From the stories I heard from people about Bellame led me to research and find the appropriate answers to “Is Bellame a Scam or legitimate online opportunity?”

So, if you’re asking yourself the same question, relax because you’ve just landed at the flawless place. Before we start, I must congratulate you on doing your due diligence before joining this platform.

This shows that you’re a wise person who doesn’t want to waste his/her time on programs that don’t really help. Indeed, that’s the only way to evade scams and discover genuine ways to earn money online.

Bellame Review Summary

Product Name: Bellame


Price: $49 – $299 for the Starter Kit.

Recommended: YES & NO


Bellame is a personal skincare MLM company founded in 2017. Based on its foundation period, we can say that it’s relatively new. It’s decently organized and greatly targeted in their product line, but absolutely missing a unique selling point over the other competitors’ cutting-edge crowded beauty market haven’t yet covered. Furthermore, the company is missing an income disclosure statement. Considering it’s a new MLM, it indicates that no individual might be making money yet despite well-designed sales and motivated compensation plan. Read the full review to understand everything better.

I also need to inform you that I’m not a paid affiliate of this program. So, I won’t be trying to promote or sell anything to you here.

Rather, I’m going to provide you with my thorough third-party Bellame Review to help you understand everything about how this program really works.

So, is Bellame a scam to waste your time and money? Or is it a legitimate opportunity to make money online?

Let’s dive into the review to find out everything.

What Is Bellame

Bellame is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company that focuses on beauty products. It was started in 2017 by its founders, Melissa Thompson and Scott Thompson, who had experience in the beauty niche and digital marketing, respectively.

They advertise and promote their beauty products by offering their MLM partners a commission on every product they sell.
This indicates that Bellame doesn’t spend its money on advertising expenses, and real people can make money online by promoting its products.

In this manner, we can say it’s a win-win!
Some of the products offered by Bellame include Hydrating Eye Cream (costing $68), Hydrating Cleanser (costing $48), Hydrating Moisturizer (costing $78), and Hydrating Serum (costing $88).

All products can be shipped according to the agreements, and shipping costs are payable depending on the amount of money you spend on buying these products.

Up to this point, Bellame seems like a great opportunity to earn money online, right?
But we can’t decide this before looking deeply into how it really works. So, let’s move on to the next section of my Bellame review.

How Bellame Works

Bellame clearly uses the MLM program to advertise, promote, and grow its business.

Nevertheless, they as well use science-backed technology to make definite personal skincare products stand out.

In case products stand out, they can over and over again sell themselves and fetch back recurrence consumers. So, it actually is beginning to seem like the honorable deal, isn’t it?

If you join, you’ll be able to promote the company’s beauty products and earn some commissions as people buy them through your affiliate links. On top of that, you’ll be able to recruit others into the program and earn commissions as your recruits sell the products.

Then, you’re going to be rewarded in regards to the company’s compensation plan, which I’ll show you in a moment.

Bellame Compensation Plan

Most MLM compensation plans look very complicated, and this one of Bellame is no different.Most MLM compensation plans look very complicated, and this one of Bellame is no different.

But don’t worry since I’m going to put things clear for easy understanding.

Actually, Bellame allows people to earn money through two main ways that include: 

1. 25 – 40% commissions on retailing their beauty products

2. Bonus commissions on every sale someone you recruited make 

To be honest, you’ll require recruiting people into the program to earn some good money.The Bellame compensation plan combines retail sales with your 1st level uni-level commissions.

Then, your residual incomes are rewarded out on an extreme of 4 generations and an exceptional infinity bonus for distributors who are the best performing.

Bellame uses Distributor Ranks to compensate the influencers, which are 8, as indicated below: 

⦁ Partner Rank

⦁ Senior Partner Rank

⦁ Executive Partner Rank

⦁ Director Rank

⦁ Senior Director Rank

⦁ Executive Director Rank

⦁ Diamond Director Rank

⦁ Platinum Executive Director Rank 

 The above ranks flow, starting from the first to the last one. According to merits, you’re compensated in every rank according to your personal volume, as well as your level on the ranks.

