Welcome to my Dreams Digger Review.

Dreams Digger is one of the companies that are getting lots of attention online recently.

Since there’s so much hype, many online marketers are trying to advertise this opportunity everywhere, including social platforms like Facebook.

I’d like to notify you all first that I’m NOT affiliated with Dreams Digger in any way, and so, I’m not promoting or selling it here.

As always, I just want to give you a detailed and unbiased third party Dreams Digger Review to show you all the facts about this company.

This will help you to make a proper and educated decision regarding it.

Dreams Digger Review Summary

Product Name: Dreams Digger

Website: dreamsdigger.com

Price: $10/year for retail customers and $149 – $249/year for affiliates

Recommended: YES/NO


Dreams Digger is a network marketing company that focuses on the cryptocurrency industry. It allows people to invest and earn some ROI through its “Next” trading bot program. Besides, affiliates can earn by selling the Next bot as well as recruiting other people into the MLM program. However, I can tell you as early as this that Dreams Digger won’t help you to dig for any dreams. Rather, you’ll hardly make any money with this opportunity, just like with any other MLM. They don’t provide owners’ information on their website, and they’re probably operating illegally. What? Read my full Dreams Digger review below to understand everything!

So, is Dreams Digger a scam or legit company?

Can it help you to create a good income stream online?

Let’s dive into the review to find out all the truth!

What is Dreams Digger

Dreams Digger is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that operates within the cryptocurrency niche.

Over the last few years, crypto has exploded in reputation as one of the hottest niches in the online world.

That’s why you see more companies trying to take advantage of it.

According to the website, Dreams Digger claims to be the school for market trends that promotes accessibility of knowledge regarding the cryptocurrency field.

Are you wondering how they do this?

Well, they offer an online course platform that gives you an insight into the incredible cryptocurrency market, which would make you an expert in the field and help you earn huge income daily.

We can’t know if this is possible until we read the entire review!

Anyway, Dreams Digger claims to be led by Leonardo Araújo as the CEO and based in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

The site doesn’t provide any information about the owner of the company or its founding date.

However, WHOIS reveals that the Dreams Digger’s website was established on 1st January 2018. It also reveals that the domain was registered in Scottsdale, Arizona, US. So, who’s telling the truth here? Dreams Digger or WHOIS.com?

When a company is not completely honest about who owns or runs it, I frankly can’t join or recommend it to anyone.

Indeed, I would love to hit the nail on the head and advise you to avoid this trading bot right now.

However, I’ll show you everything I found regarding this program in this Dreams Digger review so that you can understand how the company really works and decide for yourself.

So, let’s continue…!

How Dreams Digger Works

Dreams Digger claims to offer you the training that will help you to understand the cryptocurrency market better.

The company provides an arbitrage trading bot known as “Next.” Retail customers are required to pay a fee of $10 annually to gain access to Next.

So, maybe we can say that this is the product that Dreams Digger offers.

Then, the customers can invest their money into the Next trading bot in hopes of high returns.

Both the Dreams Digger’s retail customers and affiliates are free to access an in-house training platform about cryptocurrency.

That’s how simply Dreams Digger works.

Now, let’s see their compensation plan to see how you can make money with this opportunity.

Dreams Digger Compensation Plan

Like most MLM’s, Dreams Digger has a very complex compensation plan that’s hard to understand, especially to the newbies in the network marketing industry.

This company can compensate you in the following ways.

Affiliate Commissions

To start with, Dreams Digger’s Affiliates earn income from their investments into the Next program.

They also get some commission for recruiting new affiliates into the system.

Dreams Digger Affiliate Ranks

There are ten affiliate ranks in Dreams Digger’s compensation plan, as explained below (together with their respective requirements).

Affiliate – Recruit either a Pro or Enterprise Pack.

Partner – Recruit two affiliates into your downline team to start earning residual commissions.

Sapphire – Make a total of 100 GV on the weaker side of your binary team.

Ruby – Generate an aggregate of 500 GV on the weaker side of your binary team.

Emerald – Generate an aggregate of 1000 GV on the weaker side of your binary team.

Diamond – Generate an aggregate of 5000 GV on the weaker side of your binary team.

Blue Diamond – Generate an aggregate of 20,000 GV on the weaker side of your binary team.

Red Diamond – Generate an aggregate of 70,000 GV on the weaker side of your binary team.

Black Diamond – Generate an aggregate of 250,000 GV on the weaker side of your binary team.

President – Generate an aggregate of 1,000,000 GV on the weaker side of your binary team.

Group Volume (GV) is the sales volume that’s generated through affiliates’ recruitment as well as Next bot investment.

The numbers keep on increasing as you climb up the ranks, and they simply show how hard it is to make money with Dreams Digger.

Or do you think it’s easy to generate 1,000,000 GV?

Retail Commissions

As a Dreams Digger affiliate, you earn these commissions when you get retail customers to invest in the Next trading bot.

You’ll receive 10% of their investments.

Recruitment Commissions

Dreams Digger affiliates are entitled to receive 10% of the membership fees paid by the affiliates they recruit.

