Is Daily Cash Siphon A Scam?

Daily Cash Siphon has been increasing in online popularity recently.

Due to many propaganda, many online marketers are working to promote this opportunity everywhere, especially on social networks.

I thought you might want to know that I’m not promoting this product in any way.

In this Daily Cash Siphon Review, I have compiled all the facts to help you make an informed decision regarding it.

You might be asking, is Daily Cash Siphon a scam? Or can it help you make money as claimed?

Join me in my review to get all the information about it.

Daily Cash Siphon Review Summary

Product Name:  Daily Cash Siphon


Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended: YES/NO


Daily Cash Siphon is an affiliate marketing training program that has a very strange sales page, which seems very misleading. It uses fake customer service that doesn’t even exist and doesn’t show you anything else until you purchase it. It claims to help you earn £296 per day. However, the reality is that it’s tough to find such an income generator with such easy and quick setup. Numerous scammy products use this method of enticement for them to make more sales. They even offer optional upsells, which give you the “full access” to the program. In this Daily Cash Siphon review, I will explain all the facts that make me not to recommend this program, as well as why you should avoid it. Let’s dive in!

What Is Daily Cash Siphon

Daily Cash Siphon is a genuine training course for affiliate marketing that was established in September 2018 by Chris Parker.

It has been increasing in popularity among the MLM space as a new opportunity to generate income.

Lots of buzzes surround it, and this makes me eager to look deeper into the company, to see what it offers.

On landing to the homepage of the website, there is a huge text that claims to be a weird trick towards making you £296 per day.

It also claims that anyone can start right away in less than seven minutes and 19 clicks.

This text is followed by a video, which explains how this anomaly works.

The video’s thumbnail offers even more propaganda by saying that once you hit play, you must keep it a secret.

If you are new in the MLM world, this could easily trick you to spend your money hoping to get more of it.

But if you have even little understanding of how things work, then you already know that this is a standard method used by most of the scams.

They convince you of their secret money-making system known only to a few people and brings you a massive income with less effort and time.

Besides the text and video, nothing else is included on the website of this company.

There is no background information about the company, so you can hardly know its owner, launch date, where it’s based or any other info that’s very crucial in the MLM space.

How Daily Cash Siphon Works

According to the spokesman (William Fairbrother), Daily Cash Siphon will help you make tons of cash very fast.

It will show you how to find the best-selling products to maximize your commissions as a Clickbank affiliate.

The target products are controversial and strange. This is because they aren’t found in the world’s leading networks including Amazon, Google, Facebook, or CNN. 

This program supposedly helps you set up your blog in less than 30 minutes and less than one week, get hundreds of visitors to your site using their undisclosed traffic-generation tactics.

However, the program doesn’t work as claimed by the spokesman.

This means that it is tough for anyone to make the claimed amount of cash daily through this system.

They also hide all background information about what it’s based on and the owner, as well as what to expect after purchasing the program.

They don’t state what training you will get, the reality of hard work behind setting up your blog, and their secret traffic sources.

They don’t offer any information that can help you determine whether this system will work.

This is a red flag! I don’t recommend buying things without knowledge of how they work to meet your needs.

Daily Cash Siphon Pricing

Front-end ($37/month)

Signing up to the Daily Cash Siphon requires $37 every month, and you can get a free 7-day trial. This trial offer pops up in case you want to leave the sales page before you complete watching the video.

Once you sign up, you are exposed to three upsells that include the following.

First up-sell – $197

This upsell gives you access to your Daily Cash site, which is allegedly built and armed with content & links for you to start earning instantly.

Second up-sell – $187

This upsell is very similar to the first one. In this case, they build you another complete moneymaking website.

Third up-sell – $97

This one consists of training on diverse traffic-generating methods rather than building websites. Traffic generation is very vital for success in the affiliate marketing business. Thus, this upsell seems better for marketers than the other two.

All the upsells will need you to spend up to $518.

Who is Daily Cash Siphon meant for (not for)?

•    Beginners in the affiliate marketing space.

•    People that want to know how to set up a WordPress site.

•    People with some experience in the affiliate marketing business.

•    Website owners who earn passive income through their sites.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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The Pros

•    They offer proper basic training. The tutorials on setting up a WordPress site, creating posts, and editing the place are great. You can easily set up a good affiliate website with these tutorials.

•    No Issues with Refund. You might think that this program has issues with refunds since it uses a fake customer service provider. However, Daily Cash Siphon product is sold on Clickbank and therefore easy to get your sign up money back if not contented.

The Cons

•    There are no retail products to sell/promote. Therefore, there are no sales commissions for you to make money.

•    You can’t be sure that you will make money with this system.

