Welcome to my honest Digital Genius Lab review!

This company claims to help you to earn up to $1,000 in commissions using their fully automated system.

But is this possible or is Digital Genius Lab a scam site that wants to make a fool out of you?

First, let me congratulate you for taking the time to do your personal research before purchasing any product that seems good.

That’s a wise move, my friend and is the only way to evade scams to find a legitimate way of making real cash online.

Digital Genius Lab Review Summary

Product Name: Digital Genius Lab

Website: digitalgeniuslab.com

Price:  $99 Per Month or $997 a year + high ticket upsells

Recommended: NO

Digital Genius Lab is an affiliate marketing training platform. It teaches you how to make money online by using Facebook ads to advertise their products to other people. They claim to help you make thousands of dollars in commissions fast using their automated system. However, DGL uses a deceptive method of marketing to lure people to join their MLM Company and needs you to invest thousands of dollars. They aren’t transparent and are hiding the fact that you’ll be needed to purchase Enagic’s very expensive products. It seems so risky since it can lead you to spend a lot of cash.

Now, let me introduce you to my unbiased Digital Lab Review, where I’ll be revealing everything you need to know before joining this platform.

I realized that DGL is hiding some things from you and has very costly membership and products.

So, read this review to the end to find out how this program works and why I don’t recommend it to you.

Digital Genius Lab Review: Introduction

Digital Genius Lab (DGL) is an online platform that was founded by Sean Malone and Chris Baden.

It focuses on training people to make money online by using Facebook Ads to promote DGL.

According to the creators, you don’t need any prior experience in online marketing for you to earn money with their program.

You can allegedly make $1,000’s in commissions within a very short period.

The founders claim their system to be completely done-for-you, which captures my attention since I know such programs don’t exist.

There are many other systems out there (normally the MLM ones) that have much of the setup done for you before you join.

This means that you don’t have to start everything from scratch.

In association with the “done-for-you” phrase, some of these schemes regrettably claim to generate you some colossal income on autopilot with no work required from your side.

This’s not true because every success takes some significant effort and time. It’s only that it will take you some lesser time and work when getting started.

Therefore, Digital Genius Lab is a training platform for affiliate marketing that comprises of tools, education, and support.

It mainly focuses on using Facebook advertising efficiently to grow your business and online revenue hastily.

Everything is prepared for you and all you need to do is lead traffic to the premade funnel and start earning commissions.

At least, that’s what Chris and Sean tell you in the sales pitch.

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How Digital Genius Lab Works

As cited above, Digital Genius Lab is a premade sales funnel, and your work is to join this platform for training on how to send traffic to this funnel.

You’ll be required to promote DGL to other people and earn big commissions when they join.

Your job is simple; send the traffic to Chris and Sean and leave them to transform the leads into sales using their sales funnel.

That sounds very simple.

The Digital Genius Lab membership costs almost $1,000 per year, so it could be very hard to convince someone to buy it.

Additionally, success in using paid traffic methods such as Facebook Ads requires a lot of learning, testing, and optimization before it becomes lucrative.

You’ll need to spend a few hundred bucks in the learning process, split testing, and to tune your campaigns.

Therefore, Digital Genius Lab is a high-ticket scheme that you buy and try to get other people to purchase the same system so that you can make some commission.

Let’s take a look at the training offered by DGL.

The Training

It comprises of five basic training modules and another advanced training presented as an upsell. They include:

Module 1: Facebook Fan Page Creation

This shows you how to set up a Facebook business page where you’ll be posting to try and get some free traffic. You’ll also learn to brand it successfully and use it for your Facebook Ads.

Module 2: Setting Up Your DGL Sales Funnel

This is supposed to be already done for you as claimed by DGL. However, you’ll realize soon after reaching this part of the training that you have to build it up yourself. You’ll get a domain name for your site, create the funnel and then set up several automated email campaigns.

Module 3: Using Facebook Ads

The next thing you want to do is drive traffic to your sales funnel using targeted Facebook Ads. DGL will teach you how to buy these Facebook ads and use them to drive traffic to your funnel. They say that each ad could cost you up to $4, but this is not bad since you could make sales much bigger than $4.

Module 4: Marketing & Advertising

Here, you’ll learn more about the best Facebook ad types as well as data analysis and optimization for higher conversions. This will teach you how to determine the best and highly converting ad types.

Module 5: Analyze Your Campaign Performance

This will show you how to analyze the performance of your Facebook Ads to determine the flawless advertising formulas.

This will help you to create your campaigns accordingly.

That’s all about the training on Facebook Ads.

Once you pay more, you’ll get another training that I’m going to explain below.

Fast Track Triple Pack

This is presented as an upsell.

You get assigned trainers and some more exhaustive training sections for Facebook ads, a sales contest, as well as sales and marketing.

You can win some prizes that include T-shirts and other stuff.

Now, let’s see how much the training is going to cost you and all the involved expenditures!

Digital Genius Lab Pricing

DGL is quite expensive, and the company is not entirely transparent about the costs of their product.

You’ll be required to pay $99 per month or $997 per year for the Facebook Ads Training.

Then, you’ll be encouraged to invest in the Fast Track Triple Pack that contains more advanced training, which costs $297.

The expenses don’t stop here!

You’ll be needed to invest in the Water Ionization system that has products costing about $500-$10,000.

This belongs to a company known as EnagicKangen that seems to be an unlawful Ponzi Scheme.

Who Is Digital Genius Lab Meant For (And Not For)

DGL is supposedly designed for people interested in making huge income online fast with less work.

