Is Ecom Profit Sniper A Scam?

There is a new product that was launched recently called eCom Profit Sniper, and I was interested to see whether the platform is a scam or if a person can make 44000 dollars a month.

There are very many products online, and I am glad that most people are willing to research before they buy them since there are many scams out there that sound legitimate. 

In my eCom Profit Sniper review, I am showing you if this product is worth your time or if you can make the program work for you.

Very many of you are eager to find something you can make money from while at home, but it is never a quick process regardless of what you pick to do.

 However, a product like this could be of help if it contains the right information.

What Is Ecom Profit Sniper

Ecom Profit Sniper is a training product that promises to show you how to make money with a Shopify store via drop shopping.

Shopify is a website that deals with eCommerce and is a place where online stores live.

Hosting a product at Shopify could cost $29 a month minus a small transaction fee that is deducted on every sale.

I assume that most of the numbers picked by Tom Parker in the video are based on Shopify’s income.

To some extent, this video is misleading because most of the income the website gets comes from transaction fees and hostings and not from individual merchants.

To this point, I believe because somebody else makes $10000 a week, it does not mean that you will also make the same from Shopify.

Upon purchasing the eCom Profit Sniper system, you will be taught how to build your online e-commerce store via drop shipping.

After building your e-commerce store, the eCom Profit Sniper profit then shows you how to get traffic to your online store by promoting your business using Facebook advertisements.

You will get trained on how to set up your Facebook ads and find your desired audience.

This kind of training is necessary because it is through Facebook that you will get your advertising going well and eventually record some sells.

How much you make with your store will entirely depend on how much you spend on advertising, how well you choose your drop shipper, how effective your ads are and many other elements. 

After i saw this picture, i was wondering how with a low quality product that cost so little money (without the upsells) i can make literally $500.000.If it was so easy for anyone to make money, everyone would be rich.

Ecom Profit Sniper Pricing

What is the real cost of eCom Profit Sniper?

At first sight, it appears like it is very straightforward to see what you have to gain and pay to join the program.

In the video presentation by Tom, he tells us that there is a one-time payment to make to have yourself dedicated and to him, this is also a meager price because the system can help you generate up to $2000 per day.

 However, there should be no expectation that what Tom says is entirely accurate.

To begin with, if you decide to give it a try, you can create your store and try exit the website and will get a pop-up asking if you want to leave.

If you want to stay, you get a discount price and thus have to pay $27 to join.

This is what is referred to as a downsell.

Downsells are commonly used by programs that want you to sign up, so they present you a lower price, but later there will be higher prices when selling products.

With this information, you can see they say you can make up to $844 per sale.

This is a very high commission, and you only get the commission from the amount clients pay.

The system has downsells with members giving out a commission to the company with every sale they make.

The fact that there are hidden costs is a red flag.

You do not know what the final price will be; this should be a red flag to anyone.

 You can see that the membership price is told as well as what you earn, but from the information above, you should not expect this to be the ultimate price.

Can Ecom Profit Sniper Truly Help You?

As mentioned above, this program is about basic training on how to set up a store with Shopify and using drop shipping, which is not difficult.

 Otherwise, you are going to get stuck with a store filled with virtual items you are unable to sell.