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Or someone approached you with the product or business opportunity offered by Hinode Group, and you want to make sure it’s legit before you join it.

Seeing you here doing your research before accepting the invitation to join this company indicates that you’re a very wise person and wouldn’t want to make wrong decisions. If you do this before buying into any seemingly good product or opportunity, you’ll barely fall for scams online.

That’s how you’ll finally discover a legitimate way to make real cash online.

Hinode Group Review Summary

Product Name: Hinode Group


Price: $99 to join, plus optional packages costing up to R$2,200

Recommended: YES & NO


Hinode Group is a network marketing company that’s based in Brazil. It focuses on selling nutritional supplements and personal care products. Additionally, it offers people the opportunity to join and make money by selling these products to retail customers and recruiting new affiliates. The company has been in business for quite several years, and the FTC would have already shut it down if it were a scam or Ponzi scheme. However, it has a few red flags that you need to be aware of before you make up your final decision. Therefore, read this Hinode Group review to the end to understand everything you need to know about it.

The good news is that I’ve done my research on this company and I’m going to give you all the information regarding it, its products, compensation plan, as well as my personal thoughts about it.

This will help you to make a right and informed decision about it. So, what’s the truth; is Hinode Group a scam or legit company? Will it help you make money online? Is it worth your time and money?

Walk with me into this unbiased, thorough Hinode Group review to understand everything!

What Is Hinode Group

Hinode Group is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that sells health and wellness products, which is based in Brazil. Mr. Francisco and Mrs. Adelaide Rodrigues established it in 1988 from the garage of their home.

The company entered the MLM industry in the year 2008. In 2012, it implemented a franchise model and training system. In the following 2 years, Hinode launched wellbeing products.

Hinode Group has received various rewards as a token of acknowledgment. These include the 2015 Award for Best Fragrance Creation from ABIHPEC, 2016 Award for Best Fragrance Creation from Atualidade Cosmetica, 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, Hall of Fame 2016, and several others.

Currently, the son of the Rodrigues – Sandro Rodrigues – is the President of the Hinode Group. His sister and brothers are also involved in the management and operations of the company, making it resemble a “family-run” business.

According to , Hinode Group’s website was created on 27th August 2016, and the registrant is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

According to Alexa traffic rankings, 61% of all Hinode’s website traffic comes from Brazil. It seems like the company focuses mainly on the Brazilian market. The country that follows Brazil in the traffic rankings is Bolivia, which consists of 9% of the total traffic.

The company founded the FAR institute to help them serve their social responsibility. It focuses on the investment of culture, social assistance, education, and sports, among others. That’s all about the company for now.

Next, we’re going to look at how it works, its products, and how to make money with this opportunity.

How Hinode Group Works

The Hinode Group Company works by selling various nutritional supplements and personal care products. These include fragrances for men and women, cosmetics, make-ups, weight loss supplements, and various personal care creams.

Despite listing the products on its website, the company doesn’t offer any detailed information or even pricing of these products. If anyone clicks on a product for the pricing and other product info, a form pops up to collect your personal details.

This means that you can’t know any product details without handing over your personal information and I don’t really like it. As for how you can make money with their opportunity, head on to the next section of my Hinode Group review.

How To Make Money With Hinode Group

Hinode Group allows people to join and make money by selling its products to retail customers. Affiliates are rewarded differently according to the company’s compensation plan.

As an affiliate of Hinode, you can achieve 12 different affiliate ranks as follows:

Consultant – Achieved when you register as an affiliate and maintain the qualifications of the MLM

Mater – Make a total of 2,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Silver – Make a total of 5,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Gold – Make a total of 15,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Diamond – Make a total of 50,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Diamond Elite – Make a total of 120,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Double Diamond – Make a total of 200,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Triple Diamond – Make a total of 500,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Imperial Diamond – Make a total of 1000,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Imperial Two Stars – Make a total of 4,000,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Imperial Three Stars – Make a total of 8,000,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Titan – Make a total of 18,000,000 GV in the weaker binary team side volume

Group Volume (GV) is the total Personal Volume generated by an affiliate and his/her whole downline team. Affiliates can earn in several ways, according to Hinode Group’s compensation plan, which includes:

Retail Commissions

To start with, you can earn up to 40% in retail commissions when you sell Hinode’s products to retail customers. The amount earned here depends on the product you sell and is the difference between the wholesale and retail price of the products.

