Maybe you have stumbled across this website that claims to help you make money by testing apps and are wondering, “Is App Coiner a scam to avoid? Or else, is it legit to make money online?”

To start with, let me congratulate you for taking the time to search for this product’s information before purchasing it.

There are numerous scams on the net which easily persuade people to buy them, only to fail to deliver their promises.

Therefore, your watchfulness is the only way to evade scams and find a useful method of making money online.

That means you are serious about finding something legit and avoid any scam.

App Coiner Review Summary

Product Name: App Coiner


Price: $27 + Upsells

Recommended: NO

App Coiner is an online platform that links mobile App Developers to people (like you) to test and review their new applications and get paid. According to the website, the limit to your earnings is the number of apps you test and review. You can expect to earn $15-$25 for one app, so if you are experienced in reviewing apps, maybe you can find some solution here. But is it really easy as claimed on the platform? This is just a claim, and therefore, it can be harder to make good cash with this platform. To find out the hidden truths about App Coiner, continue reading this review.

Justly, App Coiner operates differently from the way it portrays itself on the sales page.

In this review, I’m going to explain everything about how this program works, things that it’s hiding from you, and why it’s misleading, among others, to help you make a more informed decision.

What Is App Coiner

App Coiner is a website that claims to help you make money online by simply testing and reviewing different apps.

Allegedly, you can make more money by testing more apps and writing honest, comprehensive reviews about them.

You can also do some research to understand its features so that you can be able to come up with more detailed reviews.

The App Coiner website has an income calculator that lets you determine the number of your potential earnings.

You put the number of reviews you can write per day and amount to earn per review on the calculator, and then it estimates the total probable income that you can make.

Also, the sales page depicts the platform as genuine and advertise the moneymaking process persuasively as easy and fast.

According to the sales page and video, you can easily make money by following this simple process:

First, choose an app and install it to see how it works. Then, write your honest review to get paid. That’s all.

This seems too good to be true, right?

After doing my research, I realized that their sales video and page are very misleading.

They claim that you don’t require any special skills or prior experience. It only needs you to have a smartphone or tablet to start.

App Coiner helps app developers to gain more popularity for their new apps in the market.

This is done by connecting the developers with reviewers who write reviews for money.

But can you earn money as quickly as claimed on the site when you are an app tester and reviewer? Let us find out…

How App Coiner Works

According to App Coiner, the entire process of testing and reviewing apps for money is very easy. It can be quickly done in the following steps:

1.    Pick an App from their collection and download to test it on your smartphone or tablet.

2.    Compose your honest review regarding the App.

3.    Get Paid.

It also says that you can earn more money by reviewing more apps. The amount promised per review is $15-$25.

This is what it wants you to believe. Nevertheless, it is not easy as App Coiner make it seem to make money by reviewing apps.

Many people believe the claims and think that all they need to do is to test the app of their choice.

Then, sign in to App Coiner account and drop a review to get paid. But is writing reviews all you need to do in order you to make money?

How App Coiner REALLY Works

In reality, you will be needed to build your website where you will be posting your app reviews.

And the worst hidden part, you’ll earn money only when someone buys the app via your affiliate link that you provided in the review.

Therefore, the actual steps you follow to make money using App Coiner are:

1.    Create a website.

2.    Pick apps to test and review.

3.    Write reviews and post them on your website.

4.    Get your affiliate link for the app from App Coiner.

5.    Drive traffic on your site so that people can read your reviews.

6.    Earn commission only when someone buys the app through your affiliate link.

This is what we call an affiliate marketing business.

However, the owner of App Coiner has put all efforts to hide its real identity by twisting it.

The only hint provided on the website is that you’ll need to come up with your site, but it’s hard for anyone to notice that hint.

Looking at the product’s sales page, there is no clue that the business inside is affiliate business.

As you can see, App Coiner is very misleading since what they advertise isn’t the product they sell. This is a big red flag!