•    Even the owners don’t know the average results of the product.

•    Use of fake customer service representative.

•    The owner(s) don’t reveal their real name on the platform.

•    Use of misleading sales page.

Fake Owner

The spokesman of Daily Cash Siphon (William Fairbrother) is not the real owner of this company.

They indicate that the name of this guy is just a pen name. Therefore, the actual creator doesn’t reveal his name on the program.

This lack of transparency is a red flag.

No one could hide when offering genuine products.

But if it’s not legit, they disguise themselves to avoid being caught.

Ugly Truths Revealed

1. The sales page is very misleading

This is because of its impression that you are entering a moneymaking method, which is secret and not known by many people. This is misleading since many people well know blogging for a long time, not quite a secret. After watching their sales video, you should realize that there is no exploit or glitch.

In the online world, you can hardly find a system that generates your income as much as promised by the Daily Cash Siphon. Such tricks are used on people with no knowledge of affiliate marketing, who buys a system that fails to deliver the guaranteed results.

2. Fake scarcity

In most cases, you’ll find con artists claiming that only a few spots are available. This is just meant to persuade you to buy their product immediately. To prevent you from exiting their page, the Daily Cash Siphon claim that you might never see this sales page again.

3. Misinterpretation of the affiliate marketing concept

Everything taught by Daily Cash Siphon about affiliate marketing is wrong. It claims that affiliate marketing is a secret technique of earning passive income known to no one. This is very disappointing. As you probably know, this business has been there for quite a long time and popularly known worldwide as a legit and the most consistent way of making money online.

Affiliate marketing is a business in which any person can join, create a website, craft content and search for products to promote. There is no exploit or secret to succeeding in this business. It needs beyond 30 minutes daily to upsurge traffic and sales.

The system also claims to be a legal yet controversial method of earning cash online and that it will close soon to prevent excessive exposure. This increases the fear of purchasing the program.

4. Use of old scheme on a new website

Daily Cash Siphon is nothing but a revised version of two of Chris Parker’s previous programs known as the Five Minute Profit and Profits with Alex. Both of the sites were launched the same year but sometimes ahead of Daily Cash Siphon. According to the performance of the older systems, it is most likely that even this new one will not be very different.

Fake Testimonials

This is where Daily Cash Siphon differs from other similar programs.

Rather than getting fake reviews and testimonials from hired people, this site uses fake customer service representative on their sales page.

They call her Lisa. Her photo has been used severally in sites that are entirely different from the Daily Cash Siphon such as BrainStation.

This indicates that their customer service is fake and no one can be contacted for any inquiries.

Is Daily Cash Siphon A Scam?

It is hard to call Daily Cash Siphon a total scam since it has some little value in it. It differs from it’s older brothers in that it tries to be quite more sincere in terms of its offers. 

I wouldn’t recommend this system to anyone.

The misleading sales page shows that they intend to prey on those with no knowledge regarding affiliate marketing.

Their fake customer service representative is also problematic in that no one to help address any issues you may have within the system.

Also, this program present affiliate marketing as a controversial method of earning money online that’s known to no one.

It’s just a similar version of the founder’s previous products.

This system is aimed to trick people to purchase a “secret” to making huge cash online, which is not a secret as explained above.

Final Verdict

The Daily Cash Siphon program doesn’t meet the promises made in the sales page. It doesn’t help anyone to make money online fast as claimed.

This is why I can’t recommend it to anyone. Noticeably, you can join various trustworthy and stable MLM opportunities in the online space and get the promised results.

Daily Cash Siphon is just not one of these opportunities.

I honestly hope that my Daily Cash Siphon review has been helpful to you.

Some reviews tend to have unimportant details, but I wanted mine to include all information there is to know about this product.

This will help you make a more informed decision about it.

In case you choose to join this program, ensure you maximize your output and gain knowledge of online marketing.

Nevertheless, Daily Cash Siphon is an MLM system that doesn’t deserve any of your time or money, having considered everything about it.

You could do other better lucrative things with this time and money.

Instead of wasting your time and money on this system, go ahead and check out my #1 recommendation that earned me 4-figure income in less than one year.

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The products that I review here promises tons of money fast with almost no efforts at all. These can be simply referred to as “get-quick-rich” schemes.

They are mostly scams that never deliver any good results, regardless of their sweet inducements. Their objective is to enrich themselves at your expense.

The platform I joined a year ago has helped me understand how the business works using their A-Z training and tools necessary for success.

This has led me to earn a good income through it.

Would you like to join this program? I will be more than happy to coach and assist you to get your desired income online.

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If you have any questions or thoughts whether Daily Cash Siphon is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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