Is American income life a scam?

I know at some point in life you might have come across an insurance sales agent who might have tried to convince you to take some of their insurance policies.

Before you even think of making a subscription to any insurance policy, you should be fully educated about each product and because today’s world is corrupt.

Have you ever heard of American Income life?

If yes, is American income life a scam?

  In this review, I will highlight some key aspects of this company so that we can get a clear picture which will answer some of these questions in detail.

American Income Life Summary

Product Name: American Income Life


Price: $490

Recommended: NO

American income life is not a scam. If you want to make money or have a salary as an employee with this company you will be dissapointed to tell you that it’s going to be difficult to get a full-time income. Obviously you will need to work hard in order to make a few dollars (which is not a bad thing because it’s not a get quick rich scheme) but you might work for years and never make a dollar back.

What Is American Income Life

This is an international company with its headquarters in Waco, Texas.

It provides services such as supplemental health products, accident, life covers and credit unions which is based on a long-term relationship, especially for working-class families.        

True to its name, this company offers life insurance to protect someone so that in case anything goes wrong, they don’t suffer financially because their income might not adequately cover them.        

However, this company offers their products and services through agents and brokers who are eagerly searching for people to make their income through commissions.

You can’t rely on them because most of their workers are on contract and they can quit anytime. Therefore, be keen when taking some of these services.     

How do you make money from American income life?  

Possibly you might have heard that American income life is a place where you can make good money.

Well, in American income life, you are hired as an independent contractor and your earnings will come through commissions since no substantial salary is attached to this job.

You will be required to recruit new members to join the company as well as selling their products and services because it is what determines what you will earn at the end of the day.        

Unfortunately, despite pampering you during their training that you can make a six-figure income, the truth is that you can work all day and make nothing because your income largely depends on your commission which is unpredictable.     

If you are interested in making money, don’t even bother you better try other ways because American income life is more of Multilevel marketing.

It focuses more on recruiting new members and selling their products so that you can earn through a commission.        

I’m saying this to point out that this is not a reliable job. Additionally, there is no substantial salary that you will be paid, the furthest you can do is to be hired as a contractor which you can be fired anytime.

 I have come across some people complaining about the pay which has made most of them quit.

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American Income Life Pricing

The company works with an independent insurance agency that can access multiple insurance carriers especially when you are shopping for life insurance coverage.

This will allow you to get insurance covers at affordable premium rates because American income life does not sell auto insurance hence it is difficult to determine its insurance quotation.     

However, this sounds weird because as such a big company I expected that they should have their specific quotations.

This issue has made most people be worried because the advice they can give you is that you should stay in touch with its support team because they have partnered with top life insurance companies.

It sounds complicated, right?        

I have interacted an even took my insurance covers from other firms, but their pricing details were precise.

 Therefore, you should be on the watch.


The Pros

-If you are self-motivated, you can make good money through commissions   -The company works strictly with the unions  

-It presents opportunities for long term growth  

-It offers a pleasant atmosphere where you will be couched and supported  

-Their products are indeed beneficial to the families  

-They hire often     

The Cons

-Employees are not treated well, you can be trained for almost an hour, and if you don’t get your number you will be fired without notice  

-You put in a lot than what you get back.This includes taking the state exam and attending training which you will not get paid until you make a sale

 -There is inadequate management

Is American Income Life A Scam?

American income life is not a scam. It hires contractors instead of employees though it has led to many complaints.

However, just like most of the Multilevel marketing companies, it will be hard for you to make good money.

I know you might have attended some of their forums and you feel you are going to be rich overnight, but that is not the case.

You can earn through commission but how will you convince people to take their services yet they are unclear if they are an insurance company or just like any other Multilevel company.

Here’s the thing. It’s not so easy to succeed as a new agent. You probably need to follow someone who is already successful and I know the right guy…

If you’re interested in becoming an agent, check out David Duford’s write-up on selling insurance successfully as a new agent.


I have highlighted key aspects that you needed to know about American income Life Company.

However, you need to be careful about it because it is not a recommended way of making money.

 This is because there are a lot of complaints from their former employees.

Additionally, how will the clients believe you when you are selling insurance covers to them, yet they don’t provide pricing quotations.

 This implies that you might spend tireless days trying to convince people only to be disappointed.     

 American income life is not a scam, but I think they should be more transparent on its job description because some people joined with high expectations only to regret later because it is not what they expected.

 If you thought it is just an insurance company with basic salary, then you are misled.It is not a company that you can rely on to get money.

That is why in my opinion I would say don’t be lured by its popularity because you might live to regret.    

 How can you confide in a job that is not pensionable?

 There is no appointment letter in the first place.

  If you are fired because you didn’t recruit more people who will you blame, you better think twice before you join this company.

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If you have any questions or thoughts whether American Income Life is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

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