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Or else, is Fast Fortune Club a scam to be avoided?

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Fast Fortune Club Review Summary

Product Name: Fast Fortune Club

Website: fastfortuneclub.com

Price: $599 per year

Recommended: NO

Fast Fortune Club is an investment newsletter that was created by Tom Gentile. A claimed #1 trader in America. Even with its reputation, I would not recommend this program. It uses a lot of hypes to trick you into buying it, and the annual subscription is somewhat expensive. Its parent company isn’t accredited by BBB. Its customers are complaining too much about the losing recommendations they get from Tom. So, are you going to earn the claimed money? Frankly, I’m very skeptical about that, and you’ll see why in this review. Keep reading!

First, let me inform you that I’m not associated with this program in any way.

I have done my research and gathered all the valid facts regarding this opportunity in my Fast Fortune Club Review to help you make the right decision about it.

Now, let’s move on!

What Is Fast Fortune Club

It is a newsletter about investments and making money.

Tom Gentile is the creator of this program.

Heclaims to be the leading trader in America, which doesn’t seem to be very true.

The parent company of Fast Fortune Club is Money Map Press, which provides guidelines on how to get started in your investment endeavors.

This investment company offers financial advice to its subscribers.

It’s the same company behind Federal Rent Checks, which I reviewed recently.

Now, Fast Fortune Club program supposedly allows you to make huge profits every week while working just 10-15 minutes per day.

According to the website, you can earn $605-$2,830 every single week using the Money Calendar.

It doesn’t require you to be experienced in trading since the course will teach you everything.

But wait, is this possible? There is more than that…

In this newsletter, Tom and his team will make investment predictions to help you trade only on the best ones and make more profits.

However, this is just a nutshell.

Fast Fortune Club acts as a market for Tom’s investment newsletter, which allegedly teaches the subscribers how to get very rich quickly.

But the program itself is owned by the Money Map Press.

However, Agora Financial uses similar hypes, pitch, and content to those of Fast Fortune Club.

I realized this last week when I was reviewing one of their products called Lifetime Income Report.

Fast Fortune Club is intended to get you to pay some subscription fee and follow Tom’s investment advice to get as productive as claimed.

The sales pitch is outrageous and makes it sound like a get-rich-quick scheme since it’s slightly deceptive.  

So, how does it work?

How Fast Fortune Club Works

When you sign up to the program, you’ll get access to the newsletter and several other things that will allegedly help you succeed in your investments and make money online.

The subscription plans include:

1. Fast Fortune Club Money Calendar

This is a great tool for pattern trade recognition.

It helps you to foresee the changes in trades so that you can invest responsibly and make huge profits out of the process.

2. Fast Fortune Club Payday Appointment and Alert

Together with the Money Calendar, this system alerts you on the best time to trade.

The experts have done their research to inform you whenever there is a trading opportunity for you to take advantage of and make more money.

3. Fast Fortune Club Millionaire Dollar Master Class

This is a helpful aspect of the newsletter since it’s a trading session that offers learning resources every month.

This can help you master the tips used by millionaires to make money.

It uses a simple language that’s simplified to help you understand easily.

Allegedly, you can start making money if you follow the actionable steps provided here.

 This allows you to meet the Fast Fortune Club gurus physically. It’s a meeting that’s aimed at making you interact with the company leaders and learn more about their investment program.

4. Fast Fortune Club Quick Start Course

This is a video tutorial offered in seven parts to teach you various tips to help you succeed in trading, including the stocks, options, and ETFs. 

If you are a beginner in the online trading space, the course will teach you different things that are necessary to get started right, as well as boost your success.

5. Fast Fortune Club Text Notifications

This program provides you with useful resources to help you in achieving great success in risky trade ventures.

The text notifications are very helpful since they will alert you to new trade opportunities to potentially make huge profits.

6. Fast Fortune Club Network

This is a community of like-minded people, who are using the Fast Fortune Club in their trades.

You can learn a lot through their interactions and stay focused on achieving your goals.

