Someone likely tried to approach you with an opportunity called BTCClicks, and now you want to know, is BTCClicks legit? Does it really pay? Or is it a scam?

The site operates as a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site and promises to pay you for clicking ads and viewing them. And because there are numerous such sites online, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the legit ones from scams.

So, doing your own research before joining this site shows that you’re a wise person, my friend. You want to ensure that your time isn’t wasted by doing offers that don’t pay, right?

To be honest, this is the only way to avoid scams and find a genuine way to earn real cash online.

BTCClicks Review Summary

Product Name: BTCClicks


Price: Free, with a premium membership ranging from 1.215 mBTC to 3.888 mBTC

Recommended: YES & NO


BTCClicks is a legitimate Paid-To-Click (PTC) that pays people for clicking ads. However, your earning potential in this site is very low, given that it takes too much time just to earn a dollar. That’s why, in my opinion, this site is not worth your time since it can’t give you a considerable income. Furthermore, it only allows one method of payment, making it somewhat troublesome when you want to cash out your earnings. So, in general, I don’t recommend this site for there are many other offers from other better-paying sites. Read the full review to understand everything better.

Now, I want to answer your question, ‘is BTCClicks legit?’

In simple terms, I would say yes, BTCClicks is legitimate.

But I know you want concrete information to prove this, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve compiled this in-depth BTCClicks review to reveal everything you need to know about it.

In the end, you’ll be able to know whether the site is worth your time and make a rightful decision regarding it.
Without much ado, let’s dive into the review.

What Is BTCClicks

BTC Clicks is an online advertising platform that provides advertisers with a cheap way to place their adverts. It focuses on folks who love Bitcoins.

Then, they invite people to join as members and view the ads that have been placed by advertisers. As a site’s member, you’ll be paid in mBTC (millibitcoins). That’s a thousandth of a Bitcoin, right?

Upon reaching the minimum threshold, you’ll be able to cash out all your earnings in Bitcoins. Looking at the opportunity offered by this site, I can say that BTC Clicks is very much legitimate.

The site lacks an ‘About Us’ page; thus, we can’t tell who are the brains behind it or how it started. However, if you check the domain ‘’ on , you’ll find out that it was registered privately in Panama on 5th April 2013.

Being in business for such a long time in this kind of industry is not easy, which means that BTC Clicks must be doing something legitimate.

Additionally, it seems like most of their members are getting paid, thus little to no cases of delayed or failed payments.
However, there are a few complaints about some people’s accounts getting closed suddenly. This may be a result of a violation of the terms and conditions of the site.

But again, you shouldn’t expect to earn huge cash on this site. Are you wondering why I say this? Well, you’ll understand as you continue reading this BTC Clicks review.

How BTCClicks Works

Like I mentioned earlier, BTC Clicks offers a chance to earn Bitcoins through clicking and viewing ads. Whenever you click on an ad, you’ll be paid in mBTC, which I said is equal to one-thousandth of a Bitcoin.

In short, 1 mBTC equals 0.001 Bitcoin. At the time of this writing, the value of 1 Bitcoin is $8,932.20, meaning that 1 mBTC is equal to $8.9322.

Your earnings on the site depend on the duration you take to view the ads. An advertisement that lasts for 10 seconds will earn you 0.00005 mBTC, while that of 20 seconds will earn you 0.00006 mBTC.

In case you view an ad that’s 30 seconds long, then you can earn 0.00007 mBTC. The longest ad will last for 40 seconds and will earn you 0.00008 mBTC.

BTC Clicks states on their website that you can earn up to 0.00023 mBTC per direct click and up to 0.00018 mBTC per referral click.

Once you’re done viewing the ad, you’ll be needed to answer a captcha before your account is credited with your earnings. However, this is normal for most PTC sites.
BTC Clicks has only one issue; there are only 10 – 15 ads for you to view each day. Though sometimes you may find more, that’s the number of ads you would see most of the time.

Then, BTC Clicks also offers a referral program to enable you to earn more mBTC, which I’ll expound in a sec.

The BTC Clicks Referral Opportunity

In case you’re having issues in getting direct referrals, BTC Clicks allows you to rent referrals, just like most other PTC sites.

You’ll be able to earn around 0.00005 mBTC per click from referrals. If you rent the referrals, you’ll pay 0.0006 mBTC for each one. You can opt to rent them for seven days, fifteen, or thirty days.

All the referrals will be active and will click a minimum of 25 ads in 5 days. That’s what the site guarantees. Nonetheless, there’s no guarantee that these referrals will continue to click in the future after those five days.

In addition to the referral program, you can upgrade your membership to Premium, where you can increase your earning chances. I’ll talk more about the upgrade fees later in the ‘Pricing’ section of my BTC Clicks review.

Once you go premium, each direct click will earn you a minimum of 0.00013 mBTC, and each referral click will earn you 0.0001 mBTC.

