Welcome to today’s review, where I’m going to answer questions such as: is Bydzyne a scam or a legitimate MLM?

Does it have real products? Can you make good money with their opportunity? If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t want to waste money and time on a program that turns out to be a scam soon or later after you join, right?

That’s why you took your time to research Bydzyne before joining it. I have to congratulate you on that since it’s the only way to avoid scams and find a genuine way to make money online as I do.

ByDzyne Review Summary

Product Name: ByDzyne

Website: bydzyne.com

Price: $19.95-$39.95 annual membership fees, plus optional kits that cost $300-$5,000

Recommended: YES/NO


ByDzyne is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that sells products ranging from distinct niches such as technology, travel, and wellness. It also offers people the opportunity to make money by selling their products or recruiting new members into the program. However, I honestly think you should skip this opportunity for various reasons. First, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to make any substantial income with this program, and you may end up losing your money eventually. Moreover, the packages that give better incentives and the products are overly expensive. Although it’s a new and legitimate company in the MLM industry, I would advise you to avoid it as early as this. Find out all the facts in the review!

Before we begin with the review, I’d like to inform you that I’m not a paid distributor or affiliate of this company. So, I’m not going to try to sell this opportunity to you unless, of course, it’s really worth it.

Instead, I want to give you an exhaustive and unbiased third-party Bydzyne review to help you understand everything about it and make a well-informed decision about it in the end.

So, is Bydzyne a scam or not? Is it worth your time, effort, and investment? Dive with me into the review to find out all the facts!

What Is Bydzyne?

Bydzyne is a network marketing company that was launched earlier this year. It doesn’t operate within a single niche but rather four, which includes technology, travel, wellness, and beauty. 

According to WHOIS.com ,the domain “bydzyne.com” was registered in December 2018 and updated in April 2019.

The company doesn’t provide a corporate address on its website, but according to WHOIS.com, the domain was registered in Canada, US. Also, some info in their Terms and Conditions states that arbitration must be done in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

However, their executives seem to be located out of the US, and we can’t tell how this is connected to Canada. Besides, their grand opening event took place in Bangkok, Thailand, which brings even more confusion.

The Bydzyne Company’s leaders are Nat and Chanida Puranaputra, Chad and Nattida Chong, Henry Mash, and Sophie Wong.

All of them have been involved in other MLM companies in the past, which mostly appeared to be scammy such as Wealth Generators and World Global Network. 

As I said earlier, Bydzyne is an MLM, meaning that you can join as a distributor and earn commissions for selling their products. Furthermore, you’ll be rewarded for enrolling other people into your downline to sell under you.

This sounds good, right?

But as I said in summary, the opportunity is extremely flawed, and you can hardly make any significant income with it.

Bydzyne sells expensive products that make it hard to sell them to retail customers if you become their distributor. For instance, their smartwatches cost over $400!

Other products include the travel rewards and CBD products, but I’ll explain them in-depth in the following section of my Bydzyne review. Of course, there are other similar MLM companies to Bydzyne operating within the same niches (travel, technology, and travel), such as iBuumerang , Emris International , and CTFO, among others.

That’s all about the Bydzyne company. Now, let’s see how it really works.

How Bydzyne Works

Bydzyne allows you to join in three different ways, including as a Retail Customer, Preferred Customer, or Brand Ambassador. As a retail customer, you can join free and buy their products, or even use Autoship to set up recurring monthly orders.

Preferred customers are allowed to buy the products at a 30% discount and sell them to earn profits, but it costs $19.95 annually to join. Then, Brand Ambassadors enjoy a 30% discount on all products and gain access to lifestyle and financial rewards from Bydzyne.

They also receive exclusive access to VIP perks and events.

Additionally, they can make money by selling the products and building a downline team through recruitment; but this membership costs $39.95 per year. To understand clearly how the company works, it’s good to see its products as well as the compensation plan.

This takes us to the next section of my review, which is: 

ByDzyne Products

In most cases, MLM’s focus on one market. But, for Bydzyne, they took a distinct approach and involved several unrelated markets.

