Welcome to my eCom Hacks Academy Review!

This product is also known as eCom Hacks and was made by Jared Goetz.

It shows how to build a lucrative e-Commerce business.

Before we begin with the review, I want to congratulate you and tell you that I’m glad that you do your research.

That means you are serious about finding something legit and avoid any scam.

eCom Hacks Academy Review Summary

Product Name: eCom Hacks Academy

Website: eComHacksAcademy.com

Created by: Jared Goetz

Price:  $1997 One time, Plus Shopify store & Fb Ads costs

Recommended: YES

eCom Hacks Academy is a program that claims to help you make money through drop shipping and drop surfing. It involves a solid course that contains all information and guide you need to get started in this business. The real owner of this program is Jared Goetz, who has a lot of experience and have succeeded in the eCommerce business. The eCom Hacks price tag is $1,999, and you should expect to buy a Shopify store as well as pay $1,000+ for advertising. So expensive, right? This is why the program isn’t for everyone. However, it’s wise to understand how it works and weigh up the total costs involved before you decide to buy the Ecom Hacks Academy.

As you may probably know, e-Commerce is one of the most profitable business models that can make you 6-figures monthly income.

Now, will eCom Hacks help you attain your dreams or will it just waste your time and money?

Let’s find out in this full review, where I’ll expound everything about this opportunity.

What Is eCom Hacks Academy

eCom Hacks Academy is a program that involves e-Commerce business selling physical products online.

The e-Commerce business has been growing rapidly over the years and generating millions of dollars for different people such as Jared.

This guy has been featured in various business publications and spoke at several events around the globe.

In his free case study video, Jared points out that drop shipping and Amazon FBA is slowly dying.

Besides not being an e-commerce guru, I believe this since I have heard buzz about how harder it has become to sell physical products on Amazon and Shopify.

The ad costs are rising with the high competition out there.

Additionally, a lot of popular YouTubers are selling their e-Commerce courses raising several questions in people’s minds.

Aren’t they making enough money from the e-commerce business?

Is that why they’re teaching it to increase their earnings?

Or are they honestly in need of an extra income stream by helping people to do this business? It’s hard to tell.

What I can say is that Jared’s methods sound good and it seems like he knows what he’s talking about.

Honestly, e-commerce business is getting harder and harder with time.

To have a clue of the real expectations, it’s crucial to know where sales will be coming from. Is it from social media, their relationships, or email list?

This will help you to understand how the program will assist in building your business online.

Some people will try to convince you that you can get quick results as they did, but the expectations happen to be somehow unrealistic.

How eCom Hacks Academy Works

To join eCom Hacks Academy, you’re required to send over your email address in the request for a free case study.

Then, you’ll be needed to pay some fees to access the company’s product.

You will spend a lot of time to learn what’s taught in the eCom Hacks Academy and then apply it to build your own company or brand.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this could be a huge plus.

eCom Hacks Academy includes lessons that teach you how to take advantage of e-commerce and start making good money in this field.

According to Jared, this course is somehow different since it explains about drop surfing, rather than the popular drop shipping technique taught and done by most people.

In this drop surfing method, you’ll be rushing at the viral trends and sell the hot products that are in high demand. It will include the following:

•    You’ll be selling ONLY viral products that are proven to sell fast! Ride lucrative trends while staying lean and fast.

•    Explore the world, work from any place without the burden of buying inventory.

•    Launch a site on Shopify and build demand as you control your traffic sources.

•    Earn 30-40% in profits without worrying about competition.

Steps To Build Your E-Commerce Business

eCom Hacks Academy will take you through three main stages of building your e-commerce business, which is as follows:

1. Create a high converting e-commerce store.

The program will assist you in setting up a very professional-looking online store in about 2 hours.

You’ll give out several subcontracts and start operating swiftly.

2. Find viral products proven to sell fast.

You’ll learn a new method of finding products that Jared claims is proven to sell very quickly.

A software called eCom Hacks Product Finder, which is accessible from the members’ area, will enhance the product research.

It has over 500 products (updated daily) that have been selling very highly on Facebook, from which you’ll choose the ones that seem more profitable for you.

Also, the software will provide you with product descriptions, selling price suggestions, CPA, product links to suppliers, Facebook targeting suggestions, competitor ads, and high-converting videos to use for your Facebook ads.

3. Create Facebook Ads without wasting any money.

To maximize your profits, you’ll need to learn how to create highly-converting ads that are unique.

Jared claims that they have a system that’s done-for-you and has been proven to convert highly.