There is also an affiliate program in which you can earn 40% – 80% commissions for each new member you refer to join this site.
Once you earn, BTC Clicks will pay you as explained below.

The BTC Clicks Payment Terms

To start with, this site is well-known to pay its members on time. It offers two terms of withdrawing your earnings.

The first one is to reach a threshold of 0.1000 mBTC and cash out to receive your money in 24 hours. This has a transaction fee of 1.5%.

Now, here’s the maths;

If 1 mBTC equals 0.001 Bitcoin, then the minimum threshold is 0.0001 Bitcoin.
When writing this BTCClicks review, 1 Bitcoin is equal to $8,932.20, meaning that you’re going to cash out starting from $0.89322.

Then, you can wait for your account to reach a minimum balance of 10 mBTC if you don’t want to pay the 1.5% transaction fees.

The threshold 10 mBTC is equivalent to $89.322, according to the current value of Bitcoin.

All your earnings will be sent instantly to your wallet. However, the problem comes in how long you can wait to reach this threshold.

Let’s face it, right?

The maximum amount you can earn here is 0.00023 mBTC per click, according to the site. So, to reach the threshold of 10 mBTC, you’ll need to click on 43,478 ads, i.e., if my calculator isn’t cheating me. And to reach the first threshold of 0.1000 mBTC, you’ll need to click on 435 ads.

In most cases, the number of ads that you can see is about 15 per day. So, it’s going to take you at least 29 days to click 435 ads and request your 0.1000 mBTC ($0.89322).

Similarly, it will take you about 2899 days to click on 43,478 ads and request your 10 mBTC ($89.322). This equals about 8 years! Do you think it’s worth it?

Even if you’re lucky enough to get 20 – 25 ads per day, you’ll still have to wait for a long time to reach the threshold.
You may opt to buy referrals or the Premium Membership, but they’re going to be too expensive that you can hardly recover your investment.

In my opinion, this payment is too low and not worth my time.

That’s why I prefer affiliate marketing because it has a limitless income potential once you learn how to do it the right way. It has actually helped me to create a 4-figure income stream in less than a year. I’ll tell you more about it at the end of this review.
But for now, let’s move on to the next section of my BTCClicks review and find out how much it costs to join this opportunity.

BTC Clicks Pricing

It’s free to join BTC Clicks and become a member. You just need to sign up with your email address and choose a strong password.

After that, check your email for a message from BTC Clicks and click on the link to verify your email address. Once you’re done, you’ll be set to begin earning.

However, as I mentioned earlier, there’s a membership upgrade that you can opt for to increase your earning potential.

BTCClicks has only one Premium upgrade option, which differs from most PTC sites that offers various upgrades.

To become a Premium member, you’ll need to choose one of the following duration options:

• 90 days – costs 1.215 mBTC
• 180 days – costs 2.43 mBTC
• 360 days – costs 3.888 mBTC

However, you’ll need to be cautious as it might be hard to recoup these fees by only viewing ads. With that said, you may be at risk of losing Bitcoins if you lack enough referrals.

It’s good to note that all payments made to and by are in Bitcoins.
Next, we’re going to look at the negative and positive things about this site.


The Pros

• It allows members to join from anywhere around the entire world.
• It’s free to join and start viewing ads to earn Bitcoins.
• The site is easily accessible through a mobile device.
• It offers high referral commissions.
• They do really pay.

The Cons

• Very low earning potential.
• It offers only one method of payment.
• The earning opportunities are limited.
• The value of Bitcoin is not constant.
• No information about the owners and no ‘About Us’ page.

BTCClicks Owners

I tried to search through the entire website, but I couldn’t find an ‘About Us’ page. There’s nowhere on the website that they mention about who established this site or how it was founded.

This is a huge red flag and makes it a bit hard to trust the site fully.
Furthermore, the site is registered privately, and the registrant is located in Panama (according to . I doubt if this happened by accident for them to be located in a place rather difficult even for governments to reach them.

Though they are known to pay their members on time, I still feel they may be hiding some secrets. So, I don’t trust them because they’re not completely transparent.

With that said, let’s see what the real users of this site are saying.

What Are Users Saying About BTCClicks?

To start with, it’s very vital to hear the experiences of people who have already joined a program or buying a product before joining or buying it (respectively).
This aids you to have a clear understanding of what to expect once you purchase into it, and make a more informed decision regarding whatever is at hand.

Now, I searched to see what the real BTCClicks users were saying about the site, and it seems like many people are earning and really getting paid, though very low.

At this time of writing, the site has an average rating of 3.8/5 on after 230 opinions.
I took the below screenshots to show you the real users’ reviews so you can see for yourself…

As you can see, people are getting paid here after reaching the threshold. But here is another one who was not paid and thinks it’s a scam, and another whose account was suspended when he tried to withdraw and thinks the same.

