Welcome to today’s post, where I’ll be answering the question; Is Crowd1 a scam?

I’ve done thorough research about this company, and I’m going to share my findings with you here. With so many moneymaking platforms online, you’re just supposed to choose the way you want to earn.

You can really make a lot of income online if you join a good program.

However, you need to understand that not all moneymaking programs really aim to help you to make money online. There are lots of bogus companies too that only aim to scam people.

Therefore, doing your due diligence is very wise before buying into any seemingly good moneymaking platform or product.

It will help you to evade scams and discover a genuine way to earn money online.

Crowd1 Review Summary

Product Name: Crowd1

Website: crowd1.com

Price: €99 – €2499 to join

Recommended: YES/NO


Crowd1 is a crowd-marketing platform that operates within the gaming industry. People join this program for promises of a high return on investment. The company also allows its members to earn from residual commissions as well as other bonuses. However, Crowd1 has several red flags that I’ll reveal in this post, which makes me not recommend it to anyone. They don’t declare who the owner is, and the entire system looks very alike to a pyramid scheme! Furthermore, it’s very hard to make money with MLM programs like this one! So, is Crowd1 a scam or a genuine way to make money online? Read this full review to find out!

Before we start with this Crowd1 review, I’d like to inform you that I’m not associated with this program in any form.

So, I’m not selling this product to you here! All I want is to give you my unbiased third-party review of Crowd1 to help you understand everything about this program. 

So, is Crowd1 a scam or legit business opportunity? Dive into the review with me to find out all the facts!

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What is Crowd1

Honestly, it was hard for me to find a direct answer to this question.

Although the company’s official website tries to explain it, I was unable to come up with a good definition at once.

As early as this, it made me doubt about the authenticity of the company and its ability to help people to earn money online. Anyway, Crowd1 (Crowd1 Network Ltd) claims to be a “mobile networking community.”

Using various online marketing platforms, the program assists its members to create and maintain a digital network business.

This sounds impressive, right? However, the fact is a bit ambiguous! Crowd1 uses a huge weird term on its website, “Impossible Is Nothing.”

Is designed to be an online platform that will redirect you to “partner” online gambling sites, including Miggster and AffilGo.

The funny thing here is that though the company claims to be partnered with these gaming sites, the truth is that all these three websites belong to only one person, who is Piskopianos Stelios!

No information regarding Stelios on www.crowd1.com website, but I’ll show you what I found later in this Crowd1 review.

The Crowd1 Company has its headquarters in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and its registration numbers are ICC20160342.

The program had had a pre-launch since January 2019 before it was launched officially on August 2019. People who joined during the pre-launch period are known as pioneers.

They will allegedly reap the benefits of the company’s success and enjoy a part of the company’s future income, at least according to the website. The Crowd1 opportunity is meant for people interested in making money online through multi-level marketing.

However, it may not suit you due to the several red flags that it has, as I’ll explain in the Ugly Truths’ section of this review.

So, what does the Crowd1 program offer? Continue reading to find out!

How Crowd1 Works

In this section of my Crowd1 review, we’ll be looking into the products that the company offers before we dig into its compensation plan. Crowd1 doesn’t provide any retail product.

What it offers its users is the ability to create and maintain their own digital network businesses via various tools and strategies. When you become a member, you’ll get educated in courses like Real Estate, Funding, and Marketing, among others.

You’ll also learn how to use their app to make money. Additionally, you’ll be able to invest in the gaming sites (AffilGo and Miggster) that Crowd1 has partnered with.

Once you invest, you’ll get your “owner rights,” and this will be your primary profit source. The Crowd1 app offered will help you to monitor everything here.

That’s all about the Crowd1’s products.

Now, let’s see their compensation structure.

Crowd1’s Compensation Plan

The compensation plan offered by Crowd1 allows members to earn through five distinct opportunities. The structure of this comp plan is binary, meaning that there’s a lot of recruitment needed to make money with Crowd1.

Let’s look at the earning methods, one at a time! 

Residual Commissions

This is the major way to make money with Crowd1, and it uses a binary structure. A binary structure has two legs (right and left), which both act as their own discrete entities.

For instance, if you join, you’ll recruit 2 members, who will then be able to recruit 2 members each, and this continues up to boundless levels vertically. You’ll earn points whenever you recruit someone, which depends on the package they’ll choose when joining.

Below are the points you can earn from each package:

⦁ White – 90 points

⦁ Black – 270 points

⦁ Gold – 720 points

⦁ Titanium – 2250 points

Crowd1 uses a system known as 1/3 to pay the residual commissions. This ratio means that members earn residual commissions on the investment volume generated on the weaker side of the binary team.