Here’s a brief overview of their products: 

Technology Products

In the technology category, Bydzyne offers only one very expensive product, which is a Bluetooth 5.0 TUW Smartwatch.

Its retail price is $428.58, and the wholesale price is $300. Over $400 is just like the smartwatch from Apple!

Beauty Products

Bydzyne Company markets a beauty product known as Xceler8. This package consists of different moisturizers and lotions for your skin.

It costs $185.72 in retail and $130 in wholesale.

Wellness Products

In this section, the company sells distinct products surrounding the CBD industry, which are rising in popularity.

One is the Allur Tincture that retails at $171.43 and wholesales at $120. The other one is Allur Relief Balm that costs $185.71 in retail and $130 in wholesale.

Nonetheless, this niche has many companies nowadays, such as Prime My Body , Isagenix , and many more.


Basically, this is a travel rewards program offered by Bydzyne. It works in a way that you get travel saving gift vouchers when you purchase Bydzyne products.

For instance, if you buy a founder or promo kit, you can earn 2.5x on BV in travel saving gift vouchers.

⦁ Founders Kit costs $5,000

⦁ Promo Kit costs $1,600

Besides, you can receive thank you points or customer acquisition bonuses depending on the membership type you’re in, as follows.

Preferred Customer get:

⦁ 34,000 Thank-you Points if you redeem $5,000 travel saving gift vouchers.

⦁ 13,000 Thank-you Points if you redeem $2,000 travel saving gift vouchers.

Brand Ambassadors get:

⦁ $500 in customer acquisition bonus for redeeming $5,000 travel saving gift vouchers.

⦁ $200 in customer acquisition bonus for redeeming $2,000 travel saving gift vouchers.

You can use the Thank-you Points to purchase products from Bydzyne’s Thank-You Store, which is allegedly coming soon. Those are the products offered by Bydzyne at this time of writing.

Next, we’re going to look at their compensation plan and see how you can make money with their opportunity.

ByDzyne Compensation Plan

ByDzyne has a very complicated compensation plan, just like most other MLM’s, which is a 23-page long pdf that’s full of jargon. I don’t think it’s really essential to know each specific detail of this comp plan, and therefore, I’m going to summarize the main sections.

If instead of reading this you prefer to watch a video, I’ve found one online and it seems that a 2 Star President Toan Nguyen explains all you need to know about the compensation plan of ByDzyne. 

Affiliate Ranks

Bydzyne allows its affiliates to achieve 16 distinct ranks upon hitting different specific goals. You receive distinct rewards when you attain these ranks.

The first rank is achieved by signing up and paying the membership fee to be a Bydzyne Brand Ambassador. Then, the second rank requires you to recruit a minimum of two affiliates who sell products worth 150 BV.

To achieve the third rank, you’ll need to recruit six affiliates who have make sales worth 150 BV. This continues until you reach the final rank that’s known as 3 Star Crown.

This requires you and your downline team to make sales worth 2,500,000 GV per month and have four eighth-rank affiliates in your team. To be honest, this is extremely difficult, and it’s even hard to achieve the second rank.

To remain an active Brand Ambassador and qualify for commissions, you must have 60 BV. You must also have at least 120 BV to attain the ranks and get the applicable commissions.

Retail Commissions

Here, Bydzyne allows you to sell its products directly to customers to earn profits. The potential commissions differ depending on the products you sell and is the difference between the wholesale and retail price of the specific products.

Recruitment Commissions

Bydzyne pays recruitment commissions to its affiliates when they sign up new members under them, who purchase one of the kits.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 20% commissions if your rank is below 3 and 25% if you’re in the third or higher ranks.

Residual Commissions

This part of Bydzyne’s compensation plan rewards you for the sales made by your downline team.

It’s the section of the plan that allows you to make the most income, and it’s run via a binary structure. Your potential income depends on several factors, such as the number of people you recruit, your affiliate rank, and the number of sales made.

Additional Bonuses

You can also earn Additional Bonuses with Bydzyne, which include the Global Pool Vault, Matching Bonus, and Travel Bonus, among others.