Indeed, even the Foxy Rating website itself sees as a scam, but I don’t know how they define this.

And another user commented the following on another blog…

So, although the site seems legit and does pay its users, you should definitely think deeply before joining it as it could end up being a waste of time.

And before you do that, let me reveal to you some ugly facts about BTC Clicks.

Ugly Truths Revealed

1. The Bitcoin Value Is Dynamic!

The Bitcoin rate always keeps on changing, and this means that the value of the ads you click changes daily. This can, in turn, highly affect your daily earnings.

However, it could be a benefit for folks who wait for the Bitcoin rate to go higher for them to withdraw their earnings. But they may have to wait a few days for the value to rise again in case the rate falls, for them to get more out of their Bitcoins.

2. Extremely Low Earning Potential!

If you’ve been with me since the beginning of this BTCClicks review, you probably know that my major issue with this site is their earning potential being very small compared to the time spent.

However, this is not very new with PTC sites, and that’s why I don’t recommend them.

There are many other ways to make money online that pay really good incomes, and I’ll show you some of them at the end of this post.
For now, just know that BTC Clicks can’t help you earn anything significant.

3. No Owner’s Information!

As I mentioned earlier, the website doesn’t have an ‘About Us’ page and doesn’t mention anything about its foundation. This is not always a good sign for websites that deals with people and money.As I mentioned earlier, the website doesn’t have an ‘About Us’ page and doesn’t mention anything about its foundation.

This is not always a good sign for websites that deals with people and money.It makes some people think the site is a scam. And to be honest, most sites that hide owners’ information eventually turn out to be scams or not of any help.

Some examples of such sites may include:


Digital Payday 

Smart Dollars Club 

Viral Pay 

Money Looper 

So, although BTC Clicks looks very legitimate, it’s not something that I would join or recommend to you, especially when you consider the other red flags revealed in this review.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is BTCClicks A Pyramid Scheme

Some people are wondering; is BTCClicks a pyramid scheme? Well, I don’t think this site is a Ponzi scheme after seeing everything about how it works.

If you check on Wikipedia, a pyramid scheme is a company/site that offers no retail products/services and the only way to earn on it is by recruiting new members to join the same program.

That’s not the case with BTC Clicks, at least, from what I can tell. The site connects advertisers (who place ads) to people looking for a way to earn online (like you and me), who click on the ads to earn some millibitcoins.

Although they also have a referral program, viewing ads is the main way for most of their members to earn cash.

So, no, this site is not a pyramid scheme. But, is BTCClicks a scam? Well, let’s find out as we conclude this long review.s.

Is BTCClicks Legit Or Scam

If you’re still troubled by this question, now let me answer you.

BTCClicks is legitimate and operates as a Paid-To-Click site that pays you for clicking on ads. The site is a bit forthright and has been in existence since 2013, which adds to proof that it’s not a scam.

However, it has a few drawbacks that prevent me from recommending it to you or anyone serious about making money online. To start with, BTC Clicks offers only one payment, and that is Bitcoin.

This means you have to know how to use the crypto-currency and have a wallet.
Additionally, your earning potential is going to be very low at this site, and it may not be worth your time.

As we saw earlier, the earning opportunities are limited, and it can take you almost a month to earn less than a dollar. Could this be worth your time, really?

In my opinion, your time could be better spent on working on offers from other sites that have better-earning chances.

Therefore, although BTC Clicks is legit, I still don’t think it’s a good decision to invest your effort and time in it. Because it’s not easy to find thousands of referrals who would at least upsurge your income, and paying for them could be overly expensive.

So, overall, I’m not going to recommend this opportunity to you or anyone since it actually seems to be a waste of time.

In case you’re interested in earning a good income online more regularly, I suggest you consider other options like paid surveys, or much better, creating your own online business like many other people, and I did.

Do you want to hear more about it? Ok, let me show you…

A Better Opportunity

I used to follow sites like BTC Clicks in the past, but I quit because the earning potential is normally too low.
When I realized there’s a better opportunity, I changed my mind and started my own websites.

These earn me a 4-figure monthly passive income that keeps on growing, through promoting products as an affiliate marketer.

Honestly, it’s not easy and requires time plus hard work. But if you give it all your best, you can create a good passive income over time.

For me, I learned Affiliate Marketing with the help of an outstanding step-by-step program and their community of 1.4+ million active members.

They also offered me all the best tools and resources that I needed to succeed in building my digital business. And it’s totally free to get started, so you have nothing to lose.

Therefore, if you’re interested, click the below link to join the program or read my honest review about it here. If you need my personal assistance, simply send me a direct message through the platform once you join.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my exhaustive BTCClicks review and can now rightfully decide whether it’s worth your time or not.

I’m glad that you visited my website.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether BTCClicks is legit or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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