Have you ever thought of your business giving away vacation packages? Then, you might have thought that it’s going to be so costly. However, Advertising Boost is here to change your perception on that. It claims to help businesses improve their advertising and marketing strategies. But is Advertising Boost a scam or a legitimate program?

To start with, let me congratulate you for taking the time to do your research before purchasing any product that seems good.

This is the only way to evade scams and find the right way to make money online.

That means you are serious about finding something legit and avoid any scam.

Advertising Boost Review Summary

Product Name: Advertising Boost

Website: advertisingboost.com

Price: $49/month Or $458/year

Recommended: YES AND NO

The price of this product is good if you own a business but a bit expensive if you are not. Advertising Boost is a company that offers free vacation incentive programs to assist small businesses in enhancing their marketing campaigns. This is done by allowing these businesses to give free vacation packages to their clients. Additionally, the company offers an affiliate program for marketers and business owners to earn extra income by referring people to join it. The income for the affiliates is pretty low. However, the low-income potential is incomparable from the benefits you get by signing up. This is because you can use the free vacation packages for yourself or promotions. In case you want to make money online, I wouldn’t recommend this program to you, and I’ll tell you why. But if you own a business and wants some effective promotional tactic, then this product is a good fit for you.