First Order Bonus

You can earn a First Order Bonus of R$10-R$220 when you recruit someone who purchases his/her first product.

This bonus is capped at nine levels deep, depending on your affiliate rank.

Residual Commissions

Hinode Group uses both binary and uni-level compensation structure to pay out residual commissions.

Nonetheless, you need to maintain a minimum of 200 personal volume (own purchase and retail sales) per month to be eligible for commissions. The binary structure puts the personally recruited affiliates below you on two sides (right and left).

These positions can be filled by directly or indirectly recruited affiliates. At the end of every week, the company sums up the sales volume on both sides of the binary team and pays you 20% binary residual commissions on the weaker leg.

When we come to the unilevel residual commissions, it goes deep to nine levels of your downline, and you can earn a bonus of 1-4% on your sales volume, depending on your rank.

Autoship Commissions

Hinode Group allows you to earn 3-12% commissions on auto-ship orders that your personally recruited affiliates place.

Dream Leader Bonus

This is a 1-3% bonus that’s given to affiliates who produce Diamond-ranked members within the first 4 unilevel downline levels.

Super Bonus

According to Hinode Group, Super Bonus is going to be paid for 1-2% up to 6th level

Titan Bonus

The Titan Bonus refers to a 0.1% volume bonus that Titan-ranked affiliates can earn across their entire downline.

Rank Achievement Bonus

If you achieve the Diamond rank or higher, you can earn yourself trips to various places or even luxury items such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini. The Hinode Group’s compensation plan is long and complicated, but at least I have summarized it for you here.

It doesn’t look bad, and if you can really recruit many people and generate more sales, it’s possible to make money with it. Now, you may be wondering; how much does it cost to join this business opportunity?

Well, the next section of my Hinode Group review will answer this question, so keep reading.

Hinode Group Pricing

It’s simple to join Hinode Group by clicking on the “Become A Consultant” link on their website and filling the required personal information. After that, you’ll need to fill up your specifics on the website and pay a fee of R$99 to enroll with a basic Hinode Group. Furthermore, the company offers three distinct packages that are optional.

They include:

⦁ Executive Combo, which costs R$300

⦁ Executive Plus Combo, which costs R$1100

⦁ Executive Top Combo, which costs R$2200

The difference between these packages is found in the number of products that an affiliate can access, as well as the potential commissions earned. 


The Pros

⦁ The company has been operating for a relatively long period.

⦁ They serve corporate social responsibility.

⦁ The compensation plan is fairly good.

The Cons

⦁ No details about the products.

⦁ The investment cost is high.

⦁ The BBB does not accredit it.

⦁ MLM is not for everyone.


When looking at any company or business opportunity, it’s essential to see who is the owner of that particular company. This helps us to know about the background and experience that the owner has.

Furthermore, it allows us to judge what to expect from the company in the future, such as if it’s likely to be shut down soon, and the owners start a new one. You know, it’s not a good idea to involve yourself with companies that last for a short period.

That being said, Hinode Group was founded and is owned by Mr. Francisco and Mrs. Adelaide Rodrigues. It appears that the current president of the Hinode Group Company is Sandro Rodrigues, who is the son of the company’s founders.

His brothers Crisciane and Alessandro, and sister Leandro Rodrigues are also part of the management team. This is why I said it looks like a family-run company.

That’s all the information I found about the owners of Hinode Group, and the leadership looks good. Now, tell me, do you think this business opportunity is fit for you?

Check below to see if it’s intended for you.

Who Is Hinode Group Meant For (And Not For)

First, Hinode Group is meant for people interested in personal care and nutritional supplements products that it sells.

It’s also intended for people who want to make money through their affiliate program, which includes selling their products to retail customers and recruiting new affiliates. However, this company may not be meant for you if you are not a fan of multilevel marketing and recruiting.

This is because the best way to make lots of money with it is to recruit numerous members and build a very active downline team. At the same time, the company may not be fit for you if you don’t have money or aren’t ready to spend high amounts on buying their packages.

