Maybe you stumbled across this moneymaking opportunity, and you are wondering: is Digital Payday a scam that wants to make a fool out of you?

Or is it a real chance to make $5,000 daily in passive income as claimed by the owners?

As you probably know, there are lots of scams online, and it’s therefore very crucial to make sure you have some good knowledge of what you are buying into.

I feel the need to congratulate you for doing your research! This is the only way to evade scams and discover the legit method to earn real cash online!

Digital Payday Review Summary

Product Name: Digital Payday


Price: Free to join, $250 min investment, plus $750-$3,000 per banner

Recommended: NO


Digital Payday is an online program that promises to offer you a work-at-home opportunity, from which you can earn up to $5,000 daily passive income. However, they do not tell you that they will lead you to another scam that can hardly make you any real money. They use fake owners and testimonials, which is normal for most frauds. But Digital Payday is even worse; they tried to present a fake endorsement from one of the richest men in the online industry. All these in the name of selling their program! You’ll be shocked to find out this famous person they used.

Now, I’ve done my in-depth research and written this Digital Payday review to reveal everything about this platform.

You’ll understand how it attempts to fraud you and take your money, as well as what they are hiding. Read on to find out more!

What Is Digital Payday

 Digital Payday is an online trading and investment program that claims to help you earn up to $5,000 per day.

It uses classy technologies in analyzing market information and trends.

The program supposedly uses a fully automated robot that makes itrequire no previous trading knowledge to use it.

There is a video on the sales page of Digital Payday that’s presented by Daniel Bluth, who is the apparent creator of this system.

He claims that his system connects you to a secret site that’s little known, from which you can start making money immediately.

He says you can start earning in 10 minutes after signing up.

He claims that you don’t need to have any previous experience or learn anything since the system is completely done-for-you.

Your work is only to sign up, select the ads you like and watch the cash entering into your account!

Are you wondering how much this system costs? It’s completely free since Daniel isn’t asking for any cash from you.

So, he’s plainly saying that you can generate a full-time income online free without doing any work.

He even says that all people who have joined his program have managed to leave their jobs within a short time. This is very cool, isn’t it?

Digital Payday resembles other programs I’ve seen using such unrealistic claims, and they turn out to be scams or very low in quality. Some of these include:

Now, you know such claims make no sense; making thousands of dollars for free?

This is one of many huge red flags of Digital Payday, and you’ll realize this as you continue reading this review.

How Digital Payday Works

As earlier mentioned, it’s free to join Digital Payday and start earning.

At least that’s what they tell you.

However, the fact is that it’s very far from being free.

Once you sign up with your personal details, you’ll be directed to the Clicks Dealer website, which is not trustable.

They will require you to invest $250 and above to get started and earn more cash faster.

You’ll then be able to buy expensive banners that are supposedly placed on third-party sites to make more passive income for you.

However, there is no way for you to confirm that your ads are being shown on other sites.

Maybe the con artists behind this program will attempt to convince you that your banners are getting clicked and that you are earning, while no one is clicking those ads in reality.

They want you to believe that because they want you to continue buying more ads.

Once you buy this system, you can’t get any refund.

What about the cash that you’ll allegedly earn?

You can’t be able to withdraw it either.

In case you try to contact them about this, they’ll ask for more of your personal info, but they’ll never send you your cash.

In short, the more money you invest with Digital Payday, the more money you lose and the more Daniel gets rich.

Digital Payday Pricing

According to Daniel, Digital Payday is free for anyone to join and use.

This means that you can join and start using the platform without paying a dime.

However, you’ll be required to invest a minimum of $250 on the Clicks Dealer platform and purchase banner ads, which cost around $750-$3,000 each.

So, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on Digital Payday before you can possibly earn anything.

Who Is Digital Payday Meant For (And Not For)

Digital Payday is allegedly designed for people looking for a way to earn huge cash online without any work.

However, you should avoid this product at all costs since it’s a total fraud.

It is meant for the owners to make money at your expense, especially when you have no idea of how online and affiliate marketing business works.

Would you like to learn affiliate marketing step-by-step?

I can direct you in the right direction, which I followed to generate a 4-figure monthly income online.

