I suppose that you have come across this site that claims to pay between $25-$45 per hour for home product testing jobs requiring no experience. Then, you are troubled by questions like: is American Consumer Panels a scam? Or can I make real money with it?

If this is what you are asking, then you are in the right place.

I’ll show you the truth about this company and make it easier for you to make the right decision about it.

After doing my research, I found that this company is full of red flags and I’m going to reveal them all here.

However, it makes all efforts to own the trust of its prospective customers.

It can be tricky sometimes to know something is a scam, but I’m going to tell you everything about this company and why you should not engage with it.

American Consumer Panels Summary

Product Name: American Consumer Panels

Website: american-consumer-panels.com

Price: Free

Recommended: YES/NO


 American Consumer Panels claims to be a product testing service provider that allows people to make money from home while testing different products. At the same time, it assists companies to know their customers’ feedback regarding their products so that they can improve where needed. However, from what I can tell, this company doesn’t meet its promises especially to those who apply as product testers. This review contains all the details you need to know before making your decision to join this company. Let’s dive in.

What Is American Consumer Panels

American Consumer Panels is a business that offers In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT) services to other companies and hires people to give honest feedback about different products.

They work as intermediaries between the consumers and producers in the stage of product testing and validation.

Companies need these feedbacks so that they can improve their products before launching them to the market.

Also, they can identify what people needs, their expectations, and habits.

This company claims to hire people without any experience and from different lifestyles and backgrounds.

This is not different from similar companies; the main issue is that most of them claim to be legit when they are scams.

If you are a home product tester here, you allegedly get paid for your feedback.

The required information is collected through online surveys using phone calls, survey sites, and occasionally even direct interview.

This is what the site claims to pay between $25-45 per hour.

Honestly, products testing jobs from home is a legit way to earn money online.

But in the end, the real questions that come to your mind, is American Consumer Panels a scam or a real company?

How American Consumer Panels Works

This company uses its website to employ people as product testers.

The application process includes various steps to determine the lifestyles of the applicants.

They combine this data with the different clients’ requirements to identify the products that suit your testing.

Usually, this process takes several weeks.

When you get hired to do the work, the company requests your email to start sending you various products.

They claim to contact you once you join to tell you more about how you can begin your initial job if your demographic profile fits what they want.

But I don’t believe that this ever happens.

American Consumer Panels promises you to get a minimum of 15-20 hours of work each week. For every hour, you get paid between $25-$45.

This makes the job so appealing. How would you feel being guaranteed such amount of money without leaving your home?

They state that 95% of the work is doable from home. Nevertheless, sometimes you may be required to visit the client’s production sites or facilities.

However, these are just enticements to lure you into joining different survey sites that they are affiliated with, from which they get some rewards every time you do a survey.

Do you see it? This is what’s called “bait and switch” tactic.

It’s used to trick people into joining or buying products different from the advertised ones.

The only good is that the survey sites don’t seem to be all scams and some can make you some cash.

But this can’t be that much given that you can earn $1-2 per hour at best.

Some of the sites will pay you in gifts and coupons. On the other side, it’s terrible because the promised job is not there.

There are no products for you to test, and all you get is a bunch of spam emails from the sites you signed up with.

This site doesn’t deliver what it promised. I guess you hate lies as much as I do and you will know why I’m calling them lies by the time you finish this review.

Lies, Lies, Lies

They lie about their location.

If you check their website, the American Consumer Panels company claims to be located in New York City. However, there is no data to confirm that it’s a registered legit company in New York or they are based as claimed in their About Us page.

Therefore, this seems to be a lie to me.

Their contacts are questionable.

This company contact with members and clients only via its website, meaning that it’s hard to find any mobile number or postal address to contact them offline.

Besides, there is no way to confirm that they are based in New York. In case you want to contact them for any reason, the only way is by sending them an email.

On joining the ACP, you will be required to make skype meetings with the company’s team.

However, some members reveal that they didn’t get what they expected during those meetings, and this led them to leave the company.

Fake promises about work.

They claim that you can get 15-20 hours of work every week, but in reality, there is no work at all.

The only jobs available are the surveys from the exterior companies in which you signed up. 

