Welcome to my EZ Bay Payday review.

EZ Bay Payday has been increasing in online popularity due to increased hypes.

This has resulted in numerous internet marketers trying to maximize their earnings by promoting this opportunity all over the internet, especially on social networks.

Before I show you everything about this product, I want to congratulate you and tell you that I’m glad that you do your research.

That means you are serious about finding something legit and avoid any scam.

EZ Bay Payday Review Summary

Product Name: EZ Bay Payday

Website: ezbaypayday.com

Price: $37, + Downsell

Recommended: NO

 EZ Bay Payday is a website that claims to help you make more money from eBay. They argue that you can get started in 5 clicks and three minutes. This could allegedly generate you up to $2,000+ per day. The designer of this program tries to make it sound amazing, but to a grown up in the online world, it seems very unrealistic and just like a scam. Therefore, is it a scam or a legit opportunity? Let’s find out in my EZ Bay Payday review.

Let me inform you that I’m not promoting this product in any way.

I have merely gathered facts to help answer the most crucial question you are asking: Is EZ Bay Payday a scam? Or is it a lucrative opportunity to make more money from eBay?

Carry on with the review to find all the facts and make a more informed decision about EZ Bay Payday.

What Is EZ Bay Payday?

All over the entire Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) space, EZ Bay Payday is one of the companies that has been increasingly getting noticed.

It claims on the website’s homepage that you can start today in under 3 minutes & 5 clicks and start earning over $2,483.94 per day.

It uses a big headline to make it as eye-catching as possible.

The claim is followed by a video that explains what EZ Bay Payday is.

The presenter here encourages you to join the company as soon as now. However, this video uses fake testimonials to lure you into joining.

A good example is where it shows “Tamara Ston” from Vegas, who claims to have earned over $500 using EZ Bay Payday on her first day.

The introductory video quality here is a bit better compared to other similar videos.

However, it still portrays a video aimed at enticing people regarding a fake business.

How EZ Bay Payday Works

According to the promotion video on the EZ Bay Payday sales page, there are four “simple” steps to help you allegedly start making huge amounts of cash daily.

You begin by login in. Then, pick a product to sell, connect your EZ Bay Payday cash magnet, and finally start making money.

These steps are extraordinary, especially number three, where you pick a product to sell.

This is because according to the video, Steve claims that this business doesn’t involve selling products.

Since this seemed like a lie to me, I did some extra digging to find out whether it is true. 

You are wondering what I found?

I found out that EZ Bay Payday system uses complete propaganda to deceive you into buying their product.

Soon, you’ll realize that the whole thing is a trick and you can hardly make any money using EZ Bay Payday.

Rather than helping you make money as it claims, the reality is that this system is designed to enrich its creator at the expense of the innocent you.

The creator uses a pen name (Steve Richards) to hide his true identity from you. The hidden disclaimer on their website reveals this.

My question is, why would the creator(s) hide behind a fake name if the system is legit?

This is a red flag! But the answer is simple; it’s because the whole system is aimed to trick you into handing over your hard-earned money.

EZ Bay Payday system involves affiliate marketing, where you promote different merchants’ products online and earn commissions for any sales you make.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business, and in fact, it’s how I make most of my online income.

However, this system is deceiving and provide insufficient training to prepare you huge money as claimed by the owner. And even in the video, the presenter doesn’t explain how the system is going to help you.

You don’t get an automated method to make money from eBay as claimed. Instead, what you get after handing over your money is just some basic training on how you can make money by selling products on eBay.

The EZ Bay Payday is using big hypes to con you your money.

Be cautious not to waste your money on a program that fails to deliver its promises. Continue reading this review to understand the whole thing better.

EZ Bay Payday Pricing

To access the EZ Bay Payday system, you are required to pay a one-time fee of $37. In case you try to leave the sales page, the price is lowered to $17.

At the foot of the members’ area, there are four upsells which I’m sure they are meant to make the owner more productive rather than you.

Are You Tired Of Scams?

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Who Is EZ Bay Payday For (And Not For)?

EZ Bay Payday is excellent and beneficial to the person(s) who owns it and the affiliates who promote it.

These are the ones who make money by selling it to innocent people like you.

This system is not fit for you since it will only entice you to spend your money without bringing you the promised results.

Don’t expect to make any money with it.


The Pros

•    It has a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is because the product is sold via Clickbank, which will cater for the refund in case you want your money back.

The Cons

•    It won’t make you any money.

•    Fake promises of the money you can make daily.

•    The owner is hiding his/her real name.

•    The testimonials are fake.

•    The training offered is readily available free on the internet.

•    The training also doesn’t provide guides on how to make as much money as claimed in the sales video.

•    There are numerous upsells, to get more money from your pocket and enrich the owner(s).

•    They quickly catch newbies and people with less knowledge of the internet marketing industry.

Fake Owners

Allegedly, Steve Richards is the creator of this system.

Nevertheless, the disclaimer at the foot of the page clearly states that the name used in the film is just a pen name.

The owner doesn’t want to reveal his/her real name.

This is a huge red flag!

Let me ask you this, if you create a legit program and you want also to create a brand name, will you hide your name or take the credits for your work?

Fake Testimonials

EZ Bay Payday uses testimonials from hired actors from Fiverr. This is what most scam and low-quality programs do.

Even more complicated, the disclaimers come from users of the Easy Insta Profits program and other similar products.

These testifiers only mention that they made a given amount of cash without explaining how they made that money or the system used.

Therefore, the testimonials can be used numerous times on diverse systems.

Take note; they mean nothing since they are from users of other programs rather than EZ Bay Payday.

Is EZ Bay Payday A Scam?

According to this EZ Bay Payday review, it might not be easy to tell whether this system is a scam or not.

It does give some little training on how to become a seller on eBay in exchange for your money.

It’s only that it isn’t enough to make you huge cash fast as claimed in the sales video.

The testimonials are fake, and even the owner is hiding his/her face behind his/her computer.

It has too many hypes aimed to make the owner wealthier at your expense. Though I didn’t call it a total scam, I don’t recommend you to join it.

This is because it is very misleading by making it look easy to make huge cash with little effort.

It is just another program to trick you in using your hard-earned cash without delivering its promises.

Soon after the owner has earned enough, it’s very likely that he will close it and disappear for good.

So, don’t spend any of your money with the EZ Bay Payday program.

I honestly hope that my EZ Bay Payday review was helpful to you.

It is possible to make money online, but there is nothing like a “secret system” for doing so.

You have to put in the effort & hard work, and be patient since it doesn’t happen overnight.

Be careful not to waste your money and time on these low-quality “get-rich-quick” schemes.

Please find a legit way that will make your dreams come true instead of spending your time and money. Check my #1 recommendation below.

A Legit Way To Make Money

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The products I review here use a lot of hypes to trick you into spending your money, only to leave you to learn the hard way that they are scams.

Don’t trust any program that promises huge results with little to no work (the get-rich-quick schemes).

It’s only aimed at sucking all your hard-earned cash without delivering the promised results!

The platform I joined less than a year ago has helped me to understand everything about how business works through their step-by-step training.

They also provided me with all the tools and resources to foster my success.

In case you would like to join this platform, I will be happy to coach you until you get your desired income online.

All you have to do is hit me up through a message inside the platform once you join.

This will move you closer and closer to your goals of passive income online, as well as give you time and financial freedom.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether Ez Bay Payday  is a scam or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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