You have to meet the requirements for you to qualify, which are clearly shown in the company’s distribution ranks.

So, here are the bonuses that you can be rewarded with… 


Direct Recruits Sales Bonus

Your 1st level is often referred to as your direct recruits or your front liner. Sales made by your 1st level recruits reward you a 4% bonus. 


Direct Retail Sales bonuses

Once you become a distributor, you can earn starting from a 25% commission on your direct retail sales.In the circumstances based on certain performance and qualifications, this commission may rise to 40% as follows:

⦁ When you make a Personal Volume of between 1000 and 1,999 each month or qualify for Senior Partner rank, you may receive an extra bonus commission of 5% on top of the 25%.

⦁ Upon Generating a Personal Volume Of 2000 and above every month or qualify for Executive partner, you earn a 10% bonus, hence adding up to 35% retail commission.

⦁ When you qualify for the Director rank, you earn a bonus of 15%, summing up to a 40% retail commission.

Esteemed customers of Bellame who opted for auto-shipment of products are given a 10% discount and free shipping on orders above $50 or have paid a yearly fee of $25.

In case your clients are on auto-ship, you’re going to earn a 20% base rate commission, and this may rise up to 35%, applying the same qualification principles outlined above. 


Infinity Bonus

This bonus is rewarded to distributors who qualify to reach the Platinum Executive rank.

An infinity bonus of 0.25% commission on every leg of your enrolled group until a Platinum Executive Director rank is discovered.

If the rank is not discovered, you’ll be rewarded the bonus for the whole length of the leg.

That’s all about the compensation plan of Bellame. Next, let’s see how much it costs to join this program.

Bellame Pricing

For you to join Bellame as a consultant (also known as influencer or partner), you must obtain a starter kit.

There’re 2 choices for the starter kit:

 1. Digital Kit, which costs $49. This will guarantee you access to the Website for 1 year and a 25% personal product discount.

2. Influencer Kit, which costs $299. 

The Influencer Kit comprises of the basic tools that you need to get started with Bellame, which include: 

⦁ 1 Bellame box

⦁ 1-year Bellame boutique website

⦁ Training materials 

⦁ 1 Bellame binder 

⦁ Tons of products! 

You may then increase more products, brochures, samples, and many others at a discount.The worst side of it is that you must make 100 PV sales every month to remain active.

This means you must sell products worth around $100 per month.Failure to this, you are obligated to pay that amount yourself.


The Pros

⦁ The business is focused on sales and not recruiting people.

⦁ Experienced owners.

⦁ Unique dedicated product variety focusing on beauty and hydration.

⦁ It’s rated reasonably well by the BBB.

The Cons

⦁ Costly products, thus becoming difficult to sell.
⦁ It operates in a very crowded niche.
⦁ Over 99% of MLM recruits don’t make any money.
⦁ Missing income disclosure statement to indicate other people’s success.

Bellame Owners

The founders of this company are also the owners. They are Melissa and Scott Thompson, who started the company in 2017.

Melissa is pretty experienced in the beauty industry and social media marketing, which includes the use of social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. This helps her to form a community of people having a specific interest.

Melissa used to blog and communicate with her community of concurring people in the beauty industry.She realized that many of the people in her community were interested in two things:

⦁ Personal care products (beauty products)

⦁ Working online from their homes

Scott Thompson, who is also a co-owner of the Bellame Beauty Company, has a concrete background in digital marketing.

Then, the two combined their ideas and knowledge and came up with a great team in offering this MLM opportunity.

Both Melissa and Scott Thompson have maintained a clear record of their personal information.

Simply, they have not been involved in shady or scammy programs, hence making them appear legitimate people with good intentions.

Though they are still new in MLM business and the company is still quite new, as time goes, we’ll get to know more according to how they will run the company.

What Are Users Saying About Bellame

First of all, there were not many Bellame users’ reviews at the time of this writing. Probably, the reason for this is that the company is still relatively new in the industry.

