Hi, I’m John

Founder Of Digital Business Creator

I want to help individuals start their online career, show them how and from where exactly to begin but also how they can scale their online businesses.

If you want to create an online business, I want you to know that I’ll be there to assist you!

My Story

 How I Started 

Ok, let me tell you a few things about me. First of all, my name is John, and I’m from Greece and since I was a kid I wanted to do something that I will own. I wanted to create my own business. That was my dream that was my goal.

I remember dreaming that I had a business and my product(s) will help them in a way that it will make their life(s) more comfortable.

So, when I asked a few people what they wanted the most, their answer was “I want more money, I want to have financial freedom”

This is what intrigued me to start a business and teach people how they can do this, but the truth is I had to do this myself first. So, I start my research online…

As I said, I wanted to create my business that will help people, but, I won’t lie to you, I wanted to achieve financial freedom too. So, my reasons were to help myself and other people. What I did was to start reading, learning and mastering skills to help me do this.

After some research I found out that you can make money online. How amazing is that? Make money from your home without needing hundred’s of thousands of dollars to start a business!

I stuck to this, and I kept researching more, and I found this “amazing product” that promised me that it would generate $1000’s/day on autopilot. Long story short, I’ve been scammed…

This is when I start to realize that it’s not so easy, but it’s possible. After a lot of research, I found this program called Wealthy Affiliate (I am a member for more than a year now), and they taught me everything, they gave me literally all the tools that will help my business and actually do what I was dreaming since I was a young boy.

So, I start working every day until I achieve my financial freedom and most importantly help others do the same thing. I know how many people have financial problems, ask your family, friends, random people, that’s the first problem that they will have.

My Purpose is to help as many people as I can. For real, If you follow me and join the same platform (I’m active all day and respond to everyone!), You will see that Wealthy Affiliate is fantastic, and you will have me to assist you with any problem/question you might have!

So basically you now know my purpose and my story.

Why I’m Doing This? My Top Reasons

My Purpose Is To Help You First!

I’ve reviewed many products and I found many scams online. My purpose is to help you find a legit business that works the best for you.

Furthermore, I want to help you make your first dollar online and scale from there. It’s not that hard…It just takes time.

Lastly, I want you to realize how online business works. Stop believing everyone when they say “I get paid without working”.

The truth is that you have to put a lot of work first before you even imagine how to automate your business and make passive income.

I Hope To Change Your Mindset

Most of the times, we believe that everything is exactly like we imagined until we start implementing the things we want.

Then we understand the true path. It might take longer than expected, find many problems that need solving, etc.

This is when people quit. They are so close to success and yet they quit. I hope I can help you solve your problems, and change your mindset so that none can stop you from your goals.

Having the perfect mindset is not that easy. It’s not easy to conquer your fears and take action to the things that you afraid of.

Let Me Show You A Real Online Business!

Ok, I guess that If you are still here, you want to know how you can create an online business. If you read my story, you will probably know how I got scammed a few times until I found a legit way to create my online business and work for more than a year now. I couldn’t be happier that I found them, they gave me all the tools and training I needed, and they also have a very active like-minded community ( I’m very active at this community also). I want to help you reach your goals, and I want to be there along the way to solve any question you might have. For real! That’s my purpose, after all, help you achieve your goals & I promise I will do my best. I treat every individual very seriously!

Are You Ready To Create An Online Business?