Did someone tried to recruit you to Credit Star Funding, and you want to know if it’s a scam?

Or maybe you want to invest some money, and you found this company that will give you loans to invest. Maybe it’s something else.

It doesn’t matter how you’ve heard Credit Star Funding. You are in the right place to learn everything about this platform.

By the way, with the term “Expensive Loan” in the title I mean the 20+% generation fee that you’ll read later on, in case you’re wondering.

Now, Before we begin, I want to congratulate you on doing your own research to find a legit way to make money online. 

Credit Star Funding Review Summary

Product Name: Credit Star Funding

Website: creditstarfunding.com

Price: $199 Commitment FEE plus 20+% Of loan for generation fee

Recommended: YES/NO


Credit Star Funding is an MLM company that basically gives loans to others, and also, they recommend a few ways to invest that money. The truth is that they have false claims by saying that your ROI (return of investment) will be 20-60%. The company also has a recruiting system and allows it’s users to recruit others and earn commissions potentially. The company looks like a Ponzi scheme, and I’ll recommend you to avoid them.