You also get 10% of the money that your recruited affiliates invest in Next bot.

Residual Commissions

Dreams Digger uses a binary compensation plan structure to pay the residual commissions.

The structure is designed in a way that puts an affiliate at the top of the binary team, which then branches into two sides (left and right).

The first binary level has two positions only while the second level has four positions. These are created when the first two positions are split into two positions.

Then, the succeeding levels will appear down the binary team, and new levels hold twice the position as the level beyond them.

A binary can grow as long as possible since there is no limit, and affiliates’ direct or indirect recruitment fills the positions.

Below is how the Group Volume (GV) is generated across the binary team:

30 GV for indirect or direct recruitment of a Pro Pack affiliate.
50 GV for indirect or direct recruitment of an Enterprise Pack affiliate.
8 GV for every $50 invested into Next.

At the end of each day, Dreams Digger tallies the new GV generated from either side of the binary team.

Pro Pack affiliates receive 50% of tallied GV, and Enterprise Pack affiliates get 60%. When GV is paid, it’s matched with the stronger side of the binary team and then discarded.

If there are any leftovers from the stronger binary team side, they’re carried over to the next day. It’s vital to note that the residual binary commissions capped for all affiliates by Dreams Digger are at $5,000 per day.

Matching Bonus

Dreams Digger uses a uni-level compensation structure to pay its affiliates a matching bonus on residual commissions earned by their downline affiliates.

In a uni-level compensation, an affiliate is placed at the top of the downline team that includes all the affiliates he/she recruit personally, who are placed right below him/her.

Similarly, those you recruit will have everyone they recruit just one level below them, who will be placed on the second level of the affiliate heading the entire uni-level team.

As more and more affiliates keep coming in, this level becomes endless, so it continues to grow. Dreams Digger’s matching bonus is capped at three recruitment levels, including:

Level one – 10% match (includes personally-recruited affiliates),
Level two – 7% match, and
Level three – 3% match.

Now, what you’ll keep seeing here are more enticing promises and huge figures; but such MLM businesses won’t help you earn anything big (if at all you earn).

If any person makes money here, it’s only those at the top. The sorts of Leonardo Araujo and others in those top levels!

Yes, trust me! MLM and Ponzi’s schemes aren’t like affiliate marketing, which is my favorite and the best business model for everyone ready and willing to learn to make money online; for me, you, and everybody else!

I can guide you on how to do it if you would be interested.

I’ll tell you more about it at the end of this review, but let’s first finish with these Dreams Digger’s promises.

Leadership Bonus

As an affiliate for Dreams Digger, you’ll get paid 25% of GV when affiliates in up to 6 levels of your uni-level downline team pay the membership fees.

Rank Achievement Bonus

When they qualify for Emerald rank or higher, affiliates receive different rewards from Dreams Digger. These includes:

An executive watch when an affiliate qualifies as an Emerald
A cruise for two when an affiliate qualifies as a Diamond
A Caribbean trip for two when an affiliate qualifies as a Blue Diamond
A Hyundai HB20 car when an affiliate qualifies as a Red Diamond
An executive car when an affiliate qualifies as a Black Diamond
A dream car when an affiliate qualifies as President

I guess you’ve seen how complex and long this company’s compensation plan is, given that I’ve honestly tried to shorten it. Huh!

Now you may be wondering; how much does it cost to join this opportunity?

Continue reading my Dreams Digger review to find out! 

Dreams Digger Pricing

Dreams Digger offers two types of services, and so, it has two types of pricing as well.

If you want to join the company and access their only product (“Next” arbitration robot), you’ll need to pay $10 per year as a retail customer.

This will allow you to invest and earn a return. If you want to join Dreams Digger as an affiliate, there are 2 affiliate membership packages to choose from.

These includes:

Pro Pack – costs $149 per year
Enterprise Pack – costs $249 per year

The two membership packages above only differ in the potential income that you can earn. Both affiliates and retail customers are allowed access to Dreams Digger’s in-house training platform.


The Pros

Honestly, there’s nothing specific I like about Dreams Digger.

The Cons

  • Expensive membership fees.
  • It has only one product to sell.
  • It has a very complicated compensation plan.
  • Vague information.
  • The company is under investigation for fraud.
  • It’s not listed on the BBB, although it’s fairly new in the industry.
  • Most people are likely to fail (see ugly truths).


As I mentioned earlier, Leonard Araújo is the CEO of Dreams Digger Company. I was unable to find the MLM background of this guy, probably due to the language barrier.

All I can tell is that Leonard had shown up in a recent Dreams Digger’s event, the 1st Convention DD Corporation Brazil, which was held on 28th September 2019.

Nevertheless, the Dreams Digger website doesn’t provide any information regarding Leonard. Whenever an MLM company isn’t completely honest about its ownership or who runs it, it raises a red flag.

Frankly, you should always think twice before investing in such companies. Anyway, continue with my Dreams Digger review to see if this opportunity suits you!