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App Coiner Pricing

To get full access to App Coiner, you are supposed to pay a frontend fee of $27. There is also one upsell of $9.95 at checkout, which is optional.

Who Is App Coiner Meant For (And Not For)

According to the owner, App Coiner is intended for those looking to work online from anywhere, especially those with interests in reviewing apps.

However, it doesn’t seem easy for you to make money as fast as claimed by the owner.

This program is best for the owners who benefit from selling it.

It might also be suitable for experienced affiliates which can be able to drive more sales and earn more cash.

App Coiner is not fit for you since the owner hides too much information from you until you buy the product.


The Pros

•    Guarantees money-back within 60 days (since it’s sold on ClickBank, which handles the payments).

•    It’s open to worldwide people.

•    Allows you to familiarize with new apps.

The Cons

•    It hides information on how you can make money through the platform.

•    It lies on the amount you can earn per review. It’s very rare to earn the $15-$25 as they claim.

•    It portrays the process of making money as very simple and fast, while the reality is entirely different.

•    Difficult to earn, especially for beginners with no knowledge about affiliate marketing.

•    It doesn’t provide you with a traffic source for your reviews. You need more traffic to get more app buyers and increase your earnings.

The Ugly Truths Revealed


1. Secretive Owner.

Who is behind App Coiner program? Throughout the whole site, there is nowhere mentioned about the creator/s of this program.

No photos or names and this makes it difficult to know who the creator/s is. This is another huge red flag.

In most cases, owners who hide tend to have products of low quality or even scams.

For App Coiner, the owner/s hide to indicate that the product sold is not as good as marketed.

2. It’s not clear on the cost and how it works.

App Coiner isn’t transparent when it comes to the real cost of the product.

When you decide to purchase App Coiner, you’ll be required to choose whether you want to pay an upsell fee before completing the purchase.

Also, you will have to spend more cash to get paid traffic or even training.

This is because this platform doesn’t teach you how to drive targeted traffic to your site. App Coiner doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.

For my part, I don’t like the fact that App Coiner is not frank on how the whole thing works as well as the real cost of the product.

This is because it prevents people like you from making knowledgeable decisions.

If you want to make an intelligent decision, you have to search for and read honest reviews similar to this one.

3. The income calculator is deceptive.

The income calculator on the App Coiner’s website is very misleading since the results it gives you are unrealistic potentials of the amount that you can earn.

To determine your effects, it asks for the number of reviews you can write per day and your expected earnings for each review.

This becomes deceptive since the criteria used to earn is beyond just writing reviews.

You only earn in case people purchase the apps via through your affiliate links, hence it doesn’t matter how many reviews you write.

This is the reason I said the income calculator is very misleading and only wants you to believe that you can write reviews and make money.

Is App Coiner A Scam?

The fact that App Coiner leaves so many gaps regarding how you can make money by writing reviews makes me dislike them.

The owner/s doesn’t show off, and the entire program is very misleading. So, is App Coiner a scam to be avoided?

I can’t call it a scam since it involves affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate method that can make you a good income online.

However, it is wrong for them to ask for your cash without helping you understand how the whole program works.

Besides, it has a very low probability of making you succeed in your online money making goals.

I don’t mean that you cannot make any money with App Coiner.

If you have good SEO and review writing skills to help you get a high rank on search engines (like Google), perhaps you can get traffic to your site and earn some money.

But again, if you already know that, I would endorse you to get a domain and start your website.

Then, learn how to monetize it through affiliate marketing and other methods.

I don’t recommend you to buy the App Coiner program because of all the misleading and unclear info on earning potential, as well as its lack of proper training about the earning method.

You can get other websites out there with better services and more honest.

If you are looking for a legit way to make money online, check my #1 recommendation below.

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They promise you that you can make large amounts of money quickly and easily but fail to provide a specific technique to do so.

These are better known as get-rich-quick schemes and are aimed to enrich the owners at your expense. In reality, it is tough to make money from such sites.

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If you have any questions or thoughts whether AppCoiner is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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