7. Progress Report

Once you’ve followed the given recommendations, you’ll receive the progress report each week to help you evaluate your progress.

This is very useful since it helps you to track your progress and realize whether you are heading in the right direction or not.

8. Fast Fortune Podcast

This will update you on what to expect in the following weeks as a member of Fast Fortune Club.

It will prepare you to stay on course while following the provided money making tips.

9. Fast Fortune Club Roundtable

It’s a discussion that lets users submit their questions for experts to answer.

It’s all online-based, and you can get real-time answers.

10. Fast Fortune Annual Summit

This allows you to meet the Fast Fortune Club gurus physically.

It’s a meeting that’s aimed at making you interact with the company leaders and learn more about their investment program.

Fast Fortune Club Pricing

To access this program, you’ll be required to pay $599 per year.

What you get may be something more than other Agora Financial’s newsletters, but this seems too much in my opinion.

Who Is Fast Fortune Club Meant For (And Not For)

This program is meant for anyone interested in stock trading and investments.

It will supposedly show you the best trades to invest in and make more profits.

However, the program has several red flags that make me not to recommend it to you.

I’ll show you in a moment.

Let’s Talk About The Creator

Tom Gentile is the creator of the Fast Fortune Club.​

He has over 30 years of experience in trading securities, stocks, options, and futures.

He claims to be America’s no.1 trader.

Additionally, he has authored several educational books including the Index Course, The Options Course, among others.

Tom and his team founded a company named Optionetics in 1993, which is an education company about options trading.

They sold it in 2009 to Charles Schwab


The Pros

  • It assists you in investing in risky trade ventures.
  • Its developers are investment specialists.

The Cons


  • The company behind this program is not accredited by BBB.
  • There are too many user complaints.
  • Unresponsive customer service.
  • Most users poorly rate the Money Calendar.

Ugly Truth Revealed

1. Not BBB accredited!

I checked the company behind this program (Money Map Press) on the Better Business Bureau website, only to find that it isn’t accredited.

It has over 50 customer reviews with an average rating of 1 out of five.

Actually, the total complaints are 148 for the last 3 years and 52 in the previous year alone.

2. Poor customer service!

Many users have complained that they used to get vague and unhelpful responses to their questions.

This shows that the customer service for the Fast Fortune Club is very much terrible and you can hardly get any assistance.

So, can you invest your money in a place where your questions won’t be answered to?

Personally, I wouldn’t!

3. Too many complaints!


There are a lot of Fast Fortune Club’s user complaints on the net.

In most cases, users are complaining that Tom has been recommending losing trades.

This has made them lose huge amounts of cash.

The number of complaints is very high, and this indicates a huge red flag since it shows that most of the users don’t get the promised results.

4. A very deceptive promotional method!

This program is marketed deceptively.

They use so many hypes and only tell you about the best situations while leaving out the negatives.

This is only intended to get you to sign up for the newsletter.

This trick is similar to the one used in other products such as:

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam

According to this review, Fast Fortune Club is not a scam.

It’s a genuine investment opportunity that can be profitable if used by the right person correctly since it offers trading advice and some other products.

However, you should be careful about several things explained below.

First, they use a lot of hypes to lure you into buying the program.

This makes it look like a get-rich-quick system.

All they want is to get money when you subscribe to the newsletter.

Their customer service is so poor and doesn’t respond to users’ messages.

BBB does not accredit the company behind this program.

Additionally, there are so many user complaints about this Fast Fortune Club.

It seems like the recommended trades won’t lead you to make any profits.

If the real users of this program are complaining about the money that they lost, would you still be willing to try this program?

Remember, this is stock trading, and no one can guarantee you to make any money since the opportunity is very risky.

There are legit programs on the net that can help you to make money through trading, but Fast Fortune Club doesn’t seem to be one of the best.

So, you can give it a try if you’re ready to risk your $599.

The final decision should always be yours!

But definitely, I don’t recommend this program to anyone.

I hope you enjoyed my Fast Fortune Club review and found it helpful.

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