The amount paid is 10% of all the payable volume as per the 1/3 balance ratio rule. I know it may look confusing, but that’s a norm for MLM companies, so I’m not surprised!

Let’s move onto the next earning opportunity. 

Matching Bonus

This bonus is capped at the fifth level vertically and is paid through a uni-level structure.

The payment is made as follows:

⦁ 10% matching bonus on level one if you invest at the White tier and recruit 4 investors.

⦁ 10% matching bonus on levels 1 & 2 if you invest at the Black tier and recruit 8 investors.

⦁ 10% matching bonus on levels 1-3 if you recruit 12 investors.

⦁ 10% matching bonus on levels 1-4 if you invest at the Gold tire and recruit 16 investors.

⦁ 10% matching bonus on levels 1-5 if you invest in the Titanium tier and recruit 20 investors. 

Streamline Bonus

This method allows members to increase their “owner rights” shares. The Streamline Bonus is tracked through company-wide recruitment. 

After joining, you’ll be tracked, and those who join after you will be tracked, too, and they’ll all be part of your Streamline Bonus. This bonus is given in various streamline levels that increase depending on the package you bought while joining.

⦁ Three Streamline levels for White tier members

⦁ Eight Streamline levels for Black tier members

⦁ Twelve Streamline levels for Gold tier members

⦁ Fifteen Streamline levels for Titanium tier members.

Although the company claims that these bonuses are paid out in exclusive limited owner rights, it’s not made clear about how the payments are made.

This may not make much sense, but it’s a point to note, isn’t it? 

Fear Of Loss Bonus

This bonus refers to a recruitment bonus that’s activated during the first fourteen days of newly-recruited Crowd1 members.

You’ll earn the following amounts after it’s activated:

⦁ €125 for each four White tier members recruited

⦁ €375 for each four Black tier members recruited

⦁ €1000 for each four Gold tier members recruited

⦁ €3000 for each four Titanium tier members recruited Gambling Residual

Finally, Crowd1’s compensation plan allows you to earn money via their

Gambling Residual

This is paid through the company-wide gambling income. It begins at 5% for the Team Leader rank, which is achieved by generating 500 points in the weaker binary team volume.

Then, it increases to 10% for the Director rank (attained by generating 500,000 points in weaker binary team volume) and higher ranks.

That’s all about the compensation plan, and I hope you can see that your earning-potential depends mostly on your ability to convince and recruit more people.

Having in mind that Crowd1 doesn’t have any tangible products to sell, the entire program looks very shady and a bit incredible.

Now, let’s proceed to the next part of my Crowd1 review and see how much it costs to join this company.

Crowd1 Pricing

The Crowd1 App is available for free download in the Google Play and App Store

However, you have to subscribe to one of the packages offered to be a member of the company and be able to benefit from the app.

Below are the education packages and their respective costs.

⦁ White – €99 EUR

⦁ Black – €299 EUR

⦁ Gold – €799 EUR

⦁ Titanium – €2499 EUR 


The Pros

⦁ Selling digital products is easier.

⦁ Selling digital products is easier

⦁ The commission rates are presumably good.

⦁ It’s possible to make money with this program.

The Cons

⦁ The starter kits are very expensive.

⦁ The starter kits are very expensive.

⦁ It has no tangible products.

⦁ It has aspects of a pyramid scheme.

⦁ It only accepts bitcoin currency during registration.

⦁ Members rely mostly on recruitment to make money.

⦁ The owner is not declared on the company’s website.

⦁ It’s not listed or accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Crowd1 Owners

Before joining any business opportunity, it’s very crucial to know the owner of the company or who runs it. This will help you to know if the person responsible for your money is trustworthy.

Before joining any business opportunity, it’s very crucial to know the owner of the company or who runs it. This will help you to know if the person responsible for your money is trustworthy. For the case of Crowd1, they don’t provide any information regarding the owners on their website.

However, I dug deeper for the domain-ownership information and found the owner to be Stelios Piskopianos of Crowd1 Network Europe Ltd. The domain name for this company was registered in 2007 and then updated in October 2018.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Stelios is a senior finance professional and the finance director of Northfield Petroleum Limited and aos Fluency Limited. However, Crowd1 and the other “partner” sites (AffilGo and Miggster) aren’t listed in his bio for reasons we don’t know.

When a company is not honest about providing the information regarding who owns it, it always raises a red flag and indicates that something might be happening behind the scenes.

I’m saying this since I have seen other platforms hiding their owners’ information, and I can tell you that they weren’t good in any way.

Below are some examples:

Viral Pay 

Smart Dollars Club 

Digital Payday 

Instant Cash Solution 

I can’t join or recommend any program that’s not frank about such crucial information, which is Crowd1, in this case. Let’s see what those who have already joined this opportunity are saying. 