However, this company uses a very deceptive method of marketing.

Until you buy the program, you don’t know that you’ll purchase products from Enagicwater company, which could cost you up to $10,000.

You also don’t know that you’ll be promoting the program to other people so that you can earn some good commissions.

Are you looking for Facebook marketing training and MLM opportunities?

Then, join DGL. Are you looking for affiliate marketing training and tools that can help you make a huge passive income?

I’m skeptical that DGL will help you with that so that I wouldn’t recommend it to you.


The Pros

  • The Facebook Ads training offered is good.
  • It’s not necessary to earn good cash with Enagic.
  • Promoting EnagicKangen Water Company and products can earn you juicy commissions.
  • The company gives back one percent of their profits to an organization called NeverThirst, which assists the public to access clean water.

The Cons

  • They use bait and switch tactics to funnel people through their MLM scheme.
  • They aren’t transparent and honest on the site.
  • They use MLM, which is a very risky business model.
  • The upsells and water filter products are extremely overpriced.


The founders of Digital Genius Lab are Chris Baden, Sean Malone, and other “digital geniuses,” who you’ll meet inside the membership area.

The company behind DGL is called Pyjamabosses and is found online at pyjamabosses.com.

It’s involved in teaching digital marketing just like DGL, but it mainly centers on endorsing MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies.

Ungly Truths Revealed

1. Lack of transparency!

Transparency and trust are very crucial in any online business.

However, Digital Genius Lab is hiding some things from you, including the hidden upsells and the fact that you’ll be promoting an MLM product.

These two aren’t mentioned anywhere in the training, webinar, or anywhere else.

You’ll only find them once you buy the DGL membership, which is not authentic.

2. It’s so expensive!

The membership and upsells offered by Digital Genius Lab are very costly.

You’ll pay $99 per month for the Facebook Ads training and expect to get some upsells inside the members’ area.

Although the training offered by DGL is good, the cost is so high.

Have I mentioned that you’re going to spend more than $4,000 on various Water Ionization products?

This means that you’ll spend thousands of dollars if you decide to purchase DGL.

3. Digital Genius Lab is a pyramid scheme!

DGL functions like a pyramid scheme.

They teach you how to promote their membership and products to other individuals, who will be taught to do the same thing.

According to Wikipedia, a pyramid scheme is an unlawful business model that promises to pay its members for enrolling others into the scheme.

It’s also known as MLM and is a very risky business, as we will see in a moment. This is a red flag because you’re likely to lose your money before you could earn anything.

I have reviewed several other products on this website that operates in the MLM industry, including:

4. It uses a very risky business model!

A pyramid scheme is a very risky business model.

FTC (which sees these kinds of sites as scams) recently shut down two very popular Ponzi schemes named Digital Altitude and Mobe.

Digital Genius Lab works just like those two sites; charging huge amount of money, training on how to create landing pages and use paid ads to get site traffic.

Now, those sites have been shut down, meaning that individuals who had invested in them lost all their money, hard work, time, and business.

In my opinion, DGL is very likely to follow the same ending because it’s also a pyramid scheme.

Therefore, I’m not going to join this program or even recommend it to you since it’s very risky.

4. It’s not a BBB accredited! 

Digital Genius Lab is listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but they do not accredit it.

There are currently no reviews of this company on the BBB.

Though this doesn’t make DGL a scam, it indicates that it’s not something good.

DGL is likely a new company that’s less than 4 months old in the industry.

I want to tell you that I don’t trust new companies, and unless they get some authority, I won’t invest in them.

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Digital Genius Lab Review: Final Verdict

Is Digital Genius Lab A Scam?This will depend on you.

For me, I wouldn’t call DGL a scam because they have some value and their training is not bad.

However, they are using a deceptive method of marketing, claiming that their system is completely done-for-you.

They aren’t transparent on the pricing and also how the system works.

DGL claims to help you make thousands of dollars in commissions faster with no hard work.

But as earlier mentioned, you could end up spending a lot of time and money before you can learn how to use paid ads effectively.

Besides, purchasing DGL membership and upsells will cost you over $4,000.

In my opinion, you don’t need to spend $1,000’s to start earning through an online business.

This is because there are other platforms on the net that offer much better value at more reasonable prices.

A good example of such platforms is Wealthy Affiliate, which has helped me to create my own digital business and earn a good income online.

I’ll tell you more about it in a moment.

Anyway, all DGL is doing is teaching you how to create a funnel for selling their products to other people.

It uses the MLM scheme, which is a very risky business model that could lead you to waste lots of cash and time.

This company is also not accredited by BBB.

Although Digital Genius Lab is not a scam and provides some good training for your cash, I don’t recommend it to anyone because of the several reasons I’ve mentioned above.

I wouldn’t want to see you lose your money while trying to get more.

Would you like to learn everything and get all the necessary tools at a much lower price?

I found a platform that has changed my life and helped me gain my financial freedom.

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How I Make Income Online

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It’s a good business model in which you build your own passive income stream and gain your financial freedom.

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It has helped me to generate a 4-figure monthly income and become financially independent in less than a year.

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You’ll learn everything from how to create real business sites, to using Facebook Ads, affiliate marketing, and SEO to maximize your monthly income from those sites.

You’ll even get support from the WA community.

I’m ready and willing to help you create your own successful online business if you join me at Wealthy Affiliate.

You can join free to see how it works and send me a message through it so that I can help you.

If you have any questions or thoughts whether is about my Digital Genius Lab Review or anything else, then please leave them in the comment section.

This post may contain affiliate links for more info visit my disclaimer page.

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