam?’ or a whole venture is vested upon the eyes of the beholder.

The general rule applies, those who have eyes will see.

Some individuals will claim that it is not a scam as it gives them adequate training in their view.

They receive training for their money and learn something.

Other individuals will refer to it as a scam since it fails to live up to the promises contained in the sales video.

In addition to this, they propagate a colossal amount of lies to encourage you to make purchases.

This fails to meet the necessary standards and principles of ethics through false advertisement.

Fast Cash Club comes off as another one of many poor quality products that are on sale in ClickBank.

It is not entirely a scam since it has a 60 refund policy in case the buyer fails to gain satisfaction from the product.

Products like Fast Cash Club are not recommended since they are highly misleading.

They promote a negative outlook on the internet marketing industry.

The product aims to take advantage of novice beginners and people who are in urgent need of immediate money.

In conclusion, the product is premised on the business model of drop shipping which is a legitimate venture.

Drop shipping can generate a full- time income from the internet. There however exists far much better models.

If you want to learn how you can create an online business that can generate you a full-time income, don’t stop reading.

What To Do Next…

Although drop shipping is a real model, Fast Cash Club is a program that you avoid no matter what.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online, and one of the best is affiliate marketing.

I love affiliate marketing because you don’t have to talk with clients that have complained, create the product, ship the product or anything else that has to do with drop shipping.

The most fundamental problem for every affiliate marketer or people that want to create an e-commerce business is traffic.

I managed to create my own business and found a way to have daily free traffic (in fact you are traffic for me now that you read this post).

Traffic is the most important thing when you want to have a business.

I can show how to create your online business, and create a full-time income as I do.

You have to do a few things though. One of them is that you have to put the effort and work into your business.

I can show you one of the best programs that work for more than 1.5 million people and generate income. They will give you full training (step by step) on how to create and OWN the business. 1.5 million members (like-minded) and all the tools you will ever need.

Furthermore, I can personally assist you and answer all the questions you have. All you have to do is to join and send me a message. The best part? You can start for free. (No card info needed.)

So, what do you have to lose?

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Fast Cash Club  is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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