What Crowd1 Users Are Saying

In all honesty, most of the reviews I found online about Crowd1 looked positive than negative.

But this is understandable since the company is pretty new in the industry.

Nonetheless, when a product or service receives multiple negative comments, you start to ignore the positive testaments and reviews that exist about it.

You even begin to wonder; is Crowd1 a scam really?

Below is what their negative user comments are saying:

Ugly Truth Revealed

1. Most MLM Businesses Have A Very Low Success Rate!

This is one of the biggest problems with most network marketing companies.

The majority of their members fail to earn any income and even lose their money eventually. This is one of the biggest problems with most network marketing companies.

The majority of their members fail to earn any income and even lose their money eventually. For MLM’s in general, the percentage of people who make $1k per month is around 5 percent, and only about 1 percent make $2k and above.

Do you know what this means?

Well, it means that over 95% don’t make any good money. Actually, sometimes you may find over 50% or even 80% making some little money. Yes, I understand completely that the results rely on each individual member and how hard they work.

However, these success rates are extremely low, considering how severely MLM companies tend to overhype their promises to people. Below are some MLM examples that confirm this fact.

Prime My Body 

Bemer Group 

Word Ventures 



Therefore, in my opinion, it’s likely to be extremely hard to succeed with Crowd1 too.

2. Expensive Membership Packages!

The membership packages offered by Crowd1 are overly expensive.

It costs at least €99 for the cheapest pack and €2499 for the highest-priced package.

This cost is so high, especially when you consider that you won’t get any tangible products in return. 

3. It Has Attributes Of A Pyramid Scheme!

The first aspect of a pyramid scheme shown by Crowd1 is the lack of any tangible products.

The company tries to convince you to become a member by buying one of their packages, preferably at the Titanium level (which is the most costly). Moreover, they claim to pay their members considerably using the generated gambling revenue.

All these make the company look rather unreliable to me. There’s no information about how the companies that Crowd1 partners with (AffilGo and Miggester) make their money on their specific websites.

Regardless of all that, they’re still claiming that you can get 450 percent in ROI. This makes it hard to consider Crowd1 fully legitimate.

Additionally, the affiliates of this company depend heavily on recruitment to make money. This is similar to a Ponzi/pyramid scheme, where members depend on recruitment as the only way to make money since there are no products to sell or promote.

In the end, Crowd1 has several issues that resemble the signs of a pyramid scheme. (But we can’t be sure if they actually are a pyramid scheme. Only FTC can actually decide that)

For that reason, I’m very confident in not recommending this program as being a genuine business opportunity.

This takes us to my conclusion.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is Crowd1 A Scam

After thorough research about Crowd1, I honestly wouldn’t recommend this opportunity to anyone.

The company doesn’t seem truthful and isn’t frank about who runs and owns it. Even if their website and sales pitch look appealing, all other information regarding the company seems to be vague.

Furthermore, Crowd1 doesn’t offer any real product that you can get for your money or even promote to make money. They only promise you high returns on investment, but the primary way to make money with them is by recruiting new members into the system.

So, if you’re still wondering, “is Crowd1 a scam?”, just note the many red flags that it has and that it’s not even listed on the BBB. Furthermore, their membership packages are costly and may not suit you if you can’t afford, especially when they most want you to buy the most expensive package that costs EUR 2499.

Although it’s new in the industry and crowdfunding networks are relatively new, I’m very skeptical that you’ll make money with this company. As we saw in the ugly truths above, Crowd1 looks very much like a pyramid scheme, and I would actually classify it as one!

They promise big returns, especially if you join the company in its early stages, specifically during the prelaunch period. With all the information explained in this Crowd1 review, I believe you can decide for yourself whether Crowd1 is a scam or not.

But I don’t recommend it to you or anyone unless you’re an expert network marketer who’s interested in the crowdfunding networks. If not, you’re more likely to fail than succeed with this company.

I honestly hope that my review of Crowd1 has been helpful to you. In case you are searching for a good opportunity to make money online, I have a top recommendation that you should check.

How I Make Income Online

I have managed to create a 4-digit monthly passive income stream in less than one year without any coding or programming skills, or even a college degree. Honestly, I did not know about affiliate marketing.

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They also have a huge active community that’s really helpful. Many people have found their success online with this platform, and I believe you can do it too! 

The best part about it is that it’s completely free to sign up and access some of its features. Therefore, you can join and begin your affiliate-marketing journey in a matter of minutes, just as I did.

Before you join Wealthy Affiliate, you need to know that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires time and lots of hard work to make a good income, so be ready to put that in. If you join the platform, send me a message directly through it and say “Hi” or ask me any questions.

I can even coach you to create your own online business (if you like). Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Crowd1 review and got all the answers you were looking for.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Crowd1 is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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