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The Pros

  • None

The Cons


  • No refund.
  • It has hidden upsells.
  • Use of fake testimonials.
  • The real owner is hiding.
  • The product is overhyped.
  • The business model is impractical and oversimplified.

Fake Owner

 Allegedly, Daniel Bluth is the founder of Digital Payday.

He is a self-made internet entrepreneur and a famous software developer.

However, I realized that the purported Daniel Bluth is just a stock photo that anyone can buy and use in any way they like.

This is a huge red flag! Maybe even the name Daniel Bluth is fictional too.

Why are the real owners hiding?

In most cases, they hide whenever they know they are behind an illegal business.

This tactic is used by many other scams that I’ve reviewed on this website, including:

Ungly Truths Revealed

1. The Real Owner Is Hiding!

As we have seen above, Daniel Bluth doesn’t exist.

The profile photo is just a stock image that can be bought and used by anyone.

I’m very skeptical that even the name is real since the signature used here is stolen from Gary Vaynerchuck.

Therefore, the guy in the photo is not the owner of Digital Payday, and the actual owners are hiding their real identities for reasons that we don’t know.

2. Fake Testimonials!

As you may possibly know, nothing is more convincing than testimonials by other ordinary people.

So, most online marketers show opinions of the previous customers in their sites, and this would be good if the testimonials were trustworthy and honest.

However, the case for Digital Payday is different. Although the men and women in the video testimonials seem ordinary, they are very suspicious at first sight.

They claim that it only requires you to sit and hit refresh to see the money increase in your account and all this is bullshit!

The people in the video testimonials are just hired actors from Fiverr, intended to convince you how easy and real it is to make cash with this program.

They have only earned $50-$100 for creating the videos, but nothing with Digital Payday. This is a huge red flag!

3. Fake Endorsements!

Digital Payday wants you to believe that Mark Zuckerberg (the Facebook founder) has endorsed them.

They use Zuckerberg’s photo on their site to show that he has approved them.

However, the reality is that it’s just an image that was overlaid, and it’s completely fake.


4. Fake Claim: Limited Spots Available!

Digital Payday claims that they are only accepting 50 people into their system.

However, this is far from the truth because they want as many people as possible so that they can earn more money.

They’re using this fake claim lure you into joining their system so that they can take your cash as soon as possible.

Or do you think they can limit their potential income? Of course, no; they’ll never reject a payment.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is Digital Payday A Scam?

Are you still asking: is Digital Payday a scam?

Well, I don’t have any doubt that Digital Payday is a scam.

You have seen the proof that they’re using fake owner and testimonials.

They are also using fake scarcity and endorsement claims from Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, which could bring them troubles with the law if he realized it!

Also, they claim that you can make $5,000 in the next 24 hours without any prior knowledge and training.

You don’t even have to do any work since the system is all done-for-you.

These claims are all extremely outrageous!

How can you earn such amount of money without doing anything?

These are just lies, and that’s why I don’t recommend it to you or anyone.

This product wants to see you spending thousands of dollars just on getting started, and all your cash might go to waste.

Remember, they don’t offer any refund policy.

Therefore, the owners are enriching themselves at the expense of the users. 

I honestly hope that my Digital Payday review has helped you understand how this program works and you’llnow be able to make a rightful final decision about it.

However, if you seriously want to make real passive income online, check below to see how I do it.

How I Make Income Online

I personally don’t trust any product that promises such huge returns fast with no work at all.

Like you’ve seen the case with Digital Payday, they promise huge income daily and later turn out to be a huge disappointment.

They use so many fake things and can hardly earn you anything.

Fortunately, I discovered a platform that has helped me to generate a 4-digit passive income each month at the age of only 23 years.

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

My previous experience in online marketing didn’t matter since I was offered a step-by-step training that helped me to have a clear understanding of how online business works.

They also gave me all the tools and support I needed to prosper in this business.

You can do it too, but you must know that it takes a lot of effort and time to succeed.

And the best part, it’s free to get started.

Most of the people who join this platform never look back; they move on to their success, quit their jobs, and gain their full financial independence.

Would you like to be one of us? I’ll be very happy to assist you with any help you might require.

Simply join Wealthy Affiliate and text me through a direct message once you are inside the platform.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Digital Payday is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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