Let me guess; you were looking for a reliable binary options signal service and happened to stumble upon Auto Binary Signals.Now you’re troubled with questions like: is Auto Binary Signals a scam to be avoided or is it a legit company?

Luckily, you’ve just landed at the perfect place because here, I’m going to reveal everything about this service.

Trading signal service allows entry signals for binary and forex options so that newbies can be free to do the trading with ease.

Even experienced traders can find such services very useful.

Since there are numerous signal service providers out there, most of which are very low in quality, it’s crucial to do your research before joining any of them.

Before we begin with the review, I want to congratulate you and tell you that I’m glad that you do your research.

That means you are serious about finding something legit and avoid any scam.

Auto Binary Signals Review Summary

Product Name: Auto Binary Signals

Website: autobinarysignals.com

Price: $97 one-time fee

Recommended: YES/NO

Auto Binary Signals (also known as ABS) is one of the best Binary Options trading software in the current market. Rodger Pierce, who is a well-known successful online trader, is the creator of this software. It has a proven record of success in the online trading business and costs a one-time fee of $97 in order to use this service. Additionally, ABS promises up to 90% accuracy rate, making it stand out among other similar software. It’s popularly known for being very simple and easy to use since it has no complex charts and requires no complex analysis to start making profits with this software. ABS has a rising membership of 28,293.

My Auto Binary Signals review will tell you what’s ABS, how it works and whether this product is worth its cost.

This will help you to make the right decision regarding it.

Auto Binary Signals Review

Auto Binary Options is one of the widely held binary signals options existing all over the internet.

It’s unique and offers service that helps you analyze the current market trends with just a single click.

Additionally, it passes signals for winning trades in your dashboard.

All you need to do is prepare your budget, choose one binary signals from your dashboard and begin investing as per your budget.

It requires you to pay a one-time fee of $97 to access this software and start trading.

Providing an accuracy rate of up to 90%, this software enables even the newbies to make professional and profitable trading.

It’s unique and has a proven record of success in the online trading business for providing trading predictions with a high rate of accuracy.

This system was created to focus on specific trends that come with low risks.

It ignores trades and trends automatically if the risk is high for traders.

Auto Binary Signals software provides signals to ease the trading process for both newbies and experienced online traders.

The creators of this software are professionals in the binary options trading, who are constantly actualizing it.

They explain that they focus on low-risk trades allowing traders to profit more in the long term, even if some trades generally have lower individual payouts.

How Auto Binary Signals Works

Joining Auto Binary Signals is very simple.

You need to navigate to the website and sign up with your email address to get instant access.

Then, check the welcome email (which includes your username and password) sent to you and activate your account to start using it.

Now, you can log in and add your credentials, after which you’ll be redirected to the member’s area.

To start trading, you’ll need to make an affordable one-time payment.

After the payment has been accepted, deposit a minimum of $250 to begin trading different assets that include binary options.

From your dashboard, go to the Option type and choose either the 1-minute, 2, 5, 15, 30 or the 60-minute option.

If you’re a beginner, you can stick with the 1, 2 and 5-minute options.

Now, your ABS dashboard will be filled with signals or assets. Just tap on the Action column for a specific signal to start trading. You can start with as low as $5 per trade. Be keen to watch the Profit column before taking any action and trade all signals as soon as you can.

The software is built with five custom-made indicators, which include BP Trend Filter, Market Deviation, Rel. Price Impulse, Stat. Price range, and Price Pattern.

The user interface is enhanced so that traders can trade digital and turbo options each day.

The default Auto Binary Signals version is the best setting.

Auto Binary Signals Pricing

The main Auto Binary Signals software costs a one-time fee of $97.

In addition, they offer a 10-day trial at $5, which is fairly good too.

Then, they provide several upgrades that you can do.

These include the PRO Signals service at $210, which gives you more indicators and signals that are accurate.

They even guarantee these signals to be perfect that can’t lose.

Also, you can upgrade to the Strategies upgrade, which provides you with more information to help you in using the ABS software more effectively.

There is also the PRO Training videos, which give you exclusive videos with better insights on how to use the software.

Who Is Auto Binary Signals Meant For (And Not For)

ABS software is intended for anyone interested in binary options and forex trading.

It helps you to do trading with ease by providing you with accurate trading signals for all commodities, currency pairs, and stocks.

It also gives you the trend probability percent so that you can easily choose the one with a high percentage and earn more profits.

This software is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

ABS isn’t meant for you if you are looking for a method of making money online without engaging yourself in forex trading and binary signals.


The Pros

  • The software is straightforward to use for anyone, even with little computer knowledge.
  • It’s all cloud-based, making it accessible from wherever you may want right from the browser.
  • It provides you with up to 90% accuracy rates for trading signals for all stocks, commodities, and currency pairs 24/7.
  • It’s the only trading system that offers a 60 days money back guarantee.
  • It’s compatible with all binary trading options.
  • It has a success rate of 80%, which is quite inspiring.
  • Provides you with PDF and videos to enhance your trading skills.
  • The software researches trends, so you don’t have to do it yourself.
  • It offers remarkable customer care support.
  • Requires no subscription fee.

The Cons

  •  The software makes you trust it to make all the trading decisions for you.  
  • You have to spend time on the software, but this is obvious for many moneymaking products if you want to make serious money.

The Owner

The creator of Auto Binary Signals is Rodger Pierce.

He was a trader back in 1987, whose attention was grabbed by the trend of Binary Options on the internet.

He spent more than 9 years in researching binary options signals before coming up with this fantastic trading software.

This was the best trading software in which he spent a hundred thousands of dollars to make it perfect.

Auto Binary Signals earned Pierce $100,000’s in a single month.

According to him, this software is designed to make you more and more profits.

However, as it usually happens with any product, the competitors of ABS create scams to ruin the reputation of this product.

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Is Auto Binary Signals A Scam?

Auto Binary Signals is a legit binary options service that’s proven to make you profits.

Having considered the ABS users’ responses over the internet and everything else regarding this software, I think it’s a good platform that you can give a try.

Some users reported that they earned above $1,000 in profits per day with this software, which is impressive.

Another exciting aspect of ABS is its ease of use, which makes it simple for even people with little computer knowledge to do trading like professionals.

It’s easily accessible from any place using a browser and can be highly profitable with accuracy levels between 80 and 85 percent when all indicators are in the green.

This software also allows traders to use any broker they like and doesn’t impose any particular trading platform on its users.

This is good since traders need to have additional broker options.

The custom indicators have been pinched to ensure good results.

In my opinion, this software is worth your investment and time. It will require you to pay only the one-time $97 fee with no monthly subscription fees.

This is one of the best deals available on the net when it comes to binary signals options.

I would recommend you to try the free demo account first in case you are entirely new in trading.

Explore it to see all its features and only stick with it if you get a good response.

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They promise too huge in less time and with less or no work at all but fail to deliver their promises.

These are also called get-rich-quick schemes.

They are only intended to make the owners richer at your expense.

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If you have any questions or thoughts whether Auto Binary Signals is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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