I think I’ve covered the most important parts of the compensation plan, which you may want to know about if you want to join this business opportunity.

If you’d be interested in seeing the entire comp plan, it’s here.

Now, let’s see how much it costs to join this opportunity.

Bydzyne Pricing

As I mentioned earlier, retail customers are free to create an account on Bydzyne and use it to set up autoships. Then, you can join as a Preferred Customer by paying an annual fee of $19.95.

As I mentioned earlier, retail customers are free to create an account on Bydzyne and use it to set up autoships.

Then, you can join as a Preferred Customer by paying an annual fee of $19.95. To enjoy the entire comp plan, you can join as a Brand Ambassador by paying an annual fee of $39.95. After that, you’re required to choose the products you want to buy, and you saw they range from $170 to $428.

Bydzyne also offers various optional affiliate membership kits to choose from, including:

⦁ Basic Kit costs $300

⦁ Advance Kit costs $1200

⦁ Promo Kit costs $1600

⦁ Premium Kit costs $2500

⦁ Founders Kit costs $5000

Furthermore, new affiliates are easily convinced through various financial incentives to spend money on these kits after joining this company. What this means is that you can see yourself spending several thousands of dollars just to enjoy everything offered by Bydzyne.

Therefore, this program may not suit you if you aren’t able to afford or aren’t ready to spend such amount of money. If you want a way to make real money online without even having to spend anything, I have a good recommendation that helps me to earn a 4-figure monthly income.

I’ll tell you more about it at the end of this article, but first, let’s finish with this Bydzyne review.


The Pros

⦁ It offers a range of products.

⦁ High potential commissions.

The Cons

⦁ Expensive products.

⦁ Most people are likely to fail.

⦁ Complicated compensation plan.

⦁ High costs for the membership kits.

⦁ The founders have sketchy backgrounds.

⦁ It’s not accredited or even listed by the BBB.

⦁ More incentives for recruitment than product sales.


According to the bydzyne.com website, the co-founders are Nat and Chanida Puranaputra, Chad and Nattida Chong, Henry Mash, and Sophia Wong. Nat and Chanida are the chairman and chairwoman of the Bydzyne Company, who claim to have over 40 years of combined experience in network marketing.

They are very famous for making $35 million in World Global Network and Organo Gold. Chanida was appointed the Master Distributor of World Global Network in 2016.

It seems like the company failed to deliver its promises, and in mid-2018, it started to collapse. Chanida and Nat Puranaputra left the company in October 2018 without any definitive pubic statement. In contrast, the Bydzyne corporate bio of the Puranaputra doesn’t mention World Global Network.

Nattida Chong is the Puranaputra’s daughter, who seems to have followed her parent’s steps. Chad and Nattida claimed to be earning $450,000 per month with the World Global Network Company in late 2017.

With her brother, Sophia Wong established YOR Health back in 2008, but I was unable to identify why she left this company. She claims to have experience of about 22 years in multi-level marketing. When it comes to Henry Marsh, he is the only one who doesn’t hide his MLM background.

He is the co-founder and former VP of Monavie, and this is stated openly in his bio. Jeunesse acquired Monavie in mid-2015 for an undisclosed sum. Then, Marsh re-merged as a Board Director and “Ambassador of Goodwill” for Wealth Generators in late 2017.

Marsh helped Monavie and Wealth Generators to attract more great leaders, who, in turn, brought high revenues. The CFTC fined wealth Generators $150,000 for operating unlawfully. It’s not clear when Henry Marsh left this company.

That’s all about the founders of Bydzyne, and as you can see, some of the MLM’s they were involved in seemed not so good. But, all of them are experienced network marketers, and that’s good.

 Now, before you decide to join Bydzyne, you may want to hear what its users are saying.

What Are Bydzyne’s Users Saying

When you want to join any business opportunity or buy any product, it’s very wise to look for what the real customers who have done it already are saying.

If more people are praising it than condemning it, you may decide to have a taste yourself. But, when you see more negative users’ reviews about any product or opportunity than positive ones, you should think twice before buying or joining it.