It will help you create the perfect ads that attract more engagements and sales.

eCom Hacks Academy Review: Pricing

Ecom Hacks Academy costs $1,999 one-time payment that gives you the full access to the eCom Hacks course.

Shopify store for $29-$299 each.

This deals with things like payment processing and cart functions for your online store.

Facebook ads.

The cost of advertising here will depend on your budget, but Jared recommends at least $1,000 for your first campaign.

Who is eCom Hacks Academy Meant For (And Not For)

This program is meant for anyone interested in building an online e-commerce store and make money online that way.

However, it might not fit you if you don’t have good money to start with or not ready to learn a lot.

It’s a risky business that requires pretty huge investments of money and time.


The Pros

•    E-commerce is a proven method to make money online.

•    eCom Product Finder is pretty easy to use.

•    It offers most of the essential product information.

•    List of trending products that have a record of successful campaigns.

•    A detailed guide to set up Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns.

•    A systematic guide to set up your online store without buying inventory.

•    Well-structured video lessons that are of high quality.

The Cons

•    The cost is a bit high, given that e-commerce is a risky business model.

•    Drop-surfing seems like something invented by Jared to add more hypes in his program.

•    Facebook ads can end up being very expensive.

•    Most of the trending products go out of style in less than a year.

•    Offers no-refund policy.                                            

•    Competition even from fellow members for the same products.

About The Owner…

Jared Goetz, the owner of eCom Hacks Academy, became a millionaire before the age of 26.

He has been successful in e-commerce and dropshipping business and currently has five Shopify stores. In 2017, he had the second fastest growing Shopify store.

He has also been featured on sites like Entrepreneur.com.

He came up with this online dropshipping course to assist people in starting their own lucrative e-commerce stores using a technique he calls “drop surfing”.

He seems to understand well what he’s talking about and presents it in a straight-up and no-nonsense style.

Are There Any Shortcomings?

1. Idealistic Expectations.

Jared gives unrealistic expectations claiming that you can succeed while working for only 4 hours per week.

This reminds me of other related products that claim to help you earn massive cash while working for just a few minutes per day, which includes:

The truth is that you’ll have to toil to get good results since it isn’t that easy.

2. Ignoring the risks.

According to Jared, you’ll be able to use Facebook ad campaigns without losing any money.

How can this be guaranteed? 

Leave alone the ads; the e-commerce business is very risky itself, and most people result in wasting a lot of money.

It’s not at all easy to make enough sales that will cover all the costs.

3. Competition still exists!

When you choose a pre-selected trending product, it’s very likely that other people who joined earlier than you are already selling it and making money.

This shows that the competition could be very high.

Therefore, the business model used here is no different from traditional dropshipping.

4. No privacy policy, terms of service, disclaimer and the contact info.

When you click the links to these pages, you’ll be redirected to the homepage.

This is something that Jared should address as soon as possible as it indicates a severe flaw.

It’s very crucial to inform people about the rules to be followed and how their privacy will be secured.

5. No refunds.

It’s very unfortunate that eCom Hacks Academy doesn’t offer refunds in any circumstances.

In case you decide to pay the price and later feel like you don’t like the course, you’ll have no other option but to accept the loss and proceed.

Would you buy such a costly course without a money back guarantee? I wouldn’t.

eCom Hack Academy Review: Final Verdict

eCom Hacks Academy is a legit e-commerce course that teaches how to build a successful online store.

However, I don’t think it’s a bulletproof method as claimed by the owner.

E-commerce is a precarious business model in which most people end up losing a lot of money due to fewer sales and high competition.

Running an online store that sells physical products requires you to spend a lot of time to look for opportunities and money to test advertising.

For experienced marketers, it might be a lucrative opportunity, but newbies might end up wasting a lot of money.

Additionally, Jared gives unrealistic expectations claiming that you can work for just 4 hours a week to make astonishing amounts of cash.

This might not be real given that online business usually takes some reasonable time to start building a sustainable income.

Remember that there are always shipping delays and faulty products, which can be stressful while dealing with different customers.

eCom Hacks Academy can help you build your brand online but not as fast as claimed.

The fact that it doesn’t offer important information like privacy policy, terms, and conditions, as well as contact info makes me fear to invest in it.

I didn’t want to talk about the price is pretty high, but for me, I wouldn’t pay all that for a product that doesn’t guarantee results.

I hope my eCom Hacks Academy review has been helpful to you and now you’ll be able to make the right decision regarding it.

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