Are you trying to understand how to build an online business? Well, look no further because, in this DropFunnels review, I’ll show you how.

The problem is that nowadays we have so many builders, digital marketing tools, and platforms in general that it might be very frustrating to choose something that suits your needs.

For example, to build this website, I use WordPress. Yeah, I know, almost 40% of the worldwide website is built with WordPress.

Here’s the thing. I use WordPress, but I need Tools like Divi Theme & Builder to do extra things that I want for my business. However, DropFunnels is a newcomer that it can change the way we knew about building a website or funnels and rank them in Google. 

DropFunnels Review: Quick Overview

As I was saying, DropFunnels solves a problem that 90% of people have when it comes to building an online business. People want a website but also funnels to promote specific things that they want, or capture e-mails or even sell a product/service.

Where’s the problem, you might ask? I’ll tell you!

When people build a website and create content to promote the X service or product that they have/want, they usually use (and pay) for other tools to be able to create funnels. So, in a few words, you should have a website on the X platform, and pay “extra” for tools to build a funnel.


Pay for digital marketing tools to have/create your funnels.That was the case until DropFunnels knocks the door and said hi! (LOL) They gave a huge solution to a huge problem, and that was to combine both of those things into one platform.

So, if you want to create a website and rank it in Google (SEO) but also the opportunity to create sales funnels (builder) all-in-one, you should start thinking about DropFunnels!

DropFunnels Review: Best Features

I couldn’t write this review without explaining what this platform has to offer. Besides, we always look for something easy to use and something that also has everything we need…

1) Dashboard:

If you’re thinking that I’m crazy that I’m calling the dashboard a “feature.”
you’re wrong, and you’ll see why!

First of all, all WordPress users know that at some points it’s a bit difficult to learn as a beginner and it’s a bit annoying to use sometimes (even if you ‘master WordPress’) What DropFunnels did is something that I truly appreciate.

Their dashboard is basically your WordPress dashboard but in a more elegant way. Everything looks easier to do, from the post creating to editing the ‘appearance” to SEO Set-up it’s right there, in your dashboard!

Do you see now why I called it a feature, or I’m still crazy? hehehe

2) Link Tracker

 Although we love to use ClickMagick  to track everything, we can’t ignore the fact that DropFunnels has it’s own Link Tracker that allows you to track and view the stats of your links. I won’t lie, I don’t mind using an extra tool without spending more money!

3) SEO

 Ok, you want to rank in Google? You can’t do this without knowing a few things about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Once again, DropFunnels have such a simple system to set-up everything to boost your rankings!

They literally have everything you need! Let me show you!

Do you want to write posts? Then, once again, you need to know SEO! When you write a post, DropFunnels will let you know what you did wrong and what you should improve.

Do you see it? It’s easy to do everything with DropFunnels.

I know that I’ll give you a stupid example, but I’ll do it anyway (you can’t stop me LOL).When I’m thinking about creating a post with DropFunnels, it feels like I’m writing exams (back in the old days’ LOL), but this time, I have the teacher to tell me how to answer every question.

Cringy, I KNOW! You can mock me…

4) Integrations

You can integrate DropFunnels, with all major platforms according to my research, but you can also add your own domain.

DropFunnels Review: Is It For You

Honestly, I’m sure you know the answer because you are the one who will decide if you want to be a DropFunnels member or not.

But in case you want to have a general idea about this platform, this is what you have to remember.

If you want to create an online business, DropFunnels will help you do this.

As I already mentioned in this DropFunnels review, with this platform, you can create your website and rank in Google (SEO) but also create your funnels at the same time. You can literally do both from 1 platform!

It doesn’t stop there though, you can do many integrations, and track your links with DropFunnels, and it won’t cost you more! It’s all price included!

Don’t worry about “editing a post/page” because almost everything can be done with a simple drag & drop builder! Furthermore, the platform has an awesome community that’s very active, in my opinion, and very helpful for any problem you might have.

They also have very good support (when you submit a ticket). Now, if you’re serious about creating an online business, DropFunnels might be the solution for you.

If you don’t want to have a “complicated” set-up or paying for builders, this platform is probably for you.

Lastly, the platform can be helpful with your SEO when you create a post, for example, since they show you which parts of the (SEO) post are fine and which ones you should improve!

How To Start With DropFunnels

Alright, here’s the part that I’ll explain to you what happens the moment you create an account with DropFunnels.

The first thing that DropFunnels Will tell you to do is to “pick your template” Choose whatever you like!You can obviously preview every template before you choose one.

Once you do select one, DropFunnels Will ask you to create a “Site Title & URL.” The URL will look like this name Don’t worry. You can use your own domain later on.

Lastly, you’ll have to choose a username, e-mail, and a password to basically create your account. Then you have to wait until your site is ready and click the “activate site.”

Now the moment you do, this they will redirect you to a welcoming video, and you’ll have 2 options.

1)Watch Training
2) Go To Dashboard

If you have NO IDEA about websites or Funnels, I strongly recommend you to go and see the training.

This is how it looks inside DropFunnels…

And basically, that’s it! If you’re asking, John, what should I do now?


Go and watch the Tour P.1/2, Themes, and Funnels Video that will guide you through the platform… If you know how WordPress looks like…you’ll realize that the “left sidebar” that DropFunnel has is actually like your WordPress site!

See the similarities? Honestly, I’m amazed how easy it is to basically build every major part for your blog/funnel inside the platform.

When I started back, then it took me 10-15 days to set up all these things, but now you can do it in literally a few hours (if you’re a beginner).

What you can do now is to test everything inside the platform, learn how to create new posts, pages, how to improve your SEO, join on the Facebook community (it’s very helpful actually) and try to create/edit your website the way you want to!