This is because the membership packages are highly-priced, and not everyone can readily afford them. Although the company doesn’t seem bad, it’s still an MLM, and before you decide to join it, you may want to see the below ugly truths.

Hinode Group’s Ugly Truth Revealed

1. Huge Investment Cost!

Although you can get enrolled in the Hinode Group’s program with R$99, there are still other three packages to choose from for you to get permission to sell all the products.

These packages need you to spend an extra R$300-R$2,200.

Moreover, you’ll likely find more expensive products once you join, but this is not revealed to the public.

2. Partial Product Information!

The Hinode Group website doesn’t provide any information about its products, apart from the products’ names and images.

Even the pricing isn’t shown to the public or potential customers until they sign up with their personal details.

In my opinion, the company should include this information to offer their potential consultants and customers a source of reference.

I prefer to see all product information and pricing before I can hand in any of my personal details.

I guess you prefer the same too, don’t you?

3. MLM Is Not For Everyone!

Multi-level marketing includes the sale of products and recruiting to make money.

This means that if you have no experience in direct selling and recruiting, you may find it very difficult to succeed with Hinode Group.

Multi-level marketing includes the sale of products and recruiting to make money.

This means that if you have no experience in direct selling and recruiting, you may find it very difficult to succeed with Hinode Group.

The majority of MLM participants tend to fail to make a decent income.

Only very few people at the pyramid-top (less than 5% according to some statistics) manage to make something substantial.

You can check the below related MLM companies to see how their low their success rate is.

AirBit club  




World Ventures 

With that said, it’s good to think carefully before joining this company.

4. The BBB does not accredit it!

Hinode Group is not listed or even accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

It’s one of the legitimate companies that I talk about, which have been operating for years but aren’t yet listed or accredited by the BBB.

Although this is the truth, I’d like to give my final opinion below, having looked at all the research in my Hinode Group review.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is Hinode Group A Scam

After reading this detailed review, you might still be wondering; is Hinode Group a scam or not? To answer you, Hinode Group is not a scam but a legitimate MLM company. It has been operating for quite a few years and doesn’t seem to be closing soon.

Furthermore, the company has a good collection of products and puts more focus on retail sales rather than recruiting, unlike most MLM’s like Kannaway, Regenalife , and 7K Metals  ,among others.

One thing I wish for them is to be more transparent on their website about the product line. Also, they need to remove the high commission rates for the costly packages as this makes it a “Pay to Play” business and may lead to conflicts with government regulators.

Although it’s still an MLM like many others, you could be able to succeed with it if you’re experienced in network marketing. Their compensation plan is fairly good, and it rewards people more with retail sales than recruitment.

The company is also good in that it serves corporate social responsibility through investing in education, culture, and sports, among others.

However, before you join, I suggest you test their products out to see if they suit you.

This is because it can be hard for you to recommend a product that you don’t use or haven’t used, especially MLM products. Therefore, if you reside in Brazil, and you’re interested in nutritional supplements or personal care products, Hinode Group might be worth looking into.

Honestly, I hope that my Hinode Group Review was useful and helpful to you.

I hope you got all the information you needed for you to make a rightful decision about this opportunity. You might have seen some reviews that are biased or trying to sell you this opportunity, but I wanted you to read it from a third party rather than a Hinode Group’s affiliate.

The final decision is yours!

But if you were looking for better legit ways to make money online, I recommend you to check out how I do it below.

How I Make Income Online

If you want to join Hinode Group that’s fine. But let me tell you how I make money online. In my opinion I believe affiliate marketing is much better than the MLM business model, which is used by this company.

I learned affiliate marketing less than a year ago and started using it to make money online. At this time, I have already managed to make a 4-figure monthly income, and it’s rising.

I followed the step-by-step training offered by Wealthy Affiliate and used the tools they gave me to create my own successful digital business. All I needed was time and hard work and dedicated myself to work for my success.

You, too, can do it, and it’s free to get started.

If you would like any assistance or coaching from me, know that I’m ready to help you to create your own online business personally. I’d love to see you reach your desired income online!

So, what you need to do is join Wealthy Affiliate and send me a message directly through the platform once you’re inside. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Hinode Group review.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether is about my Hinode Group review or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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