It has an average rating of 3.5/5 on , but this is only after one review.

Nonetheless, I found out that the users had mixed opinions about this company.
Some of them appreciated the business opportunity and said they were happy about the wide range of unique products.

They also added a well-designed compensation plan as another reason to stick by Bellame. Those who didn’t like the company complained about the high cost of the products and its joining price.

Some who were allergic also admits how the products worsen their skin. That’s all about what the users of this company are saying.

Now, I’d like to show you some ugly facts regarding Bellame so that you can be more informed.

Ugly Truths Revealed

1. Costly Products!

One of the challenging issues is expensive products, which seem to reflect the high quality and effective results.

However, the high prices might make it hard to market the Bellame products, considering that their commercial competitors are moderately cheaper than them. 

2. Income Disclosure Statement Is Not Provided!

Bellame doesn’t provide an income disclosure statement. Lack of such an important document would make it hard to determine whether people are earning money from the program or not.

However, in most MLM’s, you’ll find that the majority of their members fail to make any significant income.Actually, some reports state that around 99% of the people who join MLM’s don’t earn anything at all.

So, only about 1% of the members make some considerable income, and those are the ones at the pyramid-top, who join the programs early enough and build strong downline teams.Some good examples of such programs include: 




Prime My Body 

Monat Global 

With that said, Bellame might not be very different from other related network marketing companies, and many people may find it difficult to earn something substantial.

Probably, that’s why they’re hiding their income disclosure statement, who knows?

3. Operates In A Crowded Niche!

The beauty niche is very crowded, which may make it even more difficult for members to sell Bellame products.

Having in mind, they are more expensive than commercial competitors, the competition could become very tight.

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Is Bellame A Pyramid Scheme

No, not really. Bellame isn’t a pyramid scheme. We’ve already found that the pyramid schemes are focused on recruiting more people to form a downline, which personally referral affiliates are paid commissions solely on that without selling any product.

So, why do I say Bellame isn’t a pyramid scheme?

From their product line, you can clearly see that Bellame sells real products that are unique and of high quality. They make profits from the sales of their products and not from their partners.

Upon joining the business, the partner is given real products and services in their kits to manage them as they wish.
The 3 points above only indicate that Bellame is not a pyramid scheme.

But for us to understand more about these, let’s look at the rest points that seem to arise from the points demonstrated above. 
A partner is subjected to make a profit by just marketing the products.

Furthermore, a partner needs to sell a stated amount of products to be reflected active in which they might make a profit based on their downline. This actually means that a partner can never just recruit new members, sit back, and wait to make their profit completely from them.

Each partner needs to be actively working for them to earn money.

I hope you understand why I say that Bellame is not a pyramid/Ponzi scheme.
Next, we’re going to answer the primary question that most people are still asking themselves; is Bellame a scam?

Is Bellame A Scam

Based on my research and review about Bellame, I can say that this company is not a scam but a legitimate MLM opportunity that focuses on providing people with unique personal skincare products. The company has a keen focus, which is selling to motivate members.

In many cases, scammy MLMs only promote by recruiting people, and there are no products to be offered. Others don’t even show who the owners and operators are, hence making them shady.

However, even though the business seems to be positively-intended, it becomes very difficult to know if people are really making money from this opportunity. This is because Bellame lacks an income disclosure statement, despite having a good compensation plan.

Normally, the majority of MLM members fail to make any good income, and around 99% of them don’t earn anything at all.

So, I wouldn’t recommend this program to you unless you already have a very good experience in selling beauty products and recruiting people in such businesses, because that’s the only way to make good money with Bellame. But if you still feel like it suits you, I wouldn’t stop you since the final decision is always yours.

Mine was only to give you all the information regarding this opportunity, and there you have it. Anyway, I honestly hope that my Bellame review has been of use to you, and now you can make the right verdict about it.

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A Better Opportunity

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If you have any questions or thoughts whether Bellame  is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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