Now, although Bydzyne is still a new company, I found it has more negative users’ reviews than positive ones.

Just see for yourself: 

Now, I want to ask you a question; do you think you can still succeed with Bydzyne?

Check the below red flags before answering this question!

Bydzyne’s Ugly Truth Revealed

1. Expensive Products!

The products sold by Bydzyne are overly expensive, even when compared to the competition in the entire market. All of them are over $100, and the smartwatch costs over $400, the price of Apple’s smartwatch.

If I can ask you a question, do you think this watch is anything better than Apple’s smartwatch? Do you think it’s easy to convince people it’s better?

For me, I think it’ll be extremely difficult! Even Samsung offers great smartwatches at lower costs of around $200. Although they are optional, the membership kits are also extremely expensive and can get you to spend up to $5,000.

This is too high, and regardless of the quality of these products, you’ll have a hard time finding buyers since the price is much higher than the existing competition.

2. Low Success Rate!

As in nearly all MLM’s, it’s hard to succeed with Bydzyne mainly due to the expensive products and membership kits.

The high costs can make it very difficult for you to sell the products and recruit new people. As in nearly all MLM’s, it’s hard to succeed with Bydzyne mainly due to the expensive products and membership kits.

The high costs can make it very difficult for you to sell the products and recruit new people. According to some studies, over 98% of people who join MLM’s lose their money.

In most cases, people will earn (if they do) a couple of hundred dollars per month. Only less than 2% of all members make some considerable income like a thousand dollars a month. In my opinion, Bydzyne is just like other MLM’s, and I don’t recommend it.

Related companies include:

7K Metals 

Bemer Group 




3. Too Much Focus On Recruitment!

The only way to make colossal income fast with Bydzyne is through recruitment rather than product sales. They offer many different and enticing rewards when you recruit new members, and this makes most people concentrate more on recruiting.

The earning potential differs depending on your rank, how many people you’ve recruited, as well as the products they sell. As we saw in the compensation plan, you can achieve 16 ranks as an affiliate.

This makes the company look like a pyramid scheme since the potential earning increases as you climb up the ranks. Whenever you rely too much on recruitment to make money, it’s going to be very difficult to make money since recruitment is not easy.

Probably, that’s why many people fail.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is Bydzyne A Scam

After reading this detailed review, are you still wondering: is Bydzyne a scam or not?

Well, let me answer you.

Honestly, I don’t think Bydzyne is an absolute scam. They have real products that seem to be valuable and a comp plan that’s mouthwatering. If you’re good at direct selling and recruiting, you can earn good money.

However, you need to consider several things before making your final decision. To start with, all leaders of Bydzyne have been previously involved in MLM’s, some of which seemed scammy or folded.

Additionally, their products and membership kits are excessively expensive. Apart from making you spend lots of cash, it’ll make it hard for you to make sales and recruit to make money.

Although the kits are optional, they increase your earning potential if you buy them.

But if you consider their high prices, it’s going to be very hard to convince other people to purchase them for you to make a good income.

What this means is that many people are likely to fail or even lose money with Bydzyne, and only the owners and a few members make significant income, just like in most other MLM’s. It’s a risky business, and that’s why most people (like me) won’t join it.

With that said, I don’t recommend the Bydzyne opportunity personally. Having read my unbiased, thorough Bydzyne review, I believe you can decide for yourself if this opportunity is right for you or not.

I wanted to ensure that you get all the info you need to make a rightful final decision about it. If you’re still interested, you can give Bydzyne a shot and see if it fits you.

Good luck with that.

But don’t forget what the real users are saying, as we saw above.

Anyway, I really hope that my review of Bydzyne has been of value and help to you.

If you were looking for cheaper and less risky ways to make money online, I’d want you to check out my #1 recommendation below.

How I Make Income Online

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I’m an active member for more than a year now, and ready to show you how you can succeed online.

Honestly? I genuinely want to help find something legit and have an opportunity to succeed like many people do daily with WA.

If you’d like me to help or even coach you personally, simply send me a message via the WA platform once you’re in.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether ByDzyne is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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