Also, in case you get a product-testing job, sometimes you are required to visit the company’s facilities to be able to test the products of this particular company.

This is entirely different from the work-from-home jobs mentioned on their website. In reality, you can hardly make any good money through this company.

There is no disclaimer for the email subscription.

This means that once you join, they can use your data for promotional purposes or even sell it to other companies.

Therefore, don’t be surprised in case you receive a lot of spam emails in your inbox after joining the American Consumer Panels. This is another huge RED FLAG.

Customer feedback.

This is one thing that you should do to confirm the legitimacy of any company. You come to realize how satisfied the existing members and clients are.

Nonetheless, customer testimonials aren’t always accurate.

This is because some companies pay people to give fake testimonials. Some even go ahead to post good testimonials under false names.

When you check the testimonials of the American Consumer Panels, there are numerous positive and negative of them. Some of them are faked by the owners themselves or through paid internet users.

Some may be even from a naïve customer (who haven’t done enough research about the company) who was enticed through good service, while others are genuine.

Most of the genuine testimonials reveal the truth that I’m telling you now.

An example of this is someone who said that the company sells members’ personal information to other companies without permission and knowledge of the members.

The press releases are fake.

American Consumer Panels claim to have been featured in certain publications such as the US Financial News Today.

These press releases are all paid and costs around $100 – $200 to be written and get distributed to several online publications.

Therefore, it means nothing to be mentioned in various publications since any company can hire such services to get a positive reputation.

Fake owner.

This is another lie made by the owner of this company.

The only name found on the website of this company is James Henderson. However, there is no information about him throughout the site.

Any company that’s operated by ghost staff members indicates that it’s hiding something, most probably for criminal reasons. This is a big red flag.

Lie about being registered.

The American Consumer Panels claims to be registered with the New York Department of State.

However, you find no results when you check it on the Business Entity Database of the division for corporations of New York.

This is because all it does is lie. It is not registered anywhere in New York as claimed. And for this reason, it makes it very hard to believe that it is a legit entity, hence should be treated with caution.

American Consumer Panels Pricing

Most companies that provide in-home product testing services require some initial investment from members.

This makes them so suspicious. Nevertheless, American Consumer Panels seems to be different.

It doesn’t charge anyone to work as a product tester.

It promises to keep your participation free, safe and private, which appears to be all fake promises.


The Pros

When reviewing products here, I always try to avoid being biased by finding some positive things about each company.

But for this business, there is nothing positive to say.

The Cons

•    It doesn’t meet the promise on work hours.

•    They consistently spam emails to their members.

•    They aren’t registered as claimed.

•    Making any money through this company is hard.

•    The owner is anonymous.

•    They sell and share your data with other companies.

•    Fake address.

•    Fake press releases.

•    All their claims are just lies.

Difficult To Get Paid

When you join the American Consumer Panels, you will hardly find the job that you registered for- a product testing job.
This makes it hard for you to get any payment from this company.

In case you do some survey jobs from the sites you registered in the beginning, you are paid in rewards and coupons that might be redeemed for some cash.

But it will still take time to reach the payment threshold. Therefore, it is tough to get paid by this company.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is American Consumer Panels A Scam

I guess by now you already know what kind of a company this is. American Consumer Panels is a total scam.

Several reviews are similar to mine support this. Genuine members’ testimonials also reveal it to be a scam.

To start with, it claims to be registered and based on New York, but no data to prove that it exists.

It performs its activities through its website, which gives no guarantee of the legitimacy of the company.

There is no contact information about this website’s staff, except for the email address.

American Consumer Panels also uses fake press releases. It publishes these identical articles in different newspapers, a rare case particularly with major publications.

The owner is unknown too.

They also claim to provide you with 15-20 hours of work per week, which turns out to be a lie.

It is tough to find any job through this company and even harder to earn the amount of money they claim you can.

Additionally, the claim that the job is entirely remote is just fake. Sometimes, members have to travel long distances to the client’s company to test their products.

Also, the company sells the contact information of its members to other companies.

This leads to an increase in the number of spam emails sent to your inbox. Rather than recommending this company, I honestly urge you to stay away from it at all costs since it’s just a waste of your time.

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If you have any questions or thoughts whether American Consumer Panels is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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