Builderall VS DropFunnels

Although DropFunnels might be a very good platform, it’s limited to the things you can do. On the other side, Builderall is an All-In-One platform that has 30+ digital marketing tools to help you.

It might sound awesome that a platform has 30+ tools, but what if you only need 2 or 3 of them? Doesn’t that mean that you pay for the other 28 without even want to use them?

After all, Builderall has a bigger learning curve to use the tools than DropFunnels, in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth using it.

Builderall will be your true all-in-one platform that will cover all of your needs and trust me.

You can do almost anything with this platform!

DropFunnels can be a better solution if you want to create a website, create content, rank in Google (SEO), have your funnels within your website, maybe track a page or two, and simply focus on that specific thing.

DropFunnels VS Wealthy Affiliate

I already explained about DropFunnels, so in this VS ‘fight,’ I’ll talk about Wealthy Affiliate. I’ll be completely transparent with you.

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I begin with, and I’m still a member. Since I joined, I never looked back.

The things that I like at WA, especially for beginners, are the step-by-step, a like-minded community of 2 million members that are ready to assist you at any time, the 24/7 support (they respond within minutes), etc.

Furthermore, they’ll teach you SEO (how to rank in Google) and how to create a website and make a full-time income from it.

Although This is my #1 platform, I have to admit once again, DropFunnels might be better for a few reasons. They have the builder, more tools, easier setup.

Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate might be amazing, but you still work in the “WordPress BackOffice,” and it’s a bit more complicated to be fair. It’s similar I get it, but hey, if you know a thing or 2 about WordPress, try to judge it the moment you first saw it, and not now…

I’m 50-50 at this comparison for one and only reason. With WealthyAffiliate, you’ll still have to buy a premium theme, later on, maybe a builder, or whatever you need…

With DropFunnels, you have a builder (drag & drop), you can pretty much customize everything from day 1, and it’s easier to set-up the SEO.

You can do all of them from your DropFunnel’s dashboard. That’s hard to beat.

On the other side, WealthyAffiliate is much cheaper for yearly members if you compare it with DropFunnels as we will see…


At the moment of writing this post, DropFunnels has 2 plans. I have to mention that both plans have a 14 trial, and honestly, the difference between the 2 plans is “how many visitors you can have per month.”

The DropFunnels Starter Will Cost You $49/Month

Everything You Need Is Included!

Unlimited Mobile-Friendly Pages

Unlimited Funnels & Funnel Steps

Custom Checkouts & 1-Click Upsells

Unlimited Membership Sites & Courses

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Blog Posts

CRM with Unlimited Leads & Contacts

Professionally Designed Themes

Up to 10,000 Visitors Per Month


The DropFunnels Pro Will Cost You $199

At the moment of writing this, they have a price-lock guarantee at $147 per month. So hurry and claim the price-lock. They don’t keep those discounts for too long.

Everything remains the same here, but now you can have up to 250.000 visitors per month. If you are just starting out, I’d recommend choosing the $49 plan, and when you grow your website, upgrade to the next plan. (that’s my advice)

Good VS Bad

I like the fact that I can create my website but also my funnels on the same platform.

The drag and drop builder works very well, and in general, I didn’t find any glitch or problem while I was testing the platform. Although they are still new and they have many things that I believe will improve in the future

I like the link tracker, and although it’s a bit simple for my needs, I won’t lie, it’s something I wouldn’t expect them to have!

You can do everything from your dashboard! You don’t have to go to your back office and set up everything. Besides, It’s easy to set up everything for SEO, and they also have what I would call ‘guide system’ to show you what you can improve within your post…

I hate saying this, but I believe the DropFunnel Pro pricing is a bit too much, at least for me. The only difference between plans it’s basically the visitors per month. Therefore I can’t quite understand the x4 in price.

At the moment of writing this post, with DropFunnels Starter, you can get up to 10.000 per month. That’s quite low, especially if you have both organic and paid traffic. Although if you are a beginner, it’s fine, I believe a bigger number/visitors per month would be better for the price.

Lastly, although it’s easy to use as a platform, it still has a few things that should be improved.

For example, when you join, they make you “choose” a pre-made template. You have a website within 2 minutes. That’s cool. I won’t lie.

But for beginners, that don’t know many things, it’s going to be a bit tricky to build every aspect of their website, while they have an already made template. Let me rephrase in case you didn’t get what I’m saying.

The moment you join, you choose a website (template), right? Right…Now, if you want to create your blog page, about me page, contact page, you want to use your own imagination and edit/create that page in maybe a different style than your homepage.

Then after you built everything, you realize that your homepage looks different, and you have to do it again practically. This is not always the case, but it’s something I have to mention.

I would prefer if DropFunnels had a ‘tutorial’ that’ll show to a beginner how to create/edit that part at the beginning. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying what they have now is bad, I’m saying that MAYBE it will be a bit confusing for a beginner… JUST MAYBE.

I wish they had the option to add more than one domain, and lastly, I would like to have “free migrate” to transfer everything there for free. The downside is that you have to pay an ‘X’ amount /per page.

If you don’t have any funnels or you can recreate the page, then you’ll be fine.

Final Thoughts

If you read this DropFunnels review, you probably already know many things about this platform. If you want to create a website/blog and sales funnels, you can simply use this platform instead of paying for 2 different ones.

If you add the part that they have an easy to set up SEO, post SEO, and a link tracker, you can’t go wrong with DropFunnels. Besides, Ranking your sales/landing pages is something not many people or platforms can do!

Go ahead and give it a shot!

If you have any questions or thoughts about my DropFunnels review or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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