Who Is Dreams Digger Meant For (And Not For)

Dreams Digger is designed for people interested in cryptocurrency investments and/or making money online through network marketing.

If you are knowledgeable in the MLM field, you might be able to find some success with this company.

However, Dreams Digger is not meant for you if you aren’t a fan of recruiting and direct selling, as well as crypto investments.

This is because there’s no other way to make money with this program! Moreover, their products are somewhat expensive and may not be readily affordable to anyone.

Therefore, the opportunity may not suit you if you don’t have enough money to cater for the required fees. This also makes it hard to get new members to recruit.

Then, Dreams Digger has a very low earning potential and success rate, just like other MLM’s.

You’re likely to fail than to succeed with this company, and therefore, I don’t recommend it to you, especially if you’re serious about making money online.

Do you think you can still make it with Dreams Digger? Don’t answer until you read the below ugly truths!

Ugly Truth Revealed

1. Pretty High Investment Cost!

The membership packages offered by Dreams Digger are rather expensive.

The cheapest package is $149 to sign up, which is not a small investment for me (and probably you).

Yes, you can pay $10 per year and earn a return on your investment, but you have to buy one of the packages to be eligible for commissions.

Now tell me, is $149 a small amount of investment for you?

2. Unclear Information Regarding Investment!

The company doesn’t provide any information about how it manages the investor’s money.

Apart from the “Next” bot, no real and verified trader has backed up the company.

Also, the company doesn’t provide any proof and information regarding its owners and those who operate it.

When a company provides vague information (especially about the owners) or fails to provide any, it indicates that something unlawful is going on behind the scenes.

I frankly wouldn’t recommend such a program to anyone, and I wouldn’t join it, would you?

3. No Training Is Offered!

You need to learn the best techniques to help you recruit more people for you to make more money with Dreams Digger.

Otherwise, you may end up annoying the people around you or spend too much money without getting any good results.

Sadly, the company doesn’t teach you anything really helpful in Planet Impact Academy that it offers.

This is why most people find it hard to make money with the Dreams Digger MLM due to lack of online marketing skills.

4. Low Success Rate!

Although I was unable to find the income disclosure statement for Dreams Digger, I’m confident to tell you that they have a very low success rate.

Their compensation plan reveals this! Only the people at the top of the pyramid manage to make some significant income.

Dreams Digger is no different from other MLM’s in any way, and you can see the following examples just to see how they work:

Profitable Morrows 
Copy Profit Success Global 
AirBit club 
Profit Genesis 2.0 
7K Metals 

The majority of people (over 98%) who join MLM companies end up failing and even losing their money. Even if you may not always lose your money, you’ll find it very hard to succeed with MLM’s.

This takes us to the conclusion of my Dreams Digger review where I’ll be answering the question:

Are You Tired Of Scams?

Yeah, me too! I can show you a legit way to create your online business. Not get quick rich schemes, not a simple online job that will pay you cents, none of those things. I’m about to show you how to create an online business that you will own!!!

Is Dreams Digger A Scam?

Well, if this question is still troubling you, it’s time to answer it!

We may not call Dreams Digger an outright scam since it’s relatively new in the industry, and it hasn’t had sufficient time to prove its legitimacy.

According to the company, their “Next” bot assists their members to detect and assess potential opportunities and take advantage of them.

Using new investment funds to pay the existing affiliates and retail customers indicates that Dreams Digger is just a pyramid scheme.

Even their complex compensation plan proves this, as we have seen in this Dreams Digger review.

Additionally, Dreams Digger has no proof of registration with the Brazilian SEC, meaning that their operations are illegal.

It claims that its investments create securities offerings in Brazil, but it doesn’t hold a registration certificate by the Brazilian, which is required to operate legally.

Moreover, the reports on page 27 from Brazil’s General Attorney’s Office reveals that Dreams Digger is under investigation for fraud.

This information was publicly released on 31st May 2019 and has not been updated since then.

Although this doesn’t mean that Dreams Digger is an outright scam, it indicates that the company could be conducting some fraudulent activities.

Remember, they don’t reveal the owners’ information on their website?

Most MLM companies collapse when the investor referrals die down, and new investors stop coming, causing a shortage of ROI.

The same case is much likely to happen for Dreams Digger, and its members will end up losing money, just like in any other MLM.

Therefore, I’m glad that you’ve read my Dream Diggers review up to this point.

If you’re involved with Dreams Digger or any other related MLM scheme, I don’t think it’s too late to get your marbles out.

I hope that my review has helped you to understand everything regarding the Dreams Digger program, and you can now make an informed decision regarding it.

However, if you’re seriously looking for a real way to make a living online, I advise you to check my #1 recommendation below.

How I Make Income Online

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If you’d like my personal assistance, I’m ready to help or even coach you to create your own online business. All you have to do is join this platform and send me a direct message through it once you’re in!

Anyway, I honestly hope you enjoyed reading my Dreams Digger review. As always, I’d like to hear your thoughts about Dreams Digger.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether it’s